Gay Girl, Good God by Jackie Hill Perry

Gay Girl, Good God

"I used to be a lesbian." In Gay Girl, Good God, author Jackie Hill Perry shares her own story, offering practical tools that helped her in the process of finding wholeness. Jackie grew up fatherless and experienced gender confusion. She abused marijuana, loved pornography, and embraced both masculinity and homosexuality with every fiber of her being. She knew that Christians had a lot to say about all of the above. But was she supposed to change...

Details Gay Girl, Good God

TitleGay Girl, Good God
Release DateSep 3rd, 2018
PublisherB&H Books
GenreChristian, Nonfiction, Christian Living, Audiobook, Autobiography, Memoir, Sexuality, Religion, Faith

Reviews Gay Girl, Good God

  • David Schroeder
    A beautiful memoir and must read even if you think you would relate little to none to her story. I'm not into hip hop or spoken word. I'm not gay (or was). I am a man. I didn't grow up dealing with any of the circumstances like Jackie did. There is very little reason to read this except for the sake of empathy and that in this case, empathy and understanding is the most important reason. Everyone has a story and hers is worth reading. This is not...
  • Amanda
    I don't know how I ran across Jackie Hill Perry, but after hearing her story...and how she talked about her story, I wanted to know more. I've listened to numerous interviews with her and always walk away not as interested in her ex-gay conversation but instead her talk about God.This story is a brutally honest, poetic, saturated in Scripture memoir of exactly what the tagline says, "who I was and Who God has always been."As Jackie tells bits of ...
  • Aaron Ventura
    I like Jackie and appreciate her music but this book was only Okay. I found the chapter on the so called "heterosexual gospel" to be rather misguided and unhelpful. She wants to guard against the idea that gays must become straight in order to become Christians (the Galatian heresy of putting sanctification before justification), and I agree with her in wanting to clarify that the gospel is for sinners, not the righteous. But the mistake comes wh...
  • Yibbie
    God is good. No matter what we do, or who we think we are, God will never change. This is a beautiful testimony of a woman who found that God was more important than anything we hold dear. She wants us to see, as she did, that God wants us, all of us, all our actions, thoughts, and love. In return, He gives us all of Himself. It is for a mature audience. Jackie is open about her temptations and struggles. She talks about her life before salvati...
  • Amy Morgan
    Jackie’s testimony is powerful. Also, if you replace “gay” with whatever your personal idol is, really good book about worshipping God instead of gods. Convicting book, whether you are gay or not.
  • David Robertson
    ‘Oh no’ I thought[‘ here we go again’. Yet another memoir on being a gay Christian. But I had heard this girl was good… I ordered Gay Girl, Good God in the hope that it might not be bad. I was wrong….it is superb! This is the book that Vicky Beeching should have written! There is so much that is good about it. It is really well written…as a hip hop artist, poet and writer, you would expect Jackie to be good with words – and yo...
  • Joy
    This book was by far the best book I've read this year. Jackie's writing is exquisite, but more than that her portrayal of our good God and His sustaining grace allowing us to overcome sin, was life changing. This is about SO much more than gayness, although it was fascinating to understand a bit more about someone who has come out of the gay lifestyle. I was particularly convicted about Jackie's commitment to repeatedly battle temptation for the...
  • NinaB
    I had never heard of this author until this book. I was intrigued by the title and its being promoted by a few blogs I follow. Before I give my review, I must say that my liking the book does not make me a fan of the author’s rap music, nor do I completely agree with her view on social justice. This review is simply based on this book and not on on the author’s other works.The most important part of this book is the author’s biblical emphas...
  • Cassandra Eggert
    This book is amazing and humbling. I’m going to be reading it again this week. I read another review on here that if you replace the word “gay” with any other idols of your heart, this book can reorient your heart to worshipping God. It’s completely true! I fell more in love with God reading this book realizing how good He truly is. It will be definitely be in my top 10 favorite books list.
  • Davina
    It is hard to write a review for a book you love so much, that is full of truth and eloquently, poetically written. Never could I do it justice with my feeble words. But let me say this: this is a book for everyone. It is not primarily about sexuality, but about sin and truth, redemption and the beautiful Christ. Jackie Hill Perry reminds us that we can't find deliverance from sin merely by understanding it is sin, but by understanding its decept...
  • Margaret
    I have been following Jackie Hill Perry a while now after running into an excerpt of her writing. I have been concerned about the attitudes of the Christian church towards the LBGT community and her insight was new and refreshing. I really appreciated hearing Jackie's testimony of how she came out of same sex attraction to finding the Lord God, the lover of her soul. When I heard that she had written a book, I had to pre-order a copy. Here is an ...
  • Sherise
    Jackie Hill Perry has a gift: the ability to speak the simple, profound truth of the gospel. Though we also need the deep biblical scholars who mine the nuances of Scripture, we also need the voices of people like Jackie who can speak the truth simply and with power.Gay Girl, Good God is a book for every Christian. Regardless of the sins you most struggle with, you will be edified by the power of Christ to transform us all in every messy, dirty p...
  • Francine Walsh
    Knowing Jackie Hill Perry mostly for her spoken word work, I don't know why I was surprised to see that "Gay Girl, Good God" was so poetic. Jackie tells her life story in an incredibly compelling way that will keep you hooked. And when she's done, she keeps the amazing work at the parts of the book that are more practical. Great book for ANYONE, whether struggling with same-sex attraction or not, whether a Christian or not. So helpful for underst...
  • Allyson Todd
    Every Christian should read this book. Not only is the content beautiful and glorifying to God, but it is also a non-fiction book that reads like fiction. Jackie's writing style is poetic, she helps you see what she says. I found myself praising God throughout the pages. I hope many more books flow from Jackie's pen in the years to come.
  • Carrian Troxler
    This book is one of the most beautifully written books I have ever read. Its prose and poetry, and lyricism spoke to parts of my mind, heart, and soul that often go untouched in memoirs like these. So snaps for that. But to be honest going deeper than that is easy- Jackie's story resonated with me deeply. We didn't have the same exact path (who ever does?) but the way she put words to feelings and thoughts and pointed toward fullness and wholenes...
  • Dominique Evans
    I read Jackie Hill Perry‘s #GayGirlGoodGod book for my own personal reasons, and really enjoyed her heart for God, her husband, and other people who are having a hard time with this. Incredible book. One of the best books on the ACTUAL feelings of anyone who identifies with LGBT, and a new believer in Christ who is struggling with same-sex attraction. And I know this because I can relate. I highly recommend her book. Her story and His Story is ...
  • Taylor Lynn
    The clearest, most gospel-forward look into how God transforms the lives of his broken children. Full of grace and truth, Perry gently cuts away church stereotypes and cultural misnomers. I would recommend this to anyone—because it speaks to all. Churchgoers, atheists, same-sex attracted, straight, single, married. Everyone can find questions to wrestle with, testimony to hold on to, and ultimately a God to be enjoyed in these pages.
  • Bill Pence
    Jackie Hill Perry is a 29-year-old writer, speaker and artist, who was born in St. Louis. She writes that she has written this book out of love for what a good God what done for her – loving her and giving her new life and a new heart. She tells us that what God has done to her soul is worth telling. It is to invite us into her worship. The book is broken into three parts. Part 1: Who I WasThe author tells us that she was attracted to girls bef...
  • J. Amill Santiago
    I've known about Jackie Hill Perry for a while. However, I would say that since last year, her voice has been one of my favorite voices to listen to. She is well-spoken, full of imagination, creativity and, above all weighty in content. She is, after all, a poet, writer and a hip hop artist. The book itself is divided in three main parts. The first two parts tell Jackie's story and how she came to embrace the Christian faith. Coming from an LGBTQ...
  • Jennifer
    What can I say? Jackie Hill Perry has done it again. Over and over as I've listened to and read her thoughts over the years, I've never failed to be impressed with her skill in expressing God's truth. I had high hopes for this book and it satisfied every one. Her love for God inspires her to string words together in beautiful, fitting ways, crafting beautiful sentences that are infused with intelligence, wit, and honesty. And these sentences are ...
  • Chase Tremaine
    Try as I might, I earnestly cannot recall the last time that I read an entire book in one sitting. (Nowadays, it's rare enough that I finish a booklet or lengthy blog in a single go!) Yet that's exactly what happened a few hours ago, as I picked this book up and couldn't put it down. Jackie Hill Perry's writing style exudes the rhythm and flow that we know from her spoken word and hip hop, and it mostly translates quite well to the medium of a fu...
  • Jenny
    I had pre-ordered this book a few months ago and was so happy to find out that the pre-order came with a free audio-book download - I love listening to autobiographies read by the author. I've been a fan of JHP for a couple of years now and I met her at TGCW conference this summer; that's where I learned that she had a book coming out. I've heard her testimony on Jamie Ivey's podcast and YouTube but this book was an expanded and detailed telling ...
  • Hannah
    Most spiritual type books have mediocre writing with great content, mediocre content with good writing or none of the above. Jackie Hill Perry is a gifted artist and her words are absolutely beautiful. Even more, the content is deep, profound and meaningful. There are few books that I want to slow down, yet also speed through at the same time. This is one of those books. It is honest and real from a person who has such a deep love and compassion ...
  • Lindsey Goetz
    Jackie Hill Perry has written the most honest, straightforward, clear description of sanctification I have read. As Perry shares her story, she paints vivid pictures for us of the beauty of the gospel, how the Holy Spirit convicts & changes hearts, and that the center of the Christian life is not a set of behaviors, but the living God himself. Jackie Hill Perry is also a spoken word poet, and she reads the audiobook, which is what I listened to. ...
  • Wes Smith
    This book was extremely honest and biblical. Jackie Hill Perry speaks with honestly as she talks about her former lesbian lifestyle. She also does a good job explaining that when she came to Christ it was not just her sexual orientation that God was changing. She walks through Scripture throughout the book as well. Since she is a poet it is very well written.I listened to it and she read it herself. I think it is a great book to listen to.
  • Ashley Benter
    It's difficult to rate a person's memoir and how they view their own life. However, reading this critically as both a Christian and a member of the LGBTQ community, I found some aspects hard to swallow. First, Jackie seems to avoid the use of the term "sexual orientation" and uses the phrase "same-sex attraction" instead. While this may not seem troublesome, members of the LGBTQ community are likely to read that and come to the conclusion that sh...
  • Bucky Elliott
    A remarkable and beautiful book; especially the audio version. The author candidly shares her profound and honest journey of identity through masterful prose. She tells us why – and how – did she left the love of her life for the lover of her soul and the reader is provoked to ponder what they need to exchange for that same fulfilment. If you're gay and wondering if Jesus truly loves you, or if you're not and you're wondering what it's like t...
  • Sarah Hoch
    This book is awesome to listen to on audible because Jackie Hill reads it herself. I loved her poetic words and her biblical knowledge. I also appreciate reading books that I don’t agree with to get a different perspective. All in all great book, but I can’t get over the “God can make you straight” idea.
  • Hyapatia Lowe
    "God is not calling gay people to be straight, He is calling them to Him"This book was a amazing. I truly felt the love in each page. It is primarily based on struggles in sexuality but every person weather you are gay or not can take something from this book. Jackie touches on many areas, such as dangerous dogmatic teaches, worldly views on identity, false Christian teachings, and the confusion of sin. I just loved this. She truly captures and s...
  • Orion
    For those fellow LGBT Christians: this book is nothing new. It is the same old “love the sinner, hate the sin” rhetoric we have heard for many years. The author doesn’t believe herself being gay is a sin, but that engaging in lesbian relationships is. As a bisexual and trans Christian, it is disheartening for me to see so many “open minded” straight Christians latching on to this book as a way to still oppose homosexuality without seemi...