Snotgirl, Vol. 2 by Bryan Lee O'Malley

Snotgirl, Vol. 2

From the creator of SCOTT PILGRIM! Lottie Person is a glamorous fashion blogger living her best life in L.A. — at least that’s what she wants you to think. CALIFORNIA SCREAMING finds Lottie putting the past behind her and trying to make the best of a bad situation — her life! Lottie’s new bestie is an emotional roller coaster: first she died, and then she killed someone. Who will Caroline hurt next, and what is her brother Virgil doing he...

Details Snotgirl, Vol. 2

TitleSnotgirl, Vol. 2
Release DateMay 22nd, 2018
PublisherImage Comics
GenreSequential Art, Comics, Graphic Novels, Graphic Novels Comics, Humor

Reviews Snotgirl, Vol. 2

  • Alison
    3.5 STARSThe art and the mystery keep me coming back to this, but the overall story is so damn confusing at times. I feel like the characters were all just a blur and I spent more time trying to figure out what was happening than enjoying the story.I really wanted to like this series, but it just keeps falling flat for me. I may continue just to figure out what the hickidy heck is happening, but I'm not as invested in the characters as I was once...
  • Becky
    This was really fun like the first trade! The mystery is still there and the’s a good story to follow and as always Lottie is questioning everything going on. We also meet Virgil in this trade - he’s pretty shady for sure....with ghost girl and that I think he’s partaking in some scary past times...
  • j
    I dig the art, the humor, and the characters, but I find the plot very hard to follow. Maybe wait until it is all done and binge it—though who knows how long that will be.
  • Cat (cat-thecatlady)
    I really really like this series! it does not take itself too seriously and once you understand that, it gets so much more enjoyable. I love a good mystery with some humor and silliness attached to it. the art is spectacular and I can’t wait to figure everyone out!
  • D
    GHOSTS AND GAYS. My type of comic.
  • daniela
    This volume was just as confusing as the first one.
  • Sierra
    As much as I love this series, I have a few problems with it.This book is fun. Its girly and feminine but still cool and interesting enough that really anyone could get into. The art and coloring is great! Getting to know Lottie (weather you love or hate her) has been a real treat and its also neat when you can relate to any of the characters, even over just little things. With all that said, I cant really tell you what the book is about. Every t...
  • Jena
    I still don't really understand what this series is about or what's happening, but I'm still enjoying it. 3.5/5 stars.
  • Alexandra
    The art is great, but the plot is all over the place and it doesn't know what kind of story it wants to tell.
  • Emily Arscott
    So good!!!! Art is so beautiful as usual and I love all the new characters introduced (esp ghostgirl lmao).... highly recommend this series if you haven’t started it yet
  • Christoph
    "We're all connected.I mean in a cosmic sense"Kurz gesagt, die Hoffnung von Band 1 auf mehr in Band 2 hat sich nicht erfüllt. Also, die Krisenthemen und -punkte werden mehr. Weiterhin wird aus Lotties Sicht erzählt und weitere Personen kommen dazu. Das neue Mädchen verändert sich, ein Bruder taucht auf, der zusätzlich seltsame Neigungen aufweist und die ganze Szenerie wird insgesamt verwirrender. Es wirkt wie ein Potpourri von vielen Element...
  • Yaseen Jabbar
    How to describe this second volume of Snotgirl? Hilarious, definitely. Smart, yes. And MOTHERFUCKING GHOULS, like wow! Yes! This comic series is totally relatable to me, despite being a 22-year-old male librarian from central England, and not a late-20s female fashion blogger from Southern California. Which probably speaks to the strong writing inherent in the series, and the highly relatable characters. The art style is gorgeous, and the story i...
  • Mindy Rose
    more snot, more murder, more horrible girls being horrible to each other, more pixelated dongs. this volume was frustratingly confusing, and i don't know how much of that was on purpose, to showcase the fact that lottie is an unreliable narrator, and how much was..sloppy writing? i didn't hate it and i'm still going to read the next installment, but i definitely didn't love it as much as the first volume. 3/5.
  • Sammy
    I am absolutely in love with the art in this series and I enjoy the quirkiness of the story and plot. It’s all so ridiculous lol. But honestly half the time I’m not sure what is going on. Hopefully as the series goes on more things will make sense which will make rereading the series more enjoyable.
  • Anita
    The art is so amazing in this series, Leslie Hung's attention to detail reminds me of some Ai Yazawa level beauty. Every panel is so wonderful and thankfully the story usually keeps up with it. Seeing Lottie in some new locations as the story develops was interesting. It seems like there is SO MUCH unexplored here so far, but I'm along for the ride.
  • Janille N G
    Sooo glad to be back with my girl Lottie! 💕The perfect read for my time in the airport, heading back from a trip today. Great continuation of the story, and I still find the art so gorgeous! Lottie is just adorable and very stylish!
  • ReadandGiggles
    This volume left me highly confused. There was so much going on. Who is this new character really? Is Caroline really Caroline? When did she start doing drugs? This book really left me with a lot of questions. I hope Vol. 3 comes out soon so my questions can be answered.
  • Amber
    I love this so much????????
  • Shelly
    I love the art but the story is low key confusing
  • Samantha
    I love the art and the characters but I don’t really have a clue what happened.
  • Katie Jo
    3 1/2 stars. The art is still lovely, story is improving but still doesn’t totally make sense.
  • Camilla
    3.75 stars!
  • Noah Appelbaum
    There were parts of this I liked, but ultimately, as a thing, IDGI.
  • Candace Nicole
    it gets better after the first volume
  • Luke Wilson
    When I learned how much meticulous planning Leslie Hung puts into each and every outfit worn by the characters of Snotgirl, I started to realize how deeper these comics are. Between the fashions worn, the uses of technology, and the running jokes that are more nuanced than they seem, Snotgirl is more than just an "INFP noir" story (as Bryan O'Malley once called it on Twitter); it's a subtle full-fledged critique of the fragility and complexity of...
  • thebakedbook
    Well I kinda fucked up here , and didn't read the entire volume one... so there were parts I was a bit left in the dark. And of COURSE I read this in Barnes and Noble (it came out today, and of COURSE I wasn't sitting at B&N an hour after it opened reading it...) I could have easily picked up volume one and filled in parts that I didn't read. I read the first volume in those old school paper issues, and my friend was missing a couple issues. I DI...
  • Chris Petruccio
    A lot of my opinions from the first volume of Snotgirl have not changed much in this edition of it. Lottie is still a whiny, selfish, self absorbed snot of a person who I would find myself doing everything in my power to avoid at a party, regardless of how beautiful or popular she is. She is a girl who basically has everything and still cry's "poor me" at about every given second. She is not a likable protagonist, she is not fun to root for. I ha...
  • Kristina Romero
    I didn't like this volume nearly as much as the first one. The art is cool and sometimes it pulls a good laugh out of me but I'm so confused as to where the plot line (if there even is one) is going. Its also hard for me to understand what the character's intentions are, there seems to be no rhyme or reason for anything they do. I'll still give it a shot, but hopefully the series gains some cohesion.
  • India Taylor
    Sort of the same thing as the first volume. The storyline was just kind of all over the place. Understandable? Yes, but very messy. There were certain moments that weren’t really necessary for the storyline and didn’t really help it at all. I am definitely sticking around to see where this Lottie x Caroline thing is going, and also, the art style! I lOVE Lottie’s character design. That green hair just gets me!
  • Jorge Ponce
    I loved this way more than I expected. I read it in one sitting. To be honest, I was rather disappointed after reading Vol 1, and didn’t think I would dive into 2. But this felt more cohesive, it was funnier, more relatable, and had 100% more heart in it than vol 1. It’s by no means perfect, but I enjoyed it way too much. I really like where it is going — wherever the hell that may be. I’m on board.