Liar, Liar by Lisa Jackson

Liar, Liar

In this riveting page-turner from #1 New York Times bestselling author Lisa Jackson, a woman searches for the mother she hasn’t seen in twenty years, and uncovers a nightmare of greed and deception . . .    In death, Didi Storm is finally getting the kind of publicity that eluded her in life. Twenty years ago, the ex-beauty queen worked the Vegas strip as a celebrity impersonator, too busy trying to make it big to spare much time for her dau...

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TitleLiar, Liar
Release DateJun 26th, 2018
GenreFiction, Thriller, Mystery, Mystery Thriller, Adult

Reviews Liar, Liar

  • Paromjit
    Lisa Jackson writes an intense crime thriller set in the present and the disappearance of Didi Storm, an ex-beauty queen and Remmi's mother, twenty years ago. A 15 year old Remmi is left to her own devices as she is forced to take care of herself. Didi is far too ambitious and preoccupied with making it in Las Vegas as a Marilyn Monroe impersonator. Remmi hides herself in the trunk of her mother's car as Didi, with her six week old baby twins, a ...
  • Carrie
    Twenty years ago Remmi was a teenager who got it in her mind she was going to sneak out one night but when her mother comes in Remmi hides in her mother’s old Cadillac in the garage. What Remmi didn’t expect was for her mother to load her newborn twins int he Cadillac and take off late at night while she was hiding in the trunk.With nothing to do but stay quiet or have to explain what she was doing up and hiding in the car Remmi holds on for ...
  • Selena
    I received a free e-copy of Liar, Liar by Lisa Jackson from NetGalley for my honest review.This is the first book I have ever read by Lisa Jackson. The very beginning of the book, A woman (Didi Storm), dressed to look like Marilyn Monroe, jumps to her death. Who was this Marilyn Monroe look-alike and why did she jump? What went terribly wrong that went back 22 years? Twenty two years ago Remmi, a teenager decides she is going to sneak out but whe...
  • Lou
    This is an excellent crime thriller with an intriguing and unique premise. Didi Storm is a washed up beauty queen and Marilyn Monroe impersonator. Remmi, Didi's daughter, witnesses a woman jumping to her death from a building in San Francisco. She had been dressed as Marilyn Monroe. Remmi is adamant that it was not her mother. To solve this mystery of who it was that jumped and why, cop Dani Settler and Remmi Storm must go back over two decades a...
  • Lisa
    An entertaining and fast-paced story of lies, deception, murder and betrayal.SUMMARYDidi Storm worked the Las Vegas strip as a celebrity impersonator. She was ambitious and always way to busy to spare much time for her daughter, Remmi. Remmi was 15 when she last saw her mother. DiDi disappeared after a horrendous night in the Mojave Desert. Remmi had hidden away in DiDi’s car that night, and had witnessed DiDi handing over one of her newborn tw...
  • Anita
    Advanced Reader Copy (ARC) provided by the Author and Publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an fair and honest review.I've not read any of Lisa Jackson's recent books, but I have read her in the past. She is a really good mystery-suspense author and I really enjoyed the intriguing tale that unfolds in "Liar, Liar". The beginning hooked me and the ending was seat of your pants suspense, the middle, alas, dragged a bit. The baddie and the why rem...
  • Mandy White
    This book just was not for me. It seemed so far fetched that I had trouble getting into it. I was disappointed as I was really looking forward to this one. Oh well, you out can't, love them all
  • Poppy fairy
    Hardcover. I normally get into Lisa Jackson's novels, but I'm afraid I struggled getting into this one. Just to let all fans know I haven't given up on this author I'm really looking forward to reading the next book by Lisa Jackson.
  • OutlawPoet
    So, I generally like Lisa Jackson’s books. They’re easy reads with a nice mix of romance and suspense.I just wasn’t all that into the plot on this one.It was slow and I really didn’t care whether or not they actually found out what happened to Didi. I was just kind of…bored.In addition, I felt like the reason behind everything got seriously convoluted, but still left a plot point hanging.So, this one really wasn’t for me. I’ll read ...
  • Kris Rafferty
    I didn’t figure out the mystery at all! Hahaha. Enjoyed this book immensely. Felt sorry for Remmi through most of the book, so I wasn’t comfortable reading this book, but it paid off in the end. Great storytelling.
  • Cindy
    Review to come* I was provided an ARC to read from the publisher and NetGalley. It was my decision to read and review this book.
  • Book Him Danno
    3 1/2 out of 5 StarsFor readers looking for realism this book isn't for you.Liar Liar is a plot driven novel so back story of the characters is slim but readers catch on fast as Lisa Jackson reveals her story with the twist that take time to absorb. The Author uses duel times lines that will keep readers focused on this story. Make sure as a reader you have a quite place because you will not want to be disrupted.Liar, Liar is a story of Murder, D...
  • erin holyfield
    Ugh. I am usually a huge fan of Lisa Jackson but her newest book Liar, Liar just didn't keep my attention. It felt like it took me forever to get through it and I actually skimmed most of it. Remmi Storm is 14 when her mother and 2 half siblings disappear. 20 years later someone who maybe Didi Storm (Remmi's mother) jumps out a hotel window. Dozens of characters, dozens of story lines muddy the waters of this book, trying to resolve the issue of ...
  • Carolina Godinho
    2018-07-01 was given an ARC in exchange of an honest review.------------------------------------------------------------------In death, Didi Storm is finally getting the kind of publicity that eluded her in life. Twenty years ago, the ex-beauty queen worked the Vegas strip as a celebrity impersonator, too busy trying to make it big to spare much time for her daughter, Remmi. Shortly before she leaped from a San Fran...
  • Melody Morris
    Liar, Liar – Lisa JacksonI was fortunate to receive this novel as an Advance Reader Copy, in exchange for an objective review.Remmi Storm has spent half of her life looking for her mother. As a child, her mother DiDi made a living as an impersonator, often dressing like Marilyn Monroe and providing her talent in various shows in an effort to support her family, including infant twins, all the while grasping for fame that seemed to be just out o...
  • Blagica
    Liar, Liar by Lisa Jackson published by Kensington Books is a great summer read for anyone who likes thrillers. Over the years I have been sadden by some of my go to authors. Their stories and characters having turned stale and leaving me yearning for the days of yore. Lisa Jackson is definitely not one of those authors. I have been reading Lisa Jackson books since I was about 15 my mom use to pick up 4-5 books for me and I would be done in less ...
  • Sarah
    Thank you NetGalley for the ARC of Liar, Liar by Lisa Jackson that I read and reviewed.This book was an excellent book by Lisa Jackson. I can honestly say that I was guessing from the start who the killer was and what really was going on with Didi and the twins. I loved how Jackson kept the reader on the edge and brought the story from the current time to the past and then back to the current time. It was just written so well that as a reader, I ...
  • Heather
    If I see Lisa Jackson's name on a mystery it is almost a guarantee that I will thoroughly enjoy the story. This book simply proves that theory! Technically I suppose this book is a romantic suspense but the focus is almost entirely on the mystery surrounding a woman that has been missing for twenty years. The romance is almost non-existent and really doesn't come into play until the end of the story. Even though some of the mystery takes place tw...
  • Diane Hernandez
    Liar Liar is an engrossing study of a woman willing to do anything, regardless of the impact on her family, to achieve her dreams. Didi Storm wants riches and fame. When her acting career is derailed with a teen pregnancy, she becomes a celebrity impersonator in Vegas. Realizing she'll never be rich, she attempts a long con by giving birth to a rich man's twins and trying to get paid for the male infant. Remmi, her teenage daughter, sees it end h...
  • Elaine Tomasso
    I would like to thank Netgalley and Kensington Books for an advance copy of Liar, Liar, a stand alone thriller set in San Francisco.The novel opens with Remmi Storm witnessing a suicide. A woman dressed like Marilyn Monroe jumps from a hotel window and Remmi fears it might be her mother, Didi, a Las Vegas impressionist who disappeared in mysterious circumstances twenty years ago. It's not Didi but who she is and why she was impersonating Didi occ...
  • Marianne Jay
    Lisa Jackson is my go to author for mystery books. I really liked this book. It was very suspenseful. I didn’t like the characters I wasn’t supposed to like. I liked the characters I was supposed to like. The plot was awesome. I kind of figured out the ending but not completely. My only complaint ~ I like action. There was a bit too much talking and not enough suspense. I would like to thank NetGalley, Lisa Jackson and Kensington for an ARC o...
  • Meaghan
    So many threads to this plot were so far out there, yet it seemed completely plausible while I was reading it. The suspense and mystery kept me engaged, the small bit of romance seemed thrown in for kicks. I did not guess who the person "behind the curtain" was at all, which contributed to the enjoyment of the mystery plotline.
  • JoAnn
    Another homerun by Lisa Jackson. I love this author's suspense books and she did not disappoint with Liar, Liar. Well written with an edge of your seat plot and great characters. I highly recommend to fans of suspense.
  • Shannon Dyer
    Review to come at AAR.
  • Susie James
    A pretty satisfying thriller Lisa Jackson that I found at the Carrollton, Miss., library, "Liar, Liar". Pants on fire. It wasn't a "Kindle" edition, as I don't have an electronic reader...
  • Dawn
    I'm not sure what I think of this one. It's got some serious moments of holding your attention while also leaving you wondering just what this book is actually supposed to be about. It's got some wonderfully fantastic characters that I would love to follow (Remmi, Noah, Greta, and Jade).I gave this three stars because there were such great characters. I hate writing reviews where I don't necessarily care for the story but everything is not for ev...
  • Carole Tyrrell
    Liar, LiarbyLisa JacksonHodder & Stoughton, June 2018A review by Carole Tyrrell A woman with platinum blonde hair stands precariously on a ledge on San Francisco’s Montmort Tower Hotel. Far below her a crowd of horrified onlookers raise their cell phones aloft. But, for one young woman amongst them, it’s personal. Could the woman be her mother, Didi Storm, who vanished when she was a teenager leaving her credit cards, one half of twin babies ...
  • RJ McGill
    3.5 StarsMom, aka Didi Storm, was a professional impersonator. Her number one desire in life was to be rich and famous... see her name lit up in the Las Vegas lights. She seemed to always be one step from famous...never able to catch "the break" that would make all of her dreams come true. Then came the night in the desert that would change all their lives, forever. Remmi, Didi's teenage daughter, planned to sneak out and meet Noah, the boy who h...
  • James Knight
    I found this Lisa Jackson book to be a fun read (if one suspends credulity and is willing to accept a lot of coincidences that challenge logic) and certainly based on an intricate and interesting premise. Part 1 of the story is set in Las Vegas 20 years ago. Didi Storm, a B-list Vegas Marilyn Monroe impersonator and a women with a highly checkered past involving lots of shady characters, disappears without a trace after a scam gone wrong that lea...
  • Maria
    For me this is one of those authors that when you start one of their books you are unable to put it down!The story is told between the past and the present, while we discover the story of Didi Storm and the race against the clock of her daughter searching for the truth, risking her life with it.This is a thriller full of hate, betrayal and family confrontations, that will make the reader think about their parents and how much they love them. The ...