Nightbooks by J.A. White


Alex has loved scary stories his whole life.He never imagined he be trapped in one.When Alex sneaks out in the middle of the night, he becomes imprisoned by the witch Natacha in her magical apartment. Another child in the apartment, Yasmin, assures Alex that she’s already tried every means of escape. Only Natacha holds the bonekeys that lead back to their world, and she’ll never part from them.But Natacha likes stories. And Alex’s only chan...

Details Nightbooks

Release DateJul 24th, 2018
PublisherKatherine Tegen Books
GenreChildrens, Middle Grade, Fantasy, Writing, Books About Books, Fiction, Young Adult

Reviews Nightbooks

  • Korrina (OwlCrate)
    I was completely enthralled reading this. It felt like a perfect blend of Grimm’s Fairytales and Neil Gaiman stories.
  • Jenni Frencham
    Alex becomes trapped in a magical apartment in his building, and in order to stay alive, he has to tell the witch who captured him a scary story every night. This middle grade retelling of Arabian Nights with a horror twist is appropriate for the target age group, and Alex's short stories will easily capture the attention of many readers.
  • Marta Barrales
    Amongst my awful, university induced reading slump, this book was a gem! I really enjoyed it. Full review to come.
  • Carina Olsen
    This is my fifth book read by this awesome author. I absolutely adored his first four books, which was the most amazing middle grade series. Which is why I have been dying to read new books by him for ages. I felt sure that I would love this, because his first books were so good, but oh, I'm heartbroken to say that I did not.And this book ended up being pretty disappointing for me. Which makes me so sad. But it simply was not meant to be. I have ...
  • Melanie Dulaney
    My personal rating is 3 stars, but readers of scary, creepy and gruesome will rate it much higher. The main character of Nightbooks is Alex, lover of monsters, dark magic, and anything terrifying. He records his very creative horror stories in regular black and white composition books until an event pushes him to destroy them. On his way to do just that, he is lured into an apartment in his building and enters a witch’s lair. (Shades of Hansel ...
  • Sandy O'Brien
    “You’re not like everyone else, and there’s nothing you can do about it! We are what we are. These stories, they’re just the real you bubbling to the surface...” Being trapped in a room full of books would be a dream, but not when a witch is the one that traps you there. #MGlit
  • Fenny (wit.and.reading)
    I was provided an e-ARC of this book by Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review!read my full review here:
  • Pop Bop
    More Than Just Scheherazade LiteWhen I looked at the blurbs for this book I got the impression that it would end up as a sort of scary story anthology loosely held together by a Scheherazade frame. I was wrong. This is much more interesting than only that, in terms of being a fully realized tale, and while it's somewhat predictable it ends up being more like a clever and engaging improvisation on Hansel and Gretel.MILD PREMISE SPOILER. Our hero, ...
  • Katy
    When presented with the opportunity to read Nightbooks ahead of its release date, I reacted as any eloquent-yet-humble bibliophile would: I flailed like a pre-teen girl with front row tickets to her favorite boy band. After being traumatized by J. A. White’s Thickety series (in the best possible way, I assure you), I was looking forward to seeing what further nightmares he had in store for me.I advise you to learn from my mistakes and finish th...
  • Ms. Yingling
    E ARC from Edelweiss PlusAlex ventures down to the basement of his apartment building to burn his creepy short stories that he feels make him a weird outsider, and he hears his favorite movie playing in an apartment when the elevator stops on the wrong floor. Even though he knows better, he knocks on the door, and when the woman who answers invites him in, he enters her apartment. Too late! She's Natacha, an evil witch who kidnaps and enslaves ch...
  • Meghan
    I’ve only recently discovered J.A. White and his series, The Thickety (of which I’ve only read the first book, but plan to dive back in this summer) and I was really excited to find he’s got a new book coming out this July.Okay, so we are immediately thrown into the story right when Alex has snuck out of his apartment in order to go downstairs to burn whatever he’s got in his backpack, and he is captured by a witch who locks him in a room...
  • Jennifer Hill
    I could not put it down. It is a Hansel and Gretel witch story set in modern times, complete with essential oils (instead of potions), a New York apartment (instead of a cottage in the woods), and a nightly story to keep everyone happy. Alex got into all this trouble trying to destroy his scary story notebooks and ended up getting trapped and the story books ended up helping him. They may be the only thing that saves him...
  • Amanda Schlenker
    I won this book as part of a giveaway. This book was a fun read. It reminded me of when I was younger and my love of scary things so it was very easy to relate to the main character Alex. I think any kid who sneaks horror movies at night will relate to the book as well. While the story can be a bit predictable, there is something in the writing and the story that kept me entertained throughout.
  • Angela
    A wonderfully scary (but not toooo scary) and at times genuinely creepy story for the middle grade crowd. The scary stories interspersed through the book are excellent and frightening, and the main story line is gentle enough to not be horrifying. Not just cheap thrills, the classic middle grade themes of friendship, self-confidence, and listening to your Awesome English teacher are all included. Recommending for 9 or 10 and up who enjoy Scary an...
  • Cathleen
    My kids and I enjoyed all of "The Thickety Series" by J.A. White. We would love the opportunity to review, "Nightbooks" and add his new book to our library as well. Thank you for encouraging my kids to read with your wonderful books.
  • Theresa Grissom
    Thanks to Edelweiss for and ARC copy of this!Fantastic creepy middle grade story with a fairy tale feel. I could not put this down! Scary but not too scary for upper elementary students. I thinks kids will love this book. Can't wait for the hard copy!
  • Lauren Taylor
    Great young-adult horror book, with a Goosebumps kinda vibe to it.
  • Chelsea
    J.A. White takes a modern twist on an old fairy tale...for any age to enjoy. This book is a true original and fine crafted tale. A Good Read.