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Mr. All Wrong

Sweet Contemporary Romance coming FALL 2017!The first time I met Evie Harper, she threw a cream pie at my face. I actually hadn’t met her, just saw her. It was more like she hated everything I stood for and showed me her opinion with an airborne cream pie. Yes, she smacked me front and center on my face. The second time I saw Evie, I didn’t realize she was the cream-pie-throwing bandit, and she took my breath away in a flowing red gown at a g...

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TitleMr. All Wrong
Release DateDec 4th, 2017

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  • Dawn Nicole Costiera
    4.5 Stars!!!Mr. All Wrong is my 4th RC Stephens book. She has become one of my go to authors. Without even reading a synopsis, I know I will read her books. She is that good! What she did with Mr. All Wrong blew me away. I honestly loved it. It's the type of book you can not put down. Constantly saying, just one more chapter! I goobled it up. Right from the start it had me intrigued. Slowly building. Then once it started to roll, it dropped bomb ...
  • Rather Be Reading
    Review for Mr. All WrongBy R.C. Stephens⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Colton and Evie’s is that of a fairytale love story. Coming from the very different world only to be ripped apart by scandal, and fear. But brought back together by true love. They live their happily ever after.Review by Jen M. Review for Mr. All WrongBy R.C. Stephens⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Colton and Evie’s is that of a fairytale love story. Coming from the very different world o...
  • Isha Coleman
    Stephens proves you can have a captivating romance with a little less heat and an abundance of sweet. Mr. All Wrong mixes heartwarming with emotional and hysterical to create a masterful, modern, hard to resist, fairy tale. Colton is a man with a plan. Except when the plan takes a backseat to the heart he's ignored for so long. All it took was a misplaced pie, a spirited adversary and the courage to follow his heart. Colton and Evie are a refresh...
  • Sarah
    this is a first read for me by this author and I quite enjoyed it. evie and Colton were such a great couple. I loved seeing them togther even if they were throwing pies at each other. I volunteered to read a copy of this book
  • Becca
    Review to come
  • Renee Mccleary
    3.5 star read for me. I was very excited to read this one after reading the blurb but Unfortunately I had a hard time getting into the story. I thought I was getting a romantic comedy but it ended up being more of a drama with a few funny parts. It was definitely a unique story and I did love Evie and Colton eventually but I had a hard time connecting to them.The story was written really well it was just not one to keep my attention.
  • Kay Daniels
    Colton Mathis has been brought up with the knowledge that one day he would be President of the United States or at least that has been his father's main goal for him for as long as he can remember. Every step he has ever made has been to groom him for office and frankly, Colt is tired of being groomed. Here he is, just a few weeks away from announcing his candidacy and what should be the most exciting thing to happen to him be? Getting a pie thro...
  • Karen Hrdlicka
    I absolutely loved this story! I'm a big fan of RC Stephens and love how all of her books are different from each other. She doesn't write a cookie cutter plot, ever. There are always twists and surprises for the reader. Mr. All Wrong is no exception. On the surface it might look like a rich politician meets single mom story, but it is so much more. The story flows well and the characters are well-developed and likable. Colton Mathis is a swoon w...
  • Roxs Reads (Rox Leblanc)
    I jumped at the chance to review this book. The blurb totally grabbed my attention and RC Stephens is an author I've been wanting to read for quite a while. I couldn't have picked a better first than Mr. All Wrong.Although it had a bit of a slow start while we were being introduced to the characters and they meet each other, I quickly fell in love with Evie.  She is a little feisty spitfire who isn't afraid to say what she thinks and fight for w...
  • Brandy Roberts
    Mr all wrong really intrigued me it wasn't what I was expecting but such a pleasant surprise , Colton and Evie met in such a meet cute kind of way with the hero getting a pie to the face and the heroine being the thrower of said pie . That pie to the face may have knocked some since into the love them and leave them governor because once he gets a taste he only wants one feisty red head with some secrets . Evie is an enigma she hides a lot but is...
  • Sharon Jones
    This is such a great story from a new to me author. I have only read a few romance stories where one of the characters is affiliated with politics, and I have to say this was one of the best I have read yet. This story isn't too big on the whole politics side, it is more that this is what Colton does for a living and the negative impact that can have for the people in his life.Evie was a wonderful character to read. Her backstory is quite sad, an...
  • Crystal
    4 StarsMr. All WrongBy R.C. StephensThis was my first book by R.C. Stephens. I was expecting more of a romantic comedy type book based off the back, but overall I enjoyed the book. This is the story of Colton and Evie. Colton is a political figure and Evie throws a cream pie in his face (who hasn't wanted to throw something at someone in authoritative potions from time to time lol). I think that the book started off good and it kept my interest f...
  • Madonna Blackburn
    Mr All Wrong by RC StephensMr All Wrong was a bit of a topsy turvy read for me. On the whole I would say this is an enjoyable book to read, however, there were parts that just did not gel for me.I did not always feel a real connection between Colton & Evie. I think this was more to do with the constant reiteration of Colton's 'ladies man' title & his defence of it.I disliked Colton as a character yet I didn't think the author did this character j...
  • Carol Ann
    This is the first book I have read by R.C.Stephens. I thought this book would be more of a romantic comedy, and actually it was much more intense story. The story follows Colton and Evie, with side characters Colton's father and Colton's best friend. I enjoyed the premise of the story, and really enjoyed parts of the book. It did remind me of a cinderella story, and I really love Evie and all her strength and independence. Colton needed for me a ...
  • Karen
    3.5 stars.Some things in this book I loved. Evie Harper is a wonderful character. She is a little spitfire full of righteousness and passion. You have to love a girl who stands up for what is right.Colton Mathis, I liked him too although I wanted to slap him a few times. I could not help but picture Donald Trump as Colton’s father. I didn’t like him but it is the sign of a good writer if they can provoke emotion even if it was that I wanted t...
  • Melissa
    This is my first book by this author.  I loved how R.C. Stephens pulled me into the book and wouldn't let me go until I was on the last page.  I loved how Evie met Colton with the pie thrown in his face!!  Evie was a strong independent woman, who told it as it is.  I loved that about her especially when it came to Colton, who was raised with money and a dad.  Colton has been raised with the idea that he will be the President of the United St...
  • United Indie Book Blog
    This story started a little slow in my opinion, but it made up for it later. I liked the surprises that come later. I won't reveal any secrets. You'll have to read and find out for yourself. I like Evie's spunky personality. She doesn't let anything get her down for long. She is an awesome single Mom. She meets Colton when she hits him in the face with a cream pie. Their romance is sweet and steamy. I don't think the Governor of Illinois would ha...
  • Pauline
    Evie is a beautiful redhead with the spitfire personality to match. Colton is the son of a man who didn't make it in politics, but is grooming his son to be president. Colton doesn't want to run for office, but the guilt that plagues him because his mother abandoned him, his father saved him from a burning building and became a single parent, mean that Colton has a sense of obligation. When Colt meets Evie, something in him just has to pursue her...
  • Julie Jackson
    Reviewed for SNS This sweet read is over the top. Colt is the governor on his way to being president. His father has always ruled his life and he is sick of it. When he meets Evie( she throws a pie in his face), his life begins to have a new purpose. She is perfect for him even though she is deaf and sometimes that is a challenge. They have an uphill climb to make but I definitely hope they make it. His father and his past just might be the one t...
  • Cynthia
    Such a great book. I could not put this book down. It holds your attention from begging to the end. It was funny, emotional and endearing. The chemistry between Evie and Colton is powerful. When Colton meets Evie's son Charlie and instantly bonds with him is amazing. He truly opens himself up the more he was around Evie and Charlie. When Colton wanted to learn sign language was swoon worthy. I love a HEA. I highly recommend you read this amazing ...
  • Erin Carter
    Colton Mathis is the governor of Illinois and thinks of himself as somewhat of a playboy. Evie Harper is a teacher and single mother who hasn’t been on a date in a while. When they meet, their chemistry is undeniable. But will their pasts ruin their future together?Based on the blurb, I thought this would be a lighthearted, funny book. Instead, it was pretty intense. It took many twists and turns. I really liked the plot of this story and the c...
  • Jackie Ziegler
    Wow this is my first read by R.C. and I was not disappointed.Colton is the governor of Illinois and his father wants nothing more than for him to run for President. A chance encounter with Evie throws him for a tale spin.. When he can't get the fiery red head out of his head he decides to pursue her. . He finds out she is deaf and a single mom. This was so amazingly written into the story.. Can their differences work or not?The biggest twist is w...
  • Spunky N Sassy
    Spunky N Sassy Rating: 5.0~~~~~~~~~~Julie's ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Review~~~~~~~~~~This sweet read is over the top. Colt is the governor on his way to being president. His father has always ruled his life and he is sick of it. When he meets Evie( she throws a pie in his face), his life begins to have a new purpose. She is perfect for him even though she is deaf and sometimes that is a challenge. They have an uphill climb to make but I definitely hope th...
  • Pamela Lunder
    I really enjoyed it this ARC. Evie is so sassy but sweet. She doesn't let being deaf stop her from anything. I loved her sass. Colton doesn't want to become president even though his father has that dream for him. All these years he has let his father guilt him into everything. I enjoyed how Evie and Colton came together. Loved how they just opened up to each other. But Colton's father's lies almost destroyed their love for each other. I am hopin...
  • Becky Wise
    An amazing read. Mr. All Wrong is one of those books that will draw you in and not let go. Evie is feisty and I love how she handles Colton. Colton is amazing even if he is in politics. I love the chemistry between Evie and Colton. Colton seems to change a lot with Evie in his life. Be prepared for a few twists. R. C. Stephens did a wonderful job with this Mr. All Wrong. I even got a little bit emotional with this one. Serious this is an amazing ...
  • Ashley Sledge( UnderCoversBookBlog)
    This was my first read by R.C. Stephens and i really enjoyed it! I love that this book was about more than just s*x. Evie and Colton really had a good connection and she made him work it! It was a really good book! There was some twists that i certainly did not see coming! The plot and character development was also really good!
  • Megan Allen
    R. C. Stephens brings us a fun, hard to not love couple in Mr. All Wrong! Evie and Colton were so perfect together and their story is very intriguing! I absolutely loved the way these two meet..priceless! I think you will enjoy their story as much as I did and I cannot wait to see what she brings us next!
  • Mindy Mccray
    This is the first title I have read by this author and I wasn't disapointed at all! I will certainly be reading more in the future! I loved Evie and Colton's story! I was a very emotional read for me. I wanted to throw my phone at times but at the same time, I had an ugly cry with this read!
  • Elaine
    This author is new for me! The writing flows throughout the whole book. The emotions will cut you like a knife as you go through their lives, and how they ended up! For those friends that I know who love a happily ever after, this book is for you!
  • April
    ARC received for an honest review. Another manic book rambling brought to you by April;Read & Share Book Reviews. 4 ’You can’t fight fate.’ StarsEtc