Beautiful Exiles by Meg Waite Clayton

Beautiful Exiles

From New York Times bestselling author Meg Waite Clayton comes a riveting novel based on one of the most volatile and intoxicating real-life love affairs of the twentieth century.Key West, 1936. Headstrong, accomplished journalist Martha Gellhorn is confident with words but less so with men when she meets disheveled literary titan Ernest Hemingway in a dive bar. Their friendship—forged over writing, talk, and family dinners—flourishes into so...

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TitleBeautiful Exiles
Release DateAug 1st, 2018
PublisherLake Union Publishing
GenreHistorical, Historical Fiction, Fiction

Reviews Beautiful Exiles

  • Meg
    As Marta Gellhorn writes in an August 1940 letter to Charles Scribner, in explanation for why she is turning down his offer to pay her money in advance to write a book for him, “I could not do a book (a book, Charlie, think of the high pile of bare white paper that you have in front of you before there is even the beginning of a book), unless I believed awfully hard in it. Unless I wanted to do it so much that I could sweat through the dissatis...
  • The Just-About-Cocky Ms M
    I have never really cared for Ernest Hemingway the writer—over several decades I’ve tried to read his novels and never managed to actually finish a single one other than my enforced reading of The Old Man and the Sea in high school English Lit class. I didn’t care for him as a person, either—what I’d read about him left me with the impression of a particularly flawed, self-centered, narcissistic man with an amazing sense of entitlement ...
  • Cari
    Beautiful Exiles was my Kindle First selection for the month of July.Beautiful Exiles tells the captivating story of Martha Gellhorn's tumultuous romance with Ernest Hemingway, with whom she traveled all over the world, chasing wars and putting words on paper. From the moment she first met Hemingway in a little dive bar in Key West, Martha was both repulsed by his womanizing, alcoholic ways and enamored with his talent, charisma, and the depth an...
  • Dee
    Elkhorn a woman ahead of the times Not having known a great deal about Hemingway and nothing about Gellhorn, I found this book to be very informative. Martha Gellhorn's life starts out very slow but the pace rapidly increases as the wars of the world and the internal wars of Hemingway rapidly develop. As many great women of that era questioned their desire to be more than housewife and mother, the expectations of their day & the demand of the spo...
  • Linda
    I selected this book for my July book selection and so very glad that I did. Now I’m going to be reading Ernest Hemingway to see if he is as despicable as he sounds or if his writing redeems him. Martha Gellhorn was infatuated with the famous author and looked up to him as a guiding force in her writing until the day they became more than friends. It was inevitable that they would become involved in a romantic relationship but Martha’s mother...
  • Kalen
    I'm embarrassed that I knew nothing about Martha Gellhorn. She desperately wanted to be known for her own work and in her own right but for the years they were together, she lived in Ernest Hemingway's shadow which is a bit how I felt reading Beautiful Exiles. I wanted Martha to cast him off and fly but the story doesn't go that far (it ends soon after their divorce; I don't think that's much of a spoiler--common knowledge he had four wives.) I s...
  • Mike Gunderloy
    Novelizations of real people are tricky - and more tricky when they involve famous people. This one covers the love affair and subsequent marriage of Ernest Hemingway and Martha Gellhorn (and to my mind, she ought to be better-known and more famous than he is). Theirs was definitely one of the more interesting and stormy marriages of the mid-twentieth century, and though I suspect the pitch of storms was rather less than Clayton depicts, it makes...
  • Kerry
    This was a free Amazon First Reads pick. Having never read Hemingway and with only cursory knowledge of his life and work, I was pleasantly surprised with how much I enjoyed this book. Hemingway is an author on my “bucket list of great authors to read” that I am now anxious to check off! The story was entertaining and seamlessly wove facts into the narrative like all noteworthy historical fiction should. However, I felt that the sources used ...
  • Therese Gadal
    InsightfulI've been a fan of Hemingway's work for most of my life, but had only heard of Martha Gellhorn from the movie about the two of them, so, I was intrigued enough to want to know more about both of them. This book does a good job of providing an inside look at their years together. Nicely framed in the turbulent times they lived in. By the time I finished the book I loathed both Gellhorn and Hemingway. Despite the talent they each had, the...
  • Stacey
    The story of a dysfunctional relationship with a narcissist. The blurb called it a love story but I see no evidence of love. I admire Hemingway’s writing Immensely but he is a flawed character with a messy personal life. The woman in this instance was Martha Gellhorn, Hemingway’s third but not final wife. It sounds like she was a fine writer herself but was not that sympathetic of a character, either.
  • Melissa A Comer
    ..."We're war correspondents; it's what we do"...Had not planned to read any more about this group of individuals, but liked this story never the less. (The books about Hemingway's wives seem to out number the wives!) Here, is the first person voice of Martha Gellhorn (wife #3) with graphic battle front detail, peppered with the volatile relationship of the journalist and the writer. Lots of tension, here.
  • Brenda Hill
    Beautifully written novel! This novel is about Martha Gellhorn and her relationship with Ernest Hemingway. It starts in the years before WWII and throughout WWII. It was a very compelling story-both of them war correspondents, their complicated relationship and the historical characters they meet along the way. It’s a fairly long book, but I truly enjoyed every minute. This is the first novel I’ve read from this author, so I will definitely r...
  • Karla Kelsay
    One strong womanThis is a well written book about one smart, spunky, talented woman in a man's world. God bless us all who have endured similar experiences! Meg Waite Clayton presented a most believable rendition of Martha Gellhorn's life with Earnest Hemingway. Clayton did not just rely on "then we did this and then we did that." The story included lots of insight and feeling--well done!
  • Sarah
    It takes a lot of guts to write a narrative by another writer in that writer's voice. I haven't read any of Martha Gellhorn's works to know if Clayton was successful or not, but for taking on the task, I admire her.There were parts of this book that I really enjoyed, but the destructive, emotionally abusive relationship between Hemingway and Gellhorn made this a rather depressing read.
  • Leigh Anne
    Slow start for me....but definitely worth the patience to continue!!! The further I delved into the book the more I wanted to know. Love Meg Waite Clayton’s books! I also truly appreciated how true to the real story she stayed. I applaud all the research!! I know like to read something by Martha GELLHORN!!
  • Sonja Searle
    More Hemingway Having read The Paris Wife, written from the perspective of Hemingway’s first wife, I was particularly interested in this well written book, written from the perspective of Hemingway’s third wife. The author captures the personalities of the characters in a believable way. The descriptions of the places and events are great.
  • Sandy
    An interesting peak into Hemingway This is the second book I’ve read, that the story is based on a wife of Ernst Hemingway. I found this book a little tough to follow, especially the dialogues between Martha and Ernst. The story does a good job however of conveying the struggles of an author to write a good story. Martha’s story of love and struggle is laid out really well.
  • Jan E.
    Beautiful Exiles ReviewAlthough written from the viewpoint of Marty, a female writer and 3rd wife of Hemingway, the story focused more on the life of Ernest Hemingway. I liked the historical coverage of WWII. The coverage on the struggles that writers have would appeal to anyone in the !literary field. Overall, an interesting read.
  • Gabriela
    I've enjoyed every moment of this book ! The details of a relationship I wasn't very familiar with are riveting and Meg Waite Clayton may as well have been Martha Gellhorn herself ! Way to get into this fascinating character's intimate account of her years as Mrs. Hemingway, Kudos Meg!!!! Highly recommended
  • Nancy Ekstrum
    Interesting GlimpsesClayton does an admirable job of giving the reader a wonderful look at Martha Gellhorn, a journalist of distinction, her volatile, toxic relationship with Ernest Hemingway, and WWII as seen through Gellhorn and Hemingway's lenses. Very well organized and easy to follow all of the various stories.
  • Ruth
    I have long been fascinated with the strong women Ernest Hemingway fell in love with and how they dealt with his volatile temper. Beautiful Exiles is told from the point of view of his third wife, Martha Gellhorn, a talented writer in her own right. I loved how much focus is placed on their time in Key West and Cuba.
  • Pat
    Martha Gellhorn amazed me A very enjoyable story about the amazing life of Martha Gellhorn and Earnest Hemingway. The book is filled with historical details. I'm impressed by the life Martha lived and the adventures she had.
    Beautiful InsightGives an insightful examination of two authors and their private lives. One a man struggling to be bigger than life a legend but flawed emotionally.Another female writer in love with the legends talent but trying to be remembered as a talented author her self.
  • sharon lillo
    I really enjoyed the book. I would recommend it to friends and family.The book was interesting, and we have visited Hemmingways place in the Keys. Story kept me not want I g to put it down
  • Aimee Hodges
    Interesting read, but found a couple of spots in the story to be a little weak, but pushed through. Need to read more about more non-fiction about Martha Gellhorn, she seems pretty amazing. Wish I didn't have a sick fascination with Hemingway, he's pretty deplorable...
  • Jonathan Cloud
    A sure touchThe bitter sweet story of Martha Gellhorn and Earnest Hemingway, told from Martha's point of view, as if it were yesterday. It held my attention all the way to the end and beyond, which is saying something, I suppose, since so little does anymore.
  • Karla
    A perfect glimpseThe carefully chosen words painting the life of Marty would make Hemingway proud. You can get lost in Mary's thoughts as her life is recreated. Wonderful read.
  • Mary
    Review will post on Aug. 1st
  • Helen
    I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Looked forward to reading it each night