Semicolon ; by McKayla Debonis

Semicolon ;

A Collection of poetry that uncovers the raw and heavy emotions that come with anxiety, trauma, and other experiences. Part two takes you into the healing, bringing the light, the meditation, the beauty in finding oneself after all the chaos has passed. & finally, you're left wanting to start your next chapter; the one that comes after the semicolon.

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TitleSemicolon ;
Release DateNov 11th, 2017
GenrePoetry, Nonfiction

Reviews Semicolon ;

  • Melissa Jennings
    Full review at my book blog*I was a beta reader for McKayla's collection*The poetry collection is divided into two sections, or rather two separate "sentences" which are connected by a semicolon. The first section/sentence concerns a painful, numb existence. McKayla's descriptions are tangible to the point you feel as if you are a spectator. There is haunting imagery throughout the first section, so please make sure to read the content warnings. ...
  • Nicole Field
    I have read a lot more poetry this year than in previous years, and it's been stunning. I'll be honest, though: This one I picked up purely for my love of the semicolon. And the poetry collection inside is framed like a sentence with the actual correct use of a semicolon; not quite a new sentence, but not quite with the same feel of the first part of the sentence. In Semicolon ;, we have we have "Darkness", then "Light." And boy does the dark get...
  • cheyenne raine
    semicolon; is a collection of poems that dives into the pains and worries in a troubled bodyand soul. there is no hesitation in revealing all the emotions and thoughts that come withsurviving traumatic experiences. however, after the hurt, the light begins to seep throughand mckayla debonis takes you through the process of pouring honey into your bones, thegentle love that begins to flourish when you realize that your sentence isn’t over; yourl...
  • Jasmine Smith
    I didn’t even think I needed this book in my life and then I read the first poem. Then poem after poem, the author let me into their world. This collection of poetry may be short, but it’s everything you didn’t know you needed. The author transports you into her world, shows you the life she’s lived, and makes you feel exactly what she was feeling in the moment. This book will take you on a journey you didn’t know you needed to take, bu...
  • Anne Chivon
    Semicolon is a beautiful voice from a beautiful soulSemicolon was beautiful the first read through, and better the second. I'm grateful these words were shared with us. There is such a personal voice to each poem. I can't wait for more. This is a must read for anyone, and I would recommend to anyone~
  • Jamie Ferris
    I was also lucky enough to be a BETA reader for this book. I thought Semicolon; was both beautiful and well written. The imagery and descriptive details within such short poems are astounding. It’s unlike anything I’ve ever read really and the way some of the poems are written are so unique. I love Semicolon; for how relatable it is. For people who suffer from depression, anxiety, body dysmorphia, self-harm, anxiety, etc., this book is really...
  • Sophia Hanson
    Lovely Another lovely collection of poetry from McKayla! I really enjoyed Bones in the Garden, but I feel like she has grown as a poet, which is so fun to watch! The whole thing was solid, but there were a handful of lines and poems in particular that were truly stunning. I highly recommend this book for anyone who has struggled with mental health issues, abuse, self harm, or suicidal thoughts. It reminded me that I am not alone. I really enjoyed...
  • Ashly
    I'd previously read Bones in the Garden and enjoyed it, but this, this - the book was divided into two sections, "Darkness" and "Light", and it was oh-so-perfect. Each poem is a fleeting glimpse into the worst kinds of trauma. And then into the glowing warmth of healing. The pieces about self harm particularly resonated with me. Let me not forget that there are also illustrations! And they will definitely add to your reading experience. I really ...
  • Marissa
    I was very lucky to be an early reader for Semicolon and I’m so happy I had the opportunity! Semicolon is a wonderful body of work and you can tell that the author, McKayla, put a lot of thought into everything placed in the book. This book covers topics like anxiety, depression, and much more - making her readers feel less alone. It’s so relatable it hurts. The book is split into two pieces (or sentences), a portrayal of the darkness that is...
  • Shelby Leigh
    I really enjoyed McKayla's newest collection (and her past ones as well). She's a talented poetess and beautiful person--definitely give her books a read!
  • Fida Islaih
    Wow! The poems of anxiety and empowerment tugged at my heart. Thank you for putting anxiety into words. I love the imagery.
  • Keeana
    EmotionalGreat message . I Really loved the rawness and the vulnerability . The growth was exceptional and emotional. Great read.
  • Bhavyatta Bhardwaj
    Just saying your mind in simple wordsIt's a good short read. Read it on a layover. It was perfect. It had a lot of things that I had in mind but I could never word them. This pretty much did that.
  • Lúcia Collischonn
    Too Rupi Kaur for my personal taste. In fact, so much so that it looks like a rip-off, it is clearly inspired by milk and honey, which is not a problem in itself, only that it seems to do wrong the same things which are bad about Kaur's poetry. This is a personal as well as informed opinion, I don't know what I expected from this, but sometimes when I read some of these new poetry collections I feel people think that poetry is just pressing enter...
  • Kaliane Faye
    Such lovely growth from McKayla!I loved semicolon so much! From bones in the garden (prior collection) to this one, the author shows an impressive amount of growth in their craft. They really cracked open parts of themselves and laid them bare for the reader. I had to take my time reading it because you can feel each and every word in your heart and soul. I’m so grateful to have read this collection and am definitely ready for the next!
  • Isabelle
    Strength and vulnerabilityI was affected by McKayla's letters to her younger self, at a time when she was feeling so low she was suicidal. There's a lot of emotion to process in this book as a reader.
  • Namyred
    Nice PoemsI liked the poems, could feel the emotions. Gave it 3 stars only because for me, a book that deserves more has to keep me engrossed in it for a while (over 200 pages), it is not a bad book just a quick read.
  • littleskybrightstars
    I liked the majority of this book. I loved the imagery that the poems conveyed but I wish some of them were elaborated. Can’t wait for her next collection :)
  • Lord Huey
    Elegant, powerful, with some incredible pieces inside. This is a poetry book worth reading. I definitely reccomend getting a copy.