Living Out Loud (Austen, #3) by Staci Hart

Living Out Loud (Austen, #3)

Bestselling author Staci Hart brings you another installment of the Austen Series, inspired by the works of Jane Austen, with a heartfelt contemporary retelling of Sense and Sensibility.When Annie Daschle arrives in New York City, the only thing she can control is her list. Not her father’s death or the loss of her home. Not the hole in her heart or the defective valve that’s dictated so much of her life. But she can put pen to paper to make ...

Details Living Out Loud (Austen, #3)

TitleLiving Out Loud (Austen, #3)
Release DateFeb 1st, 2018
PublisherCreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
GenreRomance, New Adult, Contemporary Romance

Reviews Living Out Loud (Austen, #3)

  • Christy
    5 Stars!!!Living Out Loud is a fun, heartwarming, sweet, and emotional read, and one of Hart’s best books in my opinion. From the very first chapter, I fell in love with this story and these characters. Annie Daschle is ready to live. She has had a lot of loss in her life, but rather than dwell on the things she can’t control, she makes a list. A list of things she’s never done, things she wants to do, things that will have her living out l...
  • Pavlina Read more sleep less blog❤❤
    Live amazon❤5 BEAUTIFUL STARS ❤Such a beautiful,sweet,romantic and heartwarming story. I thought A Little Too Late was amazing but wait until you read Living Out Loud!I didn't want to finish it, it was unique and I had so many feelings while I was reading it! "That was Greg and me-easy and uninhibited, a joining of two streams to make a river."I loved Greg and Annie.Annie is such a sweetheart my heart ...
  • Kandi Steiner
    Wow. Absolutely stunning. This is why Hart is such a household name in indie romance. Unique, beautifully written and incredibly romantic, Living Out Loud will have Jane Austen fans losing their ever loving minds. Full review to come!
  • 1-Click Addict Support Group
    Staci Hart has done it again and blown me away with her magical writing that's not only sweet, beautiful and but Amazing as well!!! I got lost in Staci's beautiful words right from the beginning. When I read Greg's reaction when he first laid eyes on Annie, I knew that this was going to be one of those love stories that would have me swooning rooting for their HEA.Annie was learning to live life to the fullest for the first time in her life and s...
  • Shayna
    Absolute FAVORITE Staci Hart Hero! Favorite book from the series! Top Favorite for the year! Ms. Hart just AMAZES the hell out of me! Her writing is one of a kind! The most poetic...the most romantic...the most heart wrenching...the most EVERYTHING! Every single time I read one of Staci's books, it’s like I’m experiencing her unbelievable talent for the very first time! Full review to come.
  • Carlene(Inspired)
    4.5 StarsJane Austen meets contemporary romance in the third novel in the Austen series by Staci Hart. Living Out Loud features middle Daschle sister, Annie, and the perplexing situation she finds herself in when two gentlemen set their sights on her. Set amongst the backdrop of the famous Wasted Words bookstore and bar, Annie begins her adult life in a new city, around new people, and with a list of firsts to complete along the way."But, out of ...
  • Imani (Enamored Reads)
    INFINITE ”Not now.” Stars! ”I never saw Annie Daschle coming...” Have you guys ever experienced an asthma attack? And if you haven’t, have you ever wondered what it felt like? I know weird question alert. Just bare with me, I promise there’s a point to this. There are asthma attacks you can feel coming, like your body just knows, and there are asthma attacks that sneak up on you out of no where. And honestly, this book has the feeling...
  • Chris Carroll
    Touching and deep. 3.5 Stars~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~The first word that comes to my mind about this book is sweet. It’s a sweet story about a young girl who moves from a Podunk town to New York City.With health issues and awe of the city sights, she has passion in her heart. A passion to live life out loud.As an innocent young woman with no clue about men, she ends up meeting two guys. Such as the way of the world she has to learn things the hard way.W...
  • Kathy West
    Annie is a young girl from a small town in Texas. When tragedy strikes, she moves with her mom and sisters to New York to live with her uncle.Annie has a list of things she wants experience in this new life of hers.1. Get a Job2. See falling snow3. Make a snowmanShe knows some things are going to be harder to do than other because of her heart condition, but she is determined to make this new life of hers amazing.One thing Annie didn't expect to ...
  • Red Cheeks Reads
    Who else is excited to get back to the Wasted Words world? I have missed this crew of hip and fun New Yorkers! Living Out Loud is the another complete standalone in the Wasted Words world and is yet another hit in my opinion.Annie has always had a loving and supportive family and yet she has lived a tragic and sheltered life. Now she is living in the big city for the first time and is determined to cross some things off her list of things she h...
  • Na Dine Bookaddict
    "I think to love is to burn, and I want to set my heart on fire. Like Tristan and Isolde or Romeo and Juliet."I'm glad that my second book by Staci Hart was such a beautiful read! Even more so, that I have no idea of Sense and Sensibility and my mind wasn't based."I was high from the contact, hungry for the feeling, desperate for more."I can only repeat myself by saying that Staci has a wonderful talent working with words. They totally get to you...
  • Monique
    4.5*'sI am really getting a kick out of this series. I love the play on them relating to the Jane Austen books. I feel it is so much more that one story and it takes me on a different tangent and seeing these characters in both worlds.This book was so sweet and mainly due to Annie because she is adorable. She is young and naive but so precious and not because she is ill - gosh no - she is strong in more ways despite of it. The family connection i...
  • Christy (CaptainReadsALot
    This review has been so hard to write. Why? Because this book was excellent and nothing I've written has done it any justice. At all. Hart delivers a very realistic take on a naive girl and a boy who wants to protect her innocence. Greg sees the world in a whole new way when he looks at Annie. She is the very definition of sunshine and rainbows - despite her life experiences. Through Annie, he is able to see more than the hectic nature of life in...
  • Bibliophile Chloe
    Inspired by Jane Austen's Sense & Sensibility.....I first fell in love with Staci Hart's work when I read With a Twist. And I have been loving her stories ever since.Can I say, without getting yelled at, that I loved Living Out Loud just as much as I love Jane Austen's work? Because I do! This adaptation is fabulous!This story of Annie and Greg is so lovely.  I like how Staci went with the impulsive middle sister, and waiting to give Elle her s...
  • Amy
    “My life was just a single heartbeat in the life of the universe.”“I was fucked, and in the moment, I didn’t even have the good sense to realize it.”“Mine. It was stupid and archaic, savage even, but the instinct was deep and automatic. That single word sang unbidden from my heart at the mere thought of her with another man. Maybe it was because part of me was already hers. Any choice I had to the contrary had long passed, if there ha...
  • Sasha
    Absolutely, without question my favorite book ever written by Staci Hart. I’m drawn to books that make me feel. And this story made me feel so happy. Annie is a burst of sunshine. It was impossible not to feel her emotions while reading. This made connecting with her character effortless. She’s coming into her own and figuring out who she is. The excitement and joy of her character leaps off the pages, and it made me remember how amazing expe...
  • Becky Rendon
    4.5 starsLiving Out Loud is a beautifully uplifting story. The idea in the title alone leaves me smiling. Staci Hart has once again managed to seduce the reader. She lures you in with a tale that can't help but be read. She teases you with the building emotions and the naivete of a young girl. But she steals your heart with the amazing Brandon...Greg Brandon. For all the Sense and Sensibility lovers out there, you won't be disappointed in the lea...
  • Mel
    5 stars!With a heart condition preventing her from truly living, Annie only experiences adventures through books, pictures, and the internet, and she is missing out. After her father passes she vows that she will change, that she will live life to the fullest starting with the move to NYC. LIVING OUT LOUD—or Things Annie Daschle Has Never Done and Is Ready to Do Already1) Get a job. A real job with a paycheck and coworkers and maybe even benefi...
  • Kelly
    Staci Hart likes to kick people right in the feels, doesn't she? Just give 'em the old one-two punch and leave them teary-eyed on the floor. Thanks, Hart. Thanks.Okay, I'm going to just come out and say it. I loved Annie and Greg. I did NOT like the interloper, but...I'm getting over it. Slowly. Annie and Greg, however, were total sweethearts. Annie's reeling from the death of her father and she's determined to do all the things she's missed over...
  • Anne Milne
    This was a beautiful sweet romantic feel good story that left me feeling all fuzzy inside.Annie has led a very restricted life due to her health when the family loves to New York she is determined to live her life to the fullest. Her fathers death has spurned her into making a list of everything she’s missed out on, some big some small. The story is poignant, Annie and her family are all trying to adjust to the change in their circumstances whi...
  • Kimberly (Kimmy Loves to Read)
    IT’S FINE. It’s not like I’m a crying mess apt anything. Full review to come soon.
  • Allison
    Nothing could have prepared me for Living Out Loud by Staci Heart- not Wasted Words and not even A Thousand Letters (the other Austen books) I was head over heels for this story and Staci’s words from the very beginning lines. Everything about this book was magic. Maybe it was Annie’s naivety that I fell in love with first, or maybe it was Greg finally getting his love story- as I’ve grown quite fond of him seeing in him in the Wasted Words...
  • Sara Koelsch
    First can we PLEASE just look this cover? I mean, goodness gracious, I love every single aspect of it. Besides the colors and the font… her smile and his smile… the look on their faces as they look at each other, can we just recognize the fact that these people are real people? She doesn’t look like some fake Barbie, even though she looks gorgeous, she looks real. He looks like a real man. They look like they’ve spend a Sunday hanging out...
  • Jan
    What a beautiful and moving story.4.5 starsI knew from the very beginning Living out loud would pull on my heartstrings and it did along with experiencing such a wonderful written mix of angst, humour, heartache, beautiful words and heartwarming moments. "She was an open book, her pages fluttering from one emotion to the next with an easy whisper".Annie was born with a heart defect and had experienced very little in her life and the simplest thin...
  • Ryan - Sweet Red Reader
    I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of the book. So basically Staci Hart elevated my relationship goals with this book. Warning girls off of boys with two first names used to be a thing (I'm not sure if it still is...), but Greg Brandon (fictional character though he is) has single handedly redeemed these gentleman - or at least given cause to pause for consideration at least. Living Out Loud is like a breath of fresh air, sweet, unexpe...
  • Lia
    Wow. That's what I think. Sweet, mitten-wearer Annie. I adore her. Her innocence rings true to her but she indeed lives out loud. Not loud like you think you would. She lives loud in her own way. And seeing Annie's character develop throughout the chapter was amazing to read about. And then there's Greg. Gorgeous Greg. A fierce lover and protector. His only purpose is to make Annie happy. And her happiness comes first while he silently watches ov...
  • Kimberlys
    This book is, in one word. Amazing. I loved this book so hard. Annie is such an amazing character, she lifts you up when you are having a crap day. The writing was excellent, I felt like I was right there in the thick of things. I wish we had a book store like that around here, I would never leave. This is told in dual pov.
  • Lesley Koke DeWig
    Before I delve to deeply into my review I must say. This was the first book I picked up after experiencing a major loss. As I write those words that's not what you will experience with this story. Staci has such an amazing gift. I'm continually blown away with every new story she writes. Greg and Annie are simply amazing. My honest opinion her best book to date.