She Felt Like Feeling Nothing by R.H. Sin

She Felt Like Feeling Nothing

From the bestselling author of the Whiskey, Words, and a Shovel series comes this poetic reminder of women's strength.  There are moments when the heart no longer wishes to feel because everything it's felt up until then has brought it nothing but anguish. In She Felt Like Feeling Nothing, r.h. Sin pursues themes of self-discovery and retrospection. With this book, the poet intends to create a safe space where women can rest their wear...

Details She Felt Like Feeling Nothing

TitleShe Felt Like Feeling Nothing
Release DateApr 10th, 2018
PublisherAndrews McMeel Publishing
GenrePoetry, Nonfiction

Reviews She Felt Like Feeling Nothing

  • Sara➽ (Ink Is My Sword)
    2 “The message was powerful.” Stars “what happened to your souli see the bruises and the scarshe never deserved to touch your canvas how’d you forget you are art” WARNING: it may be triggering for people who are or had been in an abusive relationship. Disclaimer: Copy provided by the publisher and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.the message was powerfuluntil the poems startedbeing quotes.i felt i was reading a self-help bookf...
  • Julia Sapphire
    reread: may 10, 2018 3.75 stars Was craving some R.H. Sin in my life so decided to give this one a re-read.Liked it slightly more then the first time but my opinions are still the same. -------------------------------------------------first read: march 26, 2018 3.5 stars I was sent this by Andrews McMeel Publishing in exchange for an honest review. As most of you know already, I am a HUGE R.H. Sin fan and I love his work. Though I do have to s...
  • Shealea
    At about page 30,I started skimming throughthe rest of this collection.By the end of it,I could not find any s u b s t a n t i a lp o e t r y .The so-called hymmswere really justone-sentenced preachingexpressed ina e s t h e t i c s .Pseudo-intellectualpseudo-inspirationalcontent so generic thatI am genuinely astoundedthis author has not beensued by every pharmaceuticaldrug store out there.J e s u s C h r i s t .Reading this felt likegoing throug...
  • ❤Emm❤ - Marchioness of the Abyss
    Precise, small prose carries the weight of massive emotions.A romantic tribute to the brave woman who overcomes hardships caused by a lover, caused by society, caused by her doubts.I feel like this might resonate more strongly with others than it did with me, though I did enjoy these, and the design of the book is stylish as well. I admire its intention - She Felt Like Feeling Nothing succeeds at being uplifting and in parts evocative of beautifu...
  • Hirdesh
  • Nicole
    She Felt Like Feeling Nothing!!! First things first: I received this book through NetGalley. I read the first few pages and went straight to amazon to put the actual paperback on my wishlist, cause I need this at home. I'm not saying it's the best and most original stuff I ever read, but I loved it and it made me feel a lot of things. I can't wait to re-read this over and over again.
  • lovingindie
    Le doy la puntuación más alta porque me ha sorprendido gratamente y he disfrutado mucho leyéndolo ♥
  • Beth
    This is another book in the recent genre I'm calling "Platitudes, NOT POETRY." I get that it's tough being a young person, dealing with finding love, etc. But that is not enough! Where is the musicality of the language? Where is the art made with words? Where is the creativity, originality? Simply typing sentence fragments about emotions IS NOT POETRY! This is juvenile. And honestly, I'm really disheartened that I've read so many "poetry" books l...
  • Robin Bonne
    Maybe it is just me, but I like my poetry to have clever wordplay, and a fresh perspective on culture. These poems fell short of that for me. While the first few poems were enjoyable, they tapered off to a few lines each. Some of the poems reminded me of the text over beach or Hubble telescope photos on Tumblr.Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for providing me with an ARC of the book.
  • Jessica | Booked J
    (3.5 stars) my whole life has been about waiting always waiting, always hanging onto the tomorrows of todayor trying to figure out howto survive the aches of yesterday As a note, an e-galley of this novel was sent to me via NetGalley by the publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not effect my opinions in any way.Oh-my-god, did I really just give a collection of poetry by R.H. Sin a 3.5 star rating? Sigh. I'm disappointed in me too,...
  • Sam
    She felt like feeling nothingPerhaps that was why she set outTo write poems about being strongand acknowledging that you are deserving of love.Some of her poems were impactful,brimming with raw emotionsand thoughts that reverberatethrough poignant imageries and genuine words.Yet some, sadly I must say,fall short of the high standardsshe set forth for herselffrom the very beginning.Some poems have great premises,but premises do they all remain,a s...
  • Cassandra
    I'm sad. I'm so used to loving him but the last two collections he's released have been hard to connect with.
  • Daniella
    Awful. If you wanna read a r.h. Sin collection that doesn't sound forced, I Hope This Reaches Her In Time is only .99 cents.
  • Brooke
    *I was kindly given an early copy of this book for review. All opinions are my own* As someone who likes all kinds of poetry I really loved and respected what this did. Her voice and words really speak to you and hit home on so many personal levels that we like to ignore. I definitely want to read more of r.h. Sin’s poetry!
  • Jamie (Books and Ladders)
    the moon knows her better/than any man could/she told her secrets/to the night/and kept it all hidden/behind a beautiful smile/during the day. page 33This one started off strong and had some good poems throughout but I felt like it lost its way a bit around the 40% mark and never really picked itself back up. I liked the idea behind it but I wasn't a fan of the execution. I would have liked a bit more structure in this one than what we got. It fe...
  • Cassandra
    Another lovely collection of poems about relationships, and heartbreak. There were very few poems that personally stuck with me in this collection, however the ones that did are already memorized. A beautiful collection that i would certainly recommend to my poetry loving friends.I received this ARC on NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
  • Kirsten Tattersall
    "the wrong lovemakes the poetwant to write"I received this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.This is a collection of small prose that carries across big emotions. I liked it well enough, not quite as much as I was hoping to, but it stayed in one place and didn't try to move on to any other feeling for the entire collection.
  • Brittany
    3.5 stars. Underwhelming compared to the poetry book I just read. Will still likely reread multiple times. If that makes any sense 🤷🏻♀ 3.5 stars. Underwhelming compared to the poetry book I just read. Will still likely reread multiple times. If that makes any sense 🤷🏻‍♀️
  • Ariana
    1.5 StarsOriginally posted on: The Quirky Book Nerd*I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review*This is r.h. Sin’s newest collection, and though it was slightly better than Planting Gardens in Graves, it still felt incredibly underwhelming. Once again, my biggest complaint is the repetitiveness of the subject matter. I feel like the more collections I read, the less engaged with the text I become. And I ab...
  • Rivalie (Le Petit Photograph)
    this was a beautiful collection of poems that were inspiring and heartbreaking at the same time. i enjoyed this a lot more than i was expecting -however towards the end, the message felt repetitive and the writing style empty which resulted in the 3 stars. regardless i did gain some beautiful quotes to commit to memory and feel refreshed nonetheless.
  • Jeanne
    Trigger warning: Abusive relationship"save yourself for yourselfright nowonly you deserve you"I was broken hearted and was harassed when I started to read this. I can somehow relate to the emotion that this book wants to convey. I smiled and cried ugly tears while reading the book but I enjoyed it. I felt the pain and want to stop it but I don't know how. Some entry made me overwhelmed by my emotion.She Felt Like Feeling Nothing succeeds at makin...
  • Ashley
    It's hard to review poetry the same way you review a normal book. I will do my best! SHE FELT LIKE FEELING NOTHING by r.h. Sin is a really good foray into brokenheartedness and emptiness - although not her best collection of work. RELEASE DATE: April 2018PUBLISHER: Andrews McMeel Publishing DISCLAIMER: Novel sent via NetGallery in exchange for a honest review. SYNOPSIS: There are moments when the heart no longer wishes to feel because everything ...
  • Andge (Down the Rabbit Hole)
    Blog | TwitterRating: 4.5 starsThis is not by any means anything like the kind of reviews I normally write for books, but I just had to post something here. This book was something I never imagined I needed yet everything I totally did need to hear. Maybe it doesn't resonate with everyone, and not all the poems hit me as hard, but upon staring at scene I, I knew in my heart that this was a book that spoke to my soul. The words just resonated so c...
  • Imie K-M
    I received an ebook of this through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review I only recently got around to reading R. H. Sin, who had been on my #TBR list for some time. Back in my tumblr days, and more recently on Instagram, I found myself finding quotes I loved that were from his collection, but I only recently picked up his first book ‘Whisky, Words & A Shovel Volume 1’ which I loved. When I saw his latest book ‘She Felt Like Feeling N...
  • Sanah
    The poetry book focuses on women's inner strength. Every poem, deals with love and heartbreak. They try to navigate complex emotions and comment upon loss and heartbreak. The book has been divided into "scenes'' much like a sitcom or a movie. The poems are well intended and celebratory overall.However, the collection lacks a punch. There isn't a single poem that hit me hard and made me think. Every poem felt like a continuation of something I'd h...
  • Angeline
    I have always been a fan of Sin, so I was really excited to get started on this one. As always, this one didn't disappoint too. The book mainly touches on heartbreaks and the strength that we need to get out of toxic relationships. Although the themes are rather repetitive, I found it acceptable as I'm the kind who savours poetry slowly. I was really connected with some of the pieces - those are the ones worth bookmarking and reading again and ag...
  • Wendy Johnson
    I wanted to love this book, I really did. But...I didn’t.There are a few really great selections in here that’ll make for some awesome Instagram photos when I’m feeling overly emotional and heartbroken....which happens often...but I found myself reading the majority of this book without feeling much of anything. I think I appreciate r.h. in small doses, but when you put all those small doses together it becomes obvious how repetitive his id...
  • Krys
    I was able to read this thanks to netgalley and the publisher in exchange for an honest review.***A collection of poems about relationships and heartbreak. Sin’s poetry was enjoyable enough but I didn’t feel any real connection to any of it and not one really spoke to me. This is my second collection of this author’s work I’ve read and while I enjoyed the last one I read this one felt a bit lacking. It had a repetitive feel to it and was ...
  • Sveta Agaeva
    The message was good, the poems at least most of them were not. Maybe it is just not my taste, but I prefer more substantial poetry, this book felt very underwhelming. The majority of the book were just random quotes that are worth of tumbler but not a poetry book. So 2 stars for the effort. If you're looking for quotes for your social media accounts, then that book would be good for you, if you're hoping for good poetry, then look for something ...