When the Men Were Gone by Marjorie Herrera Lewis

When the Men Were Gone

In Marjorie Herrera Lewis’s debut historical novel the inspiring true story of high school teacher Tylene Wilson—a woman who surprises everyone as she breaks with tradition to become the first high school football coach in Texas—comes to life.Football is the heartbeat of Brownwood, Texas. Every Friday night for as long as assistant principal Tylene Wilson can remember, the entire town has gathered in the stands, cheering their boys on. Each...

Details When the Men Were Gone

TitleWhen the Men Were Gone
Release DateOct 2nd, 2018
PublisherWilliam Morrow Paperbacks
GenreHistorical, Historical Fiction, Fiction, Sports and Games, Sports, Adult Fiction

Reviews When the Men Were Gone

  • Quirkyreader
    First off I received this book as a giveaway from William Morrow. And for that I say thank you.I am not a big fan of American Football, but I still enjoyed this story that was based on a real person. And this story was very faith based, so it crosses genres over into Christian Fiction. The main character of this story had many obstacles to overcome and she did it with her best face forward.This story also makes for a good North American fall read...
  • Donna
    This is a debut Historical Fiction novel based on a true story set during WWII in the heart of Texas. This was a quick, light and fun read. It was character driven. The characters were very detailed. They were likable and they all had purpose with their own story to tell. There wasn't much world building other than what came through from all of the characters....their thoughts, actions, emotion, etc. But that was okay...not a deal breaker. A vice...
  • michele
    I got this book as an uncorrected proof at a Book Expo.What an uplifting, powerful, and moving book that touched on the subjects of war, loss, and hope. But what I loved most about this book was it's reminder of what life was like for women back in the '40s and the social constraints they endured because they weren't seen as equal to men.I would recommend this book be added to a school's summer reading list as it is both entertaining and educatio...
  • Kristen
    In Texas, football is sacred. Everyone knows it, including Tylene Wilson, the assistant principal of Brownwood High School. Having grown up sharing a love for football with her father, Tylene is devastated when the school begins to think about canceling the 1944 season. The truth is that there are no men in town that are willing or capable of coaching high school football; they're all off at war or struggling through their injuries. Knowing that ...
  • Mayda
    Football was part of everyone’s life in Brownwood, Texas. The men taught their sons, the coaches led their teams, the girls cheered them on, and everyone came to the games every Friday night during football season. High school football meant everything to this town, and everyone knew their place. At least that’s the way it was until the war took the men. Now, most of the men eligle to coach the high school team were either serving overseas or...
  • Courtney Judy
    Another "based on a true story" that I completely missed it was true! A very fast and easy read that at times had me saying "are you serious??" while reading. Reminding me a little bit of "Wildcats" with Goldie Hawn, 'When the Men Were Gone' was a great story about a town in Texas whose high school football season was severely affected by the war and the strong woman that stepped up and became the football coach despite the verbal and mental abus...
  • Dayle (the literary llama)
    A quick read with some shining moments and spotlight on another role that women fought to fill during WWII. The coaching chapters were by far the best and incredibly interesting and easy to get caught up in. But it also lacked plot focus in areas, with a lot of detailed filler that eventually felt unnecessary to the overall story arc (even though they were probably the factual parts of the history that the author wanted to convey). It was mostly ...
  • Daniel Ross
    When I first saw the cover of this novel, I immediately remembered one of my favorite movies, "Summer of '42." The movie brilliantly details the adolescent lives and times of two boys too young to go off to WW II, the heartbreak of a young war widow, and how those life streams connect.The brilliance of Marjorie's based-on-a-true-story novel is that, like the movie did, it distills the life and times of people facing far-off WW II into a local con...
  • Elizabeth☮
    My reading year isn't off to an illustrious start. I read this for my Face to Face book club (which I don't always attend, but I like to read what is suggested). What I liked about this book is it introduced me to a woman, Tylene Wilson, that coached football in a small town in Texas during WWII. I am from Texas and I like to know about moments in Texas history. So thanks Ms. Herrera Lewis for introducing me to Tylene.I just didn't feel the story...
  • CLM
    It's Autumn 1944, and with all the young men heading off to WWII there is no one left to coach the high school football team except Assistant Principal Tylene Wilson. But not everyone is in favor of a woman taking on a man's job . . .My review: http://perfectretort.blogspot.com/201...
  • Pamela
    "There's something special about Texas football . . . I can't tell you how many times I've looked at a Texas sunset only to see a goalpost cut through the yellow and red splashed across the sky."Both sides of the Red River, whether Oklahoma or Texas, folks simply LOVE Friday nights and High School football! These communities and towns are unified and strengthened because of it. That certainly was the case growing up in Yukon, Oklahoma. And that i...
  • Melissa Isaacson
    Wonderful read with compelling characters that draw you in instantly and capture your heart. This is an amazing debut novel by Marjorie Herrera Lewis.
  • Madeleine
    Quick read. The story had a ton of potential but the writing wasn’t quite there.
  • Devon H
    Heavy on the football and the feminism, this is a historical fiction novel to look out for featuring a small town in Texas in 1944. Miss Tylene Wilson is the assistant principal at Brownwood High School, and she's got her work cut out for her. However, she's concerned for a new reason this season, and it's that football might be cancelled due to WWII's toll on the male population. Tylene's been an avid football fan all her life, for reasons that ...
  • Jane
    Thanks to LibraryThing and Wm. Morrow for this ARC.I love books about strong women and this was one of them. Who would have thought in the 1940's a woman coaching a football team during the war because one coach was dead due to the war and the other was serving? Tylene who was an assistant principal and a former English teacher at this school, was determined to do so even with practically the whole town and some players against this. She grew up ...
  • Diane Standish
    Great storyBased on a true story about a woman who coached a high school football team during world war 2. This was a great story, about a woman of great tenacity, and who knew the game of football inside and out. The opposition she faced because she was a woman was significant, but her courage knew no bounds. A truly inspiring story especially for this time. She didn't make excuses, she didn't let the world tell her she couldn't, she didn't play...
  • Maureen
    There is nothing about football that interests me except this book. I'm totally confounded by how Marjorie Herrera Lewis kept me enrapt in a football story. Ok, it's not really a football story. It's a story of how a woman's strength, courage, and skill prevailed against the odds.Marjorie's story structure is a role model for establishing plot. I made note of how she added obstacle upon obstacle upon obstacle and raised the stakes for the charact...
  • Pam
    A little bit Remeber the Titans and Friday Night Lights. This historical fiction read is based on a true story about a woman stepping up to coach a Texas high school football team after previous coaches were lost in WW2 action or enlisted. Her father instilled her love and knowledge of the game at a young age (like mine). But more than that her concern for the boys enlisting for war prematurely if the season was cancelled drove her determination....
  • Anna
    I rarely watch football and understand only the basics of the game so those details in the book were gibberish to me, but the story was brilliant anyway. I was really rooting for Tylene, Moose and the boys. I wished there was just a little more information about the real life Tylene at the end such as how long she coached, what her win/loss record was etc. but the story as told was nicely complete. (view spoiler)[and wonderfully not the cliche sp...
  • Arica Lingerfelt
    Love the story! Love this story about a woman who took a chance in a non female role and created a positive change in a community!
  • Elise
    A unique look at how rituals we take for granted were at risk of being shelved during WWII. A woman sets out to coach her high school football team in small town Texas but stereotyping the sexes gets in the way. A great quick read about a period in history.
  • Chris Markley
    This quick reading book based on a true story tells the story of Tylene Wilson, an assistant principal in a small Texas town, who is determined to give the town a football season even though all the men are off fighting World War II. She loves her town and knows football so what could possibly be the problem. One of my favorite reads of the year. A must for readers of historical fiction and for readers that enjoy books about strong women.Thanks t...
  • Shelby Slay
    An engrossing and quick read, especially if you love football, World War II stories, and Texas. I wouldn't be surprised if we soon see this story on the big screen.
  • whatsjennareading
    I absolutely love reading debuts. There is something really wonderful about taking part in a dream come to fruition. I have no doubt that writers put their heart and soul into all of the books they write, but I like to imagine that there is an extra something that goes into that first published work. Lewis’ debut checked a lot of boxes for me. It’s a historical novel based on a true story that has a strong female protagonist who defies societ...
  • Diane
    Football season is upon us and if you are a fan of the game and fiction set during WWII, Majorie Herrera Lewis' When the Men Were Gone will hit the spot. It's 1944 in Brownwood, Texas, where football is king and WWII has taken its toll on the small town.When their football coach is tragically killed in action in France, and the replacement coach up and enlists after his brother is taken as a POW, it looks like the football season will be cancelle...
  • Lee Woodruff
    We’re all familiar with Rosie the Riveter, the iconic image of WW2 and the women who went to the factories when the men went to war.Until now, the story of Tylene Wilson has stayed hidden from the history books. In 1944, football crazed Brownwood Texas had no one to coach the high school football team with every able bodied man at war. Tylene is a football fanatic, who knows as much about the sport as any man when she offers to coach the team.B...
  • Ruthie
    There is a compelling true story here, and I commend the author for trying to give credit to this brave woman and share her story. Sadly the story felt lifeless with the exception of the final few chapters. The author loves nothing more than a long sentence with many commas, which read as someone in a rush to spew out a thought. The dialogue sounds like an old 50's-60's sitcom and not at all natural. There are too many irrelevant details that add...
  • Cindy
    What an inspiring read. Perfect for a cold day in front of the fireplace. This is historical fiction based on the true story of a woman who coached a high school football team during WWII after their prior two coaches were drafted and one died in battle. The book brings out the sorrow of WWII especially the impact on a small town but also shows the amazing determination of a woman to ensure the school’s high school seniors could play one more y...
  • RivkaBelle
    I'm a football girl. Like Tylene, I became a football girl in the stands of the local HS team on Friday nights. I often and regularly "joke" about taking over coaching duties for said local team and/or an NFL franchise. We've all heard the stories of women working in the factories and other holes the men left behind during the war - but one I'd never thought about before was on the sidelines. This was a fascinating story, made even better by bein...
  • Jodi-Lee Kaemingk
    There are a handful of books that are able to fully explain and communicate what it's like to be a woman in a man's world, this is one such book. From start to finish, the reader is drawn into the struggle of a persistent female school administrator who knows beyond a shadow of a doubt her ability to coach the boys football team while 'The Men Were Gone'. I can't wait for more people to experience this wonderful story.