The Price You Pay by Aidan Truhen

The Price You Pay

In this audacious, lightning-paced thriller, a smart-mouthed, white-collar drug dealer—a hilariously irreverent anti-hero—seeks revenge when an unknown enemy takes out a contract on him.All is good in the life of Jack Price. His drug operation is the Amazon of cocaine trafficking, and no one can breach his complex security system. But then: his downstairs neighbor is professionally executed. That the murder is a sign for Jack becomes perfectl...

Details The Price You Pay

TitleThe Price You Pay
Release DateJul 10th, 2018
PublisherKnopf Publishing Group
GenreFiction, Thriller, Mystery, Crime, Mystery Thriller

Reviews The Price You Pay

  • Faith
    If profanity bothers you, this is not the book for you. It's also likely that the book's loose, gonzo style will turn some readers off, but I thought this book was hilarious. Jack Price has a voice you don't hear everyday. He's a cocaine entrepreneur in an unnamed American city. His elderly neighbor Didi is murdered and he asks too many questions about it. "Someone is dead in my building. Someone is dead in my building right under my apartment. S...
  • Liz Barnsley
    Not your Grandma’s crime novelist. I have no clue who hides behind the pseudonym of Adrian Truhen but whoever it is buy that writer a drink or several because my weekend was just stolen by their creation, the indomitable Jack Price.This book is cracking. From the opening to the closing it is brilliantly witty, indelibly violently funny and I don’t think I’ve inappropriately giggled and indeed laughed out loud at so many twisted, dark and ho...
  • Krista
    Crazy Jack Price.There's a line I've always joked about in my head. Standing on top of a bar with a broken bottle like fucking old skool is what:MY NAME'S JACK. YOU DO WHAT I SAY, OR I'M THE PRICE YOU PAY! I have noted before that I have a special affinity for transgressive crime fiction; in particular, books with philosophising sociopaths for main characters – Alex in A Clockwork Orange, Tyler Durden in Fight Club, everyone around Renton in Tr...
  • jules.bookshelves
    Absolut empfehlenswertes Buch!Wir haben hier einen Drogendealer, Jack Price, dessen Nachbarin scheinbar grundlos ermordet wird. Schnell erkennt Price, dass es um mehr geht. Das Killerkommando „Seven Demons“ ist auf ihn angesetzt. Und so nimmt die Story auf einmal ganz andere Ausmaße an.Das Buch ist in der Ich-Perspektive geschrieben, wörtliche Rede erscheint im gesamten Buch ohne ein einziges Anführungsszeichen. Das macht das Lesen anfangs...
  • Inigomontoya
    Jack Price isn't your average anti-hero. He's a drug dealer, sure, but very white collar. In fact, he has his own little empire, complete with his own brand of cocaine. It's next to impossible for the police to trace any crimes to him, so he lives a relatively peaceful life running Until his neighbor, an elderly woman named Didi, is murdered. Naturally, Jack being Jack, he asks too many questions and earns himself a beating. When ...
  • Kendall Grey
    John Wick walks into Shits & Shingles Gentlemen's Club and sidles up to Quentin Tarantino, who’s sucking down Golden Grain by the beer stein at the diesel-and-snot-crusted bar. They fuck each other all the hell up, without lube, taking turns bending each other over stools, throwing down on the whisky-and-piss soaked floor, against the bullet-ridden walls, breaking window panes with their cocks, taking glass splinters up their asses and slapping...
  • Roy
    I read this all night and finished it this morning. What a violent but witty funny ride. The writing style is unique and if it doesnt grab you by the first 30 pages I'd probably put it down. It can be quite weird at times. The humour is amazing, I haven't laughed like that for a long time. Some of the action scenes are super violent. Ears being bitten off, heads exploding through fruit!! Sometimes the pacing didnt take off and I think that held i...
  • Kelsie
    I could not get into this book. I almost didn’t finish it, which is not something that I do. There was some humor, but I just couldn’t get past the author’s writing style. Thought I was going to enjoy this one, unfortunately I was wrong. I was chosen to read an advance copy of this book as part of Penguin's First to Read program. However, the opinions expressed in this review are 100% mine and mine alone.
  • Schurkenblog
    Tja, es gibt so Bücher, die werden überall gelobt. Nur hier bei mir nicht. Mich hat "Fuck you very much" sehr enttäuscht, vielleicht auch, weil die Erwartungen aufgrund der tollen Aufmachung zu hoch angesetzt waren.Jack Price ist ein New Yorker Drogendealer. Als die Frau unter seinem Stockwerk getötet wird, stellt er Fragen. Blöd gelaufen für Price, denn nun gerät er ins Visier der Seven Demons und die sind Auftragskiller und Price ihr Zie...
  • Aengus
    When a local businessman discovers his unpleasant neighbor (a nosy mean spirited old woman) has been has been murdered, he looks into it, drawing the attention of a shadowy cabal of elite assassins. Unfortunately for the shadowy cabal, the businessman is a nihilistic psychopath. "The Price You Pay" is a gleefully over the top revenge fantasy with preposterous ultra violence and a narrator whose voice is a cross between Phillip Larkin and a Spider...
  • Keith**BookReviewing24/7**
    *I received a free copy through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review*Definitely one of the most ridiculously hilarious over the top books I've read in ages. But Jack Price is by far one of the most interesting characters I've read this year.Not only is he funny but he makes for an interesting narrator.I do hope there's a sequel in the works..
  • Dani
    Insane but really entertaining
  • Adam
    Reading this novel was truly an experience. The protagonist of The Price You Pay has a voice like no character I can think of other than really Patrick Bateman from American Psycho. But while that novel had a tendency to get bogged down in minutiae, this novel is completely propulsive and engrossing.Some readers I'm sure will wince at some of the violence, pitch black humor, and "rooting" for a drug-dealing sociopath, but for me it all worked per...
  • Travis Fortney
    This was great. Very voicy and took a while to get into, but once it gets rolling there's a nice grown-up-coke-dealing-psycho-killer-assassin Catcher in the Rye thing going, mixed with a bit of Elmore Leonard and a dash of Carl Hiaasen. All good things, and a propulsive if dirty-feeling plot. Four stars because by the end it all feels less fresh and gets too talky to be fully satisfying.
  • Cheryl
    I was looking forward to this book. I was ready for the snarkiness. There was some in the beginning mixed with a bit of humor. However, there was not enough. This book for me suffered also from my lack of connection with the characters or the story. Without the connection, I struggled to find anything interesting about the story. In fact, the use of the "f" bomb was about the only thing that kept this book somewhat interesting. I tried and tried ...
  • Melisende d'Outremer
    " ... I guess everyone's the morally conflicted hero of their own narrative am I right? .."Jack Price is a cocaine dealer, targetted by an international syndicate of killers - the Seven Demons - and Jack's out for revenge - that's "... the price you pay ...".The story is sassy, descriptive, mouthy, fast paced, punchy. Jack Price is a thoroughly despicable character - self- involved, egotistical, sociopathic, infallable, sardonic; creative and ent...
  • Kati
    2018-07-12 received this book for review. Once I got past all of the "I" statements it was a pretty great book. When your creative writing teachers drill that into your head to not start your stories out like that it kind of really shows up when reading other people's work. It was a little hard for me to get past I won't lie. The summary of the book is obviously what made me decide to review it. It kind of sounded a...
  • Jessi Brewer
    The Price You PayAidan TruhenThis book is probably one of the most interesting books I have ever had the privilege and pleasure of reading. In terms of character attitude and voice, in the narrator. Jack Price is a tuff guy. It's clear from the start he is the kind of guy that speaks his mind and doesn't take BS from anyone! He's snarky and cocky and hilarious! The novel doesn't take its time getting into the action either! Aiden Truhen's 'The Pr...
  • Tim Niland
    Jack Price in a mild mannered cocaine dealer in the UK, staying underground and using the vastness of twenty-first century technology to expand his business and stay of the radar of the local authorities. But when his elderly neighbor is murdered gangland style, and then he is beaten half to death for looking into the matter, it's clear that things have got to change. Jack has really pissed somebody off, because they have hired the Seven Demons a...
  • Stacie
    Thanks to Penguin's First to Read Program for the advanced read.WTF! What did I just read. The writing is how I would imagine reading a mind would be like. All over the place, ramblings, and thoughts no one should hear but you. The story is pretty simple, Jack is not the best guy but he has even worse people after him. And we go through his life of dealing with these people. Simple yes? BUT the manner in which he deals with them is not so simple....
  • Vicki
    Jack Price is a drug dealer. He's not especially proud of this fact but figures he watches what he does and is careful with his enterprise. That is until the woman, An old woman, in the apartment below him is murdered execution style. This starts him on a quest to find out why and if he was the intended target.I obviously was not as enthralled with this book as everyone else. I probably would recommend it to a few people I know that would enjoy i...
  • Marcia J. Markovich
    The author treats mental illness with irreverenceI suppose that is better than not treating it all. He has a gimic or literary quirk where he writes things like "because thorazine." In more straightforward accounts of mental illness the author might write "because thorazine delivers similar results to a frontal lobotomy without the messy clean up." Mr. Truhen doesn't do that because...high school girls? I don't know exactly. It is his quirk, not ...
  • John Stanley
    Difficult to read because of the semi-run on sentences and lack of punctuation, so one has to read particularly carefully to keep straight who’s saying what to whom. Maybe that’s what the author wanted. Nonetheless, it’s difficult reading and that, coupled with a fairly slow start almost had me putting it aside. But around page 65 or so things began to pick up and it turned out to be a really good read. I’m really looking forward to more ...
  • David
    Some of it works and some of it doesn't, but it's a nervy little piece of pop-nihilism and I gobbled it up. It's stupid violent, a sort of Hanna-Barberra meets American Psycho. And it's without redeeming social value, which is kind of refreshing and perfect for the summer time. What sets it apart from other nihilistic crap is the wit and the energy of the prose, both of which dazzle with great frequency. Looks like the start of a franchise, which...
  • Nina Thomas
    Zugegeben: ich hatte mir das Buch nur wegen dem Titel und wegen dem Cover gekauft, ohne wirklich darauf zu achten, was der Inhalt ist.Und was mich dann erwartete, hat mich umgehauen: eine äußerst pointierte, eigene und vor Sarkasmus triefende Sprache zusammengehauen zu einer rasanten, alle moralischen Grenzen sprengende Story, die sich liest wie ein Tarantino Film.Meine persönliche Überraschung 2018!
  • David C Ward
    Mild mannered drug entrepreneur Jack Price is blindsided by the mercenary killers 7 Demons after he asks a few questions about an old lady who was murdered in his building. (Think Dostoevsky) War breaks out with some along the way lessons on the meaning of Al Queda (quite a good exegesis), drug dealing in the gig economy, crypto currency and Iceland, and sex while wired to a dynamo. The body count is just a bit too high, the action too over the t...
  • Judd Karlman
    A loud, obnoxious, barely punctuated, action movie crime novel.I read it in 2 days and change. I read it on the subway when it was uncomfortable to have a book in my hands. I bet you could kill it in one.Go get it; let me know what you think.
  • MGF
    Loved the fast-paced, quick-witted style and smart asides. Looking forward to book two (there better be a book two!) and hopefully a movie version. A fun, easy (not for children) page turner with some very good twists and turns.
  • Ben Ostrander
    This book is crazy good or good and crazy. Sort of Clockwork Orange meets American Psycho with a smattering of Killer Inside Me via Monty Python. The best book I've read in 2 or 3 years. Not for everybody but you'll know in 20 or so pages if you're going like it. Wow, just plain WOW.