One and Done by Melynda Price

One and Done

“Surfs up! Hop on my board and I’ll give you the ride of your life…”~Balen Kroft, International Surfing Champion“If you kiss enough frogs, eventually you’re going to get a fungus.”~Autumn HarrisWhen Autumn’s best friend surprises her with a girls’ getaway in Cyprus for her 30th birthday, she makes up her mind that now is her time to shine. This is exactly the fresh start she needs to put the past and a messy divorce behind her. ...

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TitleOne and Done
Release DateDec 12th, 2017
GenreRomance, Contemporary Romance, Sports and Games, Sports, Fiction

Reviews One and Done

  • Kahea
    ***4 ‘Touching the Rainbow’ Stars*** Balen and Autumn put me through a Cat 4 emotional the very least. The ups, downs, sideways and inside outs were all kinds of crazy and yet their story was absolutely addicting. You have the sweet and smexy mixed up with a heaping amount of angst, because lemme tell you Balen and Autumn gots lots of baggage, and then you’re hit with these bouts of humor and heart that just make you keep tur...
  • Book Lover
    Autumn Harris is still dealing with the fallout to her self-esteem from her divorce 2 years after the fact. Her best friend since childhood books them a trip of a lifetime on the Island of Love to celebrate Autumn’s 30th birthday. At the last minute, her friend bails due to a family death, but insists Autumn continue on. Once there, she discovers the itinerary her friend had set up for them. Balen Kroft is on the same plane as Autumn and has be...
  • Laura
    ***ARC Provided by the Author/Publisher via NetGalley***3.5 StarsBalen and Autumn meet on an airplane. He is headed home, and she is headed on a vacation.I loved the connection they have with one another, and I loved that at the beginning, when you first meet Balen, he is sort of a jerk. Well, not sort of, he is and Autumn calls him on it.Balen is a well-known professional surfer, and it seems that the only person in the world who doesn't know wh...
  • Raj
    I doubt I'm going to be one and done with this series.I understood the heroine had been hurt in her previous relationship but so had the hero.Her knee jerk reactions to any situation that stressed her was a bit over the top at times,it remained me of a goldfish puffing air while a boy has his face pressed up against the aquarium glass desperate to communicate,like one character was of the air while the other breathe water.
  • Fanna
    3.5/5 One and Done is the perfect heated vacation romance with feelings being dealt with in a progressive manner. I really liked this. The plot is interesting with Balen, an international surfing champion who just had his sex tape surface the internet, going under the covers for a while till the tape can go low and his sponsor would be back on board. Autumn, who has recently broken up a relationship, is on her way to a get-away vacation. And both...
  • SBee Reviews
    Review Rating: 4.0 out of 5 starsHe misses the biggest wave of his lifeI received an Advance Reader Copy for One and Done (Island of Love, Book #1) written by Melynda Price and voluntarily reviewed this book. What happens when a sexy-hot virgin with a milestone birthday to celebrate meets a Johnny Depp-kinda-lookalike/sexy beach bum meet on plane and then end up on the very same Cypress beach paradise? Things heat up quickly on the beach, especia...
  • Terry
    4 1/2 Surfing Stars!It's Autumn's 30th birthday and her friend Summer is taking her on a vacation to the "Island of Love" so she can get back in the saddle after her divorce 2 years ago. But when Summer can't go with her, she makes Autumn go by herself because she really needs to find herself. Balon is a surfing champion, but he is on the verge of loosing some of his endorsement contracts due to a leaked sex tape and his constant bad behavior. He...
  • B.
    The woman who takes a trip to forget everything after having been dumped by her boyfriend/husband and then meets a new guy has become a standard romance novel plot. This is an enjoyable version for that rather clichéd storyline. The hero is a world champion surfer whom she encounters on the plane traveling to Crete. I wouldn’t have known that Crete is a location for surfing or that there are millions to be made by a champion surfer. Autumn has...
  • Valeen Robertson (Live Thru Books Blog)
    When Autumn and best friend boarded a plane to Cyprus to celebrate Autumn's 30th birthday, she had no idea she'd meet a world class surfer, Balen, with whom she'd spend her vacation indulging in a hot vacation romp. She doesn't recognize him, doesn't throw herself at him, so Balen's intrigued. He's used to women throwing themselves at him, wanting to catch a little of his fame (money), so her disinterest intrigues him and the chase is on.I think ...
  • Blagica
    One and Done (Island of Love #1) by Melynda Price is a must read for this year! I was given an advanced copy by the publisher through Netgally. I officially want to be the book fairy and buy this for everyone who loves a good romance read and move to Cypress to find my own Pro Surfer. I have never read anything by Ms. Price but I am officially a big fan. Autumn is a beautiful woman in her 30s who has had a rough go at Love her best friend Summer ...
  • Bette Hansen
    Excellent book!! I really enjoy this author's writing style and she didn't disappoint in the least with this one. These characters came to life for me and I felt every emotion right along with them. The characters are beautifully developed and the storyline was fresh and unique.Autumn Harris needs to get back out there and live again. After a terrible divorce she's stopped really living. When her best friend plans a trip to Cyprus for them Autumn...
  • Sandie Grise
    I received this book through Netgalley and this is my honest review...Holy Angst Ridden/Driven Romance!Get this tissue box read and prepare to have red eyes, a runny nose and a temporary broken heart. This book grabs you by the heartstrings and takes you on an emotional roller coaster ride! There's an HEA but our couple has to work for it!We have two brokenhearted souls not looking for love, one post divorce and the other post broken engagement. ...
  • Claudia
    Done. Hm. The story had some promise, and I liked selected elements of the character set up. But other than that... predictable. So cliche. Repetitive. Awful use of adjectives: throaty growl, soft moan (lots of soft moaning), breathy sigh, broken sob (too much sobbing!) - queue eye roll. And the sex... more eye rolling. To much description of physical traits and appearances of the main characters, which does not add anything to the drama or story...
  • Bella
    Interesting enjoyable read about Autumn and Balen who met on the Autumn vacation. Autumn receives a vacation for her birthday with instruction from her best friend. But with marking her first steps in her life comes Balen a sexy surfer and suddenly they are living together and marking the others steps together. Of course, proximity and attraction are strong and they fell for each other the only problem are secrets and not talking about true feeli...
  • Amy Shannon
    Great romance!Autumn wants to have a fresh start, after battling a broken heart. The story's other character is the actual Island of Love, which lends to the backdrop of surfing. Autumn meets Balen. Things heat up. It's a great story of romance, and rebuilding oneself after a heart break. The story is written at the perfect pace, as it doesn't just jump into a romance, it builds up. Autumn isn't looking for love, just some peace. I like Price's p...
  • Angela
    Melynda Price is fast becoming one of my favorite authors. I couldn’t put the book down. I laughed from the beginning who names there book characters Summer and Autumn. It worked in the story without taking away from the story. Balen was a perfect hero. A manly man but willing to let Autumn take the lead. This was a great book. The characters were all believable and you were waiting for Balen’s past to catch up with him. I like a man willing ...
  • Heather
    A quick, cute read about a woman who is supposed to go on the trip of a lifetime with her BFF only for her BFF to get called back home at the absolute last minute due to a death in her family. The BFF made a scrapbook of things for Autumn to complete to make the trip even that much better. The first one of course is a one night stand with some random guy.While the book is fairly predictable, it has it's humorous moments mixed in as Balen tries to...
  • Carina Krantz
    This book is simply amazing. It's the best I've read in a while. Autumn and Balen are both wonderful well written characters. You can't help but root for them.Balen is a surfer who is down on his luck and tiered of being used. Autumn divorced still getting over all the hurt. You can't help but understand Autumn and her hesitations. I rooted for them and loved every bit of their story. This is a must read!!!
  • Angela
    I would love to find my own Balen, especially if he comes with an island paradise. Reading about how Autumn faced some of her fears was enough for me to want to do it myself. This was a fun book to read and would satisfying anyone looking for a romance with a little bit of adventure thrown in. Will we get a Summer or Connor book soon? I hope so.Thanks to Netgalley for the ARC.
  • Mikayla Weeks
    Love love love this book! Balen and Autumn's chemistry is off the charts and Price made them both into such well-rounded and complex characters that it's impossible not to fall in love with them! I love the fun and flirty feel of this book, and the turns the story takes. Sign me up to have a sexy surfer as my BFF for the week ;) Another winner by Price!
  • Jennifer
    This book was a really cute, mostly lighthearted read with a very charming H and a likeable h. It was a little slow for me in the beginning but I really did enjoy their banter and the steam factor. Didn't get quite as invested as with her MMA series but still a very good read.I was given an ARC for a voluntary review.
  • Geraldine
    Who doesn't love a holiday romance? I really enjoyed this one and struggled to put it down. It made me smile, laugh out loud in places and swoon plenty. You really should add this one to your library.
  • Courtenay Bennett
    This was a light and fun book. The characters were sweet and interesting, and the holiday destination made for creative outings. I found myself getting a little frustrated at times - I mean, hello, Balen? When do the secrets ever not lead to disaster? Men. 🙄But otherwise, a unique, enjoyable read.
  • Jill Oates
    5 island of love starsThis book was fantastic - such a change from the Against the Cage series - wonderful story and characters. Can't wait for more