Angel (Made Men, #5) by Sarah Brianne

Angel (Made Men, #5)

Angel is the son of the devil, bleeding Luciano blood.Adalyn is fascinated by bad boys, bleeding Caruso blood.Seized by his enemies, he’s only a moment away from death.Toying with the enemy, she’s about to get caught in her own trap.One kiss could betray his family and seal his fate.That kiss could cost her life. I’m just a f**king pawn.I just want to be a f**king mob wife.

Details Angel (Made Men, #5)

TitleAngel (Made Men, #5)
Release DateJan 31st, 2018
PublisherYoung Ink Press
GenreNew Adult, Romance, Contemporary Romance, Contemporary

Reviews Angel (Made Men, #5)

  • Tianna✸loves books✸
    I didn't like Angel.I hated Adalyn.There was zero chemistry between them. I didn't even care if they both get together or not. *yawn*I'll be honest. I read this only for Lucca. If not him than this book would have already been a DNF for me. Adalyn going after Angel who was not interested in her. No ways. In fact I enjoyed the other secondary characters. They were so much better than the MCs. Sorry, not impressed.(view spoiler)[As you know Caruso ...
  • Jen
    Not the best in the series but I still enjoyed it..I would have liked to see more romance and sexy time between Angel and Adalyn! I still will follow this series though as there is so much more to learn!
  • Snow
    *Sigh*I won't prolongue this agony any longer.Sadly , this series have gone downfall for me, apart from book 1 Nero I can only say, that I have no patience with silly, immature, childishly spoiled girls wanna be young women who not only act stupid but blurt out such under-toned, trivial shit...and I just can't really justify it with anything for any reason...That's one thing, the second thing is - the plot. Gah...damn, I know it's hard to find a...
  • SF Bookaholic
    What the hell did I just read? It was such a terrible book by this author. I feel like I have wasted my time and money on this disaster of a book. Everything about this sucked big time. It has officially ruined the whole series for me. I had really high expectations from this book. What was the author thinking when she wrote Adalyn's character? She was beyond irritating and annoying. Angel was such a jerk. I hated both the main characters. There ...
  • Grecia Robles
    **** 4.3 The Fallen Angel STARS **** PopSugar Reading Challenge 2018 30. Un libro con personajes que son gemelos “I realized I could either spend an eternity here, trapped, or I could spend an eternity here, with you.” Esta serie de mafia se ha convertido en una de mis favoritas, la descubrí el año pasado y con el libro de Lucca me conquistó, es por eso que siempre voy a estar esperando cualquier libro de esta serie.Obviamente al leer...
  • AleJandra
    Pop Sugar Reading Challenge 2018Un libro publicado en 2018"They are doomed apart. God help them if one were to endure life longer than the other. Their love is the rarest of all. A sick one that’s only made beautiful by those two souls and those two souls alone.”Resena pendiente…
  • Anna
    I have read and loved every single book in the Made Men series and witnessed each one coming out better than the one before it, with Lucca being the ultimate best in my eyes. Lucca did set a pretty high standard and I completely understood that the likelihoods of the next book being better were slim. I think there is only one future book that could ever compare - Maria's book. But while I did not anticipate Angel to be better, I fully expected it...
  • Kat
    Spoilers included belowI liked Angel. A hot made man with a troubled but interesting backstory. I like too that he was faithful to Adalyn and she to him. Thankfully unlike Vincent Angel was not a manwhore and his story was not filled with OW drama and OW sex scenes.While I do not dislike her I am not a fan of Adalyn’s. She appeared too ditzy and wishy washy. One minute she is in love with Lucca and then she is in love with Angel. Also I want th...
  • Heidi
    Hmmm...Not the story I was expecting, disappointed overall. Wish the story would have gone into more details of Angel's life and there was no connection between the 2 characters, at least no romantic connection.
  • Cristina Danila
    Just... bad!
  • Delta
    Angel is forced to work for the enemy in this installment of made men. He has been assigned to be the bodyguard for Adalyn who is Vincent's step sister. The romance in this to me is very minor as I didn't sense a connection between them. This had all the makings of a good story, unfortunately the romance was thrown aside for some reason. Adalyn was a bit childish and Angel was confusing, you never get into his head to understand how he feels whil...
  • NiCoLeTa E.
    ***4 "Between Heaven and Hell!!!" stars*** ***********************************"I don't belong here, sweetness. We both know that... But I think I might belong with you."*********************************** I like the "Made Men" series very much and even though that i was expecting another story, i liked this one too....From the first book, i was waiting like crazy Lucca and Chloe's story and finally i took it in the previous book, and then the ot...
  • Sakshi
    3.5 stars because um, wheres the rest of the book? The book was so highly anticipated and I am so disappointed. Author took ages to publish the book but It was too short, hardly any story, so fast and like WHERE IS THE REST OF THE BOOK????
  • Sofs
    Giving 3 stars because the story could be good and Because Angel is adorable.I do have issues with this book. I liked Nero, I kinda liked Vincent, I started having issues in Lucca (my favorite character) and I was hoping with author would find back the ideas for this series.(view spoiler)[Let's see:- Storyline ok but with no big events. A bit boring. I mean, you have Lucca's family, now you have Lucianos and still.. nothing? Empty story. It was a...
  • Dana
    I love this author. I love how all her male characters are alpha. This book was good but i didn’t love it. I don’t know it just didn’t seem very long at all and not as in depth as her other books but can’t wait till next book. Lucca is still my made man 😍. Angel was really hot tho
  • Julia
    Wow. I've never read a book where two main characters got put together by default. How romantic. I decided to read this knowing I wasn't going to like it and the only reason why I read this was to get more glimpses of Lucca and Chloe and to see Amo a broken man. I got what I came for and thats why this book gets 2 stars.I'm almost offended the author wrote this and decided it was good enough to publish. After you write a love story like Lucca and...
  • Uzma
    Of all her books, (yeah including Chloe cuz I didn’t “not” like it, contrary to popular verdict, I found that book to be necessary and well written), I gotta say, this one was, at best, luke warm, specially after Lucca. And I hate to review and rate it like this cuz God knows what an author goes through to get their imagination on paper and then sharing it with others; it’s definitely way too much hardwork and sweat and I feel awful about...
  • Gillian
  • Dominiqa85
  • Queen
    im sorry but, i am really disappointed in this book. i didnt really see the crazy side of Angel, i really dont like Adalyn. i only read this because of Lucca. I think the story was hurriedly written, its like Sarah tried to put everything but it lacks the excitement like the other books in the series. and now i am looking forward to Maria's story as well as Amo's.
  • Ginger
    I’ve enjoyed the entire series so far but this one lacked something. It felt a bit rushed, there was a lack of conflict, and while Angel was jaw droppingly sexy, I just didn’t feel heat between him and Adalyn. It might have been the fact that they had a handful of sexual encounters, none of which had much description, but I was disappointed by how bland their interactions seemed.An enjoyable read despite not meeting my expectations.
  • Steffy
    If I had to use one word for this book it would be....'disappointing'. I have to admit Sarah writing is inconsistent. Nero and Lucca were great books, Vincent good enough and Chloe - well I didn't finish Chloe. What can I say about Angel? It felt very unfinished and didn't live to the potential. Angel and Adylyn were boring with no chemistry The plot...what plot? the story was very dejointed. A few plot points were attempted but no answer were gi...
  • Nitsaah.
    This book had so much potential but it was too rushed. I don’t know if I’ll purchase another book in this series again.
  • Lauren
    Love this series!! These books are just not long enough! Can’t wait for more!!
  • Baraa Shkeir
    I loved the characters, I loved the writing, I loved the story and the plot (even though it was somewhat lacking). The problem is.... it felt missing, as if it was rushed, A LOT of things went by unanswered, and quite frankly it was just short. What makes up is my love for Sarah's writing and storytelling as well as the characters and the world she created, were you can't help but want more. AND I"M DYING FOR MORE. I guess that was the problem, I...