The Great Alone by Kristin Hannah

The Great Alone

Alaska, 1974.Untamed.Unpredictable.And for a family in crisis, the ultimate test of the human spirit. From the author who brought you the phenomenon of The Nightingale.

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TitleThe Great Alone
Release DateJan 30th, 2018
GenreHistorical, Historical Fiction, Fiction

Reviews The Great Alone

  • Deanna
    My reviews can also be seen at: https://deesradreadsandreviews.wordpr...Wow!! This was a FANTASTIC novel. There’s no way that anyone could have pried this book from my hands while I was reading it.Kristin Hannah is one of my favorite authors and I am always excited when a new book is going to be released. When I found out that her new book, “The Great Alone” was set in Alaska in 1974 (the year I was born); I was itching to get reading.As th...
  • Melissa
    *3.5 stars*When it comes to emotionally compelling fiction, without a doubt, Kristin Hannah is in a league of her own. Over the years, she’s taken me to the brink of hopelessness, dangled me over the edge of complete devastation and trampled my heart in the process. Where I think her magic lies is in knowing just the right moment to toss out a lifeline—restoring faith, inciting love and in some cases, leaving me in complete and utter awe.Natu...
  • Angela M
    “Were you ever out in the Great Alone, when the moon was awful clear, And the icy mountains hemmed you in with a silence you most could hear; With only the howl of a timber wolf, and you camped there in the cold, A half-dead thing in a stark, dead world, clean mad for the muck called gold; While high overhead, green, yellow and red, the North Lights swept in bars? — Then you've a hunch what the music meant. . . hunger and night and the ...
  • Paromjit
    This is my first read by Kristin Hannah and I adored it. Set in the 1970s, it is about Ernt Allbright, a man who returns home to Seattle after being a POW in the Vietnam War. He is now a changed man, suffering sleepless nights, flashbacks, nightmares and volatile in his behaviour. PTSD was an undiagnosed condition at the time but it ravaged Ernt's life and that of his wife, Cora, and his 13 year old daughter, Leni. The Allbright family used to ha...
  • Carol
    OH BOY. ALASKA. THE GREAT ALONE. KRISTIN HANNAH grabbed my attention from the get-go with her freaky cold (Brrrrrrrr) descriptively atmospheric novel set in a remote 1970's Alaska where "you can make one mistake, but the second one will kill you"......literally. THE FIRST HALF of the story introduces the reader to the Allbright family and the shock of their unimaginably dangerous and unpredictable new life in the wild.LIVING ROUGH (Yikes!) in the...
  • Diane S ☔
    Book coincidences. I always read multiple books at the same time, always have. So, I was reading History of Wolves, and because I had paper Arcs of both books and wanted to pass them on, I also started this one. Both deal with the trauma of war, but this one was set in Alaska, and I love books set in cold climates. It is the seventies and Ernt, who came back much changed from Vietnam, can't seem to settle. Moving his small family from place to pl...
  • Linda
    Like a curved, upturned palm, Alaska beckons with her beauty, her majesty, and her prolific grandeur. The awe-inspiring allure gestures first until the ruggedness of her backbone sets in.The Allbright family lives on the edge of a nomad's existence. Seattle, once filled with promise, no longer does. It's 1974 and these displaced individuals are the walking wounded. Ernt bears the mental and physical scars of being a prisoner of war held in Vietna...
  • Theresa Alan
    This is a breathtakingly well-written novel. At only thirteen years old, Leni has already been bounced from school to school, city to city. Her father returned from Vietnam after being a POW a damaged man who is unable to control his nightmares—or his temper, causing him to get fired from job after job. When he learns that a war buddy of his left him a house in Alaska, Ernt is sure this time happiness will be theirs, so he packs up his daughter...
  • Ashley
    While many of Hannah's previous books didn't work for me (hi. I have a degree in World War II history -- her most popular book just didn't work for me). But you know what did work for me? The Great Alone. This is a breathtaking piece of work that took me through my workout at the gym, to my lunch hour, to the final pages in bed where I couldn't believe it was ending.
  • Brandie
    4.5 StarsI had a love/hate relationship with this book. The first half was hard to read, but I loved the second half. ------------------------After having a little time to digest what I just finished reading, there is more that needs said about this book.I always know when I pick up a Kristin Hannah book that I'm going to be in for an emotional ride. Every single one of her books has left me feeling drained, my heart broken and pieced back togeth...