Milk and Vine by Adam Gasiewski

Milk and Vine

Parodying the popular poetry book Milk and Honey, Milk and Vine beautifully portrays the best vines of all time in this modern poetic format. Milk and Vine is truly a delight for the sensations, bringing back the riveting quotes we all laughed at together as a united internet community. From Ms. Kiesha to diesel jeans, this book encapsulates the most entertaining, nostalgic vines that are sure to have you laughing again. Keep the fire of authenti...

Details Milk and Vine

TitleMilk and Vine
Release DateOct 21st, 2017
GenrePoetry, Nonfiction, Humor

Reviews Milk and Vine

  • Nat
    I knew that all those hours I wasted watching funny vine compilations* were not for naught. I mean, for better or for worse, words will never suffice how amazed I am that this is an actual book I read as a “tribute to the late and great Vine app.”Parodying the popular poetry book Milk and Honey, Milk and Vine beautifully portrays the best vines of all time in this modern poetic format. Milk and Vine is truly a delight for the sensations, bri...
  • Josu Grilli
    Creo que como sociedad no podíamos llegar más alto.Hacer un poemario superventas que recoge más de 60 vines famosos me parece pasarse la vida como millennial, de verdad. Convertir en poesía el famoso 'Ms. Keisha, Ms. Keisha, Oh my fuckin god she fuckin dead' me parece -cuanto menos- icónico.En fin, lo recomiendo si os gustan los vines tanto cómo a mí. Y a mí me gustan mucho.
  • Ingrid
    None of the original creators were credited in this book. It is blatant plagiarism. Support the real viners and not this 'book'.
  • Jenny
    Go ahead and parody an extremely successful book of poetry written by a POC.Go ahead and steal quotes from Vines that you didn't create. Go ahead and make fun of modern poetry, that people happen to love and care deeply about.Go ahead and be an insensitive jackass amongst all of the other things that people have been calling you, but don't try to profit off of it. At the very end of this "book", THERE IS A PROMISE OF MORE IN THE NEAR FUTURE.How...
  • Katie McNelly
    Will this count toward my Goodreads challenge, considering I read it in five minutes on my lunch break?
  • Hristina
    Update no.2:Here's a video compilaton of all the vines that these two dents stole their material from.Update:Here's a video of Drew Gooden crediting some of the viners and sources these two dents got their material from.This book was number one on Amazon for a while (maybe it still is, I'm too lazy to check), it's why I got it in the first place. I didn't pick it up until last night, and after reading it, I regret my decision to get it.The main i...
  • AleJandra
    Yo aquí queriendo empezar el año con toda la buena vibra, y aggg se me aparece este libro y me arruina mis buenas intenciones.Apenas es 7 de enero y ya tengo un libro que seguro estará en mi lista de lo peor del 2018.Reseña pendiente…
  • Chelsea
    This is hilarious, yes it doesn't give credit to the original Vines, but I could still hear the Vines in my head as I was reading them and it made me remember some of the funniest Vines that I'd ever seen
  • Ashley Sarra
    Great parody of Milk and Honey, good for anyone missing the golden age of Vine, horrible for those who actually made the content. None of those who made the vines the poets directly copied scrips from is credited; ambiguous if they were asked to use creative content before the book was published.
  • Sara M. Abudahab
  • Aude Odeh
    I read this book in 3 minutes. They steal all these vines and reproduce them in the style of milk and honey. They add crappy little 2 second pencil drawings. I recognized probably half of the vines. It isn't worth your time. Seriously.Here is the link to all the vines. It is about a thousand times better than this book.
  • Cassandra
    i love vine. but these “authors” stole these vines and didn’t give any credit to the vines. when they were called out on their stolen content they made a weak excuse. 0/5
  • Rissa
    2⭐ for quality and content. 4⭐ for making me laugh harder then i have all week. So I settled on 3⭐ for this quick, corky, book. 2⭐️ for quality and content. 4⭐️ for making me laugh harder then i have all week. So I settled on 3⭐️ for this quick, corky, book.
  • adaline
    i hate how much more i enjoyed this than the original milk and honey*4 out of 5 stars*
  • Bonnie Wells
    Probably the best $3 I've ever spent
  • Anna
    Hi my name’s trey and I have a basketball game tomorrow
  • hayden
    best book of 2017. just wish it were longer!
  • Tabea Vanessa
    Pure artistry! 5 stars, no question.The only poetry book I will ever read.
  • Camila
    Compré esta mierda en el Kindle pensando que era Milk & Honey lol.Los 3 dólares me duelen en el cora.En fin, la verdad no reconocí el 90% de los vines, nunca los había visto, pero los fui buscando y me reí un rato. Y me morí con los que reconocí.-I'm a lesbian.-I thought you were american.Un par me dieron unas buenas risas. No como para no querer de vuelta los 3 dólares, pero bueno, qué se le hace. (Posdata: me parece incluso infame cobr...
  • Cierra
    Don't exploit WOC Rupi Kaur's amazing work. Anyone's work for that matter.First time I've rated a book I haven't read, but if I can get this much from the cover? I know enough.No reason to waste time.
  • Emily
    Great tribute to vineVery comical, and greatly enjoyed the illustrations with the words. Not you’re typical inspirational poetry but lifted my spirits either way.
  • Andreia
    The fact that I understood 90% of this book's poems is kinda sad. But who cares, it's way more inspirational than Milk and Wine anyway. Look at all those chickens.
  • AnnaNeverLands
    I gave this a 2.75 out of 5 stars. It was a fun and quick read but a little disrespectful given the fact that it's 'inspired' by Milk and Honey, and that was a very raw and heartbreaking book.
  • Maggie Flournoy
    very funny, but i did not appreciate the copyright page at the beginning of the book. you can’t copyright content you didn’t create lol !! but other than that page (which lowkey disgusted me) i loved it
  • Adam Gasiewski
    I may be a bit biased, but for my younger generation, I know this book is hilarious. It places well known, hilarious vines in the popular Milk and Honey format. It's even funnier seeing it in print 😂
  • Brianna
    i love vine
  • Cassandra
    I love vines and I love when people are creative and make things their own. This is purely just for the people who still find themselves watching vine compilations on YouTube (me) when they're bored. They also chose great vines so like... there's that.I can't review this mainly because there isn't much to review but buy this on Kindle and enjoy the actual joy you'll feel connecting each "poem" to the vine they're from.
  • ada
    gosh I live for vinesI could literally hear all the vines in my head when I was reading like omg I’ve watched sooo many rip vine compilations on YouTube u have no ideaAaaand of course a very special thanks to Trisha for making it possible for me to read this !!!
  • dalal.xo
    wtf I just read!!