Close to Heaven (Colorado High Country, #5) by Pamela Clare

Close to Heaven (Colorado High Country, #5)

A woman at a crossroads…Rain Minear has fantasized about finding herself in Joe Moffat’s arms for years. It’s just her luck that the night it finally happens, he’s carrying her into the emergency room. It’s Joe who steps up to help her when a tragedy brings her life crashing down. He gives her a place to stay, helps her get back on her feet, and even tries to save her Christmas, though he’s never cared for the holiday. But he’s far ...

Details Close to Heaven (Colorado High Country, #5)

TitleClose to Heaven (Colorado High Country, #5)
Release DateOct 26th, 2017
PublisherPamela Clare
GenreRomance, Contemporary Romance, Holiday, Contemporary, Christmas

Reviews Close to Heaven (Colorado High Country, #5)

  • Claire Robinson
    5 "Santa came early..." Stars!We return to Scarlet Springs and the Colorado High Country series, with Joe and Rain’s story; Close to Heaven. I was so excited for this couple’s book, partly because the hints as to their feelings towards each other in the previous books have been plentiful, what with Joe owning the Brew Pub & Bar; Knockers and Rain being it’s manager a lot of time has been spent in their company already, but only as secondary...
  • Jen
    4 First Christmas StarsRain Minear has a bit of a problem. She’s been in love with her boss, brew pub owner Joe Moffat, for over twenty years. While her feelings have developed and grown stronger throughout the years, Joe has made it known he doesn’t date his employees. No exceptions. Besides, if he wanted her, wouldn’t he have made a move already? As for her love life, well, Joe would never break the rules and date a member of his staff. I...
  • Anita
    Advanced Reader Copy (ARC) provided by the Author and Publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an fair and honest review.Pamela Clare is one of the very best romance, romantic-suspense authors ever. In "Close to Heaven" we have a sweet Christmas romance between two adults, Rain and Joe, with more than a little life under their belts. It's wonderful to see what their backstories are and how their romance ignites. The history woven throughout is sad...
  • RachelW (BamaGal)
    Oh, this was such a sweet little friends-to-lovers Christmas story...and bonus, Rain and Joe were real adults with some life under their belts, and not immature twenty-somethings!!
  • Lynsey A
    I don't have enough words to describe how much I loved this book. In all honestly, I've rarely been disappointed with a Pamela Clare book. She is a phenomenal writer and keeps me engaged in the characters and engaged in the story. Even though the Colorado High Country series is straight contemporary and not suspense, they are still such good reads. Although this one seemed a bit shorter than the others, I think it is right up there as my favorite...
  • Laurie
    I really wish the book had worked for me, but I ended up DNFing at 32%. The hero did nothing for me. His decision not to have kids because he was ashamed of something an ancestor did just didn't make any sense to me. I tried to get past it, but as the book went on his personality just got more offputting to me until I finally gave up.
  • Pat
    Honest, romantic and a beautiful love story. Rain and Joe have known each other for 20 years, have had feelings for each other for just as long....but there has always been something in their way. A fierce snow storm has thrown them together. Is this their chance? Full review to follow on
  • Tami
    Nice Friends to lover's Christmas romance. May to December romance.This review is based on the ARC provided by the author and/or the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for my honest opinion.
  • Virginia Hill
    Joe’s and Rain’s story was SO beautiful, and yes, heavenly! 💞
  • Saly
    3.5 starsIt was sugary sweet but I enjoyed it!
  • Alison
    Three and a half stars - because its an OTT Christmas extravaganza, right? Rain Minear has worked in Knockers, the brewpub in Scarlet Springs Colorado since she was a scared 17 year old with a two week old baby girl and nowhere else to go. Joe Moffat owns the brewpub and has been in love with Rain for nearly 20 years, ever since he first met her probably. But he's 10 years older than her and her boss - to him that means hands off in a big way, es...
  • Christine
    Some of my favorite tropes are here: older couple, forced proximity, long-simmering lust. To be honest, as much as I've enjoyed the Colorado High Country series, I never paid much attention to Joe, the owner of local brewpub Knockers. That was a huge mistake because it turns out Joe is full of sexy secrets. Like how he's secretly panted for years for bar employee and single mom Rain. Joe and Rain's story was the perfect way to celebrate Christmas...
  • Darcy
    While I liked this one I was frustrated with the couple, Joe and Rain. What frustrated me was that they both were attracted to each other for 20 years, but did nothing about it. I think about all that wasted time, time they could have spent with each other, time that Joe could have been a real dad to Lark, time that Rain wouldn't have had to struggle so much, so much time wasted. Even as Rain made her move Joe was stupid and didn't do anything un...
  • ms bookjunkie
    Fascinating. Delightful. Frustrating. Compelling. Wonderful.
  • Julie
    Poignant, sexy, and full of delightful surprises, Joe and Rain’s romance was everything I could have hoped for in a holiday novel!
  • Colour Me Purple
    Simply put, Ms. Clare is a fabulous author and this series is an all-round winner...Pamela is my absolute favourite contemporary romance author. Her books always please, and this, our fifth visit to Scarlet Springs, is a truly wonderful Christmas read. With each visit, we learn a little more about the town, its people, its history. In Close to Heaven, we experience this close-knit community as Christmas approaches and a heavy fall of snow blanket...
  • Davia
    Awesomely Fantastic!If you have not read this series it really is a gift you should give yourself! Joe and Rain after 20 years of dancing around each other have a story that is really beautiful. Joe's family was partially responsible for founding the town of Scarlett Springs back in the 1800s. Unfortunately the man was evil of the worst sort. As the town's history is revealed through journals we begin to understand a lot more about Joe who has al...
  • Jackie
    I love nothing better than a good Christmas story, so when I heard my favourite author Pamela Clare was writing Joe and Rain's romance as a Christmas novella I was over the moon. This does not disappoint! (Her writing never does.) Joe has an intriguing and somewhat heartbreaking reason for staying away from Rain, above and beyond the obvious fact that he's her boss. Rain has been in love with Joe forever, and has pretty much given up on a happily...
  • Nellie Rivera
    Received an ARC for my fair review for netgalley. I always enjoy these books from Pamela Clare, and her portrayal of the people of Scarlett. We finally have Joe Moffat and Rain. I could not believe that it had taken Joe 20 years to finally act on his attraction to her, but he finally got there. I enjoyed their romance story and loved reading about the history of the town from the journals that he had kept, I thought that I would skim that part bu...
  • Lisa
    Full of feels and Christmas vibes, I love this so much. I, too, am sighing alongside the whole townspeople of Scarlet because twenty years, jfc-Also, where can I find a Joe Moffat for myself
  • Heather andrews
    Joe can sometimes be a little incoherent, "he was hungry all right, but not for food. “Chili. Cornbread. Good.” Joe's mind is often times on other subjects that's not being discussed at the time, “do we have to talk about this right now?” He needed time to think it over. Besides, there were other things he’d rather do." I liked this book, I loved Joe.
  • Yvonne
    This was an enjoyable story about love held close to the heart for 20 years, and how frequently the past , not only ours but that of our ancestors , can affect individuals. Some fear that they have inherited the callousness and meanness of these ancestors, and forget to live their lives. That is the case of Joe Moffet. A wealth man who moved to Scarlet Springs 20 years ago. He feels he needs to pay back a debt owed by these ancestors. He opens a ...
  • Diane Dudzik
    Click quickly, not leisurely and buy this book today to give yourself the perfect "spoil me" Christmas present of 2017! The story of Rain Minear and "Caribou" Joe Moffat is FINALLY here! We've fallen in love with these 2 characters over the series and now we get to see them finally get their HEA. 20 years of foreplay has finally escalated into a story that was woven with a tapestry of the past and present, showing just how history can make a pers...
  • Lea
    I adored this book! I loved Joe and a Rain soooo much! Normally this is where I’d say how much I loved watching these two fall in love but they’ve been in love forever, this book was about finding the courage to admit you’re in love and being willing to take the risk. I also loved learning more about the history of Scarlett Springs, though much of it is unhappy. I was fascinating to learn more about Joe and what motivates him to do what he ...
  • Margaret Sholders
    I was so glad to snatch this book to read. I have most of Pamela's books. My heart is for Bear,the Colorado series! This book is reading time travel. I don't usually like this reading but this was perfect. Joe owns a bar and brewpub. Rain is his best waiter and helper for people with problems. He hired her at 17 with a new baby. Now it is 20yrs. It is snowy and her house collapsed on her. Joe will take her in, and she will find a book of past of ...
  • Debby
    GREAT romantic Christmassy story! I love the cozy feeling I get with I visit Scarlet Springs, CO.... Such a sense of family, small town closeness, neighbors are like family...everyone looks out for each other... people lend a hand where they can... Its the way things should be.... Joe and Rain have known and worked with each other for 20 years..... This is their story...full of love, patience, respect, lust, did I mention patience???? HA! There a...
  • Ameliacullen1
    Close to Heaven is a great addition to the Colorado High Country series. The story centers on the owner of Knockers, Joe Moffat, and it's manager, Rain Minear. Joe, Rain and Knockers have been an important part of all of the Colorado High Country stories. It's nice to see Joe and Rain come together after all the years they've worked together but kept their distance. Joe was always too honorable to date and employee but when he finally gets past t...
  • Jas
    It is finally sweater weather so I was really excited about curling up with a Christmas friends to lovers story last night. Unfortunately this one did not satisfy my craving. There was way too much about old journals and the history of the town, the hero was waaaaay too good to be true, the heroine seemed pretty underdeveloped and the romance left me cold. I felt like we were dropped in the middle of their story and it could be my fault for readi...
  • Michelle White
    I love this series and I loved reading Rain and Joe's story! There is nothing better than a quirky, small town in the Colorado High Country for a Christmas story. I don't want to write any spoilers, but watching Rain and Joe finally give in to their long-denied passion was a treat. The little glimpses that we got of the town's history made the whole community feel that much more real and added a new facet to some of the contemporary characters. ...
  • Hsu Lee
    ARC - I voluntarily offered to review this book with no obligations and my opinions are honest!Finally, we get Joe + Rain's book.Rain has loved Joe for a very long time, and she was tired of waiting.Joe has loved Rain for a very long time, but was afraid to act on it.Now, it is time for Joe to make a decision.Will he give love a chance or lose Rain forever ?This was such a heartwarming story.Best of all, it was set during Christmas times.It seems...