The Oath (One Piece, #6) by Eiichirō Oda

The Oath (One Piece, #6)

Luffy's pirates thought they were just stopping in for a quick bite...but now Luffy's been made a busboy on Baratie, the oceangoing restaurant, and it turns out some of the worst-mannered pirates on the Grand Line are just dying for a meal.Always one to look on the bright side, Luffy sets his sights on Sanji, the smart-talking, skirt-chasing assistant chef on the Baratie, as the Merry Go's new cook. But it'll take more than a vicious pirate battl...

Details The Oath (One Piece, #6)

TitleThe Oath (One Piece, #6)
Release DateMar 1st, 2005
PublisherVIZ Media LLC
Number of pages187 pages
GenreSequential Art, Manga, Fantasy, Graphic Novels, Adventure, Comics, Shonen, Pirates, Action, Humor, Comedy, Comics Manga

Reviews The Oath (One Piece, #6)

  • Christopher
    You know the drill by now. These aren't reviews as much as chapter notes for future reference. With there being 80 of these and them all being one super long story, individual reviews just don't make much sense. No one should skip volumes any more than you should skip chapters in a novel. Read them all or DNF the whole thing. :p It might help that I haven't found any poor volumes yet. Once I find a two-star volume, I may change that tune. ;)Anywh...
  • Книжни Криле
    Пиратския манга епос „One Piece” е на път да отпразнува своя 20ти юбилей, така че всички вие, сухоземни плъхове, по-добре се пригответе! „Книжни Криле” кацат високо на мачтата и продължават ревюто на поредицата! Прочетете ревюто на "Книжни Криле":https://...
  • Veronica Ika
    “I refuse your objection.”That's what Luffy said to Sanji, a blonde cook who loves to flirt every female he sees, in a floating restaurant Baratie, the moment he asks that man to be the cook of his crew. When Luffy puts an interest to someone and asks he or she to join him, it seems that the answer should be yes, no?Baratie is a restaurant similar to common restaurant, except that it is floating in the sea and the cooks are fighters and the c...
  • Patricia
    I'm not really interested in reviewing this series, but I want to have a recap for myself, in case I'm searching for a specific scene in the future, which is why I actually plan to reread the whole series in 2012. - Whoop, Hawk Eyed Man - Dracule Mihawk. Really like him and how he approves of Zoro's and Luffy's bad-assery. - First mention of Bellemere! Finally some more Nami. <3- Sanji's history has been foreshadowed a little more. I'm still not ...
  • Frahorus
    Al ristorante galleggiante succede di tutto (i cuochi in realtà sono tutti pirati e ciurma annessa) e qua Rufy conoscerà il suo prossimo membro della ciurma, Sanji il cuoco. Si scontreranno con Don Krieg e verranno interrotti dal terribile ed imbattibile Occhi di Falco, il quale batterà il povero Zoro ferendolo pesantemente. Ma la lotta con Don Krieg è appena iniziata... Tanto sangue, davvero!
  • Agent
    this was an exe lent installment in the one piece series it starts with the continued fighting at the restaurant ship where the cooks fight with the managers and customers, this is where sanji comes into the story, withou giving any spoilers i will say that there are some very important parts of the storyline in this volume
  • Amy
    This one is also one of my favourite volumes! Zoro is still the coolest and bravest swordsman in the world! and Sanji, he used to be so adorkable and funny! I like him a lot! 5 stars!
  • Shirley
    Sanji <3 so cool. And can we just appreciate Mihawk! So OP.
  • Austin Gullett
    Okay, so with more characters, an advancing overarching plot, and a deeper look into just how strong some of the people in this world are, this is a great volume of the comic. In addition to their dreams, we also start getting a look into the philosophical beliefs and codes of conduct of the characters. We see this in Luffy, Zoro, Nami, and Sanji, and it's pretty neat. The scene with Dracule Mihawk elevates this volume to an entirely different pl...
  • Krista Ivy
    Luffy's supposed to work for a year under a ship run by a Pirate Cook to work off a debt. Another pirate wants the ship for himself. He can get out of his year of servitude if he just gets the guy who wants to commandeer the ship to back off. Also, he finds the cook that he wants for his crew. He is an arrogant, laid back, ladies man with a serious case of i-don't-cares.The greatest swordsman in the world shows up and Zolo has a go at him. He doe...
  • Julie Hayes
    Sanji, sous chef and maitre d’ on the oceangoing restaurant Baratie, feeds a starving pirate, and Luffy is even more convinced that Sanji is the man for him. He invites him to join his pirate crew, but Sanji declines, although Luffy declines his declination and insists that the chef has to join them! The just-fed pirate declares himself to be a member of the pirate Krieg’s crew and, on hearing of Luffy’s plans, he warns them to stay away fr...
  • Leah Markum
    Sanji's arc is surprisingly not stereotypical. You would think that a skirt chaser in a manga would be a dolt, but when Sanji is serious he shows cunning and good fighting skills. His relationship with the head chef is amusing as well, and I'm remembering this from years after watching the anime and reading the manga to test the differences. Good fights, no-nonsense characters when you least expect them, and well-placed awkwardness courtesy of Lu...
  • TheGracefulReader
    THE GOOD Luffy: We see Luffy working hard in the restaurant to work off all the damage he caused with that cannonball. Unfortunately, a good worker he is not. And when a crew of evil pirates appear wanting to take over the floating restaurant, it's Luffy and cook Sanji who will step forward to save the day.Zolo; Zolo faces an unbeatable opponent in this volume, and I think it helps to teach him a lot about everything he still has left to learn. H...
  • Wickedshizuku
    Starting off with Chapter 45: Before the Storm.By this point in the manga you feel that this is going to be very hampster-wheel type of manga, but that's where you're wrong. Stick with it for a few more volumes to take off in plot, dialouge, strong heart wrenching messages, and the very best comedy.By now the crew consists of: Luffy, Zoro, Nami, and Usopp. Luffy has messed up again, and knocked a hole in a restaurant ship. In payment he has to wo...
  • Novia
    For me, One Piece is best Manga ever written. The story always touch my heart, it is a combination of faithful friendship, laughter, loyalty and action.Some people might find this manga as silly and pointless (I’ve heard this before) but they never truly read the Manga and therefore judging it simply from the cover. I’ve been in that position too…and thank God I finally looked beyond the cover and found the greatest adventure any Mangaka ev...
  • Ashley
    One Piece vol. 6 Summary: THE OATH. Luffy's pirates thought they were just stopping in for a quick bite... but now Luffy's been made a busboy on Baratie, the oceangoing restaurant, and it turns out some of the worst-mannered pirates on the Grand Line are just dying for a meal. Always one to look on the bright side, Luffy sets his sights on Sanji, the smart-talking, skirt-chasing assistant chef on the Baratie, as the Merry Go's new cook. But it'll...
  • Iria
    -Yo soy Dracule Mihawk. Eres demasiado joven para morir, muchacho. Tienes mucho que aprender aún de ti mismo y de los demás ¡...para ser un hombre fuerte, Roronoa! Aunque pasen mil años, te esperaré... Seguiré siendo el mejor espadachín del mundo. ¡Y espero que algún día me superes! ¡Tienes que vencerme, Roronoa![...]-...Lu...ffy... ¿Me... oyes...?-¡Sí!-Espero no haberte decepcionado... Si yo... no me convierto... en el mejor... esp...
  • Gerardo
    One Piece, despite being one of the most popular manga of all time, is the Agents of SHIELD of manga- it takes so long to get started and to the good parts, that sticking around long enough to read is an achievement. This volume is pretty predictable, has weird nonsense dialogue and if you didn't like the art on previous volumes, this one is probably one of the worst so far. However, we do see the potential since we are given more information abo...
  • Robert Beveridge
    Eiichiro Oda, One Piece: The Oath (ViZ, 1997)It's time to conclude the Baratie storyline-- or is it? The pirate who got himself a free meal in For Whom the Bell Tolls has turned out to be a member of Don Krieg's crew-- and Don Krieg has just returned from the Grand Line, giving Luffy some much-needed information while he continues trying to recruit a cook for his crew. Meanwhile, interesting things are going on in the chapter endpieces (the “Bu...
  • Scott Lee
    Perhaps now we are entirely past the episodic beginning which seems to consist entirely of shallow characters beating on each other and almost no plot or character development. This volume seems to suggest real depth in several characters--Zolo especially. Oda does a great job in this volume of transforming outrageous ambitions that he's previously paid for laughs into romantic ambitions of sufficient to push characters into suddenly serious mort...
  • Jaderade1127
    Overall, this was a pretty good read. I think the art was well drawn, and you can tell that he actually drew the artwork himself and it isn't so digitally edited that it looks fake. I LOVED the opening, it was hilarious because it was so stupid, random and completely absurd. The whole book was pretty funny, but i started on book 6 because its the earliest volume i could find at the library so i didn't understand the plot because i didn't know wha...
  • Ottery StCatchpole
    Seriously, I have to admit that the manga is a lot better than the anime, and the anime is pretty cool in its own right. I loved it better than the episodes of the show I watched. And in this day and age, that's saying something in favor of manga . . . except maybe the fight between Hawkeye and Roro, I think that should have been longer in the manga like in the anime, otherwise, the pacing isn't too slow the way it feels like in the manga. Its an...
  • Nicola Mansfield
    This book continues on with the new storyline just started in the last volume; some new characters are introduced, a new member joins the crew and sadly we lose a crew member as well. I have a pretty good feeling this person will be back though. The plot here is pretty silly but I have to say I liked it; the pirate chefs are a lot of fun and the Hawkeye character sets up a storyline that can be revisited in the future. I had a rough start to this...
  • Thomas Andrikus
    There is one memorable scene from the anime that I could recall very well, which is the from the swordfight between Roronoa Zolo and Hawk-eye. There, Mihawk stopped the three-sword attack of Zolo with just a small knife.As I suspected, now that I relive the fight in this manga version, Zolo's thrust from all three swords focussed on one focal point. And I thought to myself: "What the heck? It's no wonder the attack was so easily stopped! What an ...
  • Nicole
    This volume takes place entirely around the floating restaurant, but readers get introduced to some very interesting pirates. Legendary "Red Shoes" Zeff, who now runs the restaurant as Chef Zeff. Don Krieg - commander of 50 pirate boats and thousands of men, who has just returned from a nearly fatal trip on the line. And best of all, Hawk Eye Mihawk - a really cool customer and THE world's greatest swordsman. My favorite scenes involve the sword ...
  • Taruia
    We have now moved from Liar's Island (as I am now calling it and I do hope it catches on) to a resturant ship because Luffy is looking for a pirate chef, which is convenient. Luffy having damaged the restaurant is told he has to work in the kitchen for a year to pay off the damage but wait, oh no, calamity ensues as Zoro challenges Mihawk and and Nami takes off with all the loot (and their new Caravel).
  • Pato Myers
    Quick and enjoyable read except for the massive lack of female characters. This has been true for the entirety of the series, but I thought I'd give it a chance to improve and instead the single female character left. I may drop the series if it doesn't get better in the next few books I have out from the library.
  • Kurami Rocket
    This is the most dull vol yet. It was a little bit interesting and funny in the beginning, but it quickly became so dull afterwards. I honestly don't really see the appeal of One Piece. The characters are likeable and funny, but the plot seems very thin and sometimes predictable and dull. I might continue reading, but ehhh..