One Piece, Volume 05 (One Piece, #5) by Eiichiro Oda

One Piece, Volume 05 (One Piece, #5)

Once upon a time, Usopp was just a local boy with a talent for tall tales. Everyone in his little seaside village knew him as the joker who claimed to be a pirate captain and woke people up in the mornings by shouting "Pirates are coming!" But then real pirates landed on the beach…Now Usopp's village is under attack by the Black Cat Pirates, one of the most legendary and feared crews on the high seas. And three young would-be pirates have joine...

Details One Piece, Volume 05 (One Piece, #5)

TitleOne Piece, Volume 05 (One Piece, #5)
Release DateOct 9th, 2004
PublisherVIZ Media LLC
GenreSequential Art, Manga, Fantasy, Adventure, Comics, Graphic Novels, Shonen, Pirates, Comics Manga, Fiction, Action

Reviews One Piece, Volume 05 (One Piece, #5)

  • Ploye
    Enjoyable. 3.5 Stars(Still waiting for it to be super fun and amazing as its reputition goes) I've heard a lot that One piece is a masterpiece. Loved by so many fans around the world.But we might have to read for a while till it gets to the point where everything become amazing! Well, Im still waiting......
  • Christopher
    First half is finishing up Usopp's intro story. Then they are off to look for a cook, because that's what a pirate ship really needs (and a musician!), at an on-ocean restaurant. Sanji makes his first appearance.Everyone at the restaurant is insane. It's really funny.
  • Maria
    SANJIIIIII. So much love.
  • Sam Valladolid
    Oh, Sanji ♥
  • Χαρά Ζ.
    Ahhh the feels
  • Книжни Криле
    Пиратския манга епос „One Piece” е на път да отпразнува своя 20ти юбилей, така че всички вие, сухоземни плъхове, по-добре се пригответе! „Книжни Криле” кацат високо на мачтата и продължават ревюто на поредицата! Прочетете ревюто на "Книжни Криле":https://...
  • Kenneth Wade
    ~ No Spoilers ~The first few chapters didn't impress me very much, but once chapter 40 came, I felt like the characters had become themselves again and everything I love about One Piece had been restored. I even laughed aloud several times.However, towards the end I became slightly confused with the introduction of several new characters. Rating: 4.25 out of 5 stars
  • Koichi Mashita
    Finally Luffy win against Kuro. Usop also protect Kaya from Jyango. They have strong mind that they can not forgive someone who blame their mate. The members of Usop are so brave and cute for me. Their name is also interesting. For example Onion, Carot and So on. They are related to vegetable name. Luffy and his mate get a new ship from Mr.Merry. Usop is going to go journey with Luffy. He said to members of his pirates. I was so moved, so let's c...
  • Larka Fenrir
    Syrup Village Arc (3di3) ☸ 0036 ~ Inseguimento☸ 0037 ~ La storia del pirata Kura☸ 0038 ~ La banda dei pirati di Kuro☸ 0039 ~ Per chi suona la campana☸ 0040 ~ La banda dei pirati di Usop☸ 0041 ~ Si salpa! Baratie Arc (1di4) ☸ 0042 ~ Yosaku e Johnny☸ 0043 ~ Arriva Sanji☸ 0044 ~ I tre cuochi
  • Elias Alexander
    This series is getting so good. I absolutely love it. So many amazing characters.
  • Manami Yamaguchi
    A new crew Usopp entered the Luffy’s group. Now, there are 4 members, Luffy, Zoro, Nami and Usopp! They want a sea cook, so try to find a person who can cook well. Next new crew is Sanji...?
  • Junpei
    In this manga Luffy defeated captain Kulo. After finishing the battle, Usopp became a member of Luffy and they got a big ship. The latter half my favorite character Sanji is appeared! He is awesome because he doesn’t waste foods.
  • Ashley
    One Piece volume 5: For Whom The Bell Tolls wraps the arc with Usopp and Syrup village and throws us into the floating restaurant of Baratie, and a new cook possibly joining the crew in the form of Sanji, the sous chef. Let’s break it down. Luffy I feel like I’ve learned something about Luffy. And it had to do with the people he’s drawn to. It’s like he chooses them for two reasons: 1, they are good people, and 2. In same way or form, t...
  • Novia
    For me, One Piece is best Manga ever written. The story always touch my heart, it is a combination of faithful friendship, laughter, loyalty and action.Some people might find this manga as silly and pointless (I’ve heard this before) but they never truly read the Manga and therefore judging it simply from the cover. I’ve been in that position too…and thank God I finally looked beyond the cover and found the greatest adventure any Mangaka ev...
  • Patricia
    I'm not really interested in reviewing this series, but I want to have a recap for myself, in case I'm searching for a specific scene in the future, which is why I actually plan to reread the whole series in 2012. - End of fight with the butler- Ussop joins the gang; they get their ship (The Going Meri/Flying Lamb); they get their flag- More of Ussop's history, he is now more likeable.. or maybe that's just me pitying him?- Introduces two bounty ...
  • Fugo Feedback
    Si no me equivoco, este es el último tomo que leí hasta el momento de One Piece. Y, al igual que los otros, me resultó muy simpático, gracioso y bien dibujado, pero no me dejó ansioso por leerme el tomo siguiente. Algún día la seguiré... aunque me va a costar ponerme al día.
  • Jorge Lucas
    Capt. Kuro is the worst villain in OP! If you can survive him, you get The OP awsomeness from next volume on!!
  • Kai Wilson
    Yet another great book in the One Piece series. Wonderful illustrations and enjoyable storyline as per usual. The plot ends in a cliffhanger which left me eager to read the next book.
  • ranne
    3.5 - "You're already our companion, aren't you?"Chapter 41 is a gold! So many feels for nakama and kazoku. Sanji finally makes his appearance too.
  • Shirley
    Reading them online! Love this so much! Still have a long way to go. More on
  • Shane Reynolds
    One Piece volume 5 picks up right where volume 4 left off. The exciting fight between Luffy and Kuro begins as Kaya runs for her life from Django. Oda shifts into high gear with all the story points headed to the climactic finish. Luffy and Kuro's ideals clash as hard as their fists and you really see how great a character Luffy is. Kuro is ,as menacing as ever, attacking with his blades as well as his words. Zoro gets his moment with his battle....
  • Vic - Lost in Fiction
    One Piece: Volume 5: 5 Stars (9.5/10 in my own personal rating system)-It has been years since I first read/watched One Piece (so long that back then I didn't have a Goodreads account and therefor I do not know the exact date) and it was a mess. I missed episodes as they were on tv and i am pretty sure I messed up with my switching from manga to anime and back even more. Still One Piece is one of my favourite Story to ever exist in any medium EVE...
  • Jesse Slater
    Much better paced than volume 4. The Black Cat/Kuro Neko Pirate arc is brought to a close here. The fights shift from the group brawls to one-on-one bouts that show Oda's influence from Toriyama. Much cleaner and to the point, both in art and content. The resolution of Usopp's beginning story arc (and fuller view of his backstory) is emotional as hell. Oda is able to inject a lot of empathy and pathos into a character in a brief time.The latter p...
  • Gözde Yeşilsefa
    Kaya’nın hala çocuklar tarafından korunmayı kabul etmesini aklım almadı. Çocuklar çok komik ama cidden. Jango’nun suratına karabiber atmalar falan. Usopp’un pes etmeyen yanını sevmeye başladım sanırım. Kaya’nın ona kal dememesini sevdim. Usopp biraz macera yaşamayı hak ediyor. Çocukların Usopp’u aralarına almalarını sevdim. Usopp minik tayfasına da güzel veda etti. Kaptan’ın neden korsanlığı bırakmak iste...
  • J.N.
    Plot:This part of the Ussop storyline is probably my least favorite. The plot was all right but kind of dragged out in manga form. I do love that Luffy finally gets a ship, Ussop joins the crew, and they are on the hunt for a cook.Setting:I like the little town Ussop lives in. The restaurant on the sea is always cool too.Characters:I like all of the characters, but this manga was more focused on the fighting. Sanji is finally introduced though.Re...
  • Kinsey
    Usopp continues to be a hero. Lying bloody and the ground, the risk of death near and only caring about the kids and Kaya escaping. This leads to a great moment when Zoro and Usopp are running after Django, and Zoro throws his sword to cut down a branch that's blocking Usopp's sniper shot that defeats Django. So great. Assistant Chef Sanji is introduced. Actually I'm always surprised how he's introduced. He just destroys Ironfist emotionally and ...
  • Josh Whittington
    This volume finishes up the Captain Kuro plotline, which has a bit of a monotonous ending. Sequences are drawn out longer than they need to be and after Kuro’s signature move is hyped up so much Luffy is able to counter it effortlessly. Usopp gets some great character development though, especially when we find out the reason for all his lies.The rest of the volume sets up Luffy’s quest to find a chef for his crew. They end up at an ocean-far...
  • Austin Gullett
    This volume sees the defeat of the Black Cat Pirates and the introduction of the Going Merry (or the Merry Go) and of Sanji! The Straw Hat dynamic is starting to get pretty padded-out, and it's fun to see. The chapters are still vaguely episodic, but the lore and the political situation is starting to expand out a little bit more. I don't have too much to say! We're still in the East Blue saga, so things are moving pretty quick. I only ever watch...
  • Jimmy
    This volume covers chapters 36 to 44. The climax of the fight between Usopp/Zoro vs. Django and Luffy vs. Captain Kuro, the gift of the Going Merry, meeting Johnny and Yosaku, and the introduction of the Restaurant Baratie and the introduction of Sanji. This volume has got great pacing and things move along consistently. There are a lot of touching moments, like Usopp's short flashback with his mother as well as the disbanding of the Usopp pirate...
  • Paulina
    Después de la pelea, Usopp se une al equipo de Luffy y continúan su camino, sin embargo se dan cuenta que les hace falta alguien más: un buen cocinero, por lo que van en busca de su futuro compañero mientras se meten e otra aventura.Por lo que llevó de One Piece, siento que no debo esperar la gran trama ni el gran giro a la historia, por lo que trato de disfrutarlo como comedia de aventuras.