The Black Cat Pirates (One Piece, #4) by Eiichirō Oda

The Black Cat Pirates (One Piece, #4)

Captain Kuro of the Black Cat Pirates was the most feared evil genius on the high seas...until he vanished. Most people believe he's dead, but only his crew knows the truth: Captain Kuro has been laying low in a small seaside village, posing as a mild-mannered butler until the time for pillage is just right. Now that time has come, and the ruthless Black Cat Pirates are about to attack...Unless, of course, Monkey D.Luffy can stop them! All Luffy ...

Details The Black Cat Pirates (One Piece, #4)

TitleThe Black Cat Pirates (One Piece, #4)
Release DateJun 16th, 2004
PublisherVIZ Media LLC
Number of pages208 pages
GenreSequential Art, Manga, Fantasy, Adventure, Comics, Graphic Novels, Shonen, Pirates, Comics Manga, Action, Humor, Comedy

Reviews The Black Cat Pirates (One Piece, #4)

  • Christopher
    Basically one long fight, as is pretty common so far in this series, as the group attempts to defend a girl who is being murdered for her fortune. There's a little bit of stupid for plot in here, but it's not too egregious. Once again, this has nothing to do with anything, and isn't part of the actual story, but is amazing.
  • Книжни Криле
    Какъв по-добър начин да отбележим 20 годишнината на „One Piece” от ревю на първите седем тома, знаменитото начало на епичната (и комична) сага, издадени на български от „Студио Арт Лайн”! Прочетете ревюто на "Книжни Криле":
  • Amy
    Ok, this volume just made me fall in love with Usopp again! He is so funny and even though he lies like most of the time, he can be brutally honest too! And of course Zoro is the coolest! 5 stars!
  • Julie Hayes
    Having overheard the dastardly plans of the pirates to attack the village at dawn the next day, Usopp attempts to save their lives by warning them. But he’s cried wolf once too often, and they attempt to clobber him. He escapes and does the only thing he can think of—he runs to the mansion, intent on rescuing Kaya and taking her out of harm’s way. But she refuses to believe what he tells her of Klahadore, and he is once more set upon and is...
  • Ottery StCatchpole
    Eiichiro Oda is growing in his art, the story progresses a bit slowly, in all honesty but this is a Shone Jump manga and they are in the business of serializing long stories. I would have rather wished that this tankobon had wrapped up the whole Black Pirates debacle, namely because again I've read this countless times and I was watching the anime so it feels a little like retreaded territory but that's clearly on my part and I don't sincerely be...
  • Krista Ivy
    The pirates attack and they must stop them from getting to the village and getting Miss Kaya away even though she wouldn't believe her friend at first. Yes, that was quite a run-on sentence.
  • Ki
    One Piece is about a superpower pirate, Monkey D Luffy. A young man whose body gains the properties of rubber after consuming a Devil's Fruit, and with his pirate Crew named the Straws Hat Pirates. He goes on a search of the world's ultimate treasure also known as the "One Piece", to become the next Pirate King.On Vol 4. Luffy saves the people of the island from the evil and dangerous Pirates, lead by Klahadore, who camouflage as a butler, to ear...
  • Nicola Mansfield
    The first three volumes didn't impress me much but I actually started to like the main characters with this volume and was involved in the plot. First major bonus: no clowns! Yeah! Seriously, though, the villains here are good ones: Kuro and Django are pretty awesome and the battles were great. The Meowban brothers added some humour to the fighting and there was all around humour in this volume that I genuinely enjoyed. This is, shall we say, a v...
  • K7Reads
    Actual Rating: 3.75 out of 5 starsSPOILERS FOR THE FIRST THREE VOLUMES OF "ONE PIECE" BELOWIn this fourth volume of One Piece, we continue attempting to stop the evil Captain Kuro (Klahadore) from stealing Kaya's fortune.Unfortunately, I would have to say this is my least favorite of the first four volumes. It was good, but it wasn't as fun as the others.Everything the third volume was building up to begins, which is good, but it felt like it was...
  • Patrick
    Why do I keep reading this series? I think it is the sunk cost. This series reminds me of a passage from "The World According To Garp" by John Irving where a woman is reading Garp's manuscript and tells him it is terrible, but she said she had to finish it "to see how it turns out" or something along those lines.This is how I feel about One Piece. Although I don't think I can take much more.
  • Miss Ryoko
    I'm really enjoying this series! It's no wonder it's so popular and has been going on for decades. The characters are fun, the art is silly, and the story is creative and slightly goofy. I wish this series wasn't so long and wasn't STILL going on because I'm going to be bummed when I have to stop reading it next volume :-(
  • Sarah Valerie
    So exciting. Another cliffhanger ending, which I don't really mind if I'm being honest
  • Shirley
    Reading them online! Love this so much! Still have a long way to go. More on
  • Karely Madrigal camacho
    Entretenido, sin mucho más que decir que la historia parece ir por buen camino.
  • Sarah
    Not going to lie: if I were I pirate, I would join the Black Cat Pirates.
  • Austin Gullett
    The Black Cat pirates definitely up the danger factor a little bit! I'm glad that we can sort of so Zoro and Luffy go a little more all-out, and I'm glad to see Nami and Usopp (who are not, for lack of a better word, superhuman) show us what they've got, too. The arc is still episodic, but this one is noticeably much longer than the prior arc or two. I was right in hoping that this volume would show a little more character development, but Zoro a...
  • Iria
    Usopp y sus mentiras, y sus verdades y su coraje ♡
  • Rick Vickers
    Another excellent humours manga workI read I chuckle I luv the One Piece manga. The author and his drawing are excellent. Stories are good too
  • TheGracefulReader
    THE GOOD Luffy: Luffy is so silly, getting hypnotized when the hypnotist isn't even trying to hypnotize him. Though it did work in their favor that one time. And the way the others are already so willing to help Usopp shows exactly how easily they make friends with people, which can be a gift in disguise.Zolo: Zolo battles are pair of tough brothers in this arc, but they are kind of annoying, despite seeming pretty strong. He also is missing for ...
  • Tonino Mangano
    Commenterò questo volume cercando di sintetizzare anche le impressioni degli altri tre volumi precedenti. Leggere per la prima volta il manga creato da Eiichiro Oda mi ha fatto provare la stessa emozione di quando avevo iniziato a seguire in TV la serie animata di questa fantastica e strampalata ciurma. Poi con l’età ho abbandonato la serie TV e rivederla adesso in veste grafica, sotto forma di vignette e balloon, mi ha fatto provare una cert...
  • LAnn
    I didn't expect the fourth volume of One Piece to be consistently good all the way through. I expect to see a bit of fighting, but seeing a very heavy fight with drama mixed in through the entire volume made me really happy. I was glad to see Oda push for more current story instead of past story drama and everything like that.The fourth volume still pushed Luffy's problem of caring for other people to much, but I'm finding this to be a charming q...
  • Kurami Rocket
    This is the best vol I have read yet! It is full of action with some nice thought out plans and it was the funniest vol I have read! A lot of the time I just wanted to yell, 'omfg Luffy!!' That guy honestly. Smh. I'm also starting to care more about the characters. I like that determination they have.Though, I don't like how the gang stops to help everyone, I like this one because it is rather emotional and that butler's motives are realistic. Si...
  • J.N.
    Plot:I actually like this part of the Ussop storyline and the manga seems somewhat different than the show (at least according to my memory).Setting:I like the little town Ussop lives in.Characters:Ussop got somewhat better from the last one.The scenes between Nami and Zolo (Zorro) were hilarious.I also like how Ussop's crew shows up.And how can you not like Merry?Relationships:There's more banter between Nami and Zolo (Zorro) in this one and I f...
  • Novia
    For me, One Piece is best Manga ever written. The story always touch my heart, it is a combination of faithful friendship, laughter, loyalty and action.Some people might find this manga as silly and pointless (I’ve heard this before) but they never truly read the Manga and therefore judging it simply from the cover. I’ve been in that position too…and thank God I finally looked beyond the cover and found the greatest adventure any Mangaka ev...
  • Ashley
    One Piece vol 4 Summary: THE BLACK CAT PIRATES. Captain Kuro of the Black Cat Pirates was the most feared evil genius on the high seas... until he vanished. Most people believe he's dead, but only his crew knows the truth: Captain Kuro has been lying low in a small seaside village, posing as a mild-mannered butler until the time for pillage is just right. Now that time has come, and the ruthless Black Cat Pirates are about to attack... Unless, of...
  • Leah Markum
    One Piece is like a video game. There's multiple enemies and they all have their unique traits that force the protagonists to strategize. But then we add chaos. Someone is incapacitated, someone who normally doesn't fight has to fight, another enemy appears, everyone is stretched thin, new people overcome their fears and join, some environmental situation presses everything against the clock. Then, of course, something silly happens--so silly you...
  • John Yang
    I enjoyed this book because how the main charater of the book eats a magic apple which gives him power to stretch his hands out. I would recommend this book to people who like comendy and action. The audience this book is wriiten for is middle school kids. What I liked about this book is that how main charater meets people and travel around the world with his friends on his pirate ship. One thing i didnt like about this book is that they talk to ...
  • Isaiah
    When I first read the book I was already hypnotized. I could not stop reading it.This story taught me that when you quit something don't think that something good is going to happen.My favorite character is Luffy because he wants to become the king of pirates and look for the One Piece.My favorite part is when Django hpnotized Luffy and he becomes strong and he's about to pick up the ship and throw it at the black cat pirates.Luffy said,"I will n...
  • Athousandliveswithbooks
    Un quatrième tome qui tourne en rond face aux pirates du Capitaine Jango, l’hypnotiseur. La bataille qui dure durant tout ce tome montre de quoi sont capable les héros même si on va dire que Pipo mérite que personne le croit. La force n'est vraiment pas là où on l'attend. J'ai aimé découvrir les capacités de Pipo. Puis, le courage de Luffy, de Nami et de Zorro est vraiment agréable même si Luffy n'est pas au centre des péripéties m...
  • Veronica Ika
    Have you ever told that whenever you plan on something good, the chance for it to be successful will be high, while when you plan on something bad, the chance will be low? It might be right after all...Usopp's habit to lie about pirates attacking the village has backfired on him. Pirates are indeed going to attack, but nobody believes in his warnings. He plans to stop the pirates no matter what, and Luffy and crew offer to help. How they manage i...