One Piece, Volume 07 (One Piece, #7) by Eiichiro Oda

One Piece, Volume 07 (One Piece, #7)

Don Krieg's evil pirate armada attempts to hijack the oceangoing restaurant Baratie, but the pirate cooks put up a fierce resistance until Krieg reveals one of the greatest secret weapons in his arsenal--Invincible Pearl! When sous chef Sanji steps into the fray, it turns out that he and Chef Zeff have some unfinished business concerning the loss of the latter's leg! Will their differences come between them or make the Baratie stronger? Either wa...

Details One Piece, Volume 07 (One Piece, #7)

TitleOne Piece, Volume 07 (One Piece, #7)
Release DateJul 6th, 2005
PublisherVIZ Media LLC
GenreSequential Art, Manga, Fantasy, Adventure, Comics, Graphic Novels, Shonen

Reviews One Piece, Volume 07 (One Piece, #7)

  • Χαρά Ζ.
    Sanji's backstory is epic. And it also has a certain detail that's different from the anime ❤ Sanji's backstory is epic. And it also has a certain detail that's different from the anime ❤️
  • Книжни Криле
    Пиратския манга епос „One Piece” е на път да отпразнува своя 20ти юбилей, така че всички вие, сухоземни плъхове, по-добре се пригответе! „Книжни Криле” кацат високо на мачтата и продължават ревюто на поредицата! Прочетете ревюто на "Книжни Криле":https://...
  • Marcos Francisco Muñoz
    Me encanta cómo Oda dota de personalidad y furia al mar con sus trazos y el capítulo "Viejo de mierda" (el que le da el nombre al volumen en la edición que tengo) es sencillamente mi favorito en el manga hasta ahora. Un pequeñísimo cambio hizo que la versión del anime no me llegara tanto.
  • Kinsey
    The fight continues. ... and excuse me but I have a very clear memory of Zeff cutting his leg off because it gets stuck while he's trying to save Sanji. Now I learn he cut if off to eat so that Sanji wouldn't starve!?!? Oda....Ugh the Invisible Pearl character is boring and pathetic. I legit could do without him. Can't even say who really defeated him because it was a little bit of everyone. Luffy, Sanji and Gin. Gin totally has Sanji beat, but S...
  • Jeanine Carstairs
    One of my favorite parts! Sanji's background story!About Zeff:(view spoiler)[How did he really lose his leg? Because as I remember, in the anime his leg was stuck in an anchor while trying to save Sanji. Here he eats his own leg out of hunger! (hide spoiler)]
  • Divya
    I absolutely loved Sanji's and Zeff's backstory. It is very different from the whole sequence I've been reading so far and it is an absolutely refreshing change. Simply cannot wait to see what transpires further.
  • Koichi Mashita
    I was so moved even by this volume. Finally cook group began to fight against pirates. They are protagonist. Sanji's background became clear. Zeff is respected by him because he is a benefactor of Sanji's life. The reason why his leg lost became clear. I was so surprised that Sanji used only legs when he fought against enemy. Gin is very kind person, but he is in bad pirates. Let's check him out.
  • Krista Ivy
    We learn Sanji's backstory, which is my favorite along with Luffy's and Zolo's.Captain Don Krieg's first mate doesn't want to kill Luffy and so, he is cast out. Nobility among thieves indeed. More fighting ensues, but this one is more of a thinker than a fighter when it comes to this series. I appreciate every few books have only 2 or 3 fights in it. Breath of fresh air.
  • Victoria Rose
    Nice fight scenes, and a great backstory! It might be a little childish, but I can't deny it's fun as hell.
  • Mal
    two very important things happened in this volume1) the fLASHBACK OF A LIFETIME aAAAH2) smoll bean sanji
  • Junpei
    Sanji is awesome! His kicking skill is as strong as “Red Shoes” Zeff. Zeff saved Sanji’s life because Sanji has a dream which is to find “All blue” same as Zeff. He is awesome as well !
  • Manami Yamaguchi
    I have read ONE PIECE in Japanese before so I know each story but Sometimes I wonder if Luffy and his friends can win battles. Even if they are attacked seriously by opponents, they aren’t going to die.
  • Ashley
    One Piece volume 7: The Crap Geezer continued the Baratie arc and gives us some major insight into the past that holds Sanji and Chef Zeff together, as well as continues the battle between the cooks and he Krieg Pirates. Let’s break it down. Sanji is one of the largest focuses in this volume as we get the story of when he and Zeff met as a boy - Sanji an apprentice Cook with a big dream and Zeff the captain of a pirate crew. Sanji’s attitud...
  • Mr_TakeYouDown (Saaketh)
    I decide to read One Piece VOl.7 because i have always enjoyed reading manga and ones with such great stories such as One Piece. One Piece is the story of Monkey D. Luffy, the boy who's ambition is to be The King of Pirates. To do this, he must go through the Grand Line and find the greatest treasure, One Piece.When Luffy was a kid, he met a pirate captain named Shanks. Shanks forever stayed Luffy's idol, leading Luffy on to become a captain as w...
  • Samantha wickedshizuku Tolleson
    We start this volume with Chapter 54: Mr. Paloo(Pearl).At the beginning of the volume, Sanji's skills are exibited and one of Don Crieg's tougher crewmates is revealed. This narcissistic character blurts that he has never lost a drop of blood during a battle. Luffy being the master of improbability does the never ventured. Mr. Pearl now has a nosebleed, loses his mind and sets himself and the floating restaurant on fire. Out of nowhere Gin gives ...
  • Thelma
    This one is very centered around Sanji. We learn about his fighting style and his past. It's nice and you can see how once again Luffy found someone who has a big dream to recruit in his crew. I love how they all have their own motivation. And their paths are going in the same direction so it's only logical to make their way there together, right?
  • Jerrell
    Luffy battles are some what great.
  • Vic - Lost in Fiction
    One Piece: Volume 7: 4.5 Stars (8.5/10 in my own personal rating system)-It has been years since I first read/watched One Piece (so long that back then I didn't have a Goodreads account and therefor I do not know the exact date) and it was a mess. I missed episodes as they were on tv and i am pretty sure I messed up with my switching from manga to anime and back even more. Still One Piece is one of my favourite Story to ever exist in any medium E...
  • Paul Spence
    Sanji shows that he's more than cook when he defends the Baratie with a tremendous kick, deflecting the fish-head, to the amazement of his crew! His action re-energizes the sea cooks, who vow to fight for their floating restaurant to the end against the scurvy knaves that comprise Don Krieg's pirate crew. So of course Krieg has to throw them a curveball--Pearl, as his name implies, is a huge fellow covered in shields with pearl centers, and wears...
  • J.N.
    Plot & PacingDidn't really care much for the plot of this one. It seemed to drag out much more than necessary. I don't remember liking it too much on the show but I like it even less here. I like the overall plot of Sanji defending the ship but it just felt way too dragged out. I did like the back story on the Chef who saved Sanji, though.Setting & World-BuildingSame as the previous book so nothing new.Characters & DevelopmentSanji and Gin were r...
  • Shane Reynolds
    The battle between a no name rookie and a famous pirate admiral rages on! Volume 7 begins the fight between Luffy and Don Krieg. The action is cranked up as it takes up the majority of this installment. Panels bring you into the brawl due to Oda's mastery of angles and perspectives. Along with Luffy's struggles, we see the newly added Sanji take on villains of his own. The first, Pearl, is the epitome of Oda's crazy designs. While he can be a bit...
  • Gözde Yeşilsefa
    Öncelikle beni en çok ağlatan cilt bu oldu. Lanet ihtiyar yüzünden hıçkıra hıçkıra ağladım. Sanji ile aralarında böyle bir bağ olduğunu asla tahmin edemezdim. İhtiyar’ın Sanji’ye orada bulunan tüm yemekleri verip kendi bacağını yemesi inanılmaz gerçekten. O kadar gün sırf Sanji görmesin diye arka tarafta kaldı üstelik. Yine Sanji’nin görünme ve hayatta kalma ihtimalini arttırdı yani. Sanji’nin aşçının...
  • Austin Gullett
    This volume is all-Sanji, all the time, and I think it really works. Usopp got a pretty extensive arc devoted to fleshing out his character, and I'm glad Sanji did as well. Probably, with maybe the exception of Luffy or Zoro, Sanji's had the most character work so far. It's also cool to see Luffy fighting with someone other than Zoro; his synergy with Sanji is a lot different. Again, dreams and personal codes of ethics are big themes; seeing this...
  • David Espinal
    Don Krieg and his pirates decide to show up and hijack the restaurant. The chiefs owner Zeff is not having any of this and is reveled to have been a pirate captain a long time ago. Then out of nowhere Gin shows up with Don Krieg. It turns out that he was one of his crew and Sanji feels betrayed. The confrontation heats up until the battle finally begins. This volume is great and if you liked the previous ones, then you would like this one.
  • Paulina
    [4,5]Este arco de Krieg está cada vez más bueno. No hay página que no tenga acción o actos que enaltecer. La historia de Sanji con Zeff estuvo increíble y ahora espero lo que vendrá y qué pasará con el restaurante. También Gin me ha gustado, no creía por completo que tuviera la intención de matar a Sanji, pero qué buena pelea ha sido.Además quiero saber cómo les está yendo a los demás nakamas de Luffy con Nami.
  • Adam Spanos
    Eiichiro Oda, One Piece: The Crap-Geezer (ViZ, 1998)The Battle of the Baratie continues, with Luffy and the cooks facing off against Don Krieg and his band. We get some background on the relationship between Sanji and Zeff, but the majority of the volume is one big punch-up, reminiscent of Yuyu Hakusho's Dark Tournament story arc at times. A good bit of fun, this, though I'd have liked to see a touch more plot advancement.
  • Jared Emry
    Off to find a cook, the Strawhat pirates find themselves at a floating restaurant. The new arc is set up in this volume and rather than simply introduce a new character, significant development is made with another and another long-time antagonist is introduced. This sets a new precedent for how future arcs will deal with their characters.
  • Donald Trump (Parody)
    Melania found out about the ebooks and now I can only use my computer with "supervision". Real bullshit going on here folks. I have this fat hag watching over my shoulder checking my every move. If a hard working guy wants to take a load off and read some great books, why can't he? What kind of country am I running? Melania said she's calling Doctor Lipshitz to talk about my medication. UGH.
  • TheGracefulReader
    THE GOOD Luffy:In this book, Luffy squares off against Don Krieg, one of the strongest pirate captains in the East Blue. Krieg proves to be a difficult opponent for Luffy, the man is smarter than he looks, and uses cunning tricks to get the drop on his opponents.Sanji: Sanji is fighting against Pearl, Don Krieg's 'invincible' fighter. Well, self-proclaimed invincible. Apparently, he freaks out when he sees blood and likes to set himself on fire. ...
  • Ashley
    One Piece vol 7 Summary: THE CRAP GEEZER. Don Krieg's evil pirate armada attempts to hijack the oceangoing restaurant Baratie, but the pirate cooks put up a fierce resistance until Krieg reveals one of the greatest secret weapons in his arsenal - Invincible Pearl! When sous chef Sanji steps into the fray, it turns out that he and Chef Zeff have some unfinished business concerning the loss of the latter's leg! Will their differences come between t...
  • Kurami Rocket
    Things finally started to pick up and become good in this vol! There were some parts which were dull, especially in the beginning, but what saved this vol from me giving it a lower rating was Sanji's back story. It was sad and I liked the relationship that was revealed between him and 'the old geezer.' It also dealt with starvation. (Though idk if I beleive that Sanji survived months without any food. I mean humans can live 3 weeks at most with j...
  • Josh Whittington
    This is the best installment of the Don Krieg arc so far, but overall I’m still not enjoying this arc compared to previous ones. It’s really starting to drag - the fighting still isn’t resolved after this volume. We get to see some cool kick fighting from Sanji, which I always wanted to learn how to do as a kid.We get to see Sanji and Chef Zeff’s backstory, which makes them more relatable and justifies why Sanji would feed Krieg’s starv...
  • Scott Lee
    (Review for 7 & 8 read simultaneously--all commentary, no spoilers)I was told a while ago that as the story gets finds its way this manga gets really good. I'm feeling more hopeful after reading these volumes. Everything up till now has been, in my opinion, annoyingly goofy, but this story kept the humor while taking the "gone-to-far-now-it's-stupid" edge off the inanity, and added some back story that made really interesting characters out of Sa...
  • Leah Markum
    This is the continuation of Sanji's arc, including his backstory. I say this because it has been a while since I've read these and the way these volumes are organized and the summary that comes with them make it hard to pin point which events land in which volumes--and sometimes the review you gave fort the previous volume fits the next. I love the East Blue arcs in general and how the crew comes together, especially when Sanji is serious and not...
  • Julie Hayes
    Sanji shows that he’s more than cook when he defends the Baratie with a tremendous kick, deflecting the fish-head, to the amazement of his crew! His action re-energizes the sea cooks, who vow to fight for their floating restaurant to the end against the scurvy knaves that comprise Don Krieg’s pirate crew. So of course Krieg has to throw them a curveball—in the form of his second unit commander, Invincible Pearl.Pearl, as his name implies, i...
  • Ottery StCatchpole
    This suffers from the syndrome of 'seen the anime so I'm not surprised by the book'. Though, I have to admit, I like the manga far better than the anime. I think the book's original direction is a lot more interesting than the manga. I am madly in love with the book. The art is good, and the story, is a lot edgier than the manga which clearly has to appeal to as wide an audience as possible. The title could have used some work, LOL and the story ...
  • Aldeena
    This volume is slightly darker. Loyalties are being tested and battle lines are getting fierce. Krieg wants to take over Baratie but the chefs decide they won't go down without a fight. Of course errand boy Luffy is right at the centre of this tussle. Gin vs Sanji is brilliant. Especially the way Gin is split between his gratefulness to Sanji and his loyalty towards Krieg. Luffy meanwhile takes on Krieg. And it is a fight to defend Baratie, the h...
  • Veronica Ika
    In this serial, Eiichiro Oda reveals really sad and touching past of Sanji and Zeff, how they met each other and struggled to survive. Sanji shows off his ability to fight with Don Krieg Pirates with his leg, and surely it can be concluded that Zeff had taught him this. They might seem to hate each other, but after knowing what happened in the past, it's shown how they actually cared for each other. Sanji even stays still and receives any attacks...
  • Novia
    For me, One Piece is best Manga ever written. The story always touch my heart, it is a combination of faithful friendship, laughter, loyalty and action.Some people might find this manga as silly and pointless (I’ve heard this before) but they never truly read the Manga and therefore judging it simply from the cover. I’ve been in that position too…and thank God I finally looked beyond the cover and found the greatest adventure any Mangaka ev...
  • Cynthia
    Oh my gosh, that flasback and reading it again and it made me tear up again. Is it a requirement to have a sad backstory to be a Straw Hat? Dang, let them be happy. Oda, please.Also, this is one of the volumes that made me realize how observant Luffy is, in some situations. He literally just stays silent and observes. "Luffy" and "observant"...Why are they in the same sentence?
  • Taruia
    If there was ever a storyline that went too long, the surely this must be it. The fight at the restaurant continues unabated. We do get a back story as to the relationship between Zeff and Sanji, however. Gin decides that he cannot kill Sanji and so Kreig the most feared pirate, decides to utilise weapons of mass destruction
  • Jimmy
    Volume 7 covers chapters 54 - 62. I felt that this arc goes on a little longer than it really needs to. There's the battle against Pearl, and later against Gin. Sonji's backstory is introduced and we understand why he feels he owes so much to Zeff.The resolution to the Baratie arc is coming up in the next volume.
  • Ana Laura
    Este es el primer volumen de mi propiedad, muchas gracias a mi persona favorita que tuvo el detalle de regalarmelo, estaré ahorrando para comprarlos yo misma, mientras tanto los seguiré pidiendo prestado. Bueno, quitando un poco eso, los nakama de Luffy son geniales todos.
  • Jesse Slater
    This was possibly the quickest read so far for me, and not because I was skimming! The Baratie Arc has been the best so far. The flashback for Sanji and Zeff is excellent and the battle drama continues to be great and improve. Excellent stuff.