One Piece, Volume 08 (One Piece, #8) by Eiichiro Oda

One Piece, Volume 08 (One Piece, #8)

If Luffy wants to get out of a year's worth of chore-boy duty on the oceangoing restaurant Baratie, he's got to rid the seas of the evil Don Krieg. Unfortunately, Krieg's armed to the teeth and aided by his "Demon Man," Commander Gin. The battle takes a surprising turn as Krieg reveals his increasingly deadly military might! Meanwhile, Nami has sailed off on the Merry Go with treasure in tow, and she's headed to Arlong Park, home of creepy Captai...

Details One Piece, Volume 08 (One Piece, #8)

TitleOne Piece, Volume 08 (One Piece, #8)
Release DateOct 10th, 2005
PublisherVIZ Media LLC
GenreSequential Art, Manga, Fantasy, Adventure, Comics, Graphic Novels

Reviews One Piece, Volume 08 (One Piece, #8)

  • Χαρά Ζ.
    **It's a 4,5**The tiny details that are different from the anime are gold
  • Christopher
    Luffy doesn't give up. Finish the fight at the restaurant, convince Sanji to be his cook, and then follow after Nami, who stole their ship and treasure a couple of volumes back (because that's how she do). Really good stuff.We also get introduced to Saw-tooth. Look at that nose. I don't even.
  • Shyames
    One Piece to jak zwykle jedna ze wspaniałych guilty pleasures :) Moim zdaniem bardzo dobre przejście od historii Sanji'ego do wprowadzenia w tło pod historię Nami. Kreska moim zdaniem jedna z lepszych jeśli chodzi akurat o ten gatunek.+ propsy dla tłumacza za przekład technik i określeń nowych ras
  • Thelma
    Those goodbyes between Sanji and Zeff? So good! Love it! The end of the fight was nice and the next arc is probably my favorite pre-Grand Line arc so I can't wait for Luffy to join back with the rest of his small crew!
  • Keerthana
    As we progress more into the story we get to know about most of characters intentions and ambitions. And also the fact that even in the so called good side people are not who they seem to be. I'm sooo excited.
  • Shane Reynolds
    One Piece vol. 8 brings the Baratie sub arc to a climactic close! Luffy continues his assault on the pirate admiral, Don Krieg. As fists fly, Sanji and Zeff watch on. Oda's visuals only evolve in this installment. His panels feel chaotic but contained with expert like skill. When the smoke clears, we see Ghin grow from the previous volume's internal struggles. As I said before, his character was filled with much more complexity than the arc's vil...
  • Koichi Mashita
    At last the fighting between Luffy and Creek will be ended. Even the end of this fighting, he did not give up fighting against Luffy. However Gin stopped his fighting. He was taken poison by Creek and he suffered from the effect of poison. I really like some lines in this volume. First is here. " All these years.....I lived under your crap roof". Second is " Good bye your crap guys!!!". Both lines show that he appreciated against all colleagues i...
  • Paulina
    ¡Asombroso! No paré de emocionarme con cada página que pasaba. Empezando con la increíble pelea de Krieg con Luffy, seguido por el corazón en puño con la escena de Sanji y Zeff, que vamos, ya me imaginaba que algo así iba a pasar, pero aun así logró conmoverme más de lo que imaginaba. Con lo que sí voló mi mente fue con lo de Nami ¡creo que incluso ahora me cae diez veces mejor! Estoy segura que terminará regresando con Luffy o algo...
  • Junpei
    This manga is most amusing volume in ONEPIECE! Luffy defeat Krieg and Sanji became a member of Luffy’s crew. A scene when Zeff concerned about Sanji was the most impressing .
  • Kinsey
    Sanji’s nickname: Baby EggplantJimbei was again mentioned as one of the seven powerful warlordsFavorite quote about Nami “I once knew a child who faced a life worse tham death and chose to live anyway!!!” - NojikoAnd of course Zoro throwing himself all tied up in the water to call Nami’s bluff will always be one of his many best moments. Friends made: Gin (sorta?)Enemies defeated: Don KriegPeople introduced: Captain Nezumi, “Saw-Tooth...
  • Manami Yamaguchi
    I thought Nami joined Luffy’s team but she told a lie. She was a member of Arlong pirates group. They are fishman and many times stronger than humans.
  • leon
    Synopsis -This is a story of young man who is determined to become the king of pirates after he ate the deadly gum gum fruit, transforming his whole body into a rubber band. with the ability to stretch ANY part of his body, he learns to harness his power and defeat anyone in his way. sailing on the seven seas with his crew sanji, zorro, and many friends encounters crocodile, a nemesis to the seas and a disgrace to the pirate name. in this story l...
  • TheGracefulReader
    THE GOOD Luffy; He wraps up his fight with Don Krieg in this book and sets sail towards a new enemy, the fishman Arlong. We get to see Luffy's determination and how it pushes him not to give up, even when it seems like you are going to lose.Sanji: Sanji and the goodbye in this volume were fantastic. Slowly, he is realizing that it is okay to leave the restaurant and try to chase his dreams.Nami: Ooh, boy. Nami got some good character development ...
  • Sarah Valerie
    Ahh, a nice conclusion to Sanji's arc. I'm really pumped for this Nami's Backstory arc. But, wasn't Sanji's character change between leaving the restaurant, all serious and what not, to Sanji on the boat to Arlong, being perverted of Nami, a bit strange? Eh, probably just me. On another note, I love all the extras Oda-san puts in between chapters. I've said this before already, bit they truly are great.
  • Vic - Lost in Fiction
    One Piece: Volume 8: 5 Stars (9.5/10 in my own personal rating system)-It has been years since I first read/watched One Piece (so long that back then I didn't have a Goodreads account and therefor I do not know the exact date) and it was a mess. I missed episodes as they were on tv and i am pretty sure I messed up with my switching from manga to anime and back even more. Still One Piece is one of my favourite Story to ever exist in any medium EVE...
  • Karely Madrigal camacho
    Divertido y entretenido que más se puede pedir.
  • Paul Spence
    Luffy, Sanji, and Gin survive Don Krieg's poisonous gas attack. Luffy stands up to the pirate, proclaiming, "I won't die." And he means it! He attacks, and actually succeeds in bringing Krieg down on one knee, a feat never before accomplished! But can he handle Krieg's Mighty Battle Spear?As Chef and Sanji watch the battle between Luffy and Krieg, Chef comments on Luffy's toughness. "In the end, it's not about weapons," he says, "grit counts more...
  • J.N.
    Plot & PacingLiked the plot for this one better as it wraps up the last book and starts on a new adventure that heavily features Nami.Setting & World-BuildingWe move onto a new location where Nami is and it's one I always thought was really interesting.Characters & DevelopmentLuffy shows his determination to "never die"! Sanji realizes how much the crap-geezer and his crew care about him as he joins up with Luffy and Co. A new side of Nami is sho...
  • Josh Whittington
    This volume is a grand return to form for the series after the last few volumes left me wanting.The bulk of this volume is focused on resolving the Don Krieg arc and after that storyline had been dragging along we get an amazing conclusion, with some emotional scenes between Sanji and the Baratie's chefs and what's probably the best fight scene in the series so far. Luffy and Krieg both go all out and there's some stunning action sequences as we ...
  • Gözde Yeşilsefa
    “Öldürmesi en kolay düşman, tahrik olmuş düşmandır.”Baya doğru bir laf aslında. Don Krieg ne yenilmezmiş, her seferinde başka silahlar çıkardı durdu. Gin ise Don Krieg’i alıp giderek anlamadığım bir şey yaptı. Gerçekten hayret ettim. Luffy’nin vazgeçmeyişine bayıldım. Lanet İhtiyarımız Zeff’in Luffy için söylediği her şey doğruydu. Çocuğun gram ölüm korkusu yok ve tek bir amacı var. Shanks sağ ols...
  • Silver
    Fin de la saga del Baratie y comienzo de la saga de Arlong Park.En mi infancia, nada más conocí One Piece lo odié; el primer capítulo que vi se desarrollaba en Arlong Park.Mi pequeña yo, creyó desde entonces y durante algunos años que One Piece lo protagonizaba ese señor que destruía pueblos y se sentía superior a los demás.Quizá Arlong haya sido uno de los personajes que más he odiado de todos los libros y mangas que he leído.Menos...
  • Adam Spanos
    One Piece gets back on track with (finally!) the ending of the Don Krieg battle and us getting back to the rest of the story. We get back in touch with Zoro and Usopp, who have gone chasing after Nami. Unfortunately, when they finally do track her down, they find themselves in somewhat hotter water than they bargained for. Great to see the books getting back to the original storyline, and I'm looking forward to the next batch.
  • Jimmy
    Volume 8 covers chapters 63 to 71.Don Krieg is finally defeated and Sanji joins the Straw Hat pirates. We are introduced to the seven warlords of the sea (interesting how they all look the same and all wield swords). And we finally get the beginning of the Arlong arc. We are introduced to Nami's hometown and her step-sister Nojiko. This is starting to set itself up as the greatest arc so far.
  • Štěpán Tichý
    The end of the Barratie arc is good and emotional. Emotions, fights and adrenalin all fly high and that's how it should be. And a new story is quietly beginning and although it is cool and has already some shocking moments it is simple snippet and by the end of the book, you want more. (And that is good of course )
  • Jared Emry
    Arlong Park is the last and most memorable arc of this early part of One Piece. The introduction of the fishmen here seems at first to be a miscellaneous addition to the story and as antagonist leave a legacy stretching across the series. but much of the state of the world is revealed here.
  • Donald Trump (Parody)
    I can finally read in peace. I told that BEAST Melania had watching me that if she didn't get off my fuckin' case I was gonna have her family deported to whatever shithole they came from. That did the trick!
  • Emm
    .So glad to be done with Don Krieg. Sanji's tale was tragic, but he was an annoying. Though, the goodbye from the chefs was touching. So now we're catching up with Nami. We've met her stepsister. I still don't care about Nami anymore.....
  • The Stumps
    Another good volume.
  • Alok
    Conviction! :')
  • Dimas Maulana
    Amazingg!! the information about character I also write on this site: