One Piece, Volume 03 (One Piece, #3) by Eiichiro Oda

One Piece, Volume 03 (One Piece, #3)

Sure, lots of people say they want to be the King of the Pirates, but how many have the guts to do what it takes? When Monkey D. Luffy first set out to sea in a leaky rowboat, he had no idea what might lie over the horizon. Now he's got a crew--sort of--in the form of swordsman Roronoa Zolo and treasure-hunting thief Nami. If he wants to prove himself on the high seas, Luffy will have to defeat the weird pirate lord Buggy the Clown. He'll have to...

Details One Piece, Volume 03 (One Piece, #3)

TitleOne Piece, Volume 03 (One Piece, #3)
Release DateFeb 18th, 2004
PublisherVIZ Media LLC
GenreSequential Art, Manga, Fantasy, Comics, Adventure, Graphic Novels, Comics Manga

Reviews One Piece, Volume 03 (One Piece, #3)

  • Sakib
    Another awesome volume...Enjoyed it very much, with the humorous and exciting fight between Luffy and Buggy the Clown, and the introduction of another impending crisis that will be solved in the next volume, I think...Saw Luffy's new move, Gum-Gum bazooka...!In between these two major parts of the volume, there's a little and weird adventure in an island, with of course, a lesson in context...Finally, we get to know what exactly is the "Grand Lin...
  • Christopher
    That has nothing to do with anything. It's one of the chapter covers. There are no panda or bamboo in this volume. It's just a fun image. As seems to be the case with this series (at least through the first 8 volumes I've read so far), we get 9 chapters in this volume, with no regard to where arcs start and stop. The first 4 of this one finish up the story with the clown pirates from last volume. In the middle we get a single chapter with a short...
  • Elsa
    ¡Cada vez se pone más interesante!
  • Shane Reynolds
    One Piece vol. 3 starts out strong with the conclusion to the Buggy arc. As Luffy's fight with Buggy comes to a head, we learn about the origins of Buggy and his abilities. Panels really shine, especially with the big finale. When the dust settles, we see loose ends tied with Boodle and Chouchou both getting great send offs, especially Boodle. (I still love his farewell to this day.) With the new dynamic of Nami being added we get a new layer to ...
  • Книжни Криле
    Какъв по-добър начин да отбележим 20 годишнината на „One Piece” от ревю на първите седем тома, знаменитото начало на епичната (и комична) сага, издадени на български от „Студио Арт Лайн”! Прочетете ревюто на "Книжни Криле":
  • M.K.
    Soy muy fan de Luffy y sus ocurrencias XD.
  • Kinsey
    Usopp!Friends made: Gaimon keeper of the island, Captain Usopp and his crew Pepper, Carrot and Onion. Kaya? (I mean they met but? I wouldn’t say they’re friends yet.Enemies defeated: Buggy (with quite a bit of help from Nami)Thoughts1. I’ve always loved that Luffy knew Usopp’s dad. 2. Buggy and Shanks are adorable.3. Zoro telling the little kids that they ate Usopp is one of his best moments.
  • KennethReads
    The third volume of One Piece does not disappoint. We are introduced to some new characters, learn more about known characters, and fight (some more) pirates as well. The characters are all so fun to read about and I love how they're developing! The story is really captivating, and action-packed. My only problem with One Piece is that some action sequences were hard for me to understand. Though, I feel that this shouldn't take away from the over...
  • Amy
    Nothing much to say, my all-time favourite manga, what can it do wrong?
  • JDR
    Buggy the Clown is quite the trip. On the first glance, he appears like the typical first adversary for the shounen protagonist but once you see the connections he has planted throughout the One Piece world, his long-term presence is cemented. He is a simply greedy man and his devil fruit ability is fantastical. It was a nice introductory arc for both Nami and Buggy.Afterwards, I got one of the most surprising reminders through "Chapter 22: Stran...
  • Elias Alexander
    Now we are really talking. It's really going some where really good. I cant believe this is actually really good and to my liking. I'm really satisfied with this volume.
  • Carlos Bexlier
    Amor eterno a zoro
  • Razvan Zamfirescu
    I am getting addicted, is clear... But in a good way! 80 something more to go!
  • Manami Yamaguchi
    Luffy is very very strong and he loves his friends. If there is something danger or he is in clutch situation, he never run away, never give up! Not only children but also adults can enjoy reading ONE PIECE!
  • Junpei
    In this manga, a battle against Buggy is finished. Finally Luffy beat Buggy and left the island with Zolo and Nami.They arrive in the island and met with Usopp. His habit is telling lies to everyone.He cheered up the richest girl Kaya telling lies. Her butler is very considerate but actually was a pirate.
  • James Venkatrao
    This book goes under 'A comic' on my bingo boardOnce again Luffy has to complete one of his journeys of many for his goal of reaching the grand line and being 'the pirates of pirates'.One Piece is a Japanese comic which continues the storyline of the series every book.In this journey Luffy, Zolo, and Nami, (the gang) have to continue their battle with Buggy the Clown, who can detach his limbs from his body making it a hard challenge to defeat him...
  • Nba Fan 2000
  • Jeff Lanter
    I can't write a full review of each volume because One Piece is pretty consistent so I'll be switching to just rating them unless a volume comes along that really shakes things up or makes me want to review it.
  • Caroline
    This is picking up as it goes along. Also, you know, pirates.
  • Karely Madrigal camacho
    Se pone bueno.
  • Shirley
    Reading them online! Love this so much! Still have a long way to go. More on
  • Kaho Ariizumi
    This volume is also great!As Luffy’s fight with Buggy comes to the head, we know how does Buggy get his abilities. The reason why he gets is really funny for me.I highly recommend you to read.
  • Emmy Lou
    Once again, I am so ashamed...
  • Lisa
    All the one piece books are great! READ THEEEM!
  • Ashley
    One Piece volume 3: Don’t Get Fooled Again is so far my least favorite of what I’ve read in this series, which may only be three volumes so far but still. Let’s break it down. Luffy we get to see yet another side of Luffy in this volume. And that is the kindness that runs rampant in him. Even though he had no reason to help the villagers, he did, even leaving behind treasure to pay for repairs to the town. We also see his extremely idioti...
  • Vic - Lost in Fiction
    One Piece: Volume 3: 4.5 Stars (8.5/10 in my own personal rating system)-It has been years since I first read/watched One Piece (so long that back then I didn't have a Goodreads account and therefor I do not know the exact date) and it was a mess. I missed episodes as they were on tv and i am pretty sure I messed up with my switching from manga to anime and back even more. Still One Piece is one of my favourite Story to ever exist in any medium E...
  • Iria
    La leyenda llama a la leyenda y no se sabe cuál es la verdad. Desde que empezó la era de los grandes piratas han pasado ya 20 años y pico. Y ese tesoro sigue siendo un mito. ¿Lo pillas? El One Piece es el sueño entre los sueños. [...] ¡¡Estoy seguro de que conseguirás reunir a una tripulación estupenda!! Encuentra el One Piece. ¡¡Y cómprate el mundo!!Como voy mucho más adelantada con la historia gracias al anime me ha resultado muy ...
  • Madison
    Rating's still a little low, but a good chunk of the blame here can be pushed onto Viz Media's translation. There are quite a few printing issues, and I think I found a page that was in the middle of being translated. They also stubbornly refer to the character as Zolo (which I believe they fixed, but why did they have to change his name in the first place?), when his name is Zoro in the Japanese version.Even this early in the manga we get a sens...
  • Josh Whittington
    This volume starts off with the humorous conclusion to Luffy and Buggy the Clown's fight, where Luffy and Nami find a weakness in Buggy's devil fruit powers. We then get a short, self-contained story about Luffy helping a man in a treasure chest before moving onto Luffy and his crew trying to get a ship. The ending of this volume is a more satisfying cliffhanger than the last volume's because it's not in the middle of a fight. It cuts out just as...
  • Jared Emry
    After ending the previous arc, Luffy's hat is fixed, and a new arc begins. It's not quite as good as previous arc, but it's likable. The plot contains discovered intrigue that adds quite a bit of tension, but also I find it a tad annoying. Why? Hmm... because there's a lot of misunderstandings between the characters where circumstances forces away resolution. It's almost a bit of a farce, especially as this villain isn't like previously seen vill...