Rider’s Revenge (The Last Riders #10) by Jamie Begley

Rider’s Revenge (The Last Riders #10)

Revenge is a seven-letter word that isn’t for the faint of heart. It’s a word for those who have been wronged. Jo Turner has been waiting five, long years to finally turn revenge into vengeance. Using Rider, the pretty-faced manwhore, is simply the price she is willing to pay to satiate her desire for revenge. Little does she know, she makes herself a target from the one thing Rider has sworn to give his life to protect—The Last Riders. Wh...

Details Rider’s Revenge (The Last Riders #10)

TitleRider’s Revenge (The Last Riders #10)
Release DateJan 26th, 2018
GenreRomance, Adult Fiction, Erotica

Reviews Rider’s Revenge (The Last Riders #10)

  • Alpha Possessive Heroes
    4 STARS I liked it but wasn't inlove with Jo and Rider's story. It's just MEH. Nothing really mind blowing or gut wrenching scenes... uhm.. oh wait there is.. the epilogue 3 but let's talk about that later. Anyways, eventho I wasn't inlove with the story, it still a good one. I'm a huge fan of The Last Riders Series, so I feel kinda connected to each one of them. I'm happy that our big man-hoe-happy-go-lucky Rider finally found his own woman! If ...
  • Julz
    Same old troupe. I’m done with Jamie begley books. Weak pathetic women and man whore men. When she can write a strong women and a man that respects women a bit more I may read her books again.And by strong women. I don’t mean someone who is rude and swears. I mean someone that has self respect and doesn’t bow down and let the hero’s get away with things and then wants to live or be bff with all the women the hero has slept with.
  • Sabrina
    Re-read 6/17/18Amazon US * Amazon UK
  • Linda Sims
    After waiting and really looking forward to Rider’s story I can’t believe I’m giving it 1 star. If I were to list all the things I didn’t like about this book it would take me all day. But here’s a few of the most important ones. For the first half of the book Rider is having loads of sex with the women at the clubhouse and even more of the women in town. I’m not sure how Jo fell for his shit. There’s no romance, no chemistry, Rider...
  • Fre06 Begum
    Huh when did he suddenly fall in love with h???
  • Monique
    I am SO disappointed with this book. We've known Rider since the first book. I was looking forward to his story so much. With his attitude towards women and his views on relationships, it would take a strong woman to knock him on his ass so he didn't know what hit him. Sadly that didn't happen. Love didn't knock him on his ass. He just wanted a woman that loved him so he could have what the others had. The majority of the book he didn't even love...
  • Fatimama
    Wow! Finally! A Last Rider with no sharing of the heroine, no ninja finger or wayward tongue ever made contact with the heroine’s body! And damn! The epilogue made me teary-eyed. 3 stars for those details! Like what?!! So damn bittersweet.As usual, this book has scenes with ow before Rider and Jo have their first date but after Rider bid on Jo during the auction, he wasn’t with anyone else again. This book is pretty long and got some usual tw...
  • Quincy
    Le sigh.I was SO excited about this book. Rider has been one of my favorite LR, for his laid-back, shit eating grin attitude. I guess when we met Jo, she seemed like the perfect woman to bring him down a peg or two and I built up my expectations on that.This book left me very confused. It seems like the very first chapter - or prologue - was written a while ago and kept even though the rest of the book doesn't make much sense with it. And that's ...
  • Thea™
    Before reading: When finished reading....Sooo... I loved this book; it's a 'Last Riders' book, right? However... I didn't feel te love between Rider and Jo.... and that made this book - however feel-good it was - a little disappointing. I loved that all the other characters were part of the story as well, I loved the unconditional friendship and the brotherhood. I just never had a feeling Jo and Rider were made for each other. Never felt it... no...
  • shms
    At over 50% I just couldn't subject myself to this anymore.
  • Lu Bielefeld *read.laugh.love*
    He is vain and arrogant and has all women dropping their panties just by looking at them. There is a woman for each day of the week and more women in the club. In each place he has a waitress or a clerk for a quick fuck inside a bathroom or back room. Women are only a source of pleasure and never intend to compromise.Club members are fed up with getting Rider in their homes stealing their wives' attention and eating their food. They take an oppor...
  • Laura
    Very slow going on the 'romance' side of things. Due to the men in these books always having sex with other women in the club house I always find it hard to believe they actually truly fall in love with the heroine and that was the case again in this story.There are other spin off series connected to this series, so if you haven't read all of those like I haven't, then some things mentioned can be confusing.I quite liked Jo at first but then of c...
  • Sheyla ✎
    "I'd have to be a little nutty to love you." I can't believe it but I'm so disappointed. I was expecting Rider's book to be as good as Cash's book. Such a letdown! There are so many things I was unhappy with. But the most important as a romance lover was that the romance felt completely flat to me. There is no great gesture, groveling, or even a clear declaration of love from Rider to Jo which I could believe. If you are a fan of this series like...
  • Kitty
    I had not planned to read another book from this series after the last 2. But I wanted to discover Rider’s past. I was enjoying the book until the part when we discover Rider’s 2nd wife is still alive and not dead as he had told Jo. I was disappointed in Rider’s excuse to stay married because of the vows he made to the 2nd wife. The rape/murder/Aly plot was rushed and just did not make sense.
  • Sannia
    I was so looking forward to Rider's story but man, what a crushing disappointment this book was. There just wasn't anything that made it feel special or different to me. Just the shock of learning Rider was actually married twice. Didn't really expect that from this hardcore manslut. But the rest was the the same old shit. Hero who spends half the book fucking OW's in such lovely descriptive details that it rivals h's scene. Bleh! I'm sure that's...
  • Diddi
    Something that always throws me off in this series is the steamy and detailed parts when the hero is having sex with other women. I should be used to it considering it happens in every book of this series but I can’t because I don’t like it. Tbh if I have to read about the hero having sex with other women all the time I would also like reading about the heroine having sex, or at least having a hot makeout session , with another guy.
  • Jann
    I did not love it. Im sorry.
  • Raj
    Escape into My Reads Book BlogThis review wasn't easy to write I'm sad to say, so apologies in advance…Rider was never on my top list of loved Last Rider men. His man whore ways and go to partner in Bliss kept him distant from me as a reader. It wasn’t until I actually read Lucky’s book that my opinion of him changed. The guy who was such a player, jokester and only thought about food came across as sensitive, caring, thoughtful, and totall...
  • Eli
    Blog, please check it out! I have more reviews on there and on this site too! Here why I have this book 3 stars:1) plot holes2) Rider as a character was mysterious full of depth while everyone else fell short, but when it came to wrapping up Rider's complicated issues as a character it goes from 100% thought out to 80% of that thought being left out the door. 3) length. There's no way around it. This book was really long. I understood it's lengt...
  • Neringa Neringiukas
    OMG I'm crying here like a baby after finishing. The ending was bittersweet. I hated it. I loved it. Jamie is killing me with these epilogues. Warning. Don't... And I mean DO NOT read them before starting. It will ruin everything! So just don't.Jo was fabulous! I love that girl. She was sweet, tender-hearted, but she had a spine of steel too. She was such a strong character. Jo didn't disappointed me. I love that girl. And Jo was exactly what Rid...
  • Dawn Jordan
    I had waited for Riders story for ages, but sadly was very disappointed. Through a lot of the last riders stories it was always rider that had a hidden facade but it was also made clear that he would never be a one woman man and yet almost straight away he changed from getting with as many women as he could to going to a one woman man. I also thought that there wasnt much to their story as a couple, shed been raped yet didnt shy away from rider t...
  • Margarita
    That second epilogue was unecessary. It should of just ended with the children in the woods. Total 🙄👎🏼. Not the best book in the series
  • Jenny
    I’ve been waiting for this book forever😫♥ I’ve been waiting for this book forever😫♥️
  • Libby Harrison
    https://romanticcynicblog.wordpress.c...Beware of Spoilers!Star Ratings:Heroine (Jo): 20s??Hero (Rider): 34yrs oldPlot: 4/5Grovel: a littleCheating: technically yesHEA: the epilogues made the story for me!Triggers: h was gang raped, in detail descriptions of H with other womenAverage score: 4/5Best Line: “What you’re seeing is love, Rider”Worst Line: “There would always be another woman’s pussy to explore and make his for a time before ...
  • Pamela Speedling
    Very disappointed. Not at all as sexy or interesting as first books. I wouldn't have thought it was same author. Both Rider and Jo were wushu washyAnd things took a religious turn. I hope there is another version coming out.
  • Flo
    I cannot say that I fully enjoyed the book due to a few keys elements. Their feelings jumped too much, and the ending of him dying way early was Bs. And I am not a Grammer Nazi my any means (as you all know) but there were a lot in this book.
  • Brandi
    ***SPOILERS SPRINKLED THROUGHOUT***Not my favorite in the series but it was definitely unputdownable!Without a doubt my favorite thing about this book was Jo! She was the perfect blend of past Last Rider heroines with a heaping dose of awesome all of her own. Loved how strong, fun, inquisitive, accepting, kind, clever & crazy-talented she was! The adrenaline rush she got when driving fast cars/motorcycles, her mad mechanic skills, her inability t...
  • Julia's Book Haven
    That 3rd epilogue has had me crying for 20 mins so that’s all I have to say about this book. Also Rider =
  • Erika
    As always, I'm not really sure what to think of this book. I love Jamie's style of writing, and as usual, I couldn't put the book down once I started reading, but I'm not so happy about the characters and their motivations. As I expected for one of Jamie's books, nothing is really what it appears, and the main female character ended up being a martyr, and getting hurt by the Hero's actions, something that I hate about her books, by the way. This ...