Fence #2 (Fence, #2) by C.S. Pacat

Fence #2 (Fence, #2)

As Seiji and Nicholas struggle with their living arrangement, the competition heats up.

Details Fence #2 (Fence, #2)

TitleFence #2 (Fence, #2)
Release DateDec 20th, 2017
PublisherBOOM! - BOOM! Box
GenreSequential Art, Comics, Graphic Novels, Lgbt, Sports and Games, Sports, Contemporary, Young Adult

Reviews Fence #2 (Fence, #2)

  • Alex ✰ Comets and Comments ✰
    "My name's Nicholas Cox...and I'm going to make you remember it." I enjoyed this way more than the first one (if that's even possible). It took me longer to decide on whether I should give this 4 or 5 stars, than it did for me to actually finish reading the issue. #sorrynotsorry (and just like last time, I find myself inching towards 4 only because of the length) _____________ Sign me up, Kings Row I loved how much more this issue packed in. We...
  • Virginia Ronan ♥ Herondale ♥
    Ohh Seji’s and Nicholas’ competitive spirit gives me life!! XDAnd woah that were a lot of new character introductions! My head is spinning!I think it might take a while until I can allocate them all. I definitely liked Bobby the most though. He is amazing!!! =))Also is it just me or is it truly possible that Aiden is likely to dump everyone? *lol* He looks like the typical charmer! ;-PAnyway, I am so ready to dive deeper into this world!Give ...
  • ⚔ Silvia ⚓
    ⚔⚔ Full review now posted!While the first issue was all about introducing the main character, Nicholas, and setting up the rivalry with Seiji, this second issue felt more like a full dive into the world we're going to be part of for the rest of the comic. I felt like this kind of pacing was perfect for me, because once I get to know the main character and what he stands to lose or gain by achieving his dreams, I am ready to be given more info...
  • Marpapad
  • Emma
    I think I’ll probably get around to writing a longer, proper review of this comic series on my blog after the next issue comes out, because for now my mind is basically just:sooooo this review comes to you in the form of a quick (semi-spoilery) list!Reasons Why I Love This Comic, brought to you by emma: ▪ seiji and nicholas are already being so petty and I love it ▪ ICYMI this features BOTH the roommates and enemies to lovers trope ▪ “I...
  • Shin Mon Thway
    Well, what more can I say that others haven’t? 😁 No.1 – It’s C.S. Pacat, No.2 – It’s C.S. Pacat. Really, the second one is even better than the first one. 😍 I really hope it won’t stop with only 5 issues as they first planned. 😌 The tension between Seiji and Nicholas is dynamic and interesting. 💜 Is that tension just rivaliry or sexual? We still don’t know but I seriously hope the latter is the case. 😂👏 Also, ma...
  • The Girl Murdered by Her TBR
    I know I'll be craving every single thing in this book... Help!
  • Hamad
    This was definitely better than book oneI am continuing this series for sure and I started to have higher expectations now :O
  • ✨ jamieson ✨
    ok this was really good I NEED MORE OF THIS SERIES ASAP I NEED TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS. Fence #2 sets up Seiji and Nicholas' relationship more and introduces us to all the Fencers at Kings Row and I really liked the new characters. BOBBY SHE'S SO CUTEEEEEOk this was so funny though? I couldn't stop laughing. I mean ... this? omfgand alsoI am definitely on board with this series, I need more asap. I need them to all become bffs and to win the champio...
  • Meags
    3.5 StarsThis second installment sees Nicholas and Seiji roomed together at their new school, much to their great displeasure. We also get to meet all the other boys who are trying out for the school's fencing team, which only holds three main spots for the best fencers, causing lots of tension and competitive banter among the group. Once again, I love the artwork, and I especially enjoy the brand of humour that is laced throughout this story. On...
  • Ishmeen
    So much better than the first one!! I'm on board :)
  • amy
    ah yes, the ‘my arch nemesis and i have to share a room and there’s absolutely nothing we can do about it’ trope, aka my favorite trope......... ever
  • Maria
    I’M HOOKED!!!!
  • rin (lorenzo)
    c.s. pacat, comedy queen,thenk~~~~~god tieri need next wednesday like yesterday~~~~~~this HAS to get 23490320529239489238 issues or i'll sueanyway i need bobby dante and jesse in this issue but also pining idiots harvard and aiden and seijixnicholas dynamics thanksi wonder if seiji would pretend that he doesnt remember nicholas skfsdljf
  • Romie
    Why did I read this so quickly? Now what do I do?It was better than the first issue, I love the tension between all the guys, and I'm so ready to learn more about everybody in the team!
  • Aleksandra
    noooooowhy the issue is so shortI want moreI swear the sales better be amazing. 6 issues won't be enough at all!
  • chandler ainsley ❁
    okay, i'm officially in love.the first one had me a little taken aback, mostly because of how short these are. i had a hard time connecting to the characters and getting excited for the story. but i'm happy to report that this installment has got me HYPED.we get an introduction into a little bit of fencing history (as is relevant to the story), a hint at roommate angst (the illustrations on these pages are so lovely, the dichotomy of the two main...
  • queen0f_hearts
    It’s getting more interesting! And while Fence #1 felt more like an introduction (well, it was an introduction XD), in #2 I felt more like arriving and being part of it. How satisfying.I’m glad to slowly meet all the characters! Harvard is truly a hell of a captain, Bobby is so awesome and cute (I think he’s my fav for now), Aiden is just Aiden (♡) and Eugene surprised me the most! I know it was some kind of bullying but I would say bully...
  • Anali
    No entiendo porque los capítulos de Fence tienen que ser tan cortos, la intriga me mata. Este capítulo fue un poco menos intenso que el primero, pero me gusto la introducción de nuevos personajes, que fueron muy interesantes. Bobby es mi favorita y me parece cool que haya una chica (entre todos esos chicos) peleando por un puesto en el equipo. La relación entre Seiji y Nick casi que es peor, pero es muy gracioso ver como discuten y crean barr...
  • ☆♥☆Kotyonok꧁꧂
    This issue picks up right where the second left off, with Nicholas and Seiji butting heads (shipping these two so badly
  • Sahitya
    This book starts off exactly like I expected, with Nicholas’s disbelief that his nemesis who was supposed to be at the rival school is now his roommate and Seiji even refusing to recognize Nick. We also get introduced to a lot of other fencers, all of whom are now going to compete with each other to make it to the team.Coach Williams seems like a formidable woman and I have a feeling that none of the bullying tactics of some players are gonna w...
  • Cassandra {semi-hiatus}
    Just as good as the first. Now we’re getting to know the characters better, bit by bit, and I need the next issue in the my hands five minutes ago.All the buzz around this is well deserved. Can’t wait to see where this goes next!
  • Laura
    Just keeps getting better. I love meeting all the new characters: Bobby is adorable. Eugene is a shit. Aiden is hot af.Harvard is amazing. and it's also so funny??? I wasn't expecting to laugh, but I did. give me all the issues now please
  • Aldi
    Love the details and humour of the art. That rubber duck cracked me up way more than it probably should. That and Aiden's Gilderoy Lockhart-esque entrance. Also yay for casual diversity. More pls!
  • Eugenia
    Stunning graphics! Building tension!The story is slowly unfolding in this serial comix in what appears to be (hopefully) an enemies-to-lovers story. I haven’t read any of the blurbs for any of these short comics, but I have faith in PS Pacat to deliver a good story. So far, I’m liking what I read and see. I’m pacing myself on these, having bought the first six at $0.99 apiece. I’m very much looking forward to the next one, but I’m pract...
  • Therese
    I want to read the whole story before my proper review.
  • Chelsea
    Another great issue! I am really loving the dynamics between Seiji and Nicholas! Also, we get introduced to Bobby who I love! He's adorable! The other guys are there and they have names but I can't quite get a read on if we're going to get to know a lot more about them at this time. It is interesting to watch the shake up for Seiji as he is Nicholas' person to beat but the other fencers don't think he's a threat yet.
  • Leia Lanstov
    I'm totally hooked with Fence now. I didn't expect Seiji to be his roomie thou. I'm obsessed with the graphic.
  • Alexandra
    The duck curtain...and the other duck were the funniest!