Between You & Me by Susan Wiggs

Between You & Me

Deep within the peaceful heart of Amish country, a life-or-death emergency shatters a quiet world to its core. Number-one New York Times bestselling author Susan Wiggs delivers a riveting story that challenges our deepest-held beliefs.Caught between two worlds, Caleb Stoltz is bound by a deathbed promise to raise his orphaned niece and nephew in Middle Grove, where life revolves around family, farm, faith—and long-held suspicions about outsid...

Details Between You & Me

TitleBetween You & Me
Release DateJun 26th, 2018
PublisherWilliam Morrow
GenreRomance, Fiction, Amish, Contemporary

Reviews Between You & Me

  • Debra
    Susan Wiggs writes about family, community, love, and tackles real life issues in the process.Caleb Stoltz vowed to take care of his dying brother's two children. This meant he had to return to his Amish roots and raise them within the Amish community in Middle Grove, Pennsylvania. Years earlier, Caleb had left the Amish way of life to attend community college and chase his dreams. He works hard on his farm and enjoys life with his niece and neph...
  • katwiththehat
    This was a sweet romance about an Amish man whose nephew is injured in a terrible accident and needs extensive medical treatment, and the doctor he meets at the hospital. Caleb and Reese were great characters, both people who’d never quite fit in with their communities. I really enjoyed the development of the relationships with the side characters as well. It was a well-fleshed out world. Please excuse typos/name misspellings. Entered on screen...
  • Amy
    4.5/5Is anyone else fascinated by the Amish faith and their culture in general? There’s something about their simplistic way of life and strong ties to family and their community that never fails to capture my attention. Naturally, I loved the premise for this, an Amish is family forced to enter the English world when tragedy strikes and their encounter with a young doctor has the power to change all of them forever, doesn’t that sound great?...
  • Sherri Thacker
    This is my 3rd book by Susan Wiggs and I’ve loved her other 2 books as well. It’s a really nice story, getting me away from the psychological thrillers I’ve been drawn to lately. When reading this book, I kept thinking of all of the Amish books written by Linda Castillo. I do love her too! This a great feel good book by Susan Wiggs.
  • Myrna
    This is the first book that I have read by Susan Wiggs. She wrote an entertaining story with romance, a bit of suspense, and secrets. It was predictable, but a fun, quick read. An enjoyable read for vacations and beaches. 3.5★s!
  • Jamie Rosenblit
    Fascinating story about the Amish community and the impact of interacting with outside society. Audio version was well done.
  • Charlotte
    This is a GoodReads giveaway win.This book is just beautiful and inspirational and sad. Caleb lives in a small, strict Amish community in Middle Grove. He lives with his father, Hannah, his niece and Jonah, his nephew. The author often has Caleb tell about some great tragedy in the first several chapters and that keep me reading. Asa, Caleb's father was abusive. Caleb's mom left when him and his brother, John where very young. His brother and sis...
  • (Tori-Smexybooks) smexys_sidekick
    A charming story that speaks of love, loss, hope, and the family.Grade: B+Susan Wiggs celebrates the love, loss, hope, and family in her newest release of a man and women who meet under terrible circumstances and through that forge a bond that strengthens while eventually forcing them apart. Emotionally honest and poignant with a delightful thread of humor running through it, Between you and Me introduces us to Caleb Stolz and Dr. Reese Strauss. ...
  • Susan
    Whoever wrote the book blurb should be fired, because the plot summary is very misleading. This is a solid contemporary romance between a Big City doctor-in-training and a Small Town not-quite-fully-Amish hunk who meet when the hunk's nephew is badly injured. Despite the impossibility of the relationship, they fall in love, dealing with strong cultural and family expectations on both sides. I had a hard time believing that a fourth year medical s...
  • Asheley
    4.5/5Between You and Me by Susan Wiggs has been my most anticipated book release for this summer season. I just couldn’t wait for it because I love Susan Wiggs’ books so completely and I also tend to really love stories about the Amish community and interesting Amish characters. I feel like the collective Amish community is sort of its own character here, and completely fascinating, but this story really features Caleb and Reese, the unlikely...
  • Susan Peterson
    This book is brimming with, faith, dreams, disappointments, hope. From the very first page of the prologue I was enraptured by this story. Reece and Caleb are two people whose paths were never likely to cross, until a tragic accident brings Caleb from his Amish community to Reece’s modern, fast-paced world. I loved watching their relationship develop, first as friends, and then slowly into something deeper and wonderful....but h...
  • Donna Hines
    Fascinating inner dialogue on the Amish, beliefs, culture, value, and traditions.Susan Wiggs develops a situation about a young man who becomes an amputee after a terrible farming accident while facing the Amish Ordnung and everything it incorporates.Caleb Stoltz our main character is a strong armed and determined individual taking on so much after the death of his family members in raising his niece and nephew to the best of his ability.What rea...
  • Sharlene
    Absolutely one of the best books I have ever read. All the feels and the characters are amazing. I did not want this one to end and tears of joy at the ending. Many 5 stars for it.
  • steph
    I liked the first half of the book better than the second half. I really wasn't a fan of (view spoiler)[the niece getting pregnant, Reese taking over once she realized who left the baby in the safe box, the whole guardianship drama at the end, the death of Caleb's kind-of girlfriend who he proposed to AFTER sleeping with Reese, etc (hide spoiler)].All the characters were fully fleshed out and real, I just didn't like the plot lines at the end.
  • Anna
    Caleb Stoltz had a taste of the"English" world, but was drawn back to the Amish community he was raised in when he made a death bed commitment to his brother after his brother and his wife where brutally murdered. He agreed to raise his neice, Hannah, and nephew, Jonah, in the Amish ways and has kept his promise faithfully. But when a tragic accident occurs and Jonah must be care flighted to a trauma hospital in Philadelphia, he is thrust into a ...
  • Regan
    Ten year old Jonah Stoltz may have started to dream of the life he would want, but a tragic accident has cut short the chance for those dreams. Reese Powell has buried any dreams she may have had. Caleb Stoltz had dreams that in a split second came to an end. Yet in a moment of shock and tragedy these three people may have a chance to find new dreams, dreams filled with a joy they could never have seen until they are brought together. Reese Powel...
  • Kathleen
    This was an amazing book. 5+*** Stars Susan Wiggs gives you an emotional story about two people from differnt upbrings and ways of life. One a man bringing up his brother's two children in the Amish community that his dead brother wanted them to be raised in and a woman, who is on the way to becoming a doctor and needs to find a way to have what she wants and not what her parents want for her. Both Caleb and Reese have to make decisions that wil...
  • Sherry
    I love Susan Wigg's books and this was no exception. Her characters are so realistic I feel like I know them all. Caleb and Reese are from two very different lives- his family is Amish, Reese is a doctor who's parents are high powered physicians who have plans for her life. When a terrible accident occurs while she is working, Caleb and Reese's lives are thrown together. This one kept me turning the pages as fast as I could to see where Wiggs was...
  • Kim
    I would rate this book somewhere between 3.5 and 4 stars. The bad language in the book bothered me, as it didn't seem realistic and in some instances just sounded awkward. Wouldn't she have learned to watch her mouth more around Caleb if nothing else for courtesy sake?That being said I felt the book was honest, seeing both the good and bad of an Amish community as well as the good and bad of parents who push their own goals and dreams onto their ...
  • Michele
    See the full review at HarlequinJunkie.comYou can always count on Susan Wiggs to spin an incredibly emotional tale with strong themes and realistic predicaments. Between You and Me was a wonderfully written story of complicated family matters, unexpected love, and the consequences of one’s actions.Susan Wiggs truly does have this incredible ability to wrap me up in her storytelling. Her characters are so flawed and genuine that I can’t help b...
  • Kari
    I had a few reservations about reading Between You & Me. Stories involving the Amish are not usually ones that I gravitate to. However, I am a fan of this author, so I put my trust in her. I'm glad I did. The story involves Caleb and Reese what happens when their two worlds collide. I was sucked right into the story and really enjoyed it.The story was a little tough to get through at times because it deals with some heavy issues. However, the boo...
  • Libby Harrison
    The last 30% ruined the story for me. There was a time jump with no explanation and then the h encouraging the H to marry a dying woman...which made LITERALLY no sense!!
  • Tamara
    Great read!
  • Joyce
    This is a story about Caleb Sroltz and how he cares for his niece andnephew after the death of his brother and his wife. They are Amish and liveIn Middle Grove on a farm when Jonah has a terrible accident and looseshis arm. Dr. Reese Powell helps them as she faces the decision where topractice medicine. A heart warming tale of self sacrifice, love, loss, family,and friendship. I recommend this book and look forward to her next novel.
  • Maria Bienz
    Thank you for the advance copy win! I really enjoyed this story about love, loss family, hope and about the Amish community.
  • Susanchitter
    3.5 This is a nice romantic story if you are in the mood.
  • Ursula
    Spoiler I enjoyed this book and think having an interest in the Amish made me like it even more. I just have some thoughts that maybe other readers can help me with. Why does the front of the book say, How far would you go to keep a secret? I feel as if there was not a crazy sacrifice made to keep a secret. Or am I missing something? I know there were a lot of secrets but they were not kept for a long period of time.My next question is what happe...
  • Linda Joplin
    I won this book on a Goodreads giveaway, and I'm so glad I did.Caleb Stolz and Dr. Reese Powell meet when she is a resident and his nephew has a life-changing accident. What follows is an intricately woven story about an Amish family and Reese's long-planned career path to follow her parents into pediatric surgery and working in their practice. Their two worlds collide, but where do they go from here?No spoilers here, but I think this is one of W...
  • Bonnie
    Reese Powell is a gifted fourth year medical student on duty in her rotation through ER. Her supervisory resident Mel, when he gets an alert call that a farming accident is on it’s way in, some kid had his arm ripped off in a farming accident! Caleb, guardian of the young boy, Jonah, had left the Amish community until he received notice that Jonah & Hannah’s parents had both been killed. Now he’s got to tell a young boy that the surgeon had...
  • Laurene
    Between You & Me is an absolutely wonderful novel by Susan Wiggs!