Illegal by Eoin Colfer


This is a powerful and timely story about one boy's epic journey across Africa to Europe, a graphic novel for all children with glorious colour artwork throughout. From Eoin Colfer, previously Irish Children's Laureate, and the team behind his bestselling Artemis Fowl graphic novels. Ebo: alone.His sister left months ago. Now his brother has disappeared too, and Ebo knows it can only be to make the hazardous journey to Europe. Ebo's epic journey...

Details Illegal

Release DateAug 7th, 2018
GenreSequential Art, Graphic Novels, Childrens, Middle Grade, Young Adult, Realistic Fiction

Reviews Illegal

  • Lola
    I’m a little ashamed right now, because I received an unsolicited advance copy of this one about two months ago I believe, and I had no interest whatsoever in reading it.Then, out of the blue, I stumbled across this book’s page on Goodreads and upon reading positive review after positing review – all praising this story – I finally decided to give it a try.So if anyone dares say that Goodreads has no influence whatsoever on readers, well ...
  • Nasia
    Βαθιά ανθρώπινο και συγκινητικό graphic novel, για ένα θέμα που είναι πιο επίκαιρο από ποτέ. Με απλές λέξεις και σκίτσο/ εικονογράφηση που ανατριχιάζουν περιγράφει καταστάσεις που αποτελούν δυστυχώς καθημερινό φαινόμενο...
  • Ashley Owens
    3.5/5 stars. I received a electronic ARC of this book from NetGalley in exchange for my honest review.I really loved this graphic novel. It was emotional in a way I wasn’t expecting. This novel tells the story of Ebo, a boy from Africa who has just found out this his brother has left to try to make a life in Italy, and will eventually send him money. Their sister, Sisi, is already there so they are hoping for a reunion.Because most of this nove...
  • Thomas
    Βαθμολογία: ★★★★★Φανταστική έκδοση, από το περιτύλιγμα (σκληρόδετο, πανέμορφο εξώφυλλο) μέχρι και το περιεχόμενο (ιστορία, σχέδιο). Η υπόθεση είναι άκρως επίκαιρη και συγκινητική. Το τέλος ίσως φαίνεται βεβιασμένο, αλλά δεν έχει σημασία, γιατί ...
  • Ran
    Young Ebo travels to Niger chasing his brother, Kwame, who hopes to make the journey to Europe to reunite with their sister, Sisi. The story is told through Ebo, the youngest brother, who remains the perspective of hope throughout the story and manages to sing his way through some difficult situations. However, the journey is perilous, long, and hard as the brothers make their way across not only the desert, but the sea in their journey towards p...
  • Alex Panagiotopoulos
    Συμπαθητικό κόμικ που διαπραγματεύεται ευαίσθητο θέμα. Το σχέδιο ήταν πανέμορφο όπως και ο χρωματισμός, το σενάριο δεν βρίσκω λόγο να το αξιολογήσω μιας και είναι ιστορία που διαβάζουμε δυστυχώς καθημερινά στα media. Σίγουρα σκοπό έχει να ευαισθητ...
  • Bridget
    What a gem of a book! The tone is exactly right, we come to feel the fears, hopes, exhilaration and live through the trauma of Ebo, as he searches for his brother who has headed off to try and get to Europe as a refugee. This is only the beginning though, after rejoicing at finding Kwame, he is then trying to earn enough money to gain passage on a boat for them to go together to Europe, where they hope to find their sister. It is hard to read, an...
  • Kristina
    Powerful, thought provoking and sad! I still cannot believe people have to go through things like that in order to survive and reach a safer place.
  • Rachael
    "You, who are so-called Illegal Aliens, must know that nooo human being is illegal. That is a contradiction in terms. Human beings can be beautiful or more beautiful. They can be fat or skinny. They can be right or wrong. But illegal? How can a human being be illegal?""We should never have come.""I never see him again.""They must help us. We are human.""Every person is a human being."This book is emotional, heartbreaking, informative, shocking an...
  • Jake
    An incredibly well written/drawn graphic novel that depicts the atrocities that are the unfortunately necessary migration of millions of individuals to Europe and other locations to escape war and poverty, and to make a better life for themself. Colfer's story is succinct, sad, and blunt, and Donkin's drawings are expressive, crisp, and thorough in their storytelling.Thank you Baker & Taylor for the ARC in exchange for an honest review. It was my...
  • Carole
    This moving graphic novel is based on real experiences of people who struggle to reach Europe in the hopes of a better life. It pulls no punches about the realities of human trafficking and the dangers involved. The story uses flashbacks to explain how Ebo came to be on a small boat in the middle of the sea, and in this way lets the reader know that he does make it through at least some of his perilous journey - a good device for readers who migh...
  • Grace
    Refugee stories are always terrifying: the simple hope of a better life balanced against the continuing misery of the journey. I really liked the art in this, and I enjoyed the flashback storyline enmeshed with the present-day storyline, but I'm always going to walk away feeling like I'm complicit in every bit of human suffering around the globe just because I exist. The traffickers who purposefully put refugees on sinking, overloaded, broken boa...
  • Kayla Leitschuh
    Wow. A surprising new graphic novel from the author of the Artemis Fowl series. Text and illustration work together spectacularly to bring together this touching story about a young boy, Ebo, and his quest for safety.
  • Liz
    I rec'd an ARC of this graphic novel and wholeheartedly believe it should be handed out on street corners and acted out in town squares (are those still a thing,? you get my point though)!
  • Dan
    With a powerful narrative and amazing illustrations , I think this falls under the must have graphic novels of 2018!
  • Mandy Stallard
    I personally think that every member of the American government needs to read Illegal. What a timely and relevant graphic novel for middle grade students. This book follows the journey of Ebo and his brother Kwame as they abandon their home in Ghana in the hopes of making their way to Europe to find their sister. The book alternates between "now" and "then" chapters; this set-up allows the reader to gradually discover how Ebo and Kwame end up in ...
  • Alicia
    This powerful story is a compilation of many stories Colfer heard about refugees fleeing their homeland across the Mediterranean. In this story two brothers, being raised by a drunk relative, decide to leave their homeland in search of their sister and a better life. The sister had already decided she needed to find peace somewhere. When the brothers are separated, they are once again reunited after the trek across the desert but before taking to...
  • Ms. Yingling
    ARC from FollettEbo and his older brother Kwame are living in an African village with their Uncle Patrick, who is an alcoholic and barely takes care of them. Their older sister has fled to the city. When Kwame takes off as well, Ebo follows him to Agadez, which is much bigger than Ebo could have imagined. He connects with lots of people and ends up singing at a wedding, where he manages to find his brother. The two get passage on an overcrowded b...
  • Erin
    Ebo and his brother Kwame live in a small impoverished African village with their drunk uncle who has cared for them since their mother passed away and sister had left. When Ebo wakes up to find Kwame has left the village to travel and seek refuge in Europe, Ebo works hard to follow and find him. Chronicling numerous small triumphs, but even more heartbreaking losses, this graphic novel packs a great deal of raw emotion into a very short amount o...
  • Ryan
    Eoin Colfer is one of my fav authors for kids. To see him take a turn writing a heart wrenching graphic novel is a depressing joy. He tells the poignant tale of Ebo, a little boy from waring african nations, and his attempt to find both his brother and his sister. It will take a long journey that I hope none of your children ever need to take. We follow him on leaky boats, deadly deserts, and rat infested tunnels. All for a chance at a life worth...
  • Greeshma
    It's a refugee's tale but it's also like a patchwork of experience. I barely got time to connect to the story before it ended abruptly. The juxtaposition of the present and the past were a signifier of the time gone and the brevity of the task that's left to be completed but did nothing else. And unlike most true refugee accounts, the plot ended in a resolution. Which is strange as it is good. Because turns out we all are in a dire need of some h...
  • Stephanie Bange
    Reviewed in ARC form...We hear about illegal immigrants nearly every day in the news. It is easy to dismiss them as a group -- they are objects. This graphic novel does an outstanding job of personalizing the plight of two desperate young boys as they escape the extreme poverty of their village in Ghana, journey through the desert to Tripoli, and cross the Mediterranean Sea to Italy in order to reunite with their family. Readers will care about w...
  • Victoria Peipert
    Excellent graphic novel! The illustrations and story were so well done and are a great introduction to the perspective and experiences of emigrants/refugees. I can see this series being enjoyed casually or integrated into educational settings.
  • India
    This was a force to reckon with. My heart was completely lost in the story--the harsh reality that felt as though it would never soften-- and though it is mixed with the gorgeous hope of young Ebo--this is a soul crushingly realistic portrayal of the hardships of immigration.
  • Nadine
    Well, if you're ready for a punch in the gut book this would be it. Story of two young refugee boys trying to reach Europe to find their sister. I will not spoil it, surfeit to say I'm holding back tears. Illustrations are very dark and atmospheric. Could be disturbing to younger readers.
  • Jayne Downes
    Powerful story based on real life events. Makes reader aware of harrowing journeys some refugees are forced to make and many don't survive.
  • Ms. Alderete
    Thanks to Mr. White for letting my borrow this amazingly heartfelt book about Ebo and his brother, Kwame, and their journey from Ghana to Europe to reunite with their sister.
  • Claudia Silk
    A very moving graphic novel dealing with the migration crisis from Northern Africa to Europe. Although not a true story per se it is based on fact of many migrants. Heartbreaking and enlightening.
  • Chris Haughton
    fantastic book. could not put it down. highly recommended.