The Shape of Water by Guillermo del Toro

The Shape of Water

It is 1962, and Elisa Esposito—mute her whole life, orphaned as a child—is struggling with her humdrum existence as a janitor working the graveyard shift at Baltimore’s Occam Aerospace Research Center. Were it not for Zelda, a protective coworker, and Giles, her loving neighbor, she doesn’t know how she’d make it through the day.Then, one fateful night, she sees something she was never meant to see, the Center’s most sensitive asset e...

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TitleThe Shape of Water
Release DateMar 6th, 2018
PublisherFeiwel & Friends
GenreFantasy, Romance, Fiction, Historical, Historical Fiction, Horror, Favorites, Audiobook, Science Fiction

Reviews The Shape of Water

  • Sophia Triad
    “Man should be better than monsters.”“Ah, but who are the monsters?” I have always had a soft spot for misunderstood monsters who are unreasonably feared. The key work here is “unreasonably”. When their life or the life of their beloved is threatened of course they are allowed to become vicious.And it’s not just me. I am sure that most of you know that there is a huge number of fans that enjoy PNR books i.e. paranormal romance, mon...
  • Jolene Haack
    Husband: You're already finished that?Me: Yup.Husband: Didn't you start it today?Me: Yesterday.Husband: Still! Was there fish sex?Me: Yeah. (gentle readers it was not graphic)Husband: SERIOUSLY?!?!Me: It's about social outcasts! About seeing someone as they are, in a way that no one else sees them!Husband: Yeah but still.Me: But he's a man!Husband: STILL.Me: He's a man, babe. Husband: ...............still
  • Huda Yahya
    هذا العمل مخصص لمن يحبون لإبقاء على روح الحلم في الواقعلمن يعيشون مغمضين عيونهم نصف إغماضةللمنبوذين الذين اختاروا العزلة أو فرضت عليهموهو أيضا لكل شخص لم يتعلم بعد أن ينظر داخل أرواح الناس ويفتش عن خباياهمليتعلم كيف يكون الحب***كلنا قرأنا الحكايا...
  • Jessica ❁ ➳ Silverbow ➳ ❁ Rabid Reads-no-more
    Reviewed by: Rabid ReadsTHE SHAPE OF WATER is a strange book. For a variety of reasons.1. Dual film/book release, which, to my knowledge, has never been done before.2. It’s only 312 pages long, but it has a cumulative 130 chapters (split into four sections). That’s an average of 2.4 pages per chapter. In the past, I’ve knocked an entire star off my overall rating of a book if a mere portion of it felt choppy and chaotic b/c short chapters. ...
  • Jilly
    The book is awesome, as long as you remind yourself to stay in the moment. The fantasy. The UNreality. Because, if not, you will be thinking weird shit, like me. See, I'm a weird shit thinker. I'll let you know where my twisted mind went in just a second.First, about the book. It has multiple POV's and is about an amphibious man-like creature that the army found in the Amazon and immediately captured to study it in the lab. It sounds about right....
  • Carol
    4.5 Stars.....After finally deciding to watch the movie (that I enjoyed MUCH more than I thought I would) just had to checkout what Guillermo del Toro did with the book....and so glad I did!....The setting is Cold War era America 1962, and unlike the flick, the novel begins with a human monster....Richard Strickland....assigned a dangerous mission in the sweltering jungles and rain forests of South America to locate and capture a legendary new li...
  • Mohammed Arabey
    A Brilliant Novelizations...For a Magical Movie..Of Hope and Acceptance and Love
  • Robin (Bridge Four)
    4.5 StarsBuddy read at This was a beautifully told story about so many individuals that just didn’t fit into the time or place they were born into and how each touched the others life. I thoroughly enjoyed this story. The prose is beautiful and it helped me connect to each of the characters in a different way. It makes me want to protect Elisa, our mute heroine that finds little ways to defy authority and be the woman she is. She is a good fri...
  • Bark
    If you don’t know the story yet, The Shape of Water is about a Sea God that is captured by an evil man who considers himself a Jungle God. The Sea God is taken to laboratory where he is held captive and subjected to torture by human monsters who want to destroy this thing they don’t understand. A mute janitor named Elisa shows him kindness and brings him eggs and music and they fall in love.If you’ve ever had a little secret crush on The Cr...
  • Jo
    Buddy read with the wonderful weekly UF Wednesday group over at BB&B. To love,In its many forms and shapes. The dedication of this book sums up so perfectly just what this book is about. It’s about being different, struggling in the box the world tries to force you into because it can’t understand and accept your difference and finally breaking free to fight for those you love. I absolutely loved the beautiful writing, the amazing charac...
  • Mogsy (MMOGC)
    4 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum as one half of a “bold two-tiered release”, The Shape of Water is the companion novel to the Guillermo del Toro film of the same name. But what exactly does this mean? Curiosity piqued, I decided to do some digging around, and found out that the idea for a story about a mute woman falling in love with an imprisoned river monster actually came to author Daniel ...
  • Alexandra
    Poetic, beautiful, far more emotional than the movie. Some scenes were different than the movie but still, this is one of the few times where both book and movie have amazed me equally!
  • Sara Saif
    I was beyond excited for this. Ever since I saw the trailer. I haven’t seen the film which only made me more curious for it. Pan’s Labrynth and Pacific Rim are two of my all-time favorite films. I love them with all my heart and I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve seen them. This looked to be similar and it was, the Guillermo Del Toro visual aesthetic was leaping off the page, the imagery was vivid in my mind, its sharpness booste...
  • Lieblingsleseplatz
    Elisa ist stumm und putzt in einem geheimen US–Militärlabor. Dort entdeckt sie ein Wasserwesen, das dort gefangen gehalten wird. Nun ist es ja in den 60ern so, dass kaum jemand einer Frau Gehör schenkt – schon gar keiner stummen Frau… aber der Wassermann schon. Er „hört“ auf Elisas Kommunikationsversuche und lernt von ihr die Gebärdensprache. Eine zunächst zarte Freundschaft entwickelt sich. Doch schon bald muss sich Elisa entsche...
  • Rusty Grey
    Frankly . I wouldn't have read this book if it wasn't based on the movie . I haven't yet watched it . But it has won the Oscar for best picture and is directed by one of my favorite directors . The Shape Of Water is a romance drama story with fantastical elements set in the backdrop of the Cold War . If this was only a book , I wouldn't even have given it a chance. Elisa Esposito , a mute woman , works as a cleaning woman in a secret government ...
  • « Court (Take the Read) »
    Third person, Multi-POV, HAE. Standalone. Try to imagine it. Eons of loneliness, and then one day, your ellipses peaks toward that of another planet and there is a gasp of nearness. Wouldn't you try to make the most of it? Wouldn't you, too, combust and flare and explode if you had to? It's been a long time since I've experienced a book like this. The fantasy aspect drew me in, but the souls of the people telling the story kept me reading. It's i...
  • Arwen56
    Solita favoletta che prevede il “cattivissimo” (sempre uguale a se stesso e irriducibile nel percorrere la strada sbagliata), la “bella” (ama tutti gli essere diversi, deboli o altrimenti indifesi), la “bestia” (ha qualche difettuccio, ma nell’insieme possiede l’animo più nobile dell’universo) e, naturalmente, i comprimari di diverso genere che aiutano gli eroi nel loro epico cammino.Il finale avrei dovuto immaginarmelo, dato c...
  • Emily
    I won’t soon forget this incredible book. From everything I had read about it, I thought it would stray from the movie more significantly, but the ways it did were the ways in which I needed more from the story. The chapters from the creatures perspective had me gasping for breath; Kraus’ writing style shines in Strickland as well as the creature itself. I am in love.
  • Sabrina
    4.25 Sterne ⭐😄Das Buch (und auch der Film) sind ein wahres Erlebnis und haben beide eine ganz eigene Athmosphäre. Ich hatte das Gefühl, in eine komplett andere Welt einzutauchen 👌Mein absolutes Highlight waren die liebevoll gestalteten Nebencharaktere Giles und Zelda, die Elisa immer zur Seite standen ❤ 4.25 Sterne ⭐️😄Das Buch (und auch der Film) sind ein wahres Erlebnis und haben beide eine ganz eigene Athmosphäre. Ich hatt...
  • Lalla
  • Ana
    “The most intelligent of creatures often make the fewest sounds.” This was such a lovely surprise & a super-fast read, since I was already familiar with the romantic absurdity of it all. Also, it was far more emotional and more suspenseful than the film, if you can believe it.I was not a huge fan of the film because, to me, apart from the stunning visuals and the music, the story itself was bland and rather limited. The book, however, is quit...
  • Maria Dimitrova
    Buddy read with the Wednesday Group of BB&BI really didn't expect to like this book. I struggled a lot in the beginning to keep going because I couldn't connect with the Elise. The writing also didn't help as it's too slow paced and somehow languid like the current of the Amazon itself. By the end I still felt disconnected from this world but yet the story resonated with a part of me that knows that despite it being fiction The Shape of Water dep...
  • Vashti
    Wow!!!! will review soon.
  • Errin Stevens
    This movie was STUNNING. I can see clearly the three places the producers could have changed the scene to make the rating PG13 instead of R... and I'm so glad they didn't. The little bit of grit adds an edginess that made the narrative real and emotionally gripping. I'm not just saying this because of what I write: this is a must-see!
  • Amanda Kratz
    This is a very strange book. I wasn’t the biggest fan of the writing style but I liked the story. Many of the characters served less as characters in the story but more of world building to show how people were treated in the 1960s. I have not seen the movie yet but I would like to.So plot: As my husband summed up “Grinding Nemo.” A mute woman falls in love with a fish/man who is being held captive in a research facility in the 1960s during...
  • Realini
    Shape of Water, writer, director Guillermo del ToroThis is a highly acclaimed film.It has the biggest number of nominations for the upcoming BAFTA Awards.And the British are serious about almost everything, including motion pictures.It is a strange narrative, about which Seth Meyers joked at the Golden Globe Awards Ceremony.The Shape of Water had been nominated for Golden Globes as well.It has won in the category of Best Director for the outstand...
  • صهبا
    Unable to perceive the shape of you. I find you all around me. Your presence fills my eyes with your love, It humbles my head, for you are everywhereسناریو(کتاب) رو از پرداختِ کلّی فیلم بیشتر دوست داشتم. جفتشون کششی که انتظار میرفت رو ایجاد نکردند البته ولی برایندشون راضیکننده بود. اسمِ اینجور محتواها رو گذاشتم «ز...