Women & Power by Mary Beard

Women & Power

At long last, Mary Beard addresses in one brave book the misogynists and trolls who mercilessly attack and demean women the world over, including, very often, Mary herself. In Women & Power, she traces the origins of this misogyny to its ancient roots, examining the pitfalls of gender and the ways that history has mistreated strong women since time immemorial. As far back as Homer’s Odyssey, Beard shows, women have been prohibited from leadersh...

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TitleWomen & Power
Release DateDec 12th, 2017
GenreNonfiction, History, Feminism, Writing, Essays, Gender

Reviews Women & Power

  • Nicola
    I pretty much wanted to underline the whole thing. Review coming in The Big Issue soon.
  • Joanna Flis
    A very important book. Loud voice about voiceless women.
  • Monika
    There's really nothing new here, but Mary Beard does a wonderful job bringing classical history/misogyny into the 21st century. My biggest complaint is that it just didn't go far enough. I would have loved a full length book on the subject, and she did raise some really interesting comparisons. It just wasn't fleshed out enough for me, and I think it's a better pick for readers just getting started with feminist texts.
  • Victoria (Eve's Alexandria)
    Read in one late-train-journey gulp and very much enjoyed. There isn’t a lot new here from a feminist theory perspective but I really appreciated how Mary Beard foregrounds the impact of speech and speech imagery. It’s engaging, thoughtful and so inventive in the connections made between the classical and the contemporary world. I just wish it was longer, with more space to expand.
  • Becky
    I will get straight to the point, with no ladylike silly shally.... this is bloody brilliant.
  • Flapper72
    Far too short but fantastic. Until a few years ago I had thought that feminism was something that was necessary but as I get older, read more, think more, experience the world more, I realise just how far we have to go. Mary Beard is an amazing, balanced woman who explains what happened in ancient cultures and find analogies with our world today. It's completely up to date - how the media treated Hiliary Clinton with regards to DT in the most rec...
  • Sarah
    A fantastic couple of lectures entitled 'The Public Voice of Women' and 'Women in Power'. The first one is a confrontation with public silencing of women throughout history, from Telemachus to Twitter. The second one examines how patriarchal myths like Medusa are still used today to undermine women in power, especially in politics. Loved it, I just wish this carried on longer. Notebook at the ready!
  • Hannah
    Mary is queen.
  • Callum McAllister
    Short (it was based on two lectures) but very insightful. Mary Beard is a total legend and a national treasure.
  • Kathryn
    A small book that packs in a huge amount to think about. What struck me is how much of our behaviour (conscious or not) seems slanted towards keeping women out of power or devaluing the contribution women can make; the role of language in this and how some have replicated male attributes to gain more power. A ball breaker of a book, in which Mary uses a snooker cue to prod the glass ceiling. She holds Medusa’s head up to the light and does it w...
  • Annikky
    4.5 A great, measured, erudite book. Its only fault isn’t really a fault: it’s bound to be short and paint with a big brush, as it’s a book based on two lectures. I very much hope she will return to the topic and give us 500 pages. Beard herself is a perfect example of why we need women shaping public discourse. Unfortunately, her story also painfully illustrates how difficult it still is to be a woman who speaks.
  • Cintia Andrade
    Mary Beard vai na antiguidade clássica para explicar as relações entre mulheres e poder (e o discurso público). Muito interessante ver as análises que ela faz de textos como Medeia, Lisístrata e Antígona e as ligações com o presente, passando por Hillary Clinton (e Dilma!). Queria que fosse muito mais longo.
  • Livvy Hooper
    4.5⭐ - Bloody fantastic. I’m being petty & only giving 4.5 simply because I wanted M O R E 4.5⭐️ - Bloody fantastic. I’m being petty & only giving 4.5 simply because I wanted M O R E
  • Athena
    Mary Beard has written a powerful and beautiful book. A book that you can carry in your bag, read it and then re-read it, and read it once more (I have already read it twice).We live in an era that women, around the world, have more power than ever before. But women are less represented in the sectors and positions with the most power - men still dominate decision-making and our cultural and mental template for a powerful person remains absolutel...
  • Jesika
    This is a short book composed of two lectures - 'The Public Voice of Women' and 'Women in Power'. Mary Beard excellently shows the historical and cultural norm that is the silencing of women.This is a fantastic introduction to the female voice in antiquity, the female voice in 2017 and the link between the two. As a classicist, there wasn't really any new information for me, however, these lectures are beautifully written and published at a very ...
  • Cat
    Another book finished for #NonFictionNovember under the prompt #scholarship. This book looks how the Greeks and Romans influenced our perception of power, the silence of women and considers the redefinition of power.Mary Beard provides a clear narrative with great examples from the classical period that resonate with Western culture now.
  • Gokce Guven
    Everyone who wants to know how gender inequality is immersed in our culture should read this book. It was a transforming experience to connect Ancient Greek art and literature with feminist concepts. Best quote " You can't fit women into a structure that is coded as male. You have to change the structure. "
  • Dominique
    If only this was longer!!
  • Katie Fellows
    Queen Mary Beard strikes again. Powerful, moving and incredibly well written, a must read this year!
  • Lieke
    This manifesto consists of two lectures by Mary Beard on the silencing of womens voices in history and in recent politics. It's not academically groundbreaking or complex, but that is clearly not the aim. It is however very intelligent and powerful - my only complaint is that it's too short! This manifesto consists of two lectures by Mary Beard on the silencing of women´s voices in history and in recent politics. It's not academically groundbr...
  • Stella
    Short, well written, thought-provoking read
  • Becky Kelly
    A manifesto of only about 100 pages that EVERYONE should read. She's a professor of Classics at Cambridge, and here she discusses the parallels between the cultural treatment and portrayal of women then and now. It's fascinating, enlightening and she is able to say things that I truly believe but would never have been able to put so elegantly. An easy 5 stars and the knowledge that the world would be a better place if everyone read it.
  • Rafaël Garcia-Suarez
    Impeccably written, accessibly erudite, remarkably intelligent.
  • Charlotte Stevenson
    We are living in a new age of feminist thinkers where this peculiar thing known as a third wave is coming into existence. Some of the most popular books in recent months have been focused around the matter of gender equality and how the world is acting in response to ongoing criticisms regarding this. Hence Mary Beard entering into this ongoing discussion was something I had to invest in as soon as I heard of it. On the cove, a main quote appears...
  • Judyta Szaciłło
    This is a very important voice in the modern debate on women's rights, women's presence in public life, and their access to power. Beard paints quite a bleak picture of our culture being so heavily influenced by old cultural prejudice dating back to Antiquity. Beard's lecture may seem very biased, but its aim was not to present an objective analysis, only to underline the problems we are still struggling with. And it is true that all of us sooner...
  • ❇Critterbee
    A fascinating fast read from much respected scholar Mary Beard on the history of man's attempt to silence and incapacitate women. She reaches back to Homer, and follows the trail through Aristophanes, Charlotte Perkins Gilman, history, and right up Twitter road to present day. Beard speaks from years of study and also personal experience. - I was following her on Twitter while she was being 'lectured' by men on Roman history. This book shines a s...
  • Annette
    Succinct analysis of what ails women in seeking power and influence: A cultural aversion to women speaking out that has plagued the West since classical times, and a failure to redefine power structures to accommodate women. The idea that power and celebrity need not go hand in hand is especially striking. I just watched yesterday "An Ordinary Hero", Loki Mulholland's documentary about his mother, civil rights heroine Joan Trumpauer Mulholland, a...
  • Tammam Aloudat
    This is essential. When even well meaning men cannot understand the way culture and history robs women’s voices and deny them power, it is important to read and appreciate this explained well by someone with Mary Beard’s eloquence and knowledge. She tells us about some of the origins of the problems from the Greco-Roman history and some of its manifestations today. The book is the arguments from two lectures given in 2014 and 2017 and is curr...