The Tiger’s Ambush (Kit Davenport, #3) by Tate James

The Tiger’s Ambush (Kit Davenport, #3)

If you're reading this, you've probably already read my first two installments, and know exactly how deep into trouble I've got myself.But you totally don’t care about what’s happening in this blurb because let’s be honest here… It was going to be a bunch of vague questions and hints that would really give away nothing, but leave you scratching your heads.So, let's call a spade a spade and pretend this was an awesome blurb. Yeah?Oh also, ...

Details The Tiger’s Ambush (Kit Davenport, #3)

TitleThe Tiger’s Ambush (Kit Davenport, #3)
Release DateDec 29th, 2017
GenreFantasy, Paranormal, Romance, Dragons, Magic

Reviews The Tiger’s Ambush (Kit Davenport, #3)

  • Sh3lly ✨ addicted to reading ✨
    So here we are at book three. The last one ended on a cliffhanger, so picks up right where we left off. We get a few answers from Vic in Alaska before heading back to the Seattle area. Kit continues to search for more information about herself. Kit is danger-prone and a super Special Snowflake. I am pretty generous with the snowflakes, and in fact, like them. I want my heroines to be special! I want them to be different and not normal. But, in th...
  • Margo ❀
    Rating : 4 starsWORST. CLIFFHANGER. EVER.And holly crap! Austin's fucking hot.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Having two dragons wasn't enough.Now she's gonna have a tiger.#ImSoFuckingJealousPS : Love the cover!PPS : Awesome blurb!PPPS : I WANT!
  • Kayla B.
    First off, Tate James you are an evil woman!! I can’t believe that cliffhanger! *silently rocks in corner*Okay now that I’ve gotten myself together, man that was a crazy ride! If I actually had pearls I would have been clutching them! The Tiger’s Ambush picks up where The Dragon’s Wing left off. We finally get some answers, but they lead to more questions that need to be answered. Learning about who, and what she isn’t as easy as Kit th...
  • Helen 2.0
  • Anna
    Kit is finally getting some answers. However, some things are better left unknown. It's a good thing she's got some super hot guys to help her deal with all the revelations coming her way. She's going to need them all.We pick right back up where we left off in book two with Vic coming home. He answers a few questions but something is holding him back from answering them all. We do get to find out what exactly Kit is in this book. Yay!! That leads...
  • ❤Rachel Anne's Romance Must Reads❤
    That cliffhanger will drive me nuts!Another 5 stars! Come on March 9th! I need the next one!Full RTC once the series in finished.
  • Tiblu
    Loved it!!!!! More Please!!!!Aaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwww, Pout,whine,pout March is soo far away!Honestly I haven’t loved an RH or series like this outside of Amy Sumida’s three series and it took me a while to come to love her second one the “Twilight Court” series,love the “godhunter” but it was soo dark at times, Kit’s messed up world is all sweetness and light compared, soo yeah I skimmed when our awesome Kit got in the trouble I unfort...
  • Jaime (Two Chicks on Books)
    Damn between Tate and C.M. and their damned cliffhangers I am one angsty chick! But this was oh so good! I can’t wait for book 4!!!
  • Lissa Hawley
    This book did not disappoint. For such a young (self published!) author, the complexity of the story and the depth of the characters and the layers of world building are extremely impressive. I highly recommend this series, one of my surprise phenomenal finds of 2017.
  • Kelsi
    No tone trust our main character and it’s frankly annoyingSo, back in book 1 Kit is rather quickly forced to be 100% truthful to these guys about herself, her life, her secrets. They know everything there is to know about her and insist that she tells them everything. They will tackle the world together....but that isn’t believable to me when they don’t return that behavior.All of the men have kept either major origin story secrets from her...