The Gentleman's Deception by Karen Tuft

The Gentleman's Deception

Renowned actress Ruby Chadwick, The Darling of Drury Lane, has long planned and prepared for her final performance. With exceptional beauty comes the unwanted attention of men, and after years of fending off odious suitors, Ruby is ready to leave it all behind in favor of a quiet life. The first step is to reclaim a piece of her past: her true identity as Lavinia Fernley. But leaving town unnoticed proves impossible, and in one desperate moment, ...

Details The Gentleman's Deception

TitleThe Gentleman's Deception
Release DateDec 1st, 2017
PublisherCovenant Communications
GenreRomance, Historical, Historical Fiction, Regency, Clean Romance, Historical Romance, Regency Romance

Reviews The Gentleman's Deception

  • Katie W
    I love to read Regency romances and was delighted at the twists that I found in this story, as it's not typical. Lavinia is the great stage actress named Ruby. She desires to escape the stage and find her true self. I don't recall ever reading a story about a Regency actress before and was immediately captured.I'm also a huge fan of fake relationships and this story provided more than one. Although Lavinia is alone in the world as far as family g...
  • Aimee (Getting Your Read On)
    Regency romance is a fun genre and one of my favorites- especially when it's a bit off the beaten path like this one is. I've never read a regency that places the main character in the role of a stage performer and it made this story all the more intriguing.The deceptions that fill this book will have your head spinning. It seems like everyone, at some point or another, is part of some sort of ruse. Some more than others! It's nuts. And then it b...
  • Kelly
    Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive! That quote comes to mind with this book. There are so many lies, half truths, omissions from these characters that I got whiplash! Hehe! Lavinia Fernley, aka The Darling of Drury Lane, aka Ruby Chadwick is an actress. She is extremely beautiful. She has too many men after her and not to congratulate her for her performance on stage. Lavinia does not trust men. On her last performa...
  • Heidi Robbins (Heidi Reads...)
    While this is one of my favorite genres to read- Regency romance, I haven't read many with an actress as the main character, so I was intrigued to learn more about the details of that life. I found it interesting that Lavinia had to "escape" to a new life that is more respectable in order to keep men from pursuing her. I enjoyed her character and her relationship with Lucas, even though their deception provided conflict and uncertainty. The cast ...
  • Lucinda
    Such a lovely story. I read a lot of Regency romance and this one was very original. Definitely not the usual balls and stuff like that. Lucas and Lavinia were great main characters, and I loved to see how their relationship progressed from something convenient to them, to something they didn't expect. The secondary characters were a great addition, Lavinia's little group and Lucas' family. Beautiful ending. Highly recommend. I received an e-copy...
  • Tressa (Wishful Endings)
    THE GENTLEMAN'S DECEPTION is a story full of quirky characters, a darling damsel in distress, and the dashing hero who comes to her aid. Full of humor and sweet moments as they fall in love with these characters, is sure to charm readers. Recommended to historical romance readers who like their stories sweet with some fun twists.These characters were so much fun! Between Lavinia's friends and Lucas's family, there is quite a range of characters a...
  • Julie Carpenter
    Fake husband, fake fiances, fake identities, fake charades...true characters, true friendships, true hearts, true love.Oh, how I loved this book. Such a fun group of characters who find themselves stuck in a charade when all they want to do is be free of charades. When the heart has been taught not to trust though, it is going to take a lot of courage, friendship, a true gentleman and love to help heal those wounds. Right from the beginning, the ...
  • Lisa (Bookworm Lisa)
    When you have a group of actors and a gentleman get together, anything can happen. In some aspects this book played out like a theatrical performance, you never knew who was waiting in the wings ready to descend and create a little chaos.I loved the characters, particularly the overacting thespians. Delia and Artie stole the show in many scenes. They didn't know how to act like normal people, the theater ran in their blood and was second nature t...
  • Amy
    Awwwwwwwwww!!! *sigh* I loved this book, and to tell you the truth it was a pleasant surprise. Not that I had any doubt in Karen Tuft's spectacular writing, but the plot wasn't something I thought I'd overly care for. I love this kind of historical drama. Set in my homeland. Honour & loyalty beat out despair and hopelessness. The idea behind it has been done many times - random unwitting member of the gentry, comes to the aid of helpless female i...
  • Melissa
    This was a fun story. It started out a little odd but came out swinging. It was a fun story with some good characters. Tuft is a good author and I have enjoyed her regency books. I love a good regency series and it looks like there will be more to come. Susan's story should be a fun one. I like an author that can keep you engaged and wanting more. This is clean with some talk of prostitution.
  • LAWonder10
    Finally, Ruby Chadwick will no longer exist!As Lavinia was making her escape, things did not go as plan. Her cohorts were not at he planned destination. Oh, No! One of the Earl of Cosgroves minions was there and, even through her disguise, recognized her! Desperate, she threw herself at one lone man, in deep thought, sprawled at a table across the room. She declared him her awaited for husband. He looked at her but before he could show his surpri...
  • Heidi
    Having read Tuft's The Earl's Betrothal and loving it, I was eager to get my hands on this new book of her's. And it turns out this one is related to that one. Lucas was a friend of the main character in the other book. I found it delightful to return to a character already known. And like the other book, this one also has a rather unusual story line.Lucas Jennings has bid adieu to his friend the Earl of Halford and is reluctantly making his way ...
  • Kirsi Johnson
    A fun follow-up read to the Earl’s Betrothal. Not only does our valet Lucas get his happy ending in a most unexpected way, but we also get to meet a whole new motley crew of characters. Looking forward to hopefully reading more adventures involving the Jennings family. I think Susan or James could definitely provide fodder for a good read. Though some characters mentioned in this book are introduced in the previously mentioned prequel, this one...
  • Kathryn
    What a fun journey that Tuft has taken me on in the regency era! Playing a part as an actress or actor can only go on for so long, then being yourself and normal comes out. I loved the scene that played in my mind as I read the words of being at Alderwood and play acting with the children under the willow trees. Both Lavinia and Lucas ask each other to play a part that is anything but the truth or is it?
  • Laura
    I have read the Earl's Betrothal & was excited to see Lucas get his own story. (You do not have to read the first to enjoy this story!) I didn't want to put this book down. I was so caught up in the story I stayed up until 1:30! I chuckled when Lavina lied about Lucas being her husband & laughed out loud when he used a similar lie! The characters were so likable, I was pulling for them to figure everything out.
  • Bonnie
    This was a delightful book to read. Just as one deception seemed to iron itself out, another one was added to the mix. It kept me on my toes and turning the pages to see how many deceptions would happen and when they were going to be exposed. I would recommend this to anyone who loves a good, clean read.
  • Chesney
    I loved the authors first book The Earl’s Betrothal and was equally loved this one. I bought this on the reputation of the first and it did not disappoint. Lucas was in the first so I am glad he had his story here. Great clean novel. Can’t wait to read more from the author.
  • Karen
    This is a Romance with a similar storyline as many other books; when a couple pretends to be betrothed... and then really fall in love. However, this was told well and different than most of the regency romance books I’ve read lately. It was very refreshing. It’s cute, quick, and clean. The characters were well liked, and I found myself smiling and not wanting to put it down. I’d recommend this to anyone who likes fluffy regency romance nov...
  • Cathy
    This book is such a hoot! I loved the whole plot line, it's a Regency Romance with a twist. The heroine actress. How shocking! I loved that part of it!The heroine of this book is Ruby Chadwick or Lavinia Fernley, whichever way you prefer to see her. Lavinia has been living under the assumed name of Ruby Chadwick. Her father died, leaving her with no funds and in order to keep herself and her maid/friend Hannah alive, she's been wor...
  • Jenny
    This was a really fun book to read!
  • Charissa
    This regency romance features Ruby Chadwick, Darling of Drury Lane, a renowned actress in London who has saved up enough money to escape her fake life and start out on her own (with her quirky friends) and live a normal life as herself--Lavinia. But when she runs into trouble leaving town, she forces herself into the arms of a stranger and calls him husband to escape a sinister man who has less than honorable intentions regarding her. Lucas is sh...
  • Bethany Swafford
    Fleeing her life as renowned actress Ruby Chadwick, Lavinia underestimates how difficult it would be to leave London with her older companions. Reluctantly returning home, Lucas is moved to join a charade that will change his life.These characters are just plain adorable. Lavinia's tendency to play a character in whatever situation she faced was realistic and fun. Lucas' reaction to her was believable if more honorable than one might expect.The p...
  • Andrea
    A Gentleman's Deception is a very enjoyable piece of mind candy. Sometimes I enjoy a story with some more serious issues and depth, but often I just want an engaging, easy read, and that's just what I found with this novel. I read it fairly quickly, and I liked the characters. The actors added a fun new aspect to a Regency Romance. Their eccentricities kept you on your toes. I couldn't help but wonder after the fact what would have happened if Lu...
  • Susan
    I guess I was really in the mood to read this last week - and so was my daughter - we just ate this up. It was very fun. As the other reviews say, there is a lot of dishonesty flying about - albeit based on "honest intentions" if that makes any sense. The falsehoods began in an effort to get out of a dangerous situation, but they continue by the mouths of seasoned actors and actresses who "can't help themselves," and finally, and most surprisingl...
  • Rachel Devaughn
    This was a good historical christian fiction book that had a steady plot and great characters. I especially loved the main characters Ruby (Lavinia) and Lucas and how their romance blossomed. I love reading historical fiction from that time period-when men were gentlemen and had manners and honor. Lavinia and Lucas start the charade of being married, then engaged and then it goes on from there. Great story, worth reading ! I received a copy of th...
  • Sarah
    I loved the story line of this one. It totally felt like a Georgette Heyer plot. Some twists and turns and mistaken identity. I thought it was very fun. I loved the characters and found my self finding any possible moments to fit in another chapter. A fun clean regency romance with interesting characters that will take you for a fun ride. It felt like it should be part of a series. With so many brothers and unmarried sisters I wouldn't mind getti...
  • Lydia
    Such an amazingly delightful novel. Karen gifted us a bundle of fun characters, actors to boot. The romance of Lavania and Lucas was perfectly sweet and touching. However, it was the side characters of Artie and Delia that stole the show. Their antics mixed in with the deception made the novel fun to read and truly hard to put down. Karen is truly a gifted author.
  • Lisa
    What a delightful read! It was fun to see Lucas, from The Earl’s Betrothal, get mixed up with Lavinia and her troupe. What a brilliant cast of characters from Delia and Arte, to all of the family at Alderwood. Lavinia was smart and strong and sweet, a perfect match for Lucas. 4.5 stars.
  • Emily F
    This was a wonderful regency that I thoroughly enjoyed. The characters weren't your typical regency players, but I loved this view into another portion of Regency England. I enjoyed the characters, especially the quirky thespians. This was sweet and clean, I'd rate it PG, if not G.
  • Rachel
    I have mixed feelings about this book. I liked some parts and aspects of it, and other parts were kind of annoying. The writing and characters just couldn't capture my full interest and I considered not even finishing the story.