We Should Have Left Well Enough Alone by Ronald Malfi

We Should Have Left Well Enough Alone

A new mother is pursued by mysterious men in black. A misguided youth learns the dark secrets of the world from an elderly neighbor on Halloween night. A housewarming party where the guests never leave. A caretaker tends to his rusted relic of a god deep in the desert... In his debut short story collection, Bram Stoker Award finalist Ronald Malfi mines the depths and depravities of the human condition, exploring the dark underside of religion, ma...

Details We Should Have Left Well Enough Alone

TitleWe Should Have Left Well Enough Alone
Release DateNov 2nd, 2017
GenreHorror, Short Stories, Anthologies

Reviews We Should Have Left Well Enough Alone

  • Frank Errington
    5 of 5 Stars Review copyWe Should Have Left Well Enough Alone, the debut short story collection from Ronald Mafi, is a bit of a mixed bag. Although the twenty shorts included do make for an enjoyable read, I have to say I much prefer Malfi's recent novels to the tales included here. Little Girls made my top ten list in 2015, The Night Parade did the same in 2016, and Bone White is my favorite read so far in 2017.The Dinner Party - The story of a ...
  • Catherine Cavendish
    I am a huge fan of the author's novels. Bone White is, for me at least, one of the standout novels of the year. So I was keen to read this collection of his short stories, brought together in one volume for the first time. It is a triumph. Ronald Malfi covers practically the whole spectrum of horror within these pages - and uses a full range of storytelling methods to ensure the reader is kept alert, hooked and in the dark about what to expect ne...
  • Kimberly van Pinxteren
    I was given this to read right after I gave birth....and boy this is exactly what I needed in between preparing bottles and putting up with a lot of baby tears.It's astounding to know that every story in this collection has been written by the same author as they are all so diverse. The writing is absolutely incredible and it sucks you in from the start up to the end. Usually short story collections always include a few that leave me cold, but th...
  • Tim McWhorter
    When an author tells a story that stays with the reader long after the story ends, the author has achieved something truly remarkable. In We Should Have Left Well Enough Alone, Malfi does just that. Multiple times over. Any one of the twenty stories in this collection has the potential to stay with you like the most traumatic of nightmares. Expect to feel in awe of the author’s talent, dread for the characters involved and more than once like y...
  • Feli
    4.5*This was my first book by Ronald Malfi and I really really liked it. Definitely going to read more by him.Malfi has a great writing style and it doesn't happen too often that I sit and read and forget everything around me. While reading I really dived into the stories.My favourite one was The Dinner Party, but I really liked every story in there. This one just was, I don't know, after Stephen King's 'N.' the best short story I ever read.
  • Noelle Shay
    An engrossing collection of short stories that range from the macabre to uneasy beauty. There are definitely stories for all palates in this anthology and I’m glad I had an opportunity to dive into it.