Rivers of London Volume 5 by Ben Aaronovitch

Rivers of London Volume 5

Always outnumbered, always outfoxed!Child kidnapping is already an appalling crime, but in the latest case for Detective Constable Peter Grant--newly promoted in the ranks of London's Metropolitan Police, but with a lot still to learn about wizarding--things take a truly dark turn when the victims become prey in a homicidal hunt that Grant and the members of the Folly must stop!

Details Rivers of London Volume 5

TitleRivers of London Volume 5
Release DateMay 22nd, 2018
PublisherTitan Comics
GenreSequential Art, Graphic Novels, Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, Comics, Mystery, Crime, Fiction

Reviews Rivers of London Volume 5

  • Andrew
    This is the next in the graphic novel instalments of the Rivers of London series (Peter Grant). The book does follow the series and in fact at the end of the book (where there are usually a number of extras including one shot strips and other details) there is a chronological history where both the books and the graphics are shown. As a result there are details which are over looked (I would not say lost as that would imply you cannot enjoy this ...
  • Paul E. Morph
    The RoL crew re-enact 'The Most Dangerous Game' with some talking foxes thrown in to hammer home the allegory. Entertaining enough until the next novel arrives.
  • Roy
    Its good seeing Peter and co in another novel although very limited time with Peter in this one. Others appear as the main character. The story itself is pretty cliched and simple, nothing really original. Its been told a million times with different authors. Just waiting for November for the next real Novel in the series.
  • Margaret
    The latest graphic novel in Ben Aaronovitch's Rivers of London series.Characters from earlier graphic novel "Night Witch" appear, along with Abigail and that slimely little refugee from the hunt, Reynard Fossman.I can't give an synopsis without given the plot away. It's a fairly simple plot, but executed with style and wit.The little visual gifts are as delightful as ever. Reynard is watching "Basil Brush" on television... sweetly Basil's compani...
  • Rana
    More, please. I cry excellent story!
  • Hamti
    Hm. Also ich bin etwas enttäuscht. Bis jetzt haben mir die Comics gefallen aber an diesem hier hab ich ein bisschen was auszusetzen. Und dabei würde ich es gerne mögen wollen, da es um Füchse geht. Das beste an dem Band ist definitiv Abigail. Ich mag ihr Character Design und finde sie eh eine großartige Bereicherung für das Universum. Aber es gab mir hier ein bisschen zu viel Damsel in Distress Thematik (Abigail und Guleed sind bad ass aber...
  • Emily
    These graphic novel additions to the Grant/Nightingale world continue to be consistently good. It was fun to see Abigail in action in this installment.
  • Aimee
    Sated my appetite for Peter Grant while I wait impatiently for Lies Sleeping.
  • Sasha
    Graphic novel edition of a Peter Grant short story is a good little taster but I prefer the full novels. Art work is good though
  • Terra
    The more I read these Peter Grant comics, the more I like them. This one involved Abigail playing innocent while wearing a T-shirt that said “Monday: The Struggle Is Real,” so I’d say that’s an automatic four-star situation.
  • Sarah
    Wow, that was surprisingly disappointing. The plot was both convoluted and cliche. Non of the characters got to be very active in their own story, or at least not in a way that ultimately mattered bc of deus ex nightingale. Also the tone just felt really off - assuming I cared about this plot that’s been done so many times it should have felt heavier. The characters should have added their own weight and perspective. Bleh
  • Dan
    This latest Rivers of London graphic novel may well be my favourite yet. When the daughter of a Russian oligarch goes missing Grant and Nightingale are called in. Then it turns out that Abigail has gone missing too. With some help from some foxes the Folly realises demi-monde inhabitant Reynard is involved so it must be trouble. Soon, Abigail and Guleed find themselves the prey in a homicidal hunt. Essentially this volume gives us the classic sto...
  • Raj
    This fifth graphic novel of Peter Grant's adventures concerns some posh scum who re-enact the film A Very Dangerous Game for fun (i.e. hunting, but with the prey being humans, not foxes), except they choose Peter's cousin Abigail as their next victim, which goes about as well as you'd expect.There's some interesting stuff here, including the involvement of Reynard Fossman, who's out for revenge against the Folly, but there's little in the way of ...
  • Sarah
    The graphic novels continue to be nowhere near as good as the regular novels, but they throw in some added interest, and keeps me in touch with the universe while I wait for Lies Sleeping to come out.With this one, I like that Abigail gets a bit more page time, but most of the rest of the crew is pretty background for most of the book. And while I enjoy references to The Most Dangerous Game, there's not really anything new or original in its use ...
  • Jen
    Another quick story that takes place in between the novels. (In this case, post The Hanging Tree and pre whatever's next.) The action takes place some time after "Night Witch" in the Detective Stories graphic novel. Happy to see that Abigail and Guleed have larger roles in this story, although I was hoping to see more interaction between them during the "chase" portion. It felt like some of the storyline was too rushed, but I tend to feel that wa...
  • Molokov
    This next entry into the Rivers of London comic series seemed a little short - but I think that's because it was only 4 issues instead of the longer 6-issue stories from the first few volumes. The story itself is a good an interesting one, although Peter himself is hardly in it, so it's not really quite the same as the rest of the RoL series (novels included). Art is superb as always, and I still love the one-page stories at the back of the volum...
  • Tracey
    The man working in the local bookshop recommended this series, though did recommend starting with the books rather than the graphic novels. I don't know what I missed out on but do feel that there were some things I missed by not having read anything before this. Having said that it can be read as a stand alone story and was pretty entertaining. I will follow the bookstore workers advice and go back to the beginning and start there but I don't fe...
  • Sadie Slater
    Rivers of London; Cry Fox is the latest of the graphic novels in Ben Aaronovitch's Rivers of London series. Like the others, it's basically a short piece of casefic which sits outside the main arc plot of the novels; it was an enjoyable if very quick read and I particularly liked getting to see a bit more of Abigail Kamara in this one.
  • Ron
    A Russian mobster's daughter was kidnapped. Again. Only this time for real. And in part it was all a trap for to capture a police officer for a "Dangerous Game." Think Deliverance only with fox hounds and English horses. Part of the criminals got nabbed, but the real nasty worker got away which leaves open the possibility of more foxy funny stuff.
  • Trish Graboske
    Every addition to The Rivers of London is welcome. I wish this installment could have had more of Peter Grant and his wry wit, though. I would add one thing to "The Fox of Folklore, Myth, & Culture", if I may: the name of Zorro, the clever man of mystery who always escapes, means "The Fox" in Spanish.
  • Jennybeast
    Mmmmm, good story. Hopefully this doesn't break Abigail and Dan Russell's friendship permanently.
  • Glennis
    Review to come
  • Steven
    Fun & a good if predictable read.
  • Eric
    I read this as individual issues. The Rivers of London series - whether the prose series or the graphic novel series - continues to be a real delight to read.
  • Susanna
    Not as good as the previous one. Still solid Rivers of London stuff. Loved the foxes!
  • Sarah Webber
    I liked it but it didn't allow Abigail to do anything interesting. Ah, well. Still, very pretty.
  • Chris
    Another good addition to the series - and I really appreciate the timeline in the back of these that shows you where each of the graphic novels fits with the other books.
  • Mark
    DPL hoopla