The Perfect Weapon by David E. Sanger

The Perfect Weapon

From the premiere New York Times Washington correspondent, a stunning and incisive look into how cyberwarfare is influencing elections, threatening national security, and bringing us to the brink of global war.Behind the Russian cyberattacks that may have thrown the 2016 election; behind the Sony hack; behind mysterious power outages around the world and the disappearance of thousands of personnel records from poorly guarded government servers ar...

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TitleThe Perfect Weapon
Release DateJun 19th, 2018
GenreNonfiction, Science, Technology, Politics

Reviews The Perfect Weapon

  • Brandon Forsyth
    David Sanger is simply the best writer alive working on issues of global and American security, and his latest book proves how far ahead he is of everyone else in his field. His meticulous reporting and cogent analysis of where cyber warfare is headed makes an urgent argument for international standards (a "digital Geneva Convention" is mentioned) to be discussed and adopted with haste. From the Iranian centrifuge sabotage to Russian hacking of U...
  • Radiantflux
    66th book for 2018.Nice summary of current situation around cyberwar from an American perspective. This is a scary world where large state players (China and Russia, but also North Korea and Iran) are increasingly intruding (attacking?) US targets. The US is largely unprotected from a cyberattack, which could take down power, water etc. relatively easily. Having read this it's really unclear how secure US voting systems are from an attack during ...
  • Kyle
    David Sanger is one of the best foreign affairs writers on the planet and is in a rare position of authority to report on the inner workings of the cyber sphere as few others can. This book paints a sweeping picture of the current international cyber situation and sets forth the problems and conflicts likely to arise in the coming decades. It reveals a vulnerable US infrastructure and a naive and uncompromising US govt winging policies from admin...
  • Joshua McGee
    Profound, chilling, eye-opening, and researched in great detail. Provides excellent coverage of current issues through a compelling narrative and makes powerful suggestions for our necessary path forward, as a country and as a species.
  • Peter O'Kelly
    A review to consider:
  • Andrew Morris
    Worth reading. Not much new information for people who live in this industry but a nice concise account of the past decade of cyber conflict and it how it relates to geopolitics.
  • Shirley
    A solid review of cyber security events and trends over the last twenty years, adding context and background information that was hinted at, but not reported at the time.A "must-read" for anyone concerned about the integrity and vulnerability of civic and societal infrastructure, including election systems, electric power systems, manufacturing, information systems and governance.
  • John Venable
    Great and scary book. Didn't read quite as well as Confront and Conceal, but was still well written and a compelling narrative about the last several years in "cyberwar."