Dissemble (Allegiance #2) by Sarah Addison-Fox

Dissemble (Allegiance #2)

Once you’re in, you’re in for life. Plunged into the heart of the country she fled, with one chance to unlock her past, Celeste must employ every skill she has to protect the unsuspecting family she’s grown to love.With her future, and that of the Haynes family, dependent on her success, a newly trained Celeste is sent undercover to the capital city of Kyraenea.Celeste’s new handler Torrance Kyle has plans that don’t involve doing his j...

Details Dissemble (Allegiance #2)

TitleDissemble (Allegiance #2)
Release DateFeb 17th, 2018
PublisherDouble Edged Sword Publishing
GenreFantasy, Romance, Christian, Young Adult, Adult, Science Fiction, Dystopia

Reviews Dissemble (Allegiance #2)

  • Shannon Hiner
    Ready to dive back in?You only think you are. Whereas Disowned was a sweet-talking mild-mannered introduction to the Allegiance series, Dissemble strides through the door of the tavern, half-doors swinging wide, spurs glistening, and a devilish tilt to its cowboy hat--ready to take on the world. Prepared? In your dreams. This novel knows what its talking about, and isn't afraid to tell you the story. Come what may. The pacing is a lot faster here...
  • Katelyn Buxton
    ~ I received a free ARC in exchange for an honest review ~Dissemble takes the world that we were introduced to in Disowned and builds upon it in a realistic and familiar way. We’re reintroduced to Celeste and Mick, as well as the rest of the Haynes family, plus a whole new cast of characters that add brand-new intrigue to the storyline.Along the way Celeste is forced to confront her past, and her relationship with a certain *cough* corporal blo...
  • Ivie
    Oh. My. Word. This. Book.I LOVE IT!! I really can't wait to read the next one. Let's see if I can collect my jumbled thoughts enough for a review worthy of this book.Story WorldWe continue in the world from book one, but now things are heating up. Everything is different with the characters and I just... ASDFGHJKL!!!PlotCeleste is on a quest, a mission, and she will stop at nothing. I love how strong this book was. Book one is great, don't get me...
  • Karis
    This book is great, okay? Just read it—that is what I am tempted to just leave my review at because it would sum it all up. However, you might not be convinced you have to drop everything to read it yet, so I’ll do my best to persuade you. I’ve had the honor of first handedly seeing this book grow into the book that it is now since its first draft, and it is incredible to see the finished result. Dissemble, book two of the Allegiance series...
  • Deborah O'Carroll
    (Originally reviewed on my book blog: https://thepagedreamer.wordpress.com/...)Ten Thoughts on Dissemble1. Well, well! That was intense! O_O I enjoyed book one (Disowned), but this sequel takes things to a totally new level. While the first one was a bit more of a quiet adventure (though still with its spots of action/peril) and I really liked that, book two has a whole other feel to it, with stakes raised, and gets more serious with lots of stuf...
  • Savannah Jezowski
    I was very excited to read the second book in the Allegiance Series by budding novelist, Sarah Addison-Fox. Book One surprised me with its unique nature, how the author combined a YA themed novel with family values, and book two followed in the same venue but with some new twists of its own.What I liked: Book Two is just as fast paced and endearing as book one, but it is a harsher tale. The heroine, a former slave, finds herself in new and more d...
  • Tricia Mingerink
    In this action-packed second book in the Allegiance series, Sarah Addison-Fox packs a wallop of heart-tugging characters and heart-pounding action. Both the characters and the author find their stride and footing in this book. If the worldbuilding was good in the first book, but perhaps lacked a tiny bit of clarity, it was crystal clear and stark in this book. If the plot took a bit to ramp up its tension in the first book, this book marched alon...
  • Faith/Florid Sword
    Lovely. :)
  • Laura A. Grace
    This story surprised me in numerous ways! You see a lot more of everyone's real colors and there is even more of a higher edge of danger then before.I knew going in that this story had more "grit" then the first book, which I was fine with, but I didn't expect for things to be so intense! :o :o :o I don't mean that in a bad way, but things really take off from where things ended in book one. Celeste gets no break and admired her for fighting to s...
  • Allyson
    While Disowned quietly introduces readers to the countries of Kyraena and Etraea, the war, and the lovely characters, Dissemble takes all the previous information and floors the gas into an unforgettable tale of adventure! Celeste has done what she believes is best for the Haynes family, only to find herself in increasing danger. Little does she know that her knight in shining armor is on the way… and it. Gets. GOOD. We get to see Celeste break...