End of the Rope by Jan Redford

End of the Rope

In the tradition of Cheryl Strayed’s Wild comes this funny and gritty debut memoir in which Jan Redford grows from a nomadic rock climber to a mother who fights to win back her future. "Compassionate and courageous, End of the Rope shows us that there are many types of bravery required, not just in the wilderness, but in surviving day to day life." —Tanis Rideout, author of Above All Things After the love of her life is killed in an avalanch...

Details End of the Rope

TitleEnd of the Rope
Release DateMay 8th, 2018
PublisherCounterpoint Press
GenreAutobiography, Memoir, Nonfiction, Environment, Nature

Reviews End of the Rope

  • Krista
    When I scrunched my body under the big roof, preparing myself to commit to pulling up and over the edge, I looked down at Doc, eighty feet below. It was a long way away. My two blond children danced in front of my eyes for a moment like fairies. Your children will be okay if their mother's okay, Sarah had said in Victoria. Did I want my kids to see their mom bake cookies all day and make lunch for a logger, or climb steep cracks and go to univers...
  • Booksandchinooks (Laurie)
    I received a copy of this book from PenguinRandomHouse Canada for an honest review. I’m attracted to memoirs like this and since it was written by a fellow Canadian and a lot of it takes place near where I live I was even more intrigued. I have a hiker and kayaker in my family so knew of many of the locations mentioned. I am also a camper so have been to a lot of the places talked about as well as I’m very familiar with the towns and cities. ...
  • Janelle
    Thank you so much Counterpoint Press for providing my free copy of END OF THE ROPE by Jan Redford - all opinions are my own.After reading books such as Wild and Into Thin Air, I’ve been looking for a new adventure to embark on and this book exceeded my expectations in every way. This is a deeply personal, moving memoir that I wholeheartedly recommend. Set in Canada, Redford is a woman mountaineer, who writes some very compelling climbing storie...
  • Rebecca
    "Sometimes I felt like the only cure for whatever I had was to live in a cabin in the bush, alone with myself, where no one could influence my decisions, my lifestyle, what I ate, said, did, or felt. I was a chameleon; if I sat down beside a blue person I’d turn blue, beside a green person I’d turn green. I didn’t have my own colour. The only thing that had seemed like my own was climbing."I wasn't sure what to expect with this one and I de...
  • Elaine Corden
    A fresh, funny, engaging and relatable story that dares to hold the risks and challenges of mountaineering up against the risks and challenges of being a feminist while hopelessly romantic, or a mother while hungry for more than motherhood alone offers. This is a fantastically confident debut—I can’t wait for Jan Redford’s next book.
  • Kristin
    Bravery takes practice.
  • Melissa T
    *Please note, I won this book via Goodreads Giveaways*This was quite the story. It details Jan's life, highlighting her semi unstable childhood, growing up with a father who drinks too much, and a mother who followed him from place to place, because she didn't have another option. Unfortunately for Jan, she falls into the same cycle, after going through a bit of a wild phase.Climbing is the highlight of the book. It's not something I've ever read...
  • Megschuurman
    Found this book at my local library while trying to find memoirs of motherhood. I'm not a rock climber, so maybe that influenced my experience of the book, but I found it to be really lacklustre. The writing isn't at all poetic or insightful (I got excited when I saw the Annie Dillard quote at the beginning, but there was nothing reflective of her writing in the book), and could have been much more reflective, given the writer's life experience. ...
  • Eva
    Jan has loved mountain climbing ever since she tried it for the first time. It was a way to escape her difficult home life. She realized she was good at this and got even better from climbing with others in the climbing community.When her boyfriend Dan is killed in an avalanche, she is devastated. Dan’s climbing partner Grant offers support and she marries him. She is busy raising her young family and almost abandons climbing. Grant is away fro...
  • Prcs Rambharose
    What a marvellous book this turned out to be ,You literally feel like your climbing with Jan every step of the way and feel every emotion that she feels especially When her 2 partners die from climbing, also many of her friends have fallen and not recovered from their injurys. I guess this Is part of the risk you take when you climb..... She managed to overcome many obstacles In her life ,and became a teacher , and a mother of 2 young children sh...
  • Evelyn
    I received this book free through Goodreads. Loved it! I was hooked right from the start! The beginning of the book seemed like it was the life I had when I was a kid and the life I wanted to have after I left home but didn't have the guts to pursue since I went to university right after high school and didn't do Katimavik or NOLS like I wanted to, like Jan did! After though, I did move to a mountain town and had some adventure but then my life t...
  • Anne
    Good Lord, this book is a roller coaster of emotions! I love how Redford opened up her whole heart for this one, how she invited us in and said "look at this mess I made, now watch me fight my way out." In a way it's frustrating watching her struggle so hard, but in another way.... life is frustrating. it's a struggle. We make choices and sometimes they are terrible, but I love how Redford let's us peer into her life and be inspired, perhaps lear...
  • Vera
    Won a copy of this. Always loved the mountains, but after reading this may never think of them the same. Mountain climbing a challenge many would never be up to.But with Jan Mountain Climbing not her only challenge. Sometimes not such great luck with the guys either. She was a very courageous and compassionate person. Pushed herself over the limit many of times. Would recommend to others.
  • Luisa
    I won a copy of this book on goodreads in exchange for an honest review. Memoirs are usually not my thing. This book had a nice flow and provided a insight to the lives of mountain climbers. Being from Toronto mountain climbing is not something I was exposed to. My only fault is the book seemed to come up short at the end, I would have liked her to have explored more of her journey through completing her masters and her teaching career. Overall a...
  • Marissa
    Goodreads Copy WinThis tells the story of a woman struggling in a marriage before she realizes that she needs to let go of her marriage before it destroys her and her family. A poignant look at how things slowly spiral as we try to make things work out. Set in the backdrop of the world of climbing in Western Canada.
  • Tracy Rose
    this book was unexpected. i read it in a day and a half! Jan's writing is so raw and full of unapologetic truth. i appreciated her candor on the rock and off. she made me feel like i wasn't alone in the struggle for having it all.
  • Patricia Levack
    Mountains! This book is about the conquering of the mountains that you climb and the mountains that you face in your life. It was interesting to learn what is involved in living the life of people who only want to climb but it left me wanting more. This book was free from Goodreads.
  • An
    Disclaimer: I received an advance reader's copy of this book via Goodreads' Giveaways. End of the Rope by Jan Redford will be available in stores this May.
  • Molly
    Beautifully written memoir. For me at this point in my life/climbing obsession, this was perfect.
  • Wendy Kravetz
    Thank you for an advanced copy enjoyed this book
  • Noelle Walsh
    This book was good. If one is interested in memoirs and mountain climbing, then this is a book to consider adding to one's bookshelf.
  • Kim
  • Sarah Boon
    This is the second book I've read that came out of the Banff Centre's Mountain and Wilderness writing program, and I haven't been impressed with either of them. Redford's book is billed as a memoir but is probably more accurately an autobiography. It's in completely chronological order - no moving back and forth in time. The book is also completely self-referential - no mention of anything happening in the larger world around her during the time ...
  • M.
    Interesting story of why we do things.