Shadow Wings (Darkest Drae, #2) by Raye Wagner

Shadow Wings (Darkest Drae, #2)

I will never be controlled again.A manipulative dragon shifter. A sexy phaetyn prince. Me? I shouldn’t even exist. With peace established in Verald, I should be free; Lord Tyrrik is liberated from his blood oath, after all. But the freedom in Verald is an illusion. If I remain, destruction will surely follow. As soon as I come into my powers, the blood-thirsty emperor of Draecon will know. Even now, he is hunting me. When a Phaetyn prince arriv...

Details Shadow Wings (Darkest Drae, #2)

TitleShadow Wings (Darkest Drae, #2)
GenreFantasy, Dragons, Romance, Young Adult, Magic

Reviews Shadow Wings (Darkest Drae, #2)

  • Sakina Carter
    I love this series. This was a great book. I love Ryn and Tyrrick relationship so much.In this book, we get to see their relationship progress as Ryn learn to deal with all the new revelations in her life.We also learn more about the Phaetyn people and how Ryn came into her Phaetyn powers.Really looking forward to the next book.
  • Katarina Silva
    NOVA ReviewBlood Oath the Darkest Drae, #1 was amazing. Easily one of my favorite books. EVER. I was afraid that since I liked it so much, Shadow Wings wouldn’t be as good. I WAS WRONG. Shadow Wings managed to be even better. It left me Speechless and Blew my mind all at the same time."Slap me with a pancake and call me a potato!"Shadow Wings is a book where humor, sarcasm, romance and Fantasy blend beautifully and create a story that’s hard ...
  • Taveena Kade
    “Slap me with a pancake and call me a potato!”And I though the first book was amazing!! Shadow Wings is an amazing mix of sarcasm , heartbreak, and adventure. The plot was way more intricate that the first book, and a lot of new character were introduced. “Um, did you want any?”Tyrrik snorted. “If I do?”I chewed again, pushing the food to the side of my mouth. “I’m not sure, honestly. I was hoping you’d say no.”Ryn and Tyrol...
  • LaShanta Charles
    Tyrrick!!It's very rare that I read a second book in a series and it by far exceeds every single one of my expectations while also being so much better than the first, so kudos to the authors because this book did all that and more.I loved so many things about this book. I loved that Ryn didn't just accept everything. I liked that she was cynical and didn't trust easily. I loved how her and Tyrrick interacted with each other; equal parts hilariou...
  • Kira Assad
    Stop what you are doing and READ THIS BOOK! I am not joking, the Darkest Drae series is by far one of my favorite series. It is definitely in my top 10. Ryn is really becoming her own in this sequel as she begins to come to terms with her Paethyn and Drae self. It was also heart warming to see her be able to have some semblance of freedom, something she was severely lacking in book one. Yet, she is still bound by many obligations that are being f...
  • Katelyn Anderson
    Mistress Moons! This book was INCREDIBLE. Definitely one of the best I've read this year! Shadow Wings blew Blood Oath out of the water. I can't even word right now. I'll add more to this review if I can remember how to function properly in the real world after being blown away by this beautiful piece of fiction.
  • Jamie
    Great BookI have stalked this second book, since the first one came out. I have nothing bad to say about this book. Strong female character who is human and flawed. Great male alpha male character who is silent but resilient and strong. I can't wait until the next book.
  • Hetal
    4.9 butt-moon stars! RTC tonight
  • Ashley
    Amazing. Funny. Definitely worth the wait!! I've been waiting for this second book since the first was released. I of course devoured it in a day and now I'm sadly waiting on the third :( We again follow Ryn as she over comes her tragic experience and learns how to heal. Shadow wings picks up right where book 1, Blood Oath, left off. Ryn, Tyrrik and Dyter set off to help Ryn learn about her phaetyn side. Ryn's phaetyn side was a big part of book ...
  • Jemimah Zafoune
    Oh my did I love and enjoy this book as much as the first, actually I think I enjoyed it more! Ryn grows and develops in this book but is still her usual funny self. I love her as a character and her attitude to everything around her but she also has a heart of gold. Her inner monologues crack me up and she's no longer as naive as she once was, which in some ways is sad, but in the world she's in she needs to be clever and guarded.Yet again the w...
  • Touch of Madness
    Yes, yes, yes! Am so happy to say I loved this just as much as ‘Blood Oath’, if not more! I was actually quite worried going in to this book because I loved the first book so much, but ‘Shadow Wings’ did not disappoint. The relationship between Ryn and Tyrrick develops a lot and it is fire between them (quite literally). There’s banter between the two that had me laughing a lot at some moments but then there is also some serious and sen...
  • Jennifer
    This book picks up almost right where the last one left off. Ryn is now free and smarting from learning the truth about Tyrrick. I loved how the relationship between Ryn and Tyrrick evolves. I love that Ryn holds her own and doesn't just get over it in a day. There has to be open and honest discussions between the two of them and Ryn has to keep in mind the hell Tyrrick went through too and what it might have done to him. My other favorite relati...
  • Dawn Yacovetta
    This one picks up from the devastation left by the ending of Blood Oath. It follows Ryn and Dyter, and yes, Lord Tyrrik the Drae, on their adventure to the Phaetyn kingdom where Ryn has the chance to learn more about her Phaetyn side. But as her 18th birthday approaches, she she must face the fact that her Drae side will come into play, and who better to help her through it than Lord Broody-Pants, the Drae she can't seem to shake. When she faces ...
  • Emma
    This book came to me at the most prefect time as it was just what I needed!Ryn is such an easy character to relate to for me, she has grown so much in such a short time as she has been through so much! Loved the thing with the treasures as well so funny! I do really hope that soon we get to see her interact more with someone like her. I think that is one thing the series is missing for me a kick butt BFF for Ryn.It was great to learn more about t...
  • Victoria Barbosa
    OMG! I seriously LOVED this. It ended exactly how I had been hoping it would. But, my most favorite thing about it was that it was seriously jam packed with so much angst I literally could not put it down. Tyrrik is seriously amazing! I loved him immediately in 'Blood Oath' even when he was being a complete ass to Ryn, I just knew that he was not the bad guy he seemed to be. His true self definitely showed in this book and it just made me love hi...
  • Rue
    SPOILERS!!! I knew it... mates. M A T E S though it took them over half the book to finally admit that so I didn’t get too many cute scenes 😪The romance between the two of them is the only reason I’m reading this book for the record! And the authors kinda made it super hard to power through the book with their awkward phrases and even awkwarder catch phrases or whatever. Whenever Ryn wants to curse girl says “pancakes” or something wit...
  • Ola Adamska
    What was that! This book was unbelievable good and imaginative!Ryn - may I have her as BFF? Her two sides Paethyn and Drae are merging and creating someone completely new creature - Drae with Phaethon powers. Ryn was developing in this book - she made me furious few times, BUT in the end, she was able to get over it. After that, she became one of my of today.Tyrrik - he was an enigma to me, I didn't know what to fink bout him after book 1. t the ...
  • Pam Foster
    I’m a little speechless after finishing this story, the roller coaster ride that it’s taken me on has just blown my mind completely!!! Raye and Kelly have brought readers something really special with this series and I know the characters will stay with me for a long time. I honestly felt like I was in a movie while I was reading I was totally captivated by what was happening with Ryn and Tyrrik, I felt I was right there with them!! The adven...
  • A.M. Martin
    5 out of 5Slap me with a pancake and call me a potato! I could exist on that smell alone. I loved it so much I could roll around in it, lick it up like syrup, I could…blink….Ryn!! I love her sense of humor and her fascination with gems! This book picks up where the last one leaves off. We learn a lot more things in this book. I was worried there for awhile that Ryn wasn’t going to step up to the plate but she did in her way. The broody Drae...
  • Nikki
    I loved the first one so much and was afraid the second wouldn’t live up, but it too is full of surprises and full of adventure. It honestly may have been even better than the first one! I found myself smiling and feeling giddy throughout so many parts. Tyrrik and Ryn are just adorable 😍 I hated the book to end. Even when I got to the 50% part, I kinda panicked a little because I knew I was getting too close to the end and I never wanted to ...
  • Kappagirlut
    Gah! So so so good! Read it all day today and then went into a book coma because now I have to wait until May. I don’t normally give 5 star reviews and I hardly ever give 2 in a row for a series. Normally the 2nd book in a trilogy isn’t the best, but this is even better than the first! This book has everything I look for in a good escape book: romance, a little bit of angst, world building, but the focus stays more on character development ra...
  • Amanda
    Love love love this series!The firat book was good but you could tell the authors were trying to find their groove.. Well they absolutely nailed it with this one! The first book was a little disjointed to me but i enjoyed the premise and the characters and i could see the potential so i decided to read the second book. So glad i did! this one was so smooth and flawless the characters and transitions situations and emotions were all perfectly in t...
  • Lee
    Good second book.Ryn grew a lot in this book but holy heck she was annoying and just way too hard on Tyrrik. Give the guy a break. And she was very immature.But I’m glad in the end she finally moved her stubborn head out of her you know where and came to her senses. Took her long enough.I loved Tyrrik. He should be given sainthood for putting up with Ryn.Look forward to the next book. Should be interesting now that they found who they did at th...
  • Melanie
    The sequel was almost better than the first bookI'm really enjoying this series. I love the world, the characters, and the relationships. Ryn has an amazing character voice and she grows a lot in this book. I also appreciate that, after going through such hardships in the first book, she has wounds she needs to heal and she isnt just miraculously fine like heroine in some books are. The worst thing about this book is that it ended! While there is...
  • phina offor
    FantasyIt was I good read but I prefer the first book, Bezos it had a lot of actions and kept me on my toes. Book 2 I think was more about developing the relationship btw our main characters and an insight what the next instalment will be about. I really liked the gradual processing of their romance becos obviously forgiving him wouldn't been that easy and jazz I loved all the informations about dragons, which I :) never been a fan of .I surely c...
  • Ann
    Holy drae babies, I cannot explain how much I love this series. Ryn is awesome and has been through so much but is still willing to fight for what is right. Dyter is the best father figure, he only wants what's best for ryn even if she doesn't understand why. I liked meeting other phaetyn in this book even if most of them ended up being awful. It was nice for ryn to meet some of her people. Also having ryn embrace her drae side and shift. By the ...
  • Bethany Griffin
    Incredible read! I thought I loved Ryn in Blood Oath, but her character in Shadow Wings only grew in every way! Becoming Drae fits her so well, and the transition seemed seamless, unlike similar situations in other books. The authors expanded the Drae/Phaetyn world and explained a lot in this sequel, I loved learning about them. Tyrrick is absolutely my favorite character, and I love that Dyter got a bigger part in this book. I really CANNOT wait...
  • The Book Trollop
    Well.... now what am I supposed to do for three months???I enjoyed this ride, I wanted a little less angst as it pertained to Ty and Ryn, I thought the back and forth between the two MC became redundant. I was over it about half way through. Other than that this story is everything I love about fantasy. The world building was phenomenal and the characters kept me engaged. I was drawn in from the start and I cannot wait until the final book is out...
  • Shawn
    Holy Pancakes what an awesome read!Ryn and Tyrrik even more in the second book! Rage and Kelly takes you on a magical rollercoaster ride with side splitting laughter, omg that did not just happen moments and holy pancakes are you kidding me. I loved the humor, drama and suspense in the tale that these two ladies wove. Truly an amazing read, one couldn't ask for more from a book