The Sinners (Quinn Colson, #8) by Ace Atkins

The Sinners (Quinn Colson, #8)

In the new novel from New York Times -bestselling crime master Ace Atkins, violence comes in many forms...and this time it may be more than Quinn Colson can handle. The Pritchards had never been worth a damn--an evil, greedy family who made their living dealing drugs and committing mayhem. Years ago, Colson's late uncle had put the clan's patriarch in prison, but now he's getting out, with revenge, power, and family business on his m...

Details The Sinners (Quinn Colson, #8)

TitleThe Sinners (Quinn Colson, #8)
Release DateJul 17th, 2018
PublisherG.P. Putnam's Sons
GenreMystery, Thriller, Fiction, Crime, Adult

Reviews The Sinners (Quinn Colson, #8)

  • Kemper
    I received a free advance copy from NetGalley for review.The Pritchards are just some good ole boys, never meaning no harm. Making their way the only way they know how. That’s just a little bit more than Sheriff Quinn Colson will allow. Ah, damn it. I think I owe Waylon Jenning’s estate a royalty payment now.This one starts out way back in the prehistoric days of 1993 with Tibbehah County Sheriff Hamp Beckett finally nailing his nemesis, a he...
  • Maureen Carden
    When my husband and I would sit around with our friends recalling stories about Mississippi criminals, we would always preface them with “You just can’t make this shit up.” Well I hope to God that Ace Atkins made up most of his stories in the wonderful The Sinners. Even in North Mississippi I don’t think most of the wide variety of thugs and redneck criminals in the Quin Colson series could exist outside of Mr. Atkins’ fertile mind. The...
  • Eric
    The Sinners by Ace Atkins is number eight in the Quinn Colson series. Atkins' Colson is the former Army Ranger and current sheriff of Tibbehah County, Mississippi. In this novel, Colson is in preparation for his wedding to a character introduced in a previous novel and while doing so, different arms of criminality are snaking through Tibbehah County, sometimes in conflict with each other and later conjoining in the ending to the novel. The novel ...
  • Tim
    I received a copy of this book from the publisher through NetGalley to read and review.THE SINNERS by Ace Atkins is the 8th book in the Quinn Colson series where Quinn, the former Ranger, is now again sheriff of Tibbehah Country, Missouri where he grew up, and is investigating the disappearance of a young man who worked for Fannie Hathcock and is now presumed to have met with foul play.Heath Pritchard is a local criminal recently released from pr...
  • Ed
    #8 in the Quinn Colson series. This 2018 entry from author Atkins is not an endorsement of rural Mississippi life, with its emphasis on sex for sale, race cars, and drug dealing. It seemed that this entry leaned heavier on a redneck mentality than the prior entries in this series. It was probably the influence of the Pritchards. A amusing bit was the reference to stable genius and the plaint of a marijuana grower about the elf from Alabama going ...
  • Aristotle
    Pritchards of JerichoJust the bad ol' boysNever meanin' no goodBeen in trouble with the lawSince the day they was bornPart Dukes of HazardPart Breaking BadPart Smokey and the BanditAn ok episodic read. Better if you start from book 1 The Ranger.So the Pritchard boys Tyler and Cody like to spend their days racing cars, smoking weed, and causing mayhem. Their Uncle Jessie i mean Heath spent the last 25 years in jail and now is home to run the famil...
  • HornFan2 (Mike)
    Thanks to, Ace Atkins and Penguin Group Putnam for the advance ARC copy for my honest review. Quinn Colson's back, the tougher than nails Sheriff of Tibbehah County, he's ready to battle the Dixie Mafia, the redneck Pritchard's and can't forget his pending wedding. His former right-hand women Lillie Virgil just 99 miles up the road in Memphis, wears a U.S. Marshall badge now and 'The Sinners'picks up action wise were 'The Fallen' en...
  • Amanda
    I found myself reading this in a southern voice in my head. Especially with the police. This is a very good down home, pot growing kind of book. I love the way the author built up the characters. This is the first book I have read by this author and it won’t be the last. Thank you to NetGalley for letting me review this book.
  • Joan
    The Pritchard clan’s Uncle Heath, fresh out of a lengthy stint at Parchman, is back at the family farm with a plan for revenge. His nephews, Tyler and Cody, have moved the marijuana field underground and business is thriving [and keeping them on the racetrack circuit]. Much to the boys’ consternation, Heath moves in, begins issuing orders, and makes himself right at home. Fannie Hathcock has taken over the “gentleman’s club” for the now...
  • Larry
    Johnny Stagg was bad. His successor, Faye, is evil in four-inch heels. Quinn Colson is a good sheriff, but he was better before his assistant sheriff, Lily, left to work for the feds, and before he got caught up in his wedding. Tibbehah County is still a hotbed for crime and stupidity, and the consistent nature of it all has me worn down as a reader.
  • Clinton Greaves
    I've been reading Ace Atkins since the Nick Travers novels. It has been a great pleasure watching him grow as a writer, now to the point where he is arguably the best crime novelist on the planet. That is not hyperbole. You can count on Ace Atkins to deliver a novel with hard characters making hard choices. You can count on those characters delivering lines of sterling dialogue. You can count on those characters being so developed you the reader ...
  • Lisa
    Gritty police procedural set in what one character calls "the ass-crack of America," rural northern Mississippi. Colorful regional language and a variety of oddball characters give this book a strong sense of place, but the plot is unremarkable, which I consider a pretty important aspect of a detective novel. Enjoyable and fast read nonetheless.
  • Lynne
    Another great thriller in the Quinn Colson series by Ace Atkins! I felt it started a bit slow but then took off with lots of action - can't wait for the next one! Thank you NetGalley for the advanced copy.
  • Jay
    The new Quinn Colson thriller 'The Sinners' finds the series lead back in the driver's seat as the lead character (I thought he played more of a supporting role in the previous book).The Sheriff of Tibbehah County has a lot on his plate. Besides the day to day business of being the law in his county, there's his pending wedding to Maggie Powers. And that's taking up more time than he would ever have thought he'd have to expend. Beset on all sides...
  • Tom Donaghey
    THE SINNERS by Ace Atkins is the eighth book in his Quinn Colson series but the first I have read. Set in the north end of Mississippi, this has all the hallmarks of a southern gothic with today’s headlines tossed in for a sweetner. Quinn is the sheriff of Tibbehah Country where a lot of good people live. Too bad there are rats in the walls. The Pritchard boys and their newly released from prison uncle, race cars, grow fine pot and stir the mix...
  • Debbie
    I absolutely LOVE this series by Ace Atkins. While this was the 8th book in the series, it was my 4th or 5th book. I didn't start at the beginning, but I started as soon as I could. Tibbehah County has always got something going on, even though it's so small. And this book had lots going on. There are three different sets of bad guys and you definitely don't want to get caught up in their crap. Quinn Colson is kind of like an old time Western she...
  • Donna
    4.5stars. Former Army Ranger Quinn Colson is sheriff of Tibbehah, Mississippi and he is deep into preparations for his wedding. Someone finds a cut up body in a truck toolbox and the unlucky fellow was the right hand man of Fannie Hathcock, the woman who runs the local strip club. One primary suspect is Heath Pritchard who just got out of prison after serving 23 years. Quinn's uncle put him there when he was sheriff. Heath is full of testosterone...
  • Alex Carbo
    An episodic installement for the Quinn Colson gang in Tibbehah County that is more of an homage to Smokey And The Bandit than anything else this time.As usual, Ace Atkins doesn't disappoint when the time comes to make the story progress using dialogue and character interractions. He's become quite the master at it actually and those two points are worth reading any new chapter of the Colson Series.I particularily appreciate the fact that Atkins m...
  • Don Gorman
    (3 1/2). Between the Colson series and his revival of Parker's Spenser franchise, Atkins has become a must read author for me. His feel for the South in these Quinn Colson books is terrific. It reminds me of James Lee Burke in the early days. This story is another step up in a continuing saga, some of the events and characters will not feel completely fleshed out if you have not read one or two of the prior books. That being said, we have the wil...
  • Stacy Bearse
    The cornbread mafia is alive and thriving in the latest novel from Ace Atkins. The action centers on Quinn Colson, sheriff of a backwater county in northern Mississippi where the three biggest attractions are the church, WalMart and a gritty titty bar. Drugs, trucks, dirt-track racing and local corruption drive a plot that engages the reader early on, and never relents. Atkins and James Lee Burke are two of my favorite writers of contemporary sou...
  • Robert James
    Another entertaining entry in the Colson series or what I like to call it "Spenser in the South". Great secondary characters and good action. You can race through this in a weekend. Sets up for entry #9.
  • Dlmrose
  • Michael crage
    I am not interested in reading a book about white trash. (if you want to waste your time and read the book, you will see that that term is used in it), especially when it was not well written.
  • Craig Pittman
    What a terrific entry in Ace Atkins' series of thrillers about ex-Army Ranger turned Mississippi sheriff Quinn Colson! The last one -- number 7 -- felt a little thrown together, but this one is well put together and steadily builds to a satisfying climax. The main villains in this one are like an evil version of The Dukes of Hazzard. The two Pritchard brothers, Tyler and Cody, care only about two things: racing their stock car and growing the bes...
  • Roger
    THE SINNERS is number eight in the Quinn Colson series and it maintains form. It is a well-plotted, subtly satirical, sufficiently suspenseful story that maintains all the momentum gained in the previous books. It also sets the stage for the next number in the series, which is another hallmark of this series.The author’s Mississippi is hard, full of cussing, drinking, petty crime, racism, and hypocrisy. Yet, Atkins is not spiteful or snarky abo...
  • Mansfield
    First, I enjoy Ace Atkins, both his fiction and non-fiction. I think I’ve read all his published books and have enjoyed the Quinn Colson series especially. But The Sinners is a disappointment.No spoilers follow, just a few opinions about the book: the plot is thin and ,well, empty of any mystery or suspense. More like a report on the bumbling criminal activities of some very stupid bad guys. Quinn is mostly a hapless observer ,a bench player ho...
  • Richard Thompson
    Quinn and Maggie are planning their wedding. Boom is working as a truck driver and suspects that the company he is working for is engaged in illegal activities. The Pritchard brothers, Tyler and Cody, are growing prime weed in and underground grow operation buried on the family farm when their uncle Heath is released from prison after twenty-three years and shows up to claim his piece of the pie. The Big Boys from Biloxi are giving Fannie Hathcoc...
  • Sarah Rohrs
    I got about 30 pages into this book and decided I wasn't liking it and I wouldn't force myself to read the whole thing. I have loved the Quinn Colson books so I was looking forward to this one. However, I found the constant profanity and gross descriptions of various bodily functions cliched and affected. Plus, he gave us no back story on the characters, assuming, I guess, that we had memorized those characters from the previous books. The new ch...
  • Joni Haynes
    I won this book from Goodreads, and was pretty excited to begin reading it, since it came highly recommended by some of my favorite crime authors...Michael Connelly, Lee Child, John Sanford, etc. However, I am not enjoying it at all...may not be able to wade through to the end. It's a whole lot of narrative, and I much prefer more dialog. And, the worst of all is the terrible language and cussing. I am no prude, but constant swear words in any bo...
  • Pat
    I received a free copy of "The Sinners" by Ace Atkins through the "Good Reads First Reads Giveaway."For those who can not stomach raw and "street level" speech, avoid this book.For the rest of us, it is full of realistic situations and exposes a whole world of violence and drugs, unknown to us, and descriptions of the underworld seem authentic to the reader.This is one talented author creating a world of realism and drama with many adult attitude...