Freedom's Light by Colleen Coble

Freedom's Light

Hannah Thomas left the South and all that was familiar to marry her beloved John. But the fact that she’s never been quite accepted by his mother and sister and that she doesn’t quite fit the strict Massachusetts Puritan community only becomes more difficult when John is killed in one of the first battles in the war for freedom. Hannah is allowed to continue to serve as lightkeeper for the twin tower lighthouses on the lonely coastline, but i...

Details Freedom's Light

TitleFreedom's Light
Release DateSep 11th, 2018
PublisherThomas Nelson
GenreHistorical, Historical Fiction, Christian Fiction, Fiction, Romance, Christian

Reviews Freedom's Light

  • Andrea Cox
    FTC DISCLOSURE: I received a complimentary copy of this book from NetGalley. A positive review was NOT required. These are my honest opinions.The beginning of this book swept me into the Revolutionary War time period. Unfortunately, the book lost my interest once the lead male began using profanity. He wasn’t the only one to do so, either. And the expletives! They came almost regularly in the second half of the book.This homosexual comment was ...
  • Karen
    A stirring tale with plenty of drama and romance! Set during the turbulent time of the American Revolution on the Massachusetts coast, with a colorful cast of characters, it had the feel of a classic novel. A brave, loyal young woman takes on the duties of lighthouse keeper as her husband goes off to war.“... I would love to sail to exotic ports, to see how others live.” She sighed. “Instead God has put me here on this rocky coast for some ...
  • Kristi
    As a longtime fan of Collen Coble, it pains me to write this review. I have loved every book of hers I've ever read whether it be suspense or historical fiction. However, this book was just one I didn't enjoy and at times had to force myself to read.I'm used to historical fiction books having a bit of a slower pace than contemporary fiction, but I found the pace of this story extremely slow and it seemed like the story really went nowhere fast, e...
  • Brittany
    I really enjoyed this story! Although it started a bit slowly for me, the pace picked up after a few chapters and I became very interested in these characters.I really liked Hannah and felt sorry for her in all that she was dealing with in this novel. She had some very difficult situations to go through. She suffered a lot in many ways. I liked Birch, yet found myself frustrated with him at times as he let his need for revenge lead him away from ...
  • Darci Swanson
    Not a genre I would normally pick up and yet I found myself not being able to put it down. Loved it!
  • Pam
    I received a complimentary copy of this book from Thomas Nelson through NetGalley. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.Not my favorite Coble novel. I love all things Revolutionary War, but this one just offered up two people who were so selfish and hateful it totally overshadowed the hero and heroine. The romance between Birch and Hannah seems unrealistic, when we are supposed to believe that Hannah is so patriotic. We are jus...
  • Jill
    2 starsI have recently become a fan of historical fiction and I adore Colleen Coble's books, so I was eagerly looking forward to this book. Unfortunately, Freedom’s Light was a great disappointment to me. I am not entirely sure why either. The historical accuracy was completely on point, so that was not the issue. I just feel like this book just missed the characteristic feel of a Colleen Coble book, I so look forward to and love.I really strug...
  • Sarita
    Colleen Coble is one of my favourite authors. I love her suspense. This was my first historical novel by her, and though different to her suspense novels, I enjoyed it.Now, this book will not be for some readers, due to the more adult content, but for me there was so much lessons to be learned through these characters. Consequences of not trusting God and taking matters into your own hands, making wrong choices because you desire love from a man ...
  • Gloria
    Freedom's Light is a rich historical story of the Revolutionary War and how it affected families, friends and neighbors - how some chose to side with Britain instead of fighting for freedom of the new country. Hannah Smith became keeper of the lighthouse on the rocky Massachusetts coast when her husband left to fight with the Continental Army against the loyalists, who are fighting for Britain. Her troubles are many, mostly not of her own doing b...
  • Helen
    Freedom's Light, by Colleen Coble, is Christian historical fiction that takes place in Massachusetts in 1776. Hannah's husband John was a lighthouse keeper and when he went to fight in the Revolutionary War, his duties went to Hannah. He was killed in a battle at the beginning of the war and she now feels she is doing her duty to help with the war by keeping the light going for the sailors. I enjoyed reading this story. Once it got started, it wa...
  • Michelle
    I am a longtime Colleen Coble fan and have especially loved her suspense books. This story is considered one of her historical novels and set during a favorite time period of mine, the Revolutionary War. The start of the book had me interested, mainly in Hannah and her story. A little ways in and in comes her sister and from there the story took a turn. While yes, there are more "adult themes" that isn't the reason for my low rating on this book....
  • •Melanie Elizabeth• {To tea, or not to tea? ☕️}
    Bestselling author Colleen Coble has released yet another thrilling historical fiction tale set during the War for Independence. Weaved through the narrative of a light keeper, an American spy, a young, naive woman in love, and a dastardly British captain, this new tale spins many point of views throughout the birth of the great new nation, America. I received a complimentary copy of this book from Thomas Nelson through NetGalley. Opinions expres...
  • Lisa Johnson
    Title: Freedom’s LightAuthor: Colleen CoblePages: 320Year: 2018Publisher: Thomas NelsonMy rating is 4 out of 5 stars.Hannah Thomas is a young, 18-year-old woman who has been married for a year to a man twenty years her senior. She married him to escape the unwanted advances of Galen, a childhood friend who she no longer considers to be a friend. John is a lighthouse keeper but quickly enlists in the Continental Army and leaves Hannah to tend th...
  • Melissa
    Freedom's light is a historical Christian fiction romance set in the Revolutionary War time frame. Hannah Thomas is a young girl who has married a lightkeeper, John Thomas. John is called to war and leaves Hannah to care for the light and their home. When John does not return, Hannah is left to care for the light and try to find God's path for her life. Many people come into Hannah's story that help direct her life and path. I have not read a Col...
  • Ruby
    **thanks as always to the publisher for this advanced copy. All opinions are mine**A beautiful historical romance as only Colleen Coble can deliver. Set in the Revolutionary War, Hannah Thompson is widowed and now lighthouse keeper to not one, but two of the East Coast lighthouses. Her former husband's family disapproves of her abilities and the new addition of her younger sister to the equation has Hannah wishing for some help. However, a violen...
  • Ethel (
    Freedom's LightWith the backdrop of the Revolutionary War we have a tale of romance, spies, illicit love and religion. Set in Massachusetts Hannah becomes a widow and is now the lighthouse keeper on a lonely piece of land. Her sister Lydia has come to stay with her, to keep the loneliness at bay, but Lydia has other ideas. With her love for a British soldier, Galen, who himself is interested in Hannah, she manages to throw herself at him and gets...
  • Judybelle
    Freedom's Light, by Colleen Coble, is Christian historical fiction that takes place in Massachusetts in 1776.  I enjoyed reading the history of the setting of this book. A time when our country was fighting to be independent from the mother England.                               Hannah's husband John was a lighthouse keeper and when he went to fight in the Revolutionary War, Hannah was left with the responsibility of keeping the ...
  • JoAnn
    Ms. Coble is one of my favorite authors and she did not disappoint with Freedom’s Light. This book has a great plot, characters and setting. I highly recommend this book. My thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for my ARC. This is my unbiased review.
  • Hannah
    I wanted to give this book somewhere in between 3 and 4 stars, but I went with 4 for the sake of simplicity. "Freedom's Light," by Colleen Coble, revolves around the lives of a light keeper and a spy fighting on the American side of the Revolutionary War. What I loved: I enjoyed the second half of the book much more than the first half, as I felt that the pace of the book picked up and the characters became more fleshed out. The setting of the li...
  • Kay Defreese
    Freedom's Light is different from the romantic suspense that most people are used to reading from Colleen Coble. This book is a historical romance that takes place during the time of the American Revolution. No mystery as to who the villain is in this novel. You know from the very start who this person is. There is a tiny bit of suspense at the end. I predicted how it would end and I was right. You will not regret reading this book if you enjoy h...
  • Becca-Rae Weidel
    The Revolutionary War was more than American vs British. Loyalties were divided within families and communities. Hannah and her sister Lydia are loyal to opposite sites of the battle and yet they are living under the same roof. While deep down they love each other, conflict is present and riddles their conversation. What's more, is that Lydia is infatuated with the man Hannah refused to marry in the past, and Hannah is deeply concerned for her si...
  • The Books and Biscuits Blog
    Freedom’s Light – Colleen Coble (4 Stars)In Freedom's Light, Hannah Thomas takes her husband's place as lighthouse keeper in their small Massachusetts town and continues in that role following his death in a Revolutionary War battle. Meanwhile, Hannah contends with the challenges of her foolhardy younger sister, Lydia, and her obsessive relationship with one of Hannah's childhood friends. While the Revolution has taken most of the local men f...
  • Debi Lantzer
    I'll be honest - I love anything written by Colleen Coble, and she's definitely one of my favorite suspense/mystery/romance authors. Harper Collins provided me with a copy of this historical novel by Colleen Coble, and it was definitely different than her other novels.First off, this novel seemed to have more "adult content" than any of her others. It actually surprised me.  Another truth - I'm not generally a fan of historical fiction.  Thank ...
  • Kelly Tyree
    Freedom's Light was definitely a drama with lots of ups and downs and characters that were good and some that were seedy. Hannah Thomas is a young widow. She lives in a lighthouse and now that her husband has died fighting the British, she holds herself to the promise she made to him, to take care of and run the lighthouse. Hannah finds herself feeling lonely so she asks her younger sister, Lydia, to come and stay with her. The only contention be...
  • Barbara Graver
    Left alone to tend the lighthouse that was once her husband's occupation, young Hannah Thomas nurses shipwrecked captain, Birch Meredith, back to life.  Even though Meredith is an avowed loyalist, her feelings for the dark-eyed captain grow stronger each day.While Hannah's part of the story takes place in Massachusetts, the book itself goes further afield.  Following the path of Birch Meredith and others, Coble paints a fascinating picture of 1...
  • Bethany Swafford
    To escape her past, Hannah married John and joined him far from the South where she grew up. When he dies, she takes over his duties as a lighthouse keeper and endures the censure of the strict Puritan neighborhood. A shipwreck brings a Tory captain to her home, and she must decide whether to follow her loyalty to her country or the leadings of her heart.The most interesting part of this story was the setting: the Revolutionary War. As in other w...
  • Claudia
    I have been a big fan of Colleen Coble's mysteries for a long time, but this is the first of her historical novels that I have read. While her voice is different in this genre, it is just as delightful. Freedom's Light takes place during the American Revolution. Hannah Thomas has fled an distressing situation in her hometown in South Carolina, married an older man, for whom she has great respect but little passion, and moved to the coast of Massa...
  • Holly
    History came alive for me in this story!There was so much about the Revolutionary War I really didn't realize. I knew the basics but I never realized that there were those who lived in America that believed we should continue being loyal to England.This story captivated me from the beginning. Hannah has so much spunk and passion for her God and her family. She was a strong woman that was easy to admire. The author did a great job making Birch a c...
  • K P
    The majority of Colleen Coble's books take place in the current day settings; however, Freedom's Light occurs in the days of our country's founding. This tale will follow Hannah Thomas, who after her husband's death, attempts to keep their lighthouse functioning, providing a light to warn the ships at sea of the rocky coastline!After Hannah helps rescue a sea captain, Birch Meredith, whose ship did crash on the shore, she has no idea how complica...
  • Sandra
    I have read several of Colleen's books. I like her style of writing. She writes a suspense story with just enough of a love story, to keep it on the lighter side for me. Colleen has written other stories about a lighthouse keeper that I have enjoyed, so I was very excited to read this one. It is a little different, in that it is a historical fiction Christian romance about the Revolutionary War. The story-line was interesting and her historical p...