What Lies Below by Barbara Taylor Sissel

What Lies Below

Everyone has nightmares. One woman is living hers… Gilly O’Connell’s nightmares aren’t just bad dreams; they’re glimpses of terrifying realities to come. Gilly has spent her entire life trying to suppress the foreboding visions. So when a dismissed premonition leads to her husband’s murder, she buries the guilt and pain of the unsolved crime in the only way she knows how—she runs from it.Three years later, after overcoming a battle ...

Details What Lies Below

TitleWhat Lies Below
Release DateMay 15th, 2018
PublisherLake Union Publishing
GenreMystery, Fiction, Thriller

Reviews What Lies Below

  • Barbara White
    I finished this gripping page-turner two nights ago, and every time I think about little Zoe's abduction, the adrenaline rush returns. This is a fast-paced thriller with heart. Gilly is my favorite kind of heroine: broken but brave (her premonitions were an added bonus). As she struggles with sobriety, grief, the past, her privacy, and heartbreaking mistakes, I fell for her big time. The multi-layered plot also weaves together two separate story ...
  • Kerry
    Take a deep breath and grab on! WHAT LIES BELOW takes the reader at break-neck speed from the opening paragraph to the last satisfying page. From jaw-dropping reveals and unexpected twists, I found myself rapidly turning the pages, as desperate to learn the outcome as were Sissel’s characters. A fast-pace thriller, Sissel’s stories keep getting better and better.
  • Jessica Strawser
    Barbara Taylor Sissel's What Lies Below is suspense at its finest -- heartrending, compelling, and beautifully written. If you're looking for your next up-all-night read, look no further.
  • Stephanie ((Strazzybooks))
    Thrillers are one of my favorite genres, but lately I have been disenchanted with them as they all feel the same. What Lies Below is a breath of fresh air! It tells the story of a missing little girl, with the main character, Gilly, having vision-like dreams about where she is. She must decide whether to trust these dreams or if they are a mental product of her traumatic past. I was enthralled throughout and was along for the twisty journey, not ...
  • Linda Zagon
    MY REVIEW OF “WHAT LIES BELOW” BY BARBARA TAYLOR SISSELKudos to Barbara Taylor Sissel , Author of “What Lies Below” for writing an intense, riveting, captivating, and intriguing novel with tremendous suspense. From the Blurb on Goodreads,” Everyone has nightmares. One woman is living hers…….”The Genres for this Novel are Fiction, Mystery and Suspense. The author describes her characters as complex and complicated. The timeline of ...
  • Karen McQuestion
    I've long been a fan of Barbara Taylor Sissel and this novel lives up to her previous works and then some. Just when I thought I'd figured something out, a new plot twist came my way. I intended to read the book over the course of two or three days but wound up reading past my usual bedtime because I was so invested in the story and the characters. An excellent book with a satisfying conclusion.I was fortunate in that I was able to read an early ...
  • Julie Parks
    Thank you NetGalley for the copy in exchange for my honest review.I loved this book from the very first chapter. Mainly because of all the character composition - it was like a masterfully designed bouquet of exquisite flowers. But then it started to drag a bit in places and I felt like skipping over because while there were some rather important triggers about the plot, my main focus had remained with separate characters and I just felt like ret...
  • Noreen
    This book grabbed me from page one. I loved the main character Gilly. I can't imagine having the so called gift she had. Lots of twists and turns in this story and it had me thinking one way when it was going the other way. This was a great mystery and I was so surprised at the end. I look forward to reading more from this author. I highly recommend reading this!! Thank you to NetGalley for an ARC. This review is in my own words.
  • Kerry King
    In this story about a deeply broken woman forced to employ her psychic ability—a dark gift directly connected to the tragedy that destroyed her own life three years previously—in order to try to save an abducted child, Sissel creates a heart-wrenching page-turner full of unexpected revelations. Clear time from your schedule—you won't want to put this one down.
  • A.J. Banner
    I received a galley of this book for early review. Barbara Taylor Sissel unerringly writes with great warmth and compassion for complex, damaged yet sympathetic characters. Her prose is vivid, poetic and peppered with beautiful metaphors. Infused with heart-stopping suspense, emotional resonance and startling imagery, WHAT LIES BELOW swept me along a river of urgency and dread. Barbara Taylor Sissel effortlessly weaves together prescience, regret...
  • Jaime
    What Lies Below has a hint of a magic, a lot of suspense, and even more emotions. I couldn’t help but be drawn to the characters as soon as I started reading - they are all captivating. The story was engrossing, so much so that I struggled stopping to do things such as work. Amazing read by an amazing author!
  • Kristen Cook - A Book Ninja
    If you need a book that takes you away from reality, this book fits the bill. I found that Gilly's story hooked me from the beginning. I am not one that believes in psychics but found this book enjoyable and entertaining. I stayed up way past my bedtime last night to read the last hour of the book because I had to know how things ended.This is my first book by Sissel and it won't be my last.I received an ARC from NetGalley. All thoughts and opini...
  • Betsybmaxwell
    This was a compelling read and I had trouble putting it down especially because it involves a little girl being kidnapped and I needed to know how it would end. That being said, as a mom and teacher this was a hard read for me at times. It’s troubling to read about anything bad happening to children even when it’s well written.
  • Colleen Thompson
    I was fortunate enough to get the opportunity to read an advance copy of WHAT LIES BELOW, and I was so happy to dive back into another one of Barbara Taylor Sissel's captivating novels. A beautifully written story that kept me on the edge of my seat, What Lies Below explores the boundaries of grief, guilt, and forgiveness, along with its dark flip side, revenge. In an attempt to escape the painful reminders of her failure to avert a personal trag...
  • Cheryl
    The majority of us have reading lists such as TBRs, Wishlists and Authors To Read list. Plus I have a list for Authors that are imperative that I read, or in other words, drop everything that I am doing and read. Barbara Taylor Sissel is on this list.Gilly O'Connell has moved to Wyatt, TX hoping to restart her life after the trauma of losing her husband to murder, a daughter and a downward spiral of self medicating with drugs and alcohol. What ma...
  • Anya
    There are books that we don't know why but tend to stay on our TBR list for ages without a real explanation. I have had one Barabara Taylor Sissel old novel on my kindle for years, and I recently bought the audible copy of "Faultines", but didn't start any of the two simply because I thought they were "just some probably good thriller" as many others I read this year. In fact I read so many of them that I'm kind of bored of their similarities, th...
  • Wise Crusade
    What Lies Below is a story of the kidnapping of a little girl, Zoe, and Gilly who dreams about the kidnapping before it happens. How much someone can anyone rely on Gilly dreams when they are more times wrong than right. I received an advance copy of the book from NetGalley for early review. “You did hear about what happened?” he prompted. “Are you here because you think I have her?” Gilly found her voice. His eyes narrowed. Gilly could ...
  • Jennifer
    I loved the book and it's my favorite book by Barbara Taylor Sissel. I recognized some names of characters from some of the author's previous books. The book was fast paced and there were some unexpected twists. I enjoyed the story-line, characters and writing style.Gilly finds herself waitressing in a small Texas town after fleeing Houston. She is struggling with sobriety and the death of her husband. Gilly also has premonitions/dreams but doesn...
  • Erica
    I received a copy of this novel via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.Gilly doesn’t think her abilities make her a psychic. Most people don’t know about her prophetic dreams or that sometimes they come true... like with the death of her husband. After her husband’s death she moved out of the city and has been hiding out in a remote Texas town working as a waitress at Crickets Café. Unsure if she will stay she is hesitant to make f...
  • Savanah Rae
    I received this book for free from Netgalley in return for my honest opinion.I enjoyed this book but at times I found it to be dragged on and I couldn't wait for the book to be over. I just wanted to know what happened but I did enjoy reading this book.Gilly O'Connell nightmares aren't just bad dreams. They are glimpses into what is going to happen next in her life. Her husband was murdered and she moves away to run from the truth.She battled add...
  • Kate Rock
    A heart-pounding thriller with Heart. There is such a thing and it's this page-turning novel of suspense, mystery and wild twists.You'll be staying up all night to read it. (I'm not kidding!). WHAT LIES BELOW grips you fast with twists, wild turns and questions of possible outcomes you and the characters in the book might have, but won't be what you expect. I felt myself sucking in breath and my heart pounding quite a few times!Barbara Sissel is ...
  • MaryAnn
    What Lies Below should come with a warning label: This book WILL keep you up all night, turning pages faster and faster so do NOT start this just before bedtime unless you can call in sick to work the next day! *end of warning label*I fell in love with Zoe almost immediately and loved Gilly also. I am a sucker for strong female characters that are starting over for one reason or another and the premonitions or visions she has pulled me in deeper....
  • Susan Peterson
    What Lies Below is a riveting suspense novel...and so much more. There are so many layers to this story: a woman haunted by her past, a desperate father dealing with the abduction of his little girl while struggling with his own bad choices, and a story filled with unexpected moments! I loved that the characters in this book were each dealing with demons and heartache and regret...nothing was cut and dry...the relationships were ambiguous and com...
  • Margie Shaw
    I received an ARC of What Lies Below written by author Barbara Taylor Sissel from NetGalley. This is the first book I’ve read by this author and was just totally blown away! The genre is suspense, but this story is rather unique in that it actually has 2 storylines going at the same time. This really kept me interested and reading much later than I normally would. The main character Gilly, is someone you will root for and just fall in love with...
  • Danielle Thompson
    WOW. From the synopsis I just knew this book would be good, but it surpassed my expectations. What Lies Below is a thrilling page turner that will keep readers glued to the pages as the storyline begins to unravel and answers rise to the surface. This book is very well written, and though it may seem to have a slow start once it takes off the story becomes fast paced and gripping as the search for a missing girl takes place. What Lies Below is a ...
  • Aida Alberto
    I received an advanced review copy of this book. All opinions are my own. Barbara Taylor Sissel is a truly fabulous author who never disappoints when you read one of her books and this one is just as amazing as the rest of her books. It's a great plot with strong pacing. The characters are three dimensional and she keeps the action going from the very beginning until the end. Definitely pre order this book and then plan on a chunk of time so you ...
  • Lori
    From the first sentence, you are led on a tense ride. This is a fast read, because you won’t be able to put it down. It follows a search for a missing child from a small town. All are suspects, even Gilly, who unwittingly shows her ‘gift’ early. I loved the characters; the good, the bad, the ugly. The are flawed, but own it. Thoroughly enjoy this author’s writing style. I enjoyed the ending, I liked how after you thought it was done, it c...
  • Christie Sitterly
    What would you do if you had precognition, yet your power was not always right? And what you may know casts you under a web of suspicion? Barbara Sissel’s What Lies Below takes the reader on just such a psychological journey. Sissel skillfully creates memorable characters whose stories rivet the reader. I could not put this one down until I learned the truth behind the snippets of memories.
  • Sandy
    I'm a huge fan of Barbara's books. This was a great suspense; who took Zoe!! Do the dreams Gilly has have any true meaning? Definitely a page turner! Thanks to Netgalley and the Publisher for the ARC.
  • Ursula
    A fantastic, suspense filled novel. Kept me on the edge of my seat wanting to read at any spare moment. Dying to find out who would kidnap three-year-old Zoe. Put this on your to be read list. You won't be sorry!