The Legend of Nimway Hall 1750 by Stephanie Laurens

The Legend of Nimway Hall 1750

#1 New York Times bestselling author Stephanie Laurens brings you the opening story in a series of romances touched by magic as old as time. A gentleman fleeing the bonds of loveless marriage and a lady in desperate need of a champion join forces to defend an ancient legacy.Jacqueline Tregarth, lady and guardian of Nimway Hall, is devoted to protecting her people, the Hall, the estate’s wood, and its farms. She yearns for a husband to help her ...

Details The Legend of Nimway Hall 1750

TitleThe Legend of Nimway Hall 1750
Release DateMar 15th, 2018
PublisherSavdek Management Pty Ltd
GenreRomance, Historical Romance, Historical, Historical Fiction

Reviews The Legend of Nimway Hall 1750

  • Paraphrodite
    3.5 stars.This is a multi-author series penned by some of the most well-known historical romance writers around. This first book by Stephanie Laurens introduces Nimway Hall and one of the female guardians of the Hall, the surrounding woods and lands during the mid 1700s. The H/h are SL archetypes, unflappable, devoted to their duty and their sense of noblesse oblige. The romance and their recognition of their connection to the Hall and each other...
  • Leyla Caldwell
    New seriesI love Stephanie Laurens. That being said, she is the author of this book, but not the rest of the books in this series on Nimway Hall. I’m looking forward to reading the rest of them.Jacqueline Tregarth is the guardian of Nimway Hall. Richard Montague is the second son of a politically and socially powerful marquis. Escaping a rumored kidnap attempt in London, Montague finds himself lost in the woods outside Nimway Hall, and his hors...
  • Kristina Deluise
    really seriously? i am so very sorry.i really love stephanie laurens but come on.........1. really a short book2. if i'd known that she was not going to write the whole series, i might not have bought took just a few hours to read.sometimes you have to wonder if it's the editors that are pressuring these writers to put things out faster?if your a fan and you have read the cynster and bastion club series and even the black cobra series or ...
  • Mary
    Jacqueline Tregarth is the Guardian of Nimway Hall. She is besieged by suitors but all have an eye for her property while having no understanding or interest in the special properties of her role or of Nimway Hall.Richard Devries is handsome and rich as Croesus and the natural target of matchmaking mamas and ambitious debutantes. When a particularly unscrupulous plot nearly sees him kidnapped to the altar, his friends assist him to get out of tow...
  • Tiffany Dauzat
    This was beautifully written. A great story that introduces a little bit of the mystical. Jacqueline is a proper lady and the guardian of Nimway Hall; a beautiful estate fabled to have been built over Nimue, Merlin’s love and powerful sorceress. Richard is a well-to-do younger son escaping London and the eager young ladies interested in his wealth and power, but not necessarily himself. Richard and Jaqueline cross paths as he becomes lost in he...
  • Barb
    MagicI love the new series. It reminds me of Richard and Catrinia from Scandal's Bride. Where she is the guardian Lady of Vale. Richard was determined to avoid marriage escape London. Only to end up in woods by Nimway Hall the magical woods which snared him to meet Jacqueline the guardian of hall. Jacqueline always knew she would find her perfect partner when the time was right. Being the guardian of Hall and woods she knew her partner would have...
  • N.W. Moors
    Lord Richard DeVries is fleeing the marriage-minded women of London when he stumbles into a woods on his way to Wells and is lost. Eventually, he and his lame horse make their way to Nimway Hall, the home of Jacqueline Tregarth. She is the guardian of the estate, supposedly the ancestral home of Nimue. Neither she nor Richard are looking for love; both have been chased for their wealth and are understandably wary. But the spirit of the hall has o...
  • Iza Soares
    Rating 7 0f 7 *sighs* Another masterpiece from Stephanie. I'm having a hard time in life and when I realise it was available I went basically running for it. And I had a great time reading it and it helped me for a while so I could recharge my energies a little. Sweet and unstoppable.On a side note, I'm having a little trouble with accepting the other won't be written by her and to be honest I don't even know these other authors so you can say th...
  • Donna
    A little on the magic side and not her usual Regency style, this first in a series by multiple authors is endearing and well told. She prorcts the hall and herbpeople and lands A true suitor for ger hand must assist her instead of look for the usual selfish property rights of the time or merely her wealth and beauty. Enter our hero who is reluctant to get permanently involved, but he too comes under the magical spell of Nimway Hall. Delightful ca...
  • Lise Nanette
    Outstanding Beginning!I have so looked forward to the Nimway Hall stories as told by some of my very favorite authors! Stephanie Laurens sets the stage with a strong and intelligent heroine, and a swashbuckling, compelling hero. The sense of magic lends an appropriate air to Nimway, and the various characters are all engaging, making the story flow. I was filled with a desire to know 'what happens next?' I loved it!
  • Pj Wright
    The start of new seriesI'm Stephanie Laurens fan, I have all her books. This one is a perfect start to a timeless adventure set in 1750. You might also read Scandal of Cynster fame. I'm on to the next Karen Hawkins and then Suzanne Enoch. All in my kindle and then the next out Linda Needham. Thank you
  • Diane Dobinson
    Could not put this downThis is book is part of a six piece series with six different author. However this has the growing love of two people, the Rake and the stubborn leading lady, there is a mystery of the woods, unsuitable suitors, sixpence and thrill of a kidnapped all standard in A Stephanie Laurens book. It is fast pace and I could put it down. Brilliant 5 stars
  • Ronda Blanke Geiger
    The Legend of Nimway Hall - 1750 JacquelineExcellent! I loved this story. Jacqueline and Richard's story is reminiscent of the Lady of the Vale in the Cynster series. The twists and turns, the villains and the good guys make this a great story. I can't wait to read the rest of the series.
  • Barbara
    Not the best...(that would be Devil's Bride!! :-) But damn good as the start to a multi-author series. That In spite of the fact that I probably could write the sensual/sex scenes myself, after all SL books I have read. Good choice to start this series! I already have bought the second. We'll see....
  • Patsy Powers
    A very enjoyable read. The story was sweet and kept me involved. The H & H were easy to love, which is one of my measures for a good book. The story felt very much like Stephanie Laurens earlier books. I look forward to the next in the series.
  • Ginny
    Wonderful story,Stephanie Laurens is a master storyteller. Nimway Hall, its legend, its woods, and its guardian are the stars of this series. This was Jacqueline’s story, and how a lost traveler proved to be her true love.
  • Marian Johnston
    All my favorite s tell a tail.This was a great story as always by Stephanie. Loved the story line e and the characters. Looking forward to more of this series and more from Stephanie.
  • Laurel Quinones
    Pleasurable ReadingGood storyline, it brings a touch of mystery magic coinciding with heroism. It entices you from the beginning to end.
  • Theresa Hurley
    Always enjoy Stephanie's writing! Great story! Jacqueline and Richard are great together!
  • Jpreethi+Groktestuk2
  • Libbi
    A wonderful light read. Looking forward to reading the other "The Legend of Nimway Hall" books
  • Maggie
    Boring, cliche, melodramatic crap.
  • Jean
    I always enjoy Stephanie’s books. And I’m looking forward to the rest of the series.
  • Danielle
    Loved it! Can’t wait to start the next one. :-)
  • Julia Mackey
    Very boring, tediously, as in all the author's latest novels, there is no love or passion between the characters. Why her works are still referred to as love novels, when there is not even a hint of feelings?Yet be there are confusing moments.Chapter 1. "He’d (Lord Richard Edward Montague Devries) nearly been caught—trapped—long ago, but he’d learned his lesson well. Subsequently, when one of his father’s distant cousins had died and le...