Takeoff (Seth Walker #1) by Joseph Reid

Takeoff (Seth Walker #1)

High-octane action, celebrity glamour, and endless possibilities for danger meet in this fast-paced debut for fans of John Sandford and Lee Child. Still reeling from a devastating personal tragedy, air marshal turned investigator Seth Walker embarks on his first case. All he has to do is accompany female pop star Max Magic to Los Angeles and deliver her to the FBI. But when their routine flight ends in a hail of gunfire at LAX, Walker has no choi...

Details Takeoff (Seth Walker #1)

TitleTakeoff (Seth Walker #1)
Release DateJul 1st, 2018
PublisherThomas & Mercer
GenreThriller, Mystery, Fiction, Suspense, Action

Reviews Takeoff (Seth Walker #1)

  • Dee Arr
    “Takeoff” is a thriller filled with mixed elements that don’t always gel. I have no doubt that many people will like this book. Author Joseph Reid fills it with plenty of action, a sure way to keep readers turning the pages (myself included). However, action alone will not carry a book. Characterization is a major factor for other readers. The book is told in first person, so we are permitted to peek inside Seth Walker’s mind. I say peek,...
  • Scott Bell
    This one had some suspension of belief moments that required a forgiving reader (Gang bangers flying helicopters, for instance.) but it kept me reading, which is the whole point, right? The hero was (somewhat) unbelievable--a tech whiz turned air marshal with an improbable backstory and a strange brain anomaly that required constant input to remain focused. (I may have gotten that last bit wrong as I didn't fully understand the condition.)A good ...
  • Jim C
    I received this thru a Goodreads giveaway in exchange for a honest review. I would like to thank the author and the publishing company.In this one, Seth is an air marshal. He is assigned to bodyguard a teen pop star who has received death threats. As you can probably guess, things go awry.This is your basic action thriller novel and I also believe it is the author's debut novel. If you are looking for in depth characters with serious literature, ...
  • Paul
    Downloaded as a freebie from Amazon Prime on the strength of the blurb, which said it would appeal to Jack Reacher fans. Since my Jack Reacher gauge is getting close to E (I'm up to #21 now), I figured I'd better start branching out.This was a disappointment, though. Although Jack Reacher is every bit the fantasy figure Seth Walker is, I believe in the one and not the other. "Takeoff" is too thin to be a real thriller. There's just not much here,...
  • Kurtis Bouwman
    Action packed and fun, but I feel like I’ve read this book before and the storyline/outcome was way too obvious. Would I read the next in the series? Maybe on vacation.
  • Tony Giannattasio
    Interesti ng first novel in a series.A good first novel. The characters were well developed. The story was very good with twists and turns in the plot. I subtracted a star as he would at times just write and write and write. Sometimea leas is more. In this novel there were definite times when less would have made a more interesring book.
  • Roberta Ideus
    Pretty badThe first sentence was good. After that I struggled through all of six pages before I called it quits. OMG. Admittedly, I’m prejudiced against first person novels; they usually suck but this was awful. Like the draft of a first novel that should have been just for practice then thrown away type awful.
  • William Browne
    I agree with Mark that it seems simple to say “I liked this book.” But…I agree. I particularly appreciated the concept of not using profanity for its own sake. Yes, the action is over the top (it’s a book), as is the main character’s near flawless marksmanship, but then all our action heroes are superhuman now and then. So, if you’ve read it, in which book will Mr. Reid finally reveal the back story? Probably eke out a small bit at a ...
  • Cindy
    This was a First Reads selection from Amazon and I really enjoyed this. I will be looking for more from this author.This was the introduction of a new thriller series and the hero is similar to others in this genre - a man with a somewhat tragic past who's trying to put them behind him and rebuilt his life. He has, shall we say, a particular set of skills...including shooting copters out of the air while in a moving plane with a handgun/shotgun. ...
  • Ramona
    Really good! Fast paced and addictive. Great main character, and supporting cast. Not at all what I was expecting, way more intense. Hope he's working on the next book!
  • Dee
    Takeoff - Seth Walker Bk 1 - Written by Joseph ReidDon’t pick this up unless you're ready to read the night through, UNBELIEVABLE AND ADDICTING!!High-octane action, celebrity glamour, and endless possibilities for danger meet in this fast-paced debut for fans of John Sandford and Lee Child. Still reeling from a devastating personal tragedy, air marshal turned investigator Seth Walker embarks on his first case. All he has to do is accompany fema...
  • Steven Mastroyin
    I thought this was a fun action story with fun, if trope-y, characters. Quick read, the plot carries you along nicely, you never really feel lost about what is happening. If you are a huge fan of heroes for whom everything seems to work out because they are just that much a force of nature, then you will like this. And, frankly, those types of characters have been wildly successful (I'm thinking more Dirk Pitt than James Bond here)The beginning o...
  • Jamie
    Not bad Read as an Amazon First book... Released to prime members before the public.I enjoyed parts of this book. I liked how the action moved logically, taking inventory of injuries after the adrenaline is wearing odd and not during a fight. The lead character is an authority figure, who manages to get confessions or admissions out of several characters. I appreciated that none of the confessions were taken at face value. This made the events se...
  • Simon Howard
    This a far-fetched thriller in the time-worn subgenre of "damaged rogue agent defies the incompetent system to try to save the day". It has a substantial body count, James Bond-esque antics which go beyond stretching credibility (people leaping off the roofs of buildings, a gun battle in flight between a Cessna and a helicopter), and a final resolution which raises more questions than it answers. A personal favourite moment is when the protagonis...
  • Talia Colley
    This is one of those books where the troubled hero tries to protect the innocent and save the day. The hero here, Seth Walker, is a former Air Marshal and an electrical engineer who is troubled by a recent event that we get a few details on and he has some sort of brain “condition” that makes him short circuit if he thinks too much. For someone who seems to be so smart, I was surprised at how clueless he was, getting tricked and lied to by va...
  • Sandra
    Some Turbulence But A Good Takeoff As a huge fan of Lee Child’s novels, I’ll admit to being pulled in by the promise that Seth Walker is on the same plane (no pun intended) as Jack Reacher. I can never pass up a good action packed thriller and author Joseph Reid delivered on the action. Problem is, likable though Seth Walker may be, he ain’t no Jack Reacher. Fighting skills aside, the protagonist’s naïveté is beyond credible for a chara...
  • Jim Schneider
    And so another hero lives...Well written, good enough story to keep me engaged and an ending that didn't appear as though the author got bored and had mentally moved on to his next story by mailing it in. But, as what happens with every comic book hero and pap novel good guy there's a bit too much of the ridiculous or maybe just astonishing good fortune that he lives to eventually prevail in the end. Thus it tied up neatly and our hero, just like...
  • Tere Fredericks
    Absolute Non-stop Action This is a Prime First for June 2018.Starts off with a bang. Several. More than several. I am already intrigued.So far (I write reviews as I read) there has literally been nonstop action. Lots of good information about speakers and how the ear works.The action never stopped. If possible, it got more intense, especially with a young girl involved.I wish I had the words to express how this book affected me. I was on a cozy w...
  • Rafael Fernandez
    Poor writing, ridiculous plotWhile taking escort of a 16 year old diva, our hero survives while FBI agents transferring her get massacred, our hero somehow escapes into the airport and manages to run home with the girl after killing or wounding all assailants, goes to bed and wakes up at 1 AM to an alarm sent to his cell phone by his security system. BUT DURING ALL THIS TIME HIS PHONE IS ON AND NOBODY, HIS BOSS NOR THE FUN CALL HIM!!!!So I have t...
  • Gregory Moss
    Brava Mr Reid!! Excellent first work - John Nance will have to move sideways so you can join him on the pedestal...I am an aviation thriller fan, and was first attracted by the cover, followed by the Amazon synopsis. I could not put my Amazon Fire down, and even had to run home to get my charger to finish it.Seth was a very believable protagonist, although it seemed out of character when he used the thumb drive to entrap Drew. Strange for an othe...
  • JSA
    Bien pero...Hace una trama complicadísima, a pesar de lo cual, a la mitad del libro empieza a tenerse claro quién es el villano. Los añadidos a partir de ese punto no consiguen disuadir de esa idea que, al final, es la correcta y sólo queda saber qué forma le va a dar el autor.El personaje principal es poco verosímil: Ingeniero con multitud de patentes y desahogado económicamente a la vez que ejerce de "air marshall". Parece que ha querido...
  • Linda Roberti
    It's not the story I thought it might be. Interesting variation of old theme - movie star, body guard, good guys and bad guys. Yes it had all of that too but what goes on behind the scenes is surprising and terrible at the same time. Mr. Walker is awkward with Max. I like that and reading his thoughts when trying to know what to do. He wasn't Mr. No It All; he had a job to do and he did it. He did however care. And that sometimes is missing from ...
  • Nancy Franklin
    Good read, in spite of the man I enjoyed the book. It had an interesting plot and decent character development.My only criticism is about the character Seth. In interacting with Max, he worked very hard to protect her, but spent little or no time relating to her. At numerous points in the book, he would interrupt her or discount her unusual behavior. It kept thinking, "typical macho man who thinks he knows everything." He ended up saving the day ...
  • Shannon
    This book was enough to keep me interested, but I felt it was a little too "dramatic" especially the emotional musings of the main character. He was hard to relate to, and I feel like he could have been a little more developed, most of his characterizations seemed superficial. Some times I felt like it was a bit verbose in descriptiveness, and would skip over those parts. Overall a good read.My favorite part was the dog-fight between the Cessna a...
  • Elizabeth Lian
    If this is his First novel, look out world!Excellent storey line, just the right hooks to keep you reading for more. The cover actually drew me to read, but once I got midway thru the first chapter, I knew I was going to finish! Characters that jumped off the pages so believable you felt you knew them, & that always makes me feel I k ow then & care to read all about them. Read this book! Just be prepared to not go to bed early cause it's going to...
  • Imelda
    "Takeoff" is a fast-paced action packed thriller that kept me reading (and guessing) until the end. While I did enjoy the book and the surprising twists and turns, I did find some of the action to be a little over the top. I also thought there were times when the author over-explained or gave too much information; information that really is not necessarily to the story. I did like the main character, Seth Walker, and I am still intrigued with his...
  • Anita
    Amazing from beginning to end. I read it in 3 days between household chores,running errands, and taking care of my 4 Doxies.I loved the airport scenes and the scenes in each of the individual airplanes. I actually thought all along that the perpetrator was the person who was finally revealed at the end of the book. He just seemed to be too much of an a..hole, and more than a bit of a control freak, and something never rang quite true with the way...
  • Angela Folmar
    Slow start for an actionUsually an action thriller takes my breath away in the first few pages. A quarter of the way through I was still trying to connect with the story. Then things started to mesh. Had the villain pegged from the start but the twists to get there and the surprising resources of the hero kept it moving. The masterful lies of the villain were fabulous. The dark edges around the hero's past leave sequel potential. Not bad for a de...
  • Jeff Lamb
    ExcitingVery fast paced. Seemed to be somewhat realistic but obviously if you want a lot of action there will be times that aren’t necessarily. The Walker character was easy to like and he decomposed the other characters very well. I felt like the author tried to make twists a lot but I guessed the villain pretty early, but he still did a good job making it a jaw dropper with what that person actually did. Good book, easy read, will definitely ...
  • Don Gorman
    (1 1/2). When I started this book I was amazed at how exciting and fast moving it was. By the time I finished the book, I was amazed at how sappy and stupid it was. It seems like halfway through (or a little earlier) Reid starting pulling out every cliche and tired plot line twist that ever existed. Family, drugs, abuse, gangs, you name it, all of a sudden all focus was lost. Seth Walker is a cool character and I am marking this up to 2 strictly ...