The Beekeeper's Promise by Fiona Valpy

The Beekeeper's Promise

Heartbroken and hoping for a new start, Abi Howes takes a summer job in rural France at the Château Bellevue. The old château echoes with voices from the past, and soon Abi finds herself drawn to one remarkable woman’s story, a story that could change the course of her summer—and her life.In 1938, Eliane Martin tends beehives in the garden of the beautiful Château Bellevue. In its shadow she meets Mathieu Dubosq and falls in love for the f...

Details The Beekeeper's Promise

TitleThe Beekeeper's Promise
Release DateMay 16th, 2018
PublisherBrilliance Audio
GenreHistorical, Historical Fiction, Fiction, War, World War II

Reviews The Beekeeper's Promise

  • Jennifer ~ TarHeelReader
    4 character-driven stars to The Beekeeper’s Promise 🐝 🐝 🐝 🐝 This book came highly recommended by my friend, Marialyce! Thanks for another wonderful read! Told in two timelines, The Beekeeper’s Promise includes the story of Abi, who has a broken heart and is looking for a fresh start. She takes a job at the Chateau Bellevue. Abi hopes for healing more than anything. Also included is the story of Eliane, who in 1938 takes care of th...
  • Marialyce
    You can find my reviews at https://yayareadslotsofbooks.wordpres...“In the midst of winter, I found that there was within me an invincible summer.” (Albert Camus)This was a gorgeous story of the ability to go forward against adversity when you feel that it has consumed you. It was a story of resiliency in the face of disaster. It was a story of learning about the past, which often can give one courage for the future.Abi Howe is a broken woman...
  • Kathryn
    This is an engaging tale of two unique stories one in the present and one encompassing the time preceding and including World War II during the occupation of a small French town, which intertwine to show the power of trust, unity of spirit, and love.Eliane Martin is a beekeeper and the cook's assistant on wealthy Count Comte's estate, on which her family resides and her father is the primary farmer. The Count's home is requisitioned as the primar...
  • Bookworm
    4 delightful stars to The Beekeeper's Promise. What a charming story that effortlessly fuses WW2 , bees and domestic violence - such an unlikely combination of themes. Somehow the author manages to make it work and draws parallels between the three subjects by infusing themes of perseverance and resiliency. The plot alternates between two time periods and two perspectives. Eliane is a young French woman living in rural France in the 1940's when t...
  • Tonya
    Love, Abuse, Danger, Suspense, History, German occupation, fear, and healing.... Those are the words that I would use to just lightly describe The Beekeeper's Promise by author Fiona Valpy. At first, I thought this book would be hard to follow because it switched frequently between the past and present with different characters and different stories. It was not hard to keep up and the book usually moved fast. There were some slow parts that were ...
  • Yasmine
    First, you should know I love historical fictions, and I also like reading those taking place during WWII, therefore it is no surprise I liked reading this one very much.Eliane's storyline during the war is captivating and sad and yet, so full of courage and determination, and also sparked by gentle scenes of nature and calm. I particularly loved those atmospheric descriptions of the countryside, the sun and nature bringing out the best of it, an...
  • Pam
    The Beekeeper’s Promise is a WW2 novel by Fiona Valpy. Although the story is fiction, some of the places are real and the stories of the Resistance are real as is the massacre in Tulle. The story could easily have taken place and maybe it did in some country and small town. Fiona Valpy tells the story of Elaine and her family during the War and the story of Abi in the present time trying to recover from a car accident and an abusive marriage. T...
  • Jo
    This is my first book by this author and I have to say it's one of the best books I have read this year so far. Set in France it follows 2 storylines, one from the modern day and one during the out break of WW2 - all based in the same location. I don't want to give the plot away as you should all read it for yourselves but the characters are so well drawn and the situations the main characters find themselves are brought to life so vividly. Altho...
  • Suze Lavender
    Abi hopes being in France will heal her. She's there for a short stay, but when she gets the offer to work at Château Bellevue, she immediately accepts. She loves the beautiful place filled with history and has enough free time on her hands to spend a few months there. Abi has been through a lot and it's time for her to get back on her feet. Will being at the château make a difference? While she's staying there, Abi learns about what happened a...
  • Renee
    So many favorites here: evocative story telling, brave 1940’s heroine, excellent narration, themes of courage & integrity in the face of evil, nobleness & kindness in spite of hatred & cruelty, romance & family love in the midst of the challenges & chaos of life. So glad I found Fiona Valpy’s novel! Favorite quote: “The darkness of this world can’t dim the light that shines from you.”This is a dual timeline story. For me, the story of t...
  • Pam
    As a beekeeper I was immediately drawn to the title of the book & I was not disappointed.The book tells the stories of two women, Eliane & Abbi, born years apart, but living in the same chateau in France. The two women are experience fear and struggles against different enemies, and the book tells of their courage, persistence and resilience.I loved all the bee-related themes & language- the communities, like a bee colony all working together for...
  • Jeanette
    Initially it was the cover the caught my eye, but what a great read this was. I am not usually fond of stories that switch from past to present, but this was one of those books whereby it worked well. I seldom write what a story is about, as i prefer one to read the book for themselves. I will say that this is a wonderful book to read and do highly recommend it. Wished i could give more than five stars. My thanks to Netgalley and the Publishers f...
  • Gail Atkins
    Another great book by an author who knows how to bring her characters alive!! The descriptions of France both now and during WW2 were amazing. There are so many strong believable characters throughout the book and each have their rightful position.A story of survival, determination as well as the struggle to find and keep your own identity.A book that is full of passion and has left me wanting to read more from this author.
  • Mo
    My first book from this author and happy to say I thoroughly enjoyed it . Set between ww2 France and current day this tells the story of two ladies and their courage and strength. I particularly loved the story of Eliane in ww2. . 4 stars and an author I will definitely be loooking for in the future . Thanks to tbc reviewers for my chance to read
  • Georgina Roberts
    I absolutely loved this book 😊 this is the second book I have read of Fiona’s, Sea of memories was the first one and I love this as much as that. Fiona writes beautiful stories and I love historical fiction which means I loved this book. Also her descriptions of war time France under nazi rule were really well written. I cried at times reading this book which is testament to how much it moved me. Fantastic - 5 stars 🌟
  • Helen (TBC)
    Moving between the stories of Abi in Modern day France and Eliane during the Occupation of WW2 this is a beautifully written novel, superbly crafted to bring both women's stories of hardship, courage and resilience to life.The descriptions are vivid, both of the beautiful surroundings and of the everyday life around the chateaux, the fear and tension of the occupation is palpable and the gentle care of the bee colonies is woven wonderfully into t...
  • Jenea Whittington
    The Beekeeper’s Daughter takes us through two young women’s lives. Abi Howes is looking for the and space to get over a bad breakup, while Elaine Martin joins the Resisitance after her love is taking off to war.The telling of this story is done in two separate timelines and it worked so well, laying out what was going one around these two very different, in very different times, the present and the past. World Was II was a frightening time fo...
  • Priya
    This is a wonderful tale of two women who are years apart in age, one of whom faces challenges head on and the other who learns from her story.An ode to the human spirit and resilience displayed by many of those affected by the occupation of France during WW2, one of the heroines of this story is Eliane Martin, who embodies this very spirit.She and her family choose to be true to themselves as they help their neighbors, friends and others escape ...
  • Hannelore Cheney
    Thank you NetGalley and Lake Union Publishing for the eARC.This was a lovely read, I really enjoyed it a lot.We get the story of two characters: Eliane, just before and during WWII in France and Abi, a young English woman who is in France in 2017. Both stories are told in alternating chapters and flow beautifully. Eliane was my favorite, a although Abi is quite likeable too.Both women have tremendous challenges to overcome; very different, but ps...
  • Lindsey Rowe
    Happy belated Pub Day to The Beekeeper’s Promise 🐝, which came out yesterday! 🎉 I was fortunate enough to be able to read this book through @netgalley so thank you to both them & @amazonpublishing for making that happen in exchange for an honest review. 🤗.The Beekeeper’s Promise is a story about love and persistence in the face of evil and alternates between two female narrators in two different time frames. Abi is a young woman in 2...
  • Vanessa Wild
    This is a thoroughly enjoyable and moving tale. It's set in France during WWII and the present day, telling two interconnecting stories of two different women, each with their own mountain to climb. Dual timeframe is my favourite genre and this one certainly didn't disappoint.Beautifully written and vividly told, there's a great sense of time and place. It's all so easy to visualise. The characters are well defined and realistic. I don't really h...
  • Thebooktrail
    A lovely story which the author was compelled to write after readers asked her about the past history of the fictional castle! I love it when this happens and when the author explores something that has already captured the readers imagination.The two timelines here are nicely done and once again the setting,the way Fiona writes and evokes the setting via all the senses is lovely to read. Eliane of the past story influences Abi and her story in t...
  • Sue Ross
    Where do I start?! The Beekeeper’s Promise is an absolute gem! From the Foreword with the beautiful prose about the Bee, I knew that I was going to be in for a treat. This is a book that gives and takes in equal measure. From heartbreak to hope and beyond, this story left me emotional and yet inspired. The beautiful writing took me back to 1938 and onwards, where a young couple in love are torn apart by War. Their lives and paths to the future ...
  • Ellen
    Do not miss reading this novel, alternating between the two main characters, Abi in 2017 and Eliane starting in 1938. This sentence defines the spirit of these characters, “the strength of human resistance in the face of fear and abuse”. Abi faces her own demons, and as her story unfolds, the reader begins to understand her. Eliane faces the most challenging of times, as the German occupation in the Bordeaux region of France will have her fig...
  • Traci
    This was such a lovely and thoughtful tale of courage and resilience. The story, told from the two characters' different timelines, was rich with detail and beautifully written. I loved everything about this book from the setting to the characters. This was my first book from Fiona Valpy, but it most definitely won't be my last. I would highly recommend it, especially if you enjoy emotional historical fiction.
  • Elaine
    This was my first book by Fiona Valpy, but it won’t be my last!I love reading historical fiction with a little romance and this book had it all! The characters are so inspirational! Even though I know it is fiction, Fiona did a wonderful job of telling the story of what life was like in France under the Germans! It truly is about family and survival and finding the strength and courage to suffer when all seems lost!!I loved it! If I could I wou...
  • TracieB♠️
    Oh where do i start with this lovely lovely story! i would quite happily give it more than 5 stars if i could, it was such a beautiful read, It is just one of those books where you just want to curl up cosy and not stop reading.I do enjoy books that flip between past and present and how this was done was very good, hearing more and more about Eliane and her family during war time and the struggles, but then snippets from now and how Abi is coping...
  • Kelly
    A lovely story that switches between a young Eliane as war was declared in France and Abi in present day who has faced her own life challenges and is back on the road to recovery with both her mental and physical scars healing.I found myself drawn into this story quickly with the story being told of both young ladies and the battles they have both survived living in the same home so many years apart. The story was descriptive and the scene was se...
  • Greta Halliday
    I thought the previous book that I had read by this author was amazing but this just took my breath away. I loved everything about it, the heart tugging storyline, the era, the style of writing, what more can i add. A massive hit. Thanks to the publisher, author and Netgalley for giving me the opportunity to read this fantastic book.
  • Donna Irwin
    A really interesting read and a well written novel. The author intertwines the tales of two women who have suffered but have found the strength to get through and recover. In the modern day, Abi is recovering from the death of her abusive husband. She finds healing and recovery in France as she learns the story of brave Eliane and her family and their suffering in WW2. Eliane's story gradually unfolds against the modern backdrop and inspires Abi ...