Forged in Ember (Red-Hot SEALs, #4) by Trish McCallan

Forged in Ember (Red-Hot SEALs, #4)

In the final novel in the scorching Red-Hot SEALs series, a desperate mother and a Navy SEAL fight fire with fire to protect their love and save the world…Amy Chastain has made a lot of enemies—none so ruthless as the insanely powerful New Ruling Order (NRO). When they killed her husband, it was hell. Then they targeted her children by injecting them with a dangerous, experimental isotope. Now Amy trusts only one man to help her: the ex-comma...

Details Forged in Ember (Red-Hot SEALs, #4)

TitleForged in Ember (Red-Hot SEALs, #4)
Release DateMay 15th, 2018
PublisherMontlake Romance
GenreRomance, Romantic Suspense, War, Military Fiction, Fantasy, Paranormal

Reviews Forged in Ember (Red-Hot SEALs, #4)

  • Christie«SHBBblogger»
    Title: Forged in EmberSeries: Red-Hot SEALs #4Author: Trish McCallanRelease date: May 15, 2018Cliffhanger: NoHEA(view spoiler)[Yes (hide spoiler)]Forged in Ember is the final installment of the series, one that's been seven years in coming. I don't mind long intervals between books in a series. Not saying I don't feel impatient, but there will never be a time I complain that an author takes their time to craft a quality story. The overarching ac...
  • Anita
    Advanced Reader Copy (ARC) provided by the Author and Publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an fair and honest review.***WARNING*** Do not read this book unless you have read the other books in this series first. This is not a standalone. This review contains spoilers if you haven't read the other books.But, if you have read the other books then you know that the New Ruling Order (NRO) mean business and will not stop until they are stopped. Thi...
  • ♥Rachel♥
    3.5 Stars. Review to come.
  • Dísir
    Driven by hate, Amy Chastain seeks vengeance for her children who have been used as scientific subjects. She’s not the only one part of the collateral damage when a flight was hijacked months ago, though that critical event has made it obvious that there are bigger things at play. Smack in the middle of the instability are new bonds that are made (though not without much friction in the process) and with a revelation of a Dan-Brown-type conspi...
  • Alison
    I think this is kind of a Marmite series, you either love it or hate it. On paper I should hate it, and yet its weirdness works for me.The series follows a team of Navy SEALs (Team seven) who have got accidentally involved in a secret cartel's deadly agenda to rid the earth of 90% of its population - the cartel call themselves the NRO or New Ruling Order. Made up of a group of eight super-wealthy men and one woman the NRO have subverted high rank...
  • Celestine
    Disappointed. I had such hopes for a satisfactory, mature romance between Mac and Amy. Especially after such a long wait. This is billed as the series ender, but there is a clear setup for a spin-off series involving Wolf and Jillian and one remaining villain. The epilogue is nice, involving all the couples from other books in the series. Book one remains my fav. My satisfaction was blocked by Amy's strange non-grieving, and all the emotional bag...
  • Book Him Danno
    I didn't know this was part of a series not to mention the last book in the series. To say I was lost is an understatement. The author catches readers up fast however that will still have new readers scratching their heads.Putting the aside the story left me wonder and scratching my head many times. Amy just lost her husband and she is attracted to the seal team leader Jace "Mac" Mackenzie. The Characters are developed enough. The over the top st...
  • Darcy
    It'd been a while since a book came out in this series and I had to do a quick review of the past books. I thought that this one wrapped things up in a good way. I liked that the bad guys were defeated and in a great way. Liked the romance between Mac and Amy. I loved how gentle Mac was with Amy, that he knew she would have triggers and did things to put Amy at east. Mac was also great with Amy's boys and there for her when the boys were in peril...
  • Dione
    Forged in Ember is the fourth book in this series and Trish McCallan has hit it out of the park again. This book features Amy Chastain and LT Jace "Mac" Mackenzie. Amy has been through a horrible amount of pain and heartache at the hands of New Ruling Order maniacs. It is up to the SEAL team and the Shadow team to save the world from the NRO fanatics. Filled with intrigue, teamwork, and mysterious powers, this book fills all the blanks for a fant...
  • J.S. Crimson
    When is the book being realeased? I've been waiting on pins and needles. Can anyone give me update?
  • Kelly
    A can't-miss conclusion to the seriesBook 4 in the Red-Hot SEALs, this is NOT a standalone but the conclusion to a storyline that stretches over all 4 books. Each book does focus on a different couple and the previous books end on a HFN for those couples.I love stories about military types like SEALs. As a fantasy lover, I also love when the stories mix in what I call mysticism--like when the guys have a sixth sense about danger--and there's more...
  • Zita
    An exciting, and action-packed last book…This is the fourth and final book in the Red-Hot SEALs series that can be read as a stand-alone. There’s an involved underlying storyline that carries across the series but the author provides a good recap and a list of the many characters.The New Ruling Order killed Amy Chastain’s husband six months ago, he was an FBI agent investigating the group. Along with her two sons she’d been kidnapped and ...
  • Candice
    I was definitely anxiously awaiting the final book in this series as they each built upon one another especially the couple in this book. We are introduced to them in the very first book Forged in Fire. The constant fighting of their chemistry and especially Mac trying to push it way led to a desire to finally see them happy as well as an ending to the controversy that builds throughout the books. I enjoyed finally getting to find out what happen...
  • Miriam Kreider
    It feels like I have been waiting forever for Forged in Ember to be released, but it was worth the wait. You can probably read it as a stand-alone, however I’d recommend reading the first 3 before it to truly understand the characters, storyline, etc. This book is centered around Amy and Mac. I love how their characters have evolved through the series. Amy has had to endure so much as a woman and mother. I like how strong and determined she is....
  • Cris
    I have to admit that the main reason I jumped on FORGED IN EMBER, the long-delayed conclusion to Trish McCallan’s four-book Red-Hot SEALs series (weren’t we originally supposed to have the whole series by 2012 or 2013, considering the first book was published in 2011??), when it came up for review on NetGalley was because it was on the homepage and seeing it reminded me that I was pretty sure I’d enjoyed the series up to that point. I’m a...
  • Lisa Gibbs
    The was the final installment of the Red-hot Seals series. This was Mac and Amy's story. Mac seems so crabby and ill-tempered but underneath I think he is just insecure and not very trusting of women. He had a lousy mother and an ex-wife who cheated on him and one more bad relationship. It made him who he is. Amy is a widower with two children who are dying. She hasn't had the time to process everything that she has lost because her children are ...
  • Mari
    4.5 ***I thought this book was very good. I can't believe the series has ended. I loved the action and the resolution with the NRO. Eric Manheim and his fellow megalomaniacs finally got what was coming to them. I think the romance between Mac and Amy was a bit rushed in favor of the action and finding a cure for her sons. That was fine with me. Mac was never my favorite character and I'm surprised Amy stuck with him. I didn't feel like Mac got pa...
  • Allena
    World domination, mystical healings, pulse pounding storyline, and too many what the hell moments to count. A definite five star read the will take you on a roller coaster ride of ups and downs that is worth every minute of your time. I have read and reread the Red Hot Seals series too many times to count; this long awaited book four has me dancing with joy. Commander Jace (MAC) Mackenzie is one of my favorite woman hating characters of all time....
  • Miriam Wolfe
    This is a voluntary review of an advanced copy.I have been waiting for this book to come out and see how all the plots in this story will resolved. I was so glad for the summary at the beginning as I did not remember all the details and that really was helpful.There are so many aspects to this story with the suspense of trying to protect the world from the NRO, the romance that is developing between Mac and Amy, the drama of the two young boys be...
  • Tracy Quoka
    I received this book from Net Galley for an honest and voluntary review. I honestly thought I'd read all the previous books of this series, I've read 3, but quickly realized that I missed one, and missed a lot. (There are two "in between the books" novellas, and I read one of those) I can't really say that this book is a stand alone if you haven't read the whole series. Ms. McCallan tries to catch you up with a "SitRep" at the beginning of this b...
  • Nikki Brooks
    A very generous 3 stars if I'm very honest. I have dipped in and out of the series and was hoping for a great ending to the series. I was left disappointed. Mac is lacklustre as a hero and basically stuck to his misogynistic traits, only making allowances for his beloved and a few other "worthy" females! Then the heroine is a bit of a doormat. She seemed to allow her husband to ride roughshod over her and her feelings, making excuses for him when...
  • Karen
    If you have read the first three books in this series, then this book is a must. It brings together everything that has happened and brings closure on many questions or scenarios - but not before you have been taken through the main story line which revolves around the two children of Amy Chastain. It is a race against time to save the two boys who are the latest victims of the NRO. With dramatic episodes all the way through the book, there is a ...
  • Anima
    Wow! Powerful ending to the series, at least I think it's the end by the way everything was wrapped up. This is not a standalone story, each book follows a couple but the situation continues from the previous book. You will be lost without the other books. Crazy billionaires with a ridiculous plan have infected Amy's sons with a terrible serum and Mac is overwhelmed with the need to find the cure. Lucky for the team they have the help of the Shad...
  • Kristine
    I enjoyed this series quite a bit. It was an interesting premise with great characters and just enough of the supernatural to make a unique story. This book was the final book / couple pairing in the series and it tied everything up in a satisfactory way. If I had a complaint, it would be with the Audible version. Normally, I LOVE Luke Daniels as a narrator but for some reason, his portrayal of Mac drove me absolutely crazy. It actually made it d...
  • TMB
    This is the final book in the seal team 7. It features the story of Mac and Amy. The tension between Mac and Amy has been building throughout the series. That being said.the one thing about this book that I wished was different was that it delved deeper into their relationship which seemed a little rushed in this book. The action was non stop very similar to the previous books. The story line was resolved with a few loose ends that I have a feeli...
  • Paige Smith
    Forged in Ember was definitely worth the wait. Full of twists and turns, intrigue, angst, and steam, Trish McCallan answers all the questions left in the series. This book follows Jace "Mac" MacKenzie and Amy Chastain. Their chemistry is great and both are very well-developed characters.Go back and enjoy the first three books in this series. Then, dive headfirst into Forged in Ember. You won't be disappointed.
  • Kimberly Hill
    I was lucky enough to read an advance copy of the 4th book in Trish McCallan’s Forged series. Oh, my.... another page turning, on the edge of your seat SEAL romance. The Forged series is awesome and Forged in Ember gives many of long awaited answers but keep the reader wondering what is next! This is a must read series. What will be Forged next? Wolf’s story? Kait’s brothers story? This series was just too good for the story to stop here.
  • Tamara
    Amy Chastain has been through so many trials - but now, those haunting trials are impacting her children in ways that she couldn't fathom. Mac has admired the redheaded beauty from afar for months. Once this new trial enters her life and the gravity of the situation is realized, can Mac be the one person Amy can depend on? Read and find out!I really enjoyed this book! Great continuation in the series!
  • Francina
    The long awaited Forged in Ember is finally here. It started off very slow for me and then I was able to get into it about 20% into it. I loved how how the child was able to point out the hatred the uncle had, that pretty much made me keep going at that point.Mac was just okay and Amy seemed to make excuses for her husband and bro. Too me it just took too long to tell me the story.I was given an ARC provided by author for a fair and honest review...