The End of Lies by Andrew Barrett

The End of Lies

My name is Becky. I arrived home to find my husband, Chris, stabbed to death and a gang of men ransacking our house.Turns out that Chris has something that belongs to them. And if I want to stay alive, I have to find it and return it. They have given me seven days. And a beating.There is nowhere to hide and no time left to look. So I will stand my ground as the deadline approaches. All I have is a head full of lies and a very bad plan.This is my ...

Details The End of Lies

TitleThe End of Lies
Release DateDec 7th, 2017
PublisherBloodhound Books
GenreMystery, Thriller, Crime, Mystery Thriller

Reviews The End of Lies

  • Dash fan
    5☆ Fast Paced, Thrilling, Edge of your seat ThrillerWow what an exciting, gripping and thrilling read.From the very first page my spine was tingling with excitement.Andrew created the perfect creepy opening scene that was completely unnerving.From then on I just knew it was going to be one hell of a read and I wasn't disappointed!Becky comes home to find her door wide open. She thinks she might be going crazy! But knows she would never leave it...
  • Kathi Defranc
    This is a terrific,suspenseful story, that had me on the edge of my seat while I read it and I was unable to put it down! A great mystery that reels you in while twisting and turning every which way. What a dilemma our librarian Becky Rose has for herself, after coming home from work to find her back door wide open, blood around the room and her husband dead on the floor! As different people appear to know what her husband was planning, the kille...
  • Linda Strong
    Becky comes home from work one day to find her husband, Chris, stabbed to death and laying on the floor. There are also several men in the house ... searching for something.They tell her that her husband has something of theirs and they want it. She has 7 days ..or they're coming back. After describing in detail what they will do to her if she doesn't turn over whatever it is, she panics and turns to her best friend, Sienna, for help.There are al...
  • ReadAlong With Sue
    This is a brilliant thought out plot that keeps getting stronger as you read.It really kept my attention.It’s got a super start to it that immediately grabs you.There’s something dodgy and dangerous that Beckys husband Chris wants to get involved in that would make tons of money but he’s half in half about the deal. Then Becky has thoughts on it. But Chris says it’s better if she doesn’t know things.She arrives home one day only to find...
  • Brenda
    When Becky arrived home from work, she found the door ajar and sounds coming from upstairs. But the sight of her husband’s body almost sent her into meltdown. Chris was quite obviously dead, and she knew if she didn’t hide or get away, she would be next. Becky was given one week to retrieve the information that they hadn’t been able to find at her house – one week to find something - but she had no idea where to start. Becky was terrified...
  • Tulay
    Couldn't put it down.First, thank you Kathie Defranc recommending this book to me. Really enjoyed it. Such a thrill ride from the first chapter to the end. What a surprising ending, loved Becky character.
  • Sarah
    The book being set in the city where I live is always going to go down well. Knowing the areas described through out the book really brought the whole story to life.Becky, what a fabulous character she is. She is one strong and feisty protagonist and I was routing for her right from the start. I think it would be anyone’s worst nightmare to lose a loved one, especially your husband. Chris dying though is only the start of Becky’s nightmare an...
  • Lisa *OwlBeSatReading*
    The End of Lies, the end of excitement, the end of gasping and cringing, and the end of my first FIVE STAR 2018 book!What a book to start the year off with. First of all, I'd like to thank Bloodhound Books for sending me a copy via Instafreebie to read in exchange for an honest review.The End of Lies is a gripping psychological thriller with so many twists and turns that it left me in bookish turmoil! Here's the synopsis:"My name is Becky. I arri...
  • PJ
    An excellent story. Not his normal CSI story, but a great plot with twists and turns throughout.Don't start this book unless you have time to finish it. It's hard to put down.I thought I knew how it was going to end, boy, was I wrong.
  • Todd Simpson
    Wow!! This book was certainly a surprise, and I loved it. When I first started reading this story, I really thought it was heading in the one direction, however, Andrew Barrett has done an amazing job with the twist and turns throughout the book. Great characters, along with a very edgy plot, made this a very entertaining Thriller.It’s hard to imagine how you would react if you came home and found your partner dead on the floor, and unfortunate...