The Rebound by Winter Renshaw

The Rebound

The last time I saw Nevada Kane, I was seventeen and he was loading his things into the back of his truck, about to embark on a fourteen-hour drive to the only college that offered him a full ride to play basketball.I told him I’d wait for him. He promised to do the same.But life happened. I broke my promise long before he ever broke his. And not because I wanted to.We never saw each other again …Until ten years later when Nevada unexpectedly...

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TitleThe Rebound
GenreRomance, Sports and Games, Sports, Contemporary Romance

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  • PointedlyBlunt
    *Spoilers throughout*Nevada and Yardley meet in high school. They date for a couple of years and are madly in love with each other. Nothing in the world is more important than their love. But Nevada is a year ahead of Yardley, and when he gets offered a basketball scholarship to a school hundreds of miles away they promise to make things work. Until one day Nevada gets a text from a friend back home informing him that Yardley broke her promise an...
  • Lacey (Booklovers For Life)
    I love second chance romances, but I absolutely HATE when the cause for drama is misunderstandings and miscommunication – or in this case, no communication at all. (view spoiler)[All the hero had to do was listen to the heroine, but he was too pigheaded to even hear out the supposed love of his life. And of course, he had to treat her like shit when they reunited, and of course she let him, because why not? He never even really apologized for ...
  • Diary Of Book Fiend
    I have read other books by this author and loved them. But this wasn't the case. I HATED the hero. He was a prick. He had ZERO redeeming qualities, and I just wanted to murder him the entire time. The lead chick was nothing GRAND either. While they spent 10 years apart, he moved on, had a beautiful wife and two lovely kids, and his NBA career. She had nothing, she didn't even date, or look at another penis in 10 year. THE ONLY reason he move back...
  • Bindi Boo
    3 starsPros: Angst on point, LOVED the beginning as the chemistry was palpable. I also ADORE plots such as this.Cons: Irritating, door-mat like heroine that completely broke the hero's heart. Could not blame him for how he reacted. I also think the hero had already moved on(heaps and bounds, mind you!) and I did not buy the 'love' he thought he still had for the heroine. Overall, just a meh read for me.
  • Traci Parker
    I was excited for this book. And then....I was disappointed in this book. And then I was just plain pissy with this book. For all the things wrong with the book, I did start out enjoying. I have read so many books where the misunderstanding would have never happened if they communicated, but this one was even beyond that. There were just so many things wrong it for me to seriously question all these 5 stars. :( Spoilers within: How in the ever li...
  • Justadele
    How many times can Yardley apologise & Nevada continue to treat her like shit, I mean come on girl have some self respect! Annoying & drawn out.I think this is probably the worse "second chance" romance I've ever read.
  • нυgѕαи∂¢σσкιєѕ
    I don’t know why I picked this book as I was browsing through Amazon but I was curious about it and asking myself why haven’t I read a book by this author unbeknownst to me I have, but after reading the blurb, I was intrigued. I’m surprised that it’s good (ain’t gonna lie) so good that I’m rating it 41/2 STARS. Don’t ask me why it’s half and not a full five cause let me say I don’t like Nevada I just found him too ignorant in a ...
  • April Symes
    Winter Renshaw has written a beautiful yet at times heartbreaking story about young love ,broken promises.. of huge life changing decisions and lives that fell apart. This is such a tale and make sure to get the tissues at the ready.This book starts off in the past and we get a glimpse at young love Yardley Devereaux & Nevada Kane . This is them 10 years ago when life was good for them and they were madly in love. This is when she had found her h...
  • ♡ Jeri's Book Attic ♡
    How much hurt could have been avoided by something as simple as “talking”. If there ever was any proof needed for that it is the story of Yardley and Nevada in The Reboundby Winter Renshaw. I love this authors storytelling and writing. But I have to admit the inability of these characters to talk when it was necessary annoyed me. But on the other hand I would not have had the chance to meet them if there was no story to tell. It is a story of...
  • Tricia
    3.5 starsThe Rebound is split into two halves, each dealing with the past and then the present in the lives of these characters. I enjoyed reading about the bond between Yardley and Nevada in the first part, their love for each other was sweet and heartwarming, seemingly perfect and unbreakable. I loved this couple, their relationship was honest and beautifully described.The second half of the story is set in the present and follows the fallout o...
  • Tiffany Readz
    Whiplash!Good grief, talk about angst. Winter Renshaw is cruel to her readers with the story of Nevada and Yardley. You can't tell if these characters are coming or going throughout most of the book, but I loved it anyway. The blurb pretty much says it all, except for the millions of feelings that are passing between these two. It's a given that Nevada is heartbroken and confused after losing his wife and heading back to his home town with his li...
  • Danielle
    I wanted to love this book but it just really didn't do it for me. I love the beginning but when we got into why they separated years ago it just kind of lost me. I felt like Yardley was altruistic in her reasons for doing what she did but that just didn't work for me. I felt like it was a stupid reason and there were other things that could have been done to take care of that. Also I kind of hated that she was alone all that time. I mean move on...
  • Shyralf
    3 ⭐⭐⭐ Stars! 3 ⭐️⭐️⭐️ Stars!
  • Emily (Mrs B's Books)
    **My thanks to the author for providing me with a free copy for an honest review**This book starts off in the past like a New Adult book that halfway through goes to the present day and to and Adult bookIn the past we get how close Nevada and Yardley were, how they met, their promises to each other and how things fell apart.In the present we get two people who in some senses have moved on but who are also stuck in the past and are unable to get o...
  • Jaime Fiction Fangirls Book Review
    Didn’t feel itI really wanted to like this story, the premise of it is actually pretty great but I wasn’t a fan of the execution. For two people who were supposed to be completely and utterly in love, they obviously didn’t outwardly show it. Hardly anyone around them seemed to know about how serious they were and when they ended nobody seemed to wonder why. Apparantly nobody in this town communicates with each other outside of single, vague...
  • Stacey Timmons
    Well, what a story! I loved this book. It has everything! Love, friendship, second chances, misunderstandings, heartache. Oh, and also, Winter's quirky names, which I absolutely adore!!Yardley Deveraux and Nevada Kane!Yardley has just moved to a small town, where she knows no one at all. She feels like she has 2 heads being the new girl and everyone staring but the handsome Nevada Kane doesn't care. He thinks she's beautiful and will do everythin...
  • Faith89
    copy received for honest reviewthe first half of the book dealt with Yardley and Nevada's young love. We see how they meet and how they fell in love. Young love has many pit falls. I was very frustrated with Yardley in the beginning of the book. The entire situation with Griffin was mishandled. I will attribute that to her youth. Nevada's actions were equally frustrating and continued throughout the 2nd half of the book which dealt with the prese...
  • ~Dawn~TUG
    That was a quick read. Started about 2 hours ago and poof done. Had some angst. Had some flaws but over all it held my attention so...add it to my challenge numbers yo!
  • CM
    The hero is a bit of an a** that i almost put the book down about 25 times. For a 28 yr old, he acted immature. Heroine too “door-maty” for me. Too bad since I typically like Winter Renshaw’s books! This one just Meh
  • Alaina Meserole
    The Rebound is a dual POV from Yardley and Nevada. Yes, two very unlikely names but two people you will definitely fall in love with.Now this book is definitely about second chances at love because Yardley and Nevada had the best relationship until one little misunderstanding happens that wrecked their lives.This book also does a great job at juggling the past and the present because so much has happened in their lives that you would have to have...
  • Beyond The Covers Blog
    The Rebound is a second chance romance, the first half of the book centres around the past and the main characters relationship.Yardley and Nevada had a relationship that seemed unbreakable, and they truely loved each other....almost perfect!!!But changes in circumstances and miscommunication turns this story on its head, which effects both characters, for ten years they live there lives....although I hardly think Yardley was living, it was as th...
  • Debbie Choe
    This sweet second chance romance is a story about Yardley and Nevada. They meet in high school and fall deeply in love. Nevada heads for college but the two make a promise that nothing will change, they will be just as dedicated to eachother. After a major misunderstanding, Yardley and Nevada break up. Ten years pass and although Nevada has moved on by marrying someone else and starting a family, he is still very much in love with Yardley. Yardle...
  • *The Angry Reader*
    Short and sweet with a hero and heroine who each made silly choices, an obvious twist and a bit of a rushed ending. Nevada and Yardley are high school soulmates. Nevada leaves for college - and Yardley leaves him for another man...sort of. 10 years later he’s back in town and bitter and mean. Bc of guilt she throws herself at him - and it’s a little painful. (Also - this bothered me the entire book - but an nba center is like a literal actual...
  • Myla
    I thoroughly enjoyed this standalone, second-chance romance from one of my favorite writer, Winter Renshaw. Yardley Dove Devereaux, the new girl in town, caught the attention of Nevada Kane, a basketball star on the rise; he was mesmerized by her beauty. What started as friendship slowly developed into deeper one. As lovers they became inseparable. But an offer came to Nevada to play basketball to another state, Yardley knew this day will come, a...
  • Leslie Ooten
    This was a hard book to rate for me. I gave it four stars for the writing style, and the way that it flowed well through the whole story. If I was basing it on story alone, it would have been a 3 star book. Nevada and Yardley fall in love when they were teenagers. I did like that the past was told in one part, and the present day in another. I hate jumping back and forth between past and present. I had my problems with both main characters though...
  • Krystel
    Oh gosh this book was beautiful and heartbreaking all at once. I love Winter’s writing, there is something so real and raw about it. Nevada and Yardley (2 thumbs up for the name) were high school sweethearts who were just destined to be together forever, unfortunately due to miscommunication and misunderstandings life just somehow got in their way. I truly wish Nevada gave her an opportunity to tell her truth to him sooner but then again the tw...