The Hidden Witch (The Witch Boy #2) by Molly Ostertag

The Hidden Witch (The Witch Boy #2)

Aster and his family are adjusting to his unconventional talent for witchery; unlike the other boys in his family, he isn't a shapeshifter. He's taking classes with his grandmother and helping to keep an eye on his great-uncle whose corrupted magic wreaked havoc on the family.Meanwhile, Aster's friend from the non-magical part of town, Charlie, is having problems of her own -- a curse has tried to attach itself to her. She runs to Aster and escap...

Details The Hidden Witch (The Witch Boy #2)

TitleThe Hidden Witch (The Witch Boy #2)
Release DateOct 30th, 2018
PublisherScholastic Inc.
GenreSequential Art, Graphic Novels, Fantasy, Childrens, Middle Grade, Comics, Young Adult, Fiction

Reviews The Hidden Witch (The Witch Boy #2)

  • David Schaafsma
    A solid and perhaps even better entry into the series about Aster, a boy who doesn't want to do what boys are raised to do, which is become shape-shifters. He wants to be a witch, which (!) requires some adjustment by his family and friends and society in general. His friend is Charlie, a girl who is neither a witch nor a shape-shifter, but is what J.K. Rowling would call a muggle (i.e., us). Charlie has a new friend, Ariel, a foster child, that ...
  • Sara
    Is there anything more marvelous when the second book in a series delivers on all the promise of the first? If you read my reviews you'll know I live in almost perpetual fear of what I call second novel syndrome. You read a terrific first book in a trilogy or new series and then BOOM everything goes to hell in a handbasket in book two. The fun, quirky sidekick with one or two clever bon mots in book one is now front and center spouting wisecracks...
  • Rod Brown
    While falling a little short of the first book, this is a pretty strong follow-up that establishes an appealing Scooby gang for ongoing adventures, which I will gladly read.
  • Jenna
    Wonderfully done and just as good, if not better than the first! It did seem like a smaller plot than book one, but Hidden Witch tied up all the little loose ends while bringing in a new character and new troubles. Lovely drawing style again and the atmospheric color palette and border panels worked well together. (view spoiler)[Is it just me, or is there a little bit more going on with Ariel? There are many pointed glances and blushes whenever s...
  • Misty
    I found this an improvement on the first volume, and am curious to see more from the world and characters, should the series continue.Review here (live 10/19/18).
  • Rachel Macklin
    I didn't like this quite as much as the first one, but I loved the emotional depth of this story. I really enjoy that Ostertag is showing healing through restorative justice to a young audience.
  • Lizzy // The Bookish Unicorn
    I love this series so much, I can't wait for more!
  • Kim
    This is a worthy sequel to The Witch Boy. The Hidden Witch is a story of redemption and finding one's place in the world. The main characters this time around include a new girl at school, Ariel, as well as Charlie and Aster. Ariel has lived a hard life and is currently in the foster system. There's no information about how long she's been in care, but she doesn't seem to know much to anything about her parents, so it appears that she may have be...
  • Gemma
    A solid follow-up to the first book, consistent in themes, story substance, engaging visuals, and array of characters. This is a touching story of developing self-confidence in one's abilities and interests, learning about / cultivating true friendship, redemption and learning to move forward from one's mistakes. In particular, I think one of the story's strengths is the author's portrayal of Charlie's empathy, her genuine and simple attempts to ...
  • Nicole
    Good, way more predictable than the first and seems like more of a middle filler than a sequel. While I read the first as more of an analogy for the trans experience, this one resonates with anyone being bullied for an outcast with a less than subtle metaphor for letting the anger fester inside you/the victim mentality. I hope the author continues the series, the world is great and I wish to see more.
  • Colona Public Library
    Still and excellent and strong title. Seems like they are exploring characters and creating bonds preparing for future volumes! A solid and strong follow up to the first book, I didn't enjoy it as much the first BUT I feel like there are some really good things to come. I really love the art style and am looking forward to future volumes. ~Ashley
  • Danica
    Adore seeing the characters grow and change. Hope this will be a long series over the years.
  • Jessie Bond
    I didn't think I could love anything more than The Witch Boy, but then it got a sequel.
  • Kim Clifton
    Turns out this series could get even sweeter, and it did. I’m a huge fan.
  • Christy
    This was so beautiful and I may have shed some tears at the end. Full review to come!
  • Emily
    A tiny bit heavy handed with the no bullying/be yourself message, but I still really enjoyed it.
  • Kristina Jean Lareau
    4.5 starsBetter than the first! A seamless story with great expression and emotion.
  • Nicole
    Read November 2018This series is just so good
  • Elin (annotatedpaperbacks)
    (full review here)the hidden witch is, in its core, about friendship and acceptance and learning to love yourself – meaning it’s exactly the kind of graphic novel i want to read. it’s about characters who don’t really fit into the mould that’s been set for them, but instead of changing themselves they change the world around them, for the better.where the witch boy focused on aster’s struggles of not being able to (or wanting to) be a...
  • Quinn
    4.5 / 5SummaryThe Hidden Witch, continues where, The Witch Boy, left off. Without giving away too much, more characters are introduced and developed, and more (but not too much) insight into how magic works in this universe is offered. Pros- This increased complexity means that the story is a bit less straight-forward than last time, which is an appreciated change. Thankfully, the story continues to promote self-determination. For example, (view ...
  • Anne
    "The best way to respond to anyone who doesn't want you to be a witch is to become a very, very good one."Aster is shaping up to be a very, very good witch indeed. This book picks up shortly after the first one, with Aster now attending lessons in witchcraft with the female witches in his family. Not everyone embraces the idea of a male witch, but he finds support in his grandmother, who offers to give him extra lessons in exchange for helping he...
  • Bryan
    What a great sequel! It was such a pleasure to spend more time with these characters in this world. Once again, I totally bought in that witches and other fantastical creatures could truly exist in small town America.I really enjoyed how Charlie plays a bigger role in this book. It’s almost impossible to go into specific details without applying the spoiler tag, but I was in awe of Charlie. This is truly a character that exudes kindness and com...
  • Sophie_The_Jedi_Knight
    *4.5This one just simply wasn't as good as book 1. I wanted to focus a little more on Aster adjusting to being a boy witch in his family, rather than a completely new issue unrelated to the previous ones (although the previous ones did play a large part here). At the beginning of the book is a scene of Aster in an all-girls witch class being treated rudely by her aunt... and that is never dealt with nor seen again. I liked seeing more of Charlie ...
  • Xanthe
    Just as solid as the previous book, The Witch Boy even as it broadens from Aster's point of view to include his best friends and non-witch, Charlie, and her new friend from school, Ariel, who has some power of her own. This was a satisfying follow-up from the developments for all the characters from the last book, showing how Aster's family is adjusting (or not) to having their traditions shaken up. Plus, we get to see how it's not just Aster who...
  • Kalie
    This series is a must-read for anyone, but particularly young readers, who have ever felt a crisis of identity, who have ever been made to feel like an outcast, who long to buck norms but feel a little powerless to do so. THE HIDDEN WITCH is every bit as charming as its predecessor, THE WITCH BOY, a book I’ve enjoyed putting into the hands of kids for the past year as a bookseller. Yes to more kids books that challenge gender norms and actually...
  • Kend
    Ostertag has a masterful way of showing us how to be the best possible versions of ourselves, and she crafts these graphic novels with the gentlest, most humane touches possible--demonstrating, on every page, that the littlest gestures are also the most profound, the most compelling, and the most transformative. The Hidden Witch shows us that we don't need grand sweeping generational sagas to have a grand and sweeping generational saga. The books...
  • H
    A solid follow up to Witch Boy, this time Aster and non-magical friend Charlie are working hard to help new girl Ariel. Ariel is a troubled child who has never known her parents and has moved around to many schools and foster families. She has magic, but has no idea how to use it or control it. Her hard life has twisted her magic, and Aster and Charlie must work hard to help the suspicious girl. Aster is also struggling to catch up with his girl ...
  • RJ
    I had a dream that I opened this book and it was a short, illustrated prose novel, and I thought "Ah, of course! It came out so soon after the first book that it couldn't possibly be another full-color graphic novel." (Not that writing prose doesn't take time...) But no! I awoke, and we are that blessed! A stellar sequel just one year after the stellar The Witch Boy. It builds beautifully on the first book and Aster's sporty, non-magical friend C...