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Rhythm & Blu

I fell in love with a boy whose laughter was the soundtrack of my heart. And I played it on repeat until life’s streetlights flickered on and stole him away. Riot Blu. Top 40 f*ckboi. Paparazzi player. Trashy reality TV trainwreck. But once upon a time, he was the boy next door. Once upon a time, he was every note in every song on every mixtape he had ever made for me.Now he’s back. A lot more arrogant. A little more tortured. And more gorgeo...

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TitleRhythm & Blu
GenreMusic, Romance

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  • Snow
    ***ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest review***since the very ARC came in a nick of a publishing time, I didn't really have the time to speed it up, so i'm taking it slow *wink*S.L. Jennings is one of my fave authors in a fantasy genre but she's proven to be a master magic worker in contemporary romance as well, and this sounds pretty damn good by the blurb alone....BUTUnfortunately, I found no reasoning for the main characters'...
  • Melanie (mells_view)
    You don’t have to play the villain in order to save someone.Second chance romance with a popular musician hero, Riot, and a music loving journalist heroine, Rox. He left her when they were just teens. Broke her heart and in her opinion sold out, but she’s keeping a secret from him. One she thought she’d never tell, because she thought she’d never see him again. But now he’s back and in her town, and he’s her next story!I enjoyed this ...
  • Alla
    Really, really good even though it got a bit predictable towards the end and I had a strong feeling that it would play out like it did. Overall I really liked it and had a hard time putting it down today until I managed to finish it.
  • Three Chicks
    Review by Lisa KaneThe moment I read the blurb I couldn't wait get my hands on this book. But once I started reading the story, I found myself getting angrier with each page. Rox is a good person, but man she is a doormat. When Rox and Riot were kids they had dreams of a life together. But Riot had a chance for fame and he grabbed it, never looking back. Rox's life was changing too, but she wasn't prepared for what was happening. So she did what ...
  • Anne OK
    Unfortunately the rhythm was off and Blu didn't send me into screams of adoration either. Frankly, I thought he was a royal jerk for three-fourths of the book. And Rox, why ya gotta be such a doormat? With a name like yours, I expected more! I just didn't connect on any level with this rock star romance. Dani, the chef was pretty much my favorite character with her breakfast burritos! And there were missing words right and left throughout the boo...
  • Deborah
    Got to chapter 18 and honestly it was sheer determination that got me that far not the writing.The thing that has really annoyed me is I think this book could have been amazing! As soon as I seen the blurb I knew I NEEDED to read this book, sadly it doesn't hold up.I cannot accept how weak Rox is, like guy leaves her 12 years ago with no explanation and they day they're reconnected she moves in with him? Then they're fucking around when though ri...
  • Imani (Enamored Reads)
    “‘I’d been searching for inspiration. I found her.’” What a whirlwind! GAH! This book was SO much more than I was expecting it to be. But to sum it up in two words? Stunningly nostalgic! It was the best blast from the past any 90s baby could hope and dream of! Rhythm and Blu was EVERYTHING! This is one of those books you could easily connect to the characters! You have Riot who is so unapologetically captivating! Like he even had ME suc...
  • Camila Matuella
    Eu não senti a conexão entre os personagens, parecia que eles tinham zero química, além da mocinha cair em todos os clichês possíveis e imagináveis.Blu foi um mocinho sem muito carisma também. :(
  • Claypot_Reads - Michelle
    This was just the story I needed today. Binged in one session this book had me smiling so hard one minute and tearing up the next. It's a fantastic take on the rock star romance and I adored Riot and his Rox. First loves are hard to forget and second chances are rare. Add in fantastic secondary characters and music references that made my heart happy and you've got a kick ass read. I received an arc of this book.
  • Annie
    One of the first tropes I read in mass was rockstar romances, and while this isn’t *technically* that, it’s pretty close and it’s also by an author I always enjoy. Rhythm & Blu is a second chance romance between high school sweethearts who reconnect after twelve years apart. There’s definitely a fair amount of angst in this book, as well as a “sort of” love triangle that plays out, so I’d wager there will be plenty of readers who ar...
  • Cyndi Becker
    Leave it to SL Jennings to make me question what I wanted for the heroine. I was so captivated by this unique Rock star, First love, Second chance romance that I inhaled it in one sitting. Rox is a smart young woman who is offered the chance of a lifetime; make her career by writing a story of music IT man, Riot Blu, while he works on his comeback. Riot being her first love, Riot being the man that walked away without a word or explanation, and R...
  • Helen Altafulla
    THIS BOOK WAS EVERYTHING!So many emotions, but the biggest thing was the constant smile on my face. This story, Riot and Rox, took me on quite a ride. It had me laughing and laughing and swooning, and it even brought tears to my eyes. Rox has a mouth on her, but her best friend Haze? I NEED a Haze in my life. These two girls continuous banter was Comedy Central worthy. .“Seriously, the girl is so starved for attention, I’m afraid she may gnaw...
  • Diary Of Book Fiend
    This little gem was hiding in my documents file on my Kindle. I didn't even realize I had it until I was downloading another book. Yay!I am a HUGE fan of rockstar romance and I'm also a HUGE fan of SL Jennings books! Not only did I love the two main characters, but I also adored the secondary characters, well except for Poppy and Ms. Jennings knows all of my feelings for Poppy, she is the second coming of the bunny rabbit boiler that is Fatal Att...
  • Beverly
    Words for this review just left for vacation
  • Cristina Bon V
    Give me MORE! Dude! I love S.L. Jennings. Love her work. I was so excited about this book because I knew I was going to get a playlist with 90’s R&B. Oh how I miss the good music! The story of Riot and Rox was absolutely beautiful. I enjoyed every minute of this book. I hated Poppy from the get-go and I’m sure you all will too! Look, I’m not good at reviews. All I know to tell you is I enjoyed this from page 1 and I want more! Maybe Haze’...
  • Adriana
    another must read Loved this book so much , cannot wait to get it on paperback to re-read all over again. I've only read a few of this authors books and I've lived them all I think I need to finish reading them all .
  • Melinda
    Ok readMeh, I’m not a fan of love triangles and unfortunately this was one however it was bareable only because it was obvious who the HEA would be with. But still cheating and desperation was involved.
  • MaRanda
    Slow burn... and angstI'm struggling with what to say that won't spoil the whole thing!I wanted to review this the day it came out, but with life happening... I'm a little behind by a few days. What can I say? Blu... oh Blu... this second chance romance was definitely an angst filled slow burn and I don't normally like that, but like ALWAYS, SL Jennings knocked this one out of the park, or arena, or concert stage? ;) I digress, this book was noth...
  • Elisa
    ** 4 STARS!! **This was my first S.L. Jennings book.The cover and the blurb immediately catched my attention, so I HAD to give it a try. Plus, thrown in a world famous, gorgeous pop star and his long time best friend and first love, and you'll have all my attention!Rox and Riot were friends since they were children, when Riot moved in the house next door. They grew up together, they fell in love with each other, writing and singing songs together...
  • Jan
    5 Angsty stars "I fell in love with a boy who's laughter was the soundtrack of my heart. And I still play it on repeat". Wow this book! A second chance romance, a teenage to adult love story, Rock-star romance, tick, tick tick went my box's and I was absolutely gripped. RHYTHM *& BLU is the story of Rox and Riot Blu which begins with Roxy who is a writer being told by her boss that he has a big story for her and it could be big for her career. Ro...
  • Kara Hildebrand (Two Book Pushers)
    4.5Rhythm and Blu is the newest second chance romance by the talented SL Jennings. I'm a huge fan of hers and she can truly write any genre! Rhythm and Blu is a musically epic romance about two souls who fell in love with each other while falling in love with lyrics, beats and sounds only to meet again years later and find that time hasn't lessened their feelings. But nothing worth it is ever easy. Riot left to pursue his dreams, but he left behi...
  • Sofia Almiroudis
    What do you do when the one person that you thought you would never see again is the one person who can change your career, your future? Riot broke Rox's heart when he left her behind 12 years ago. Riot was Rox's firsts, her best friend, the love of her life. Now she can't stand hearing his name, never mind having to face him. So when her editor tells her the biggest break of her career is writing a piece on Riot Blu, well damn Rox is swept with ...
  • The Book Trollop
    3.5 stars This book.... this book was quite a fucking experience... Everything from the hyperlinks to the characters transported me back to the age of angst. Every single song reminded me of my teenage years and I think listening to the songs while reading really hit me in the damn guts. Also, the situation that Rox went through in this book was like looking at the carbon copy of my own life when I was 16, except for the pregnancy. Being totally ...
  • Elizabeth
    S.L. Jennings is hands down one of my all-time favorite authors and this book only proves to show just how incredible her stories are and how much emotion she can evoke with her beautiful words. Rox and Riot are everything you could ever possibly want and more. They are raw and real, they are friends, lovers, they are each other’s everything. Rox is such a strong, badass women. She stays true to herself and doesn’t put on a show for others. S...
  • Casey Allen
    I’ve been a fan of SL Jennings for years. She writes several different genres and I’ve enjoyed each one. However, similar to Ink and Lies, when she gets into a certain head space magic happens and the result is Rhythm and Blu. “You relive those butterflies, those sweaty palms and the exhilaration of falling in love. Music is memories.” This quote begins to define Riot and Rox’s path, but as a reader it resonates. It takes you to a time,...
  • Darra Hulsart
    Read this book in one day and Loved it! Despite all Musicians are known for being manwho$es, I love them. Since is written by S.L. Jennings, I couldn’t pass it up. Each character is unique. From Hate, to love, to despair, to understanding. Rhythm and Blue pulled every string in my heart.Rox begins the story with her blinding hatred for Riot. Although she grew up with him, they went their separate ways. A decade later, she is pushed to meet with...
  • Kelsey Kendall
    I don't even know what to say.. I LOVED THIS BOOK!! I have not read anything by S.L. Jennings that I wasn't crazy about because she's that good at what she does. She knocks it out of the park every single time. Rhythm & Blu was a great second chance story! Rox and Riot fell in love when they were younger but Riot leaves with no explanation and Rox's heart is broken. They don't speak for years and then one day she gets assigned to write a piece on...