Forgotten (The Forgotten Book 1) by M.R. Forbes

Forgotten (The Forgotten Book 1)

Some things are better off FORGOTTEN. Sheriff Hayden Duke was born on the Pilgrim, and he expects to die on the Pilgrim, like his father, and his father before him. That's the way things are on a generation starship centuries from home. He's never questioned it. Never thought about it. And why bother? Access points to the ship's controls are sealed, the systems that guide her automated and out of reach. It isn't perfect, but he has all he needs ...

Details Forgotten (The Forgotten Book 1)

TitleForgotten (The Forgotten Book 1)
Release DateNov 26th, 2017
GenreScience Fiction, Fiction, Thriller, Psychological Thriller

Reviews Forgotten (The Forgotten Book 1)

  • Jonathan Brickman
    Wonderful apparent premise at the beginning, and a very good start. Which gradually crashed and burned. By 2/3 through the book the "plotline" became obvious: this is writing in kind for a violent first-person shooter video game, where only one character is thorough and deep, and where every other character is a nearly personality-less plastic stereotype (the Killer Demon, the Friend for a Minute, the Knowledgeable Person Powerup Doomed to Die wi...
  • Sterling Walker
    The intrigue and breakneck pacing I've come to expect from Forbes. This book was like "Die Hard" meets "Alien" with a tough-as-steel hero Sheriff Hayden Duke who discovers that his home, the giant ship called Pilgrim that's been in space for almost 400 years, is not what it seems. His search for his missing wife Natalia sends him into the unknown and forbidden spaces of the ship where he discovers hostile aliens, depraved humans, and terrible sec...
  • Noodle TheNaughtyNightOwl
    9/10: Fantastic, left me wanting more.“At what point is your life worth more than your humanity?Wow. What a tense read. I was on the edge of my seat throughout. I appreciated the short chapters because I needed a breather at the end of each one.This had a Hugh Howey “Wool” vibe to it for me, but on a spaceship. A very easy story to get absorbed in, and a gritty, descriptive world to get lost in.I will be reading on, but (view spoiler)[I am ...
  • Daniel
    This book is split in half: the first one is about a generation ship and the lives of the people inside it (this is the great part, wonderfully written and captivating), and the second one, about the shooter-game style adventures of the sheriff-turned-action hero who shoots everybody without second thoughts or remorse (this is the part where you have the feeling everything is diluted and twisted to justify the sequels).So, yeah, great start, but ...
  • Shane
    This was a fun read. I like puzzles and this book kept me guessing up to the very end. The world is rich and complex especially considering it takes place inside a generation ship. The characters have depth, complexity and some heart. There are more twists and turns than a garden labyrinth.So with all the praise aside, the end did leave a slightly bitter after-taste. I don't think I'll pick up book two.
  • Jennifer
    Ok Story, overskilled protagonist While the story is interesting and well plotted, the main character is a little too suddenly perfect. Perfect shot even though there is mention of limited ammo availability. Good with a sword but no mention of training beyond basic self defense. The story could have worked better with a little more believability given to the msin characters skillset. The hacker dudes were at least somewhat human.
  • Cat Standridge
    Fun, fast, and furious! I loved this book and am seriously bummed that I cannot dive straight away into book 2! I picked it up and read straight through (who needs real life anyway?) especially with great characters, an interesting storyline, aaannddd a cliffhanger. Great sci-fi and a totally fun read!
  • Rodney Snyder
    Has PromiseI enjoyed the first half of the book. Loved the details, and the detective feel of it. As the story moved along I felt it became a little rushed, with situations happening so fast I felt like the book was being rushed to be over. Enjoy the character of Hayden, and hope the second book fleshes the story out more. Decent read
  • Eric Tatusko
    Just one too many suprisesLots of good plot twists and development right up until the end. The ending, however, makes no sense what so ever and is totally illogical. I won't spoil it for anybody who actually wants to read this book but the surprise ending isn't a surprise, it's actually a great big plot hole that just makes you want to say "WTF?" .
  • Unisa
    Not my cup of tea The book failed to make me care about the lead character. There's only so many times things can go wrong, horribly wrong, before you get emotionally numb and stop caring.Especially if the hero keeps surviving each and every onslaught.Enough action and surprises to entertain, but not enough depth to make me buy the second book.
  • Michael Tuccillo
    Bravo!Now this is a story that I never thought would end as it did. Every time I was about to put it down, the chapter would end and then there’s no way I’m not going to read the next chapter. And then, after I’m at the end of the next one, the pattern continues. Excellent story telling and plot. I’m very excited to read the next book!
  • Mike Boswell
    Good sci-fi but I would like to see more charactemore character developmentr development as well as geopolitical and historical insights. Good sci-fi but I would like to see more character developmentas well as geopolitical and historical insights. These books could really be very illuminating to our current problem of living with a clown in chief.
  • Viviana Chavez
    ForgottenAnother well executed character driven story by M.R. Forbes.Enter another rollercoaster ride, following Hayden's desperate search to find his missing wife. The secrets he discovers that have been forgotten. I could not put this book down. I want to follow Hayden on his quest to find his wife, Natalia.
  • John R. Dailey Jr.
    AN EPIC SORTA SPACE TALE IT IS....Hello, I have to say that Mr. Forbes got me on this one. I never saw this coming. Extremely well written and very entertaining to read. Damn good stuff. Thanks.
  • Kenneth A.
    Orphans in The Sky, But..... Sort of like Heinlein’s Orphans in The Sky with a surprise ending. Just once I would like to read a Sci-Fi book with a Generation Ship story arc with a up-beat ending.
  • Carena Wood beimler
    Pacing in occasionally slow, but by the end of book one my mind had been blown so many times and then... what?!?! There’s a Book 2?? Make sure you have it so you don’t have to wait. That being said, once you know the secrets, it may be a worthless re-read. So be warned.
  • Betty Spaulding
    The second book better answer some questions or I am going to find you!See, I liked this one a lot and it kept me up most up of the night. I don't like cliffhangers. Not at all. But I am going to read Forsaken right now. Bye.
  • C.C.
    Awesome bookThe book started off slow but once it got interesting I couldn't stop reading. I enjoyed the slow start because it prepared you for what was coming. I enjoyed every bit of this book and can't wait to start the second book.
  • Michael V
    If like non stop action this book is for youBeing a fan of M.R. Forbes work I was not disappointed with this time.The book is one roller coaster ride after another.I look forward to the next book in the series
  • SAnderson
    I wasn't drawn to any of the characters and mostly the characters were badly drawnNot a bad storyline with a couple of good hooks but the execution is meh. Needs more heat, more passion and more backstory.
  • John Pologruto
    A great start3 stars because I was “duped” in to reading this. It’s not a bad book but I was expecting something else. I’ll eventually pick up the next in the series, Forsaken. I can not really explain myself further without spoilers so we’ll just leave it at that.
  • Benrix
    Pretty goodKept me hooked til the surprise ending. The hero seems to go for days with no food or rest. But, I will read the rest to see where the story goes.
  • Barney Heath
    Slow start but then couldnt put it downStayed up all night reading. Loved it. Would make a Great movie..... Can t wait for the next book to get here.....
  • Julia
    Great storyA great space story! Action from the start with monsters and mutants and crazy people! Loved the book and can't wait for the next one!!
  • Liam
    Solid ScifiWell written and interesting characters who remain compelling and in the dark, all while somehow not holding "the idiot ball"
  • Colum Dillon
    Good read a little predictable but well worth it
  • Josh
    He does it agianNot sure how he does it, but the stories he tells take you to places you never would have thought of after the first chapter.
    Talk about a hook to the next book! Can't wait!Good reading overall, but this story takes you for a loop. You think your in space but turns out they never left earth.
  • Bongeri59
    A VERY good read.I put a current book on hold to read this. I'm glad I did. Now I'm waiting for the next one.
  • Terry Mcmullen
    Story didn't grab me. It was just a murder mystery set on a generational space ship. Not my cup of tea.