一人交換日記 by Kabi Nagata



Details 一人交換日記

Release DateDec 10th, 2016
GenreSequential Art, Manga, Comics, Lgbt, Nonfiction, Graphic Novels, Autobiography, Memoir

Reviews 一人交換日記

  • Jhosy
    I don't know what to write in this review. This series has become very personal to me.Things that I never realized in my life were described here that caught my attention and began to make sense.This is a very intimate and striking reading as well as exciting. From the drawings that illustrate what goes on in the head of author to the narrative, everything is quite incredible.I can't wait for the next volume.A very interesting thing is that the a...
  • Rebecca
    This is much darker than My Lesbian Experience with Loneliness, and it does come with a trigger warning for depression to the point of briefly mentioned suicidal thoughts. More than the previous book, the author is really trying to work through something, and she comes close to it without ever quite getting there. If you've ever suffered from anxiety or depression, her experiences will be very familiar...and for some readers, that might not be a ...
  • Derek Royal
    I wasn't sure what a solo exchange diary was before this book, and now I find the idea fascinating. This is the first volume of Nagata Kabi's own solo exchange, where her present self talks to and comments upon what her former self had thought and done. In this first volume, you clearly see an author grow in many ways -- e.g., leaving the safe (and restrictive) confines of her family's home to her own apartment, learning to get into her own natur...
  • Sarah Schanze
    I've been looking forward to this ever since reading Kabi's first book. I really admire her bravery in being so brutally honest with herself and exploring her feelings. It's messy and confusing and there's no real clear answer to anything, and that makes it wonderful and real. I look forward to future volumes.
  • Tatiana
    Although I didn't enjoy this one as much as the first one, I still really liked it. I'm curious what the sequel will hold!
  • Sofia
    Nagata Kabi's work story is very important to me because how relateable her experiences have been, especially with her family and living situation. I hope for the best for her and with the progress she makes, I hope I am able to as well. Lots of love to her💕
  • Rod Brown
    A solid follow-up to the unique first volume. The author continues to make use of sex workers to alleviate her loneliness and lack of human contact. She also continues to struggle with depression and anxiety.I like how she formats the book as diary entries that she writes to herself, cheering on her future self or consoling her past self as she struggles through multiple attempts to move out of her parents' house and tries to establish some indep...
  • Laura
    Raw, painful, resonant exploration of life, family, relationships, and loneliness. Truly excellent. Definitely touched on many relatable issues in my own experience. Art is extremely expressive, capturing feels in the most visceral of ways.
  • Linus
    Ah shit, this is so good.I loved My Lesbian Experience with Loneliness and basically finished it in one go. I also loved this one, but I very deliberately read it bit by bit, spread out over several days.What I expected was, I don't know, more escort agency experiences maybe? But that's not what this volume is about. Instead, it struck me right in the feels with images for depression, for loneliness, with discussions of emotionally abusive parent...
  • usagi ☆ミ
    4.5/5 stars.
  • Sandy
    She's so good at conveying intense emotions. It's healing to see these familiar emotions laid out on the page: the blow of parental disapproval; the way praise and support can feel like the sun coming out. She doesn't totally tie her emotional troubles and family issues to her queerness, but in my life I feel that they are connected, and it makes me wonder. I know that all people deal with lonlieness. But the oppression of queer people contribute...
  • D
    A sequel of sorts for My Lesbian Experience with Loneliness, My Solo Exchange Diary gives us another look at mangaka Nagata Kabi's life and what happened to her after her manga had been published. We go back to the themes Nagata has already explored in My Lesbian Experience: her lack of self-esteem, her dependence on her family and their approval, her loneliness, and also her growth as a person. We see a lot more of the latter in My Solo Exchang...
  • Maggie Gordon
    My Solo Exchange Diary is much less about sex than the cover implies. Instead, Nagata Kabi takes on her issues of anxiety and depression, particularly as they relate to her family and living situation. It's another brutally honest look at mental illness and its challenges, and I do wish marketing would stop trying to make the books look so sexy as the topic is so much more nuanced.
  • tatterpunk
    I wish I could slip this book into the hands of every queer woman or girl in the world. It's intensely personal. Not everyone who picks it up will be Japanese, or gay, or cis, or suffer from emotional abuse or mental health problems. Or a mangaka! It's not trying to be universal, for which I applaud Nagata Kabi -- her book is searingly intimate and honest, with an intensity of self-reflection which makes sure this is no one's story but hers. I kn...
  • Neko McEvil
    Nagata once again manages to touch me on a deeply personal level. Her first work My Lesbian Experience With Loneliness is probably one of my favourites in the graphic novel/mangas I read this year as I could relate to several of her experiences with mental illness and coming out and I read it in one sitting despite it being 3-4 AM before I went to bed because I could not put it down. It made me cry and realize things about myself which is often t...
  • Lady
    I hope this woman continues to seek treatment for her depression and anxiety, it can be frustrating at times to read this but I understand her, since I am familiar with depression and anxiety myself. I hope she finds a good support system and an excellent and caring therapist who’ll be able to push her forward since her self-doubt causes her to step on the brakes when her progress is accelerating as she’s getting much of the recognition she d...
  • Diana Gutiérrez
    ¿Qué puedo decir? Me alegra que la autora siguiera adelante después de lo que nos contó en el primer manga, y me alegra mucho ver que por fin se dio cuenta de cosas que para mí eran DUH desde la adolescencia (pero tampoco soy ella ni soy japonesa). Había cosas en este volumen que deseaba mucho ver y... ¡sucedieron exactamente como imaginaba! (Perra vida)Es curioso, porque a pesar de que este tomo me parece mejor desde un punto de vista té...
  • Katja
    A very good book with its brutal honesty and relatable situations of growing up, discovering self, finding love... It shows how learning to know and accept yourself isn't an easy task and even victories along the way don't guarantee happiness from that point onwards.It's not quite as striking as My Lesbian Experience With Loneliness but it expands on themes explored in that. Like how Kabi still gets depressed and lonely and how she longs to find ...
  • Alexis Sara
    Deeply personal and heart twisting, My Solo Exchange Diary is a story of learning to learn to have hope for yourself. Nagata's life and struggles being portrayed so honestly was something wild and raw. I can't help but root for her and I hope she is doing well in her life. Volume 2 is coming out soonish so I will be able to see but I hope she can find love. Lots of great thoughts in here that could really help you understand emotions more. This i...
  • Sophie
    Kabi Nagata has a real talent of making her mangas so true-to-life and relatable, and I particularly enjoyed the latter half of this manga. Some of it was a bit meta - focusing on her response to the success of MLEWL, which was less of a relatable and shared experience than her other writing, but otherwise, I really enjoyed this book.
  • Alex
    Kabi doesn't hide anything from her readers, and it's such a wonderful experience to find something of myself in her experiences and feelings occasionally. She's so brutally honest about her depression that it makes the entire ordeal easier to think/talk about, without feeling taboo. A great sequel, looking forward to the next!
  • Melissa
    This book picked up my heart and mind, threw them on the ground from the top of a tall building and then raced down to hug me.. Like the first one, this story broke and warmed my heart. It puts into words and pictures feelings that I could never articulate if I had a thousand years and all of the words in existence. Please read this. It is beautiful.
  • Benjamin Kass
    Continues a great series. Even though she's talking through her own depression, I find it really motivating. Seeing Nagata Kabi continue to make small improvements to her life gives me faith in my ability to work on mine.
  • Victoria
    This hit home so much harder than the first book! Wow. She really illustrated a lot of the shiiiittttt I’m going through and made it possible to explain it in that way. Thoughts that were jumbled up now have a reference through her art style/explanations. She’s awesome!
  • Alicia
    This was a detailed exploration of depression. It was very well done but any recommendation I would make would come with a trigger warning.
  • Kathryn Kania
    Her voice gets clearer in this, even if her thoughts don't. Kabi nagata, I hope you find peace of mind.
  • Fenriz Angelo
    These books resonate so much with me specially with stuff I rarely see portrayed and thought the way I think them...it's kinda weird to read it. Will wait patiently for the next installment.
  • vostendrasamigos yotengolibros
    this is part of a series, but I really want to have the next one now!
  • Tatiana
    I love a lot about this book - one thing that jumps out is her succinct visual metaphors communicating complex and nuanced emotional and mental processes.