Carols and Chaos by Cindy Anstey

Carols and Chaos

A lady's maid and a valet become entangled in a yuletide counterfeiting scheme in this romantic Christmas YA adventure.1817. The happy chaos of the Yuletide season has descended upon the country estate of Shackleford Park in full force, but lady's maid Kate Darby barely has the time to notice. Between her household duties, caring for her ailing mother, and saving up money to someday own a dress shop, her hands are quite full. Matt Harlow is also ...

Details Carols and Chaos

TitleCarols and Chaos
Release DateOct 9th, 2018
PublisherSwoon Reads
GenreHistorical, Historical Fiction, Romance, Young Adult, Holiday, Christmas

Reviews Carols and Chaos

  • Stacee
    I’ve been a fan of all of Cindy’s books, so I was eager to get to this one. I liked Kate and Matt. They’re both good and loyal people. I loved the pride in their jobs and ambition for more. There are a lot a lot a lot of other characters in this story and it took me a minute to realize it was a sort of continuation of the previous book. Plot wise, it was sort of a mess. For me there were too many moving parts, too many repetitive scenes, an...
  • Justine
    I have read Love, Lies, and Spies. I know it was a completely different book, but that was such a hooking story and narration. The amount of love going there was something that gets me to this day. That was why I was hoping for huge improvements over Carols and Chaos. Carol and Chaos tell the story of a lady’s maid and a valet getting tangled to a coin counterfeiting. It sounds seriously engaging. And swoon worthy!However,I can’t help but cri...
  • Kayleigh Brindley
    Reading this book immediately took me back to all of those hours binge-watching Downton Abbey (gah, I loved that show), I love the upstairs/downstairs drama. At the same time, it reminded me of Pride and Prejudice, specifically the Austen-era, which I also love and so I quickly became engrossed in this sweet story.The characters are varied and fantastic. Kate is strong-willed, determined and unperturbed by most of the things thrown her way and Ma...
  • Michelle
    **You can see this full review and more at Book Briefs:**Carols and Chaos is a standalone young adult historical fiction by Cindy Anstey. Even though Carols and Chaos can be read as a standalone, it is set in the same time period and world as Cindy's previous novel, Suitors and Sabotage. This is the fourth book I have read by Ms. Anstey and I just adore them all! I know they are all going to be fabulous written and pure fu...
  • Kat
    Do you love lighter, romance stories? Well look no further because this one will be great for your Holiday TBR!This book completely reminded me of those Hallmark movies with the love/hate relationships that slowly turn into a swooning moment. You could tell that something was going to happen, but you’ll definitely wait for the big build up.The characters were a little typical for the plot line, but you couldn’t help but indulge in this forbid...
  • Samantha Hastings
    This book is truly a holiday treat! I loved it from the first chapter with the bull.What I loved🎩❤🎩:1. The main character’s were servants and they were complex and interesting people, not simply place holders for their employers.2. The mystery, counterfeit coins and a missing footman...I had an inkling but I guessed only one thing right and that’s rare for me. I’m usually a much better guesser 😉3. Kate is a pretty, smart, and det...
  • Maureen Lubitz
    Carols and Chaos is a young adult historical fiction novel written by Cindy Anstey. I was very excited about the opportunity to read this book because I have enjoyed her three previous books. Carols and Chaos serves as a companion to Suitors and Sabotage, but each of the two books offers a very different perspective. Both books are set during the Regency era and both have young adults as their protagonists, but Suitors features members of the gen...
  • Amy A
    The holiday season is always filled with hustle and bustle, and things at Shackleford Park this year doubly so as they are welcoming the family of one of the ladies's betrothed. All Kate Darby can think about, as she helps her ladies prepare, is on seeing Matt Harlow once again as he's the valet to said betrothed gentleman. Even though they know nothing beyond flirting will ever work out for them, as they are employed by different families who li...
  • Candyce Kirk
    From the start it's clear that Carols & Chaos was written by Cindy Anstey. She definitely has an unique writing style. I have read in certain reviews that this is kind of a spin-off of Suitors & Sabotage, but to be honest I think I kind of missed that. It definitely didn't change my opinion of this story.Carols & Chaos is a light-hearted Christmas read, but doesn't put too much attention on Christmas itsself. As the sypnopsis says, this is full o...
  • Anne
    Carols and Chaos by Cindy Anstey is a Regency novel that primarily takes place below stairs. Miss Kate Darby is a lady's maid for Miss Imogene Chively who is betrothed to Mr. Ben Steeple for whom Mr. Matt Harlow is valet. There is an immediate attraction between Kate and Matt but both stand off since they know no good can come of their attraction. Shackleford Park is Kate's place of residence with matt visiting in service to Mr. Ben. Johnny has a...
  • C.C. Hrivnak
    Halloween is over and now the holidays are upon us! I read Cindy's novel Suitors and Sabotage earlier this year and at the time, I heard that she was coming out with a spin-off for it. The moment I found out I was approved for this book, I was excited to dive in and see what she had to offer. We focus on one of the ladies maid's Kate and Matt, Ben Steeple's valet, from the previous novel. There were hints of their attraction from the novel and th...
  • Elley Murray
    Carols and Chaos a sweet below-stairs holiday historical romance/mystery. There is definitely a very Downton Abbey feel to this story, and I love the shift in focus on the staff below stairs rather than on the members of Society. The focus of this romance is between Kate, a ladies maid to the young ladies of the manor, and Matt, the valet of two visiting gentlemen. There's an element of star-crossed lovers to their story because they're servants ...
  • Amy
    I love these kinds of holiday books. Not only is this historical fiction, one of my favorite genres, but the characters are so endearing. The main characters wanted to work hard and live their best lives, meanwhile they stumble into the most pure and (basically) uncomplicated love.I have a hard time with a few of the character reactions, but this might be an aspect of this time period that I don’t understand. Without giving away specific spoile...
  • Erin
    Thank you to NetGalley and SwoonReads for an e-copy in exchange for my honest review.I love being able to see points of views from servants in historical fiction books. You get to know so much more about the people that they are serving as well as how the house is run, and the other servants themselves who more often than not have far more exciting lives than the people with money. Carols and Chaos did not disappoint with that part of the story.K...
  • Libby
    Not exactly a sequel, this title follows the events in "Suitors & Sabotage", focusing on Matt and Kate, servants introduced in the previous book. While still a light, enjoyable romance for young teens, the below stairs viewpoint hints at darker subjects. However challenges are quickly smoothed over for a happy-ever-after ending. These hints left me wanting something more so I didn't find this as appealing as Anstey's other titles. Still well wort...
  • Samantha Fabris
    DNF.... I've liked all of Cindy Anstey's books so far, but I'm 1/4 of the way into this one and I just don't care. I also love Fiona Hardingham as a narrator, but blech. I know the characters are servants, but I hate the accent she was doing... and did I mention I just didn't care for the characters? Cause I didn't care. So I returned an Audible book for the first time ever. *shrug*
  • Sami
    A sweet Christmas confection with filled with dashing valets, high-spirited ladies maids, and a frothy and fantastic romance. Fans of Anstey's work will love the cameos of beloved characters, the chemistry of the two leads, and the contagious giddiness of holiday romance.
  • Laura Brooks
    my goodness do i enjoy her novels
  • Cara
    This was a very cute (light) historical mystery/romance.
  • Laurel
    Sweet fluff.
  • Quinn Loves Books
    While I did enjoy this book, I wanted more Christmas tapped into it. I also wanted more answers about the “mystery”. I felt like it was just solved with no explanations.
  • Bella
    Little too Hallmark Christmas movie for me. Sooo not my thing but it was cute.
  • Tonayo
    This was a feel-good romantic book. If you liked her other novels, you’ll like this one!
  • Lisa
    Absolutely delightful! Kate and Matt are very charming as are their friends and the setting is wonderful. I look forward to reading more from this author and hand selling this book.
  • Deranged Dreamer
    DNF at 21%. Just couldnt grab my attention. DNF at 21%. Just couldn´t grab my attention.
  • Melissa
    Cute story, a bit ridiculous that so much would happen in such a small period of time but isn't that why it's called fiction? I enjoyed the fun very much.